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The Edge of Madness: Nebojsa Malic
Snatching Defeat: Grandin/Engelhardt
Friend of Bush Rips Iraq War: Paul Sperry
US Anxiety About World Affairs: Jim Lobe
George Winston Bush?: Leon Hadar

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Updated October 19, 2006 - 8:56 PM EDT

US Army Concedes Failure in Baghdad


Bush: Iraq War May Be Like Vietnam


Thursday: 73 Iraqis, 3 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq


Blair: Troops Will Be Out of Iraq in 16 Months


US Building Massive Military Airfield in Northern Iraq

Bush Says He May Ignore New War-Funding Law


Law's Reach Extends to Jails in US


Arar Still Fears US Arrest

North Korean General: 'War Is Inevitable'
  Rice Promises US Defense of Japan

NATO Operations Kill 22 Civilians in Afghanistan


Taliban Claim Victory After British Troops Withdraw

Snatching Defeat From Victory's Jaws  by Greg Grandin and Tom Engelhardt
It's Time to Face Harsh Reality in Iraq  by Jay Bookman
America Has Finally Taken on the Grim Reality of Iraq  by Simon Jenkins
The Superpower Myth  by Sheldon Richman
George Winston Bush?  by Leon Hadar
Target Iran
Amy Goodman interviews Scott Ritter

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Rumsfeld OKs Plan to Recall Marine Battalions

White House Unshaken by Spike in US Toll in Iraq

Tallying Iraq's Casualties: An Interview With Dr. Les Roberts (Video)

GOP Senator: Bush Has Plan to Win War, but It's Secret

Iraqi Militias Splintering Into Radicalized Cells

US Poll Finds Growing Anxiety About World Affairs

Texan Friend of Bush Rips Iraq War

Iraq: Shades of the 1968 Tet Offensive?
Iraq Attacks Continue

Wednesday: 47 Iraqis Killed, 46 Injured

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 19

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 18

Iraq Today

US Presses Iraq on Amnesty Issue

Adviser: US May Have Just Weeks to Avert Iraq Civil War

Maliki Hopes Saddam Is Sentenced to Death 'Soon'

Witnesses in Saddam Trial Recall Massacre of Kurdish Detainees

Gunmen in Iraq's Ramadi Announce Sunni Emirate

Hawijah: A Small City With Big Problems

Human Rights Commission Planned for Iraq

Iraq: School Attendance Rates Drop Drastically

Iraqis Struggle With Uncertain Lives

Iraq's 'National Dialogue' Conference to Open Nov. 4

Iraq's Widening War

US Forces Release Sadr's Aide

Occupying Iraq

Marines Plan to Recall Some Battalions Back to Iraq

US Military to Try 11 in Iraq Slayings

PM Demands US Free Sadr Aide

Howard: Troops Will Only Leave Iraq When It's Stable

Slovakia Names Iraq Pullout Date


Hopes Dim for Quick Release of Italian in Afghanistan

Afghan Kidnappers Offer to Free Journalist in Return for Convert Who Fled to Italy

Canadian Reservist Says He Quit Over Afghan Policy

Canada Presses NATO to Do More in Afghanistan

Norway Says Won't Send More Troops to Afghanistan

Engineers Plan to Double Number of Construction Projects in Afghanistan Region

'War on Terror'

FBI Sought Evidence Against Ramsey Clark for Defending Terrorist

Intelligence Plan Targets Training, Keeping Personnel

Feds: Threat Against NFL Stadiums Not Credible

FBI Director Wants ISPs to Track Users

GAO Calls Radiation Monitors Unreliable

TSA Plans X-Rays for Liquid Explosives

US Palestinian Professor Goes on Trial for Supporting Hamas

Global 'War on Terror'

Escaped UK al-Qaeda Suspect 'an Explosives Expert'

Pakistan Court Frees Terror Group Founder

Ex-Official: Somalis in Canada May Be Working for Terror Groups

TV Spot Dissects Suicide Bombing


Torture of Detainees? No. 'Coercion'? It Depends.

After Years in Secret CIA Prison, Bali Suspect Turns Up in Guantánamo

War at Home

Former Top Aide May Offer Bush Way Out of Iraq

Defense Attorneys Focus on Abu Ghraib Halloween Toga Party

Support for War Proves More Resilient in Southern States

Shrinking Approval Makes Bush Disappear From View

Bush Sidelined as Defeat Looms for Republicans

Tables Turned for the GOP Over Iraq Issue

New Law Will Force Payday Advance Stores to Give Troops Discounts

Vet Centers See Escalating Demand for Help as Troops Return

Space: America's New War Zone
South Asia

Cheney Says US Active in Pakistan

Nepal Maoists to Keep Guns Until Monarchy Abolished

Sri Lanka

Suicide Boats Explode in Sri Lanka Port, Killing 16

Tamil Tigers Open New Front With Resort Attack

'Now War Is Here for the First Time'


Former Janjaweed Fighter Says Militia Got Training, Orders From Sudan

Janjaweed, Rebels Spread Darfur Bloodshed to Chad

Pakistani Troops Leave for Sudan


193 Protesters Said Killed in Ethiopia

US-Backed Panel Bids to Salvage Somali Peace Talks

North Korea

China Builds Fence at North Korean Border

China Sends Two Envoys to North Korea

UN Sanctions Set to Sour Kim’s Appetites

US Seeks to Stop North Korea Weapons Traffic by Sea, South Korea Holds Out

US Demands the Closure of 'Cash Cow' Projects for Kim

Pyongyang's Nukes: How Dangerous Are They?

North Korea Heads Further Toward Hunger

US Defector Ends Silence About Life in North Korea

With Cash, Defectors Find North Korea’s Cracks


Japan, Acting to Calm US Worries, Rules Out Nukes

84 Japanese Lawmakers Visit War Shrine


Iran Atomic Aide Warns of Retaliation to Sanctions

UN Envoys Work on Iran Resolution

Iran Must Be Intimidated, Says Israeli Leader

Olmert Fails to Win Russian Pledge for Anti-Iran Stance


Cluster Bombs Still Killing Lebanese

Lebanese Army Dismantles Israeli Pipes; Border Tenses Up

Lebanon Denies Arms-Smuggling From Syria

Business, Family Ties Rule on Syria-Lebanon Border

Lebanon's Young Begin Return to Normalcy


Gaza in Crisis: Five Months of Siege and Israel Threatens New Offensive

Israeli DM Denies Plans to Reoccupy Gaza

Israeli Troops Push Into Gaza, Four Palestinians Killed

Israeli Army Searches Gaza-Egypt Border

Palestinian Politics

Hamas Warns Abbas Not to Call Hasty Referendum

Hamas' Most Influential Leader, Khaled Mashaal, Seen as Key to Conflict

PA Minister: US Trying to Topple Hamas


Israeli DM Considers Legalizing Unauthorized Settlements

Settlers Vow Tough Struggle

Israeli Arab Youths Surprised to Receive Recruitment Orders

Israeli Military to Investigate Allegations of Leaks to Media During War

Israeli Court Urges Ban on Palestinian Students Lifted

Israel Sex Cases Defy Machismo of the Warrior

Middle East

Jordanian Court Convicts Eight Militants of Plotting to Kill Americans, Israelis

Four Detained in Saudi Arabia for Supporting Hezbollah

Kurdish State in Iraq Will Create Problems for Turkey

United Kingdom

Britain 'Blocking' Cluster Bomb Ban

Al-Jazeera Considers Legal Action Against Blunkett for Advocating Attack


Putin Pinched by Russia-Georgia Crisis

EU Prepares for Showdown With Putin After Civil Liberties Restricted

Amnesty, Human Rights Watch Face Suspension in Russia

Kremlin Turns to Foreign Media to Improve Its Image


US Troubled by Death of Myanmar Political Prisoner

Cambodia's Royalist Party Votes to Remove Prince as Leader

Fiji PM Calls for Calm, Army Chief Repeats Threat


Insurgent Attack on Army Base Kills Thai Soldier

Thai PM Promises Peaceful Resolution to Insurgency


Spain Cancels $620m Venezuela Defense Deal

Thousands March in Argentina to Protest Disappearance of Human Rights Witness

Poll: Nicaragua's Ortega Could Win in First Round

In Other News

Muslim Scholars Write the Pope - and Everyone Else

Supercomputers Can't Mimic Nuke Blast


Justin Raimondo
The Frame-Up of
Vladimir Putin

Nebojsa Malic
The Edge of Madness

Ivan Eland
Stop Training Iraqis
for Civil War

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Praful Bidwai
N. Korean Blast May Hit Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Doug Bandow
Bush Versus Principled Conservatism

Charles Peña
Co-Dependency in Iraq

David R. Henderson
The Nuclear Taboo

Alan Bock
Denial of the Obvious

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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