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Punishing North Korea – Eh?: Gordon Prather
Death in Iraq, With Morning Coffee: Ximena Ortiz
A Referendum on War?: Alan Bock
Growing Pressure on Bush to Engage Syria: Lobe
'Every Day Is 1956': James Bovard

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Updated October 28, 2006 - 9:29 PM EDT
Maliki a Friend but Not 'America’s Man'
  US Deaths in Iraq Hit 21-Month High
  US Airstrikes Kill Family as Troops Battle to Retake Iraqi Town
  Saturday: Violence Picks Up Again as 70 Iraqis Killed, 123 Injured
  Why US Lost the Battle of Baghdad
Army to Spread Burden of Combat
  Audit: Haliburton Hid Performance Deficiencies in Services to Troops
Bush: World Must 'Double' Effort Against Iran
  Iran Doubles Nuclear Enrichment Capacity
US/UK Navies Sent to Protect Saudi Oil Terminal
General: 'Mistakes' Made in Afghanistan Strike
  US Commander: NATO Facing Another Decade in Afghanistan
  Fresh Fighting Engulfs 'Taliban-Free' Region
  Taliban Refuses Talks Offer by Afghan Leader
The Original October Surprise
by Robert Parry
Death in Iraq, With Morning Coffee
by Ximena Ortiz
'Every Day Is 1956': The Hungarian Revolution Today  by James Bovard
Punishing North Korea – Eh?
by Gordon Prather
Switching Slogans in Midstream
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The Evening of Empire  by Werther

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Bush Under Growing Pressure to Engage Syria
Countries to Hold Naval Exercise in Gulf
Mixed Messages on Iraq
Pentagon: Rising Iraq Violence al-Qaeda Attempt to Influence US Vote
British Soldiers 'Hit Iraqis if They Forgot Nicknames'
Women Under Attack in Iraq, Afghanistan
Paper: Israel May Bomb Border With Egypt
Cheney Defends 'Dunk in the Water' Remark
Furor Over Cheney Remark on Tactics for Terror Suspects
Attacks on Iraqi Police Show Security Challenge
Today in Iraq
Doubts Grow Over Iraq's Prime Minister
Sadr Spurns Rogue Commanders of His Iraqi Militia
Mosul Bans Vehicles After Threats to Police
Search for US Soldier Spurs Sadr City Battles
Some Consider Death Squad Leader a Hero
UK Soldier Dies in Iraq Accident
Kurds Keep the Faith Despite Problems
Kirkuk: Kurds Eye a New Federal State as Tribal Chiefs Call for Return of Saddam
No Easy Answer to 'Kurdish Question'
Attacks Continue
Friday: 41 Iraqis, US Soldier, UK Soldier Killed; 15 Iraqis Injured
UN Humanitarian Chief: Killings Out of Control in Iraq
Policeman Killed in Bomb Attack in Iraq's Western City
Iraqi Police, Fighters in Deadly Clash
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,810
Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 28
Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 27
The New Iraq
E-Freedom Lets Loose Barbs and Black Humor
In Baghdad, a Sudden Chance to Play
Iraqis Opt for an Alternative Reality on Television
Reality TV Programs Show a Different Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
AP Seeks Action on Detained Photographer
Australia Must Keep Troops in Iraq to Protect US Ties: PM
The War at Home
McCain: Send 20,000 More Troops to Iraq
Poll: Third of US Voters Link Israel, Messiah Return
Criticism Mounts of US Generals in Iraq
Top Dem Harman's Intelligence Post at Risk Over AIPAC Probe
Man's Transfer to Iraq Death Row Delayed
Rice's Counselor Gives Advice Others May Not Want to Hear
Israeli Soldier Tours US to Expose Abuse of Palestinians by Israeli Military
US Military
Marine Admits Role in Killing of Iraqi Man
Army Arraigns Soldier Charged With Rape
US Hails Airborne Laser as Weapons Milestone
Battles of Britain
The Secret Whitehall Telegram That Reveals Truth Behind Controversial Saudi Arms Deal
Britain Granted Asylum to Serb War Criminal: Report
British Lied in Sailor's '56 Spying Death, Papers Show
'War on Terror'
'Listening Devices' Found in Memphis Homeland Security Office
Bush: US Doesn't Torture Prisoners
ACLU Drops PATRIOT Act Challenge
Terrorists Are Tech 'Early Adopters'
From Beirut, Terror Suspect's Wife Criticizes US House Search
UN Expert: New US Terror Law Violates International Treaties
Moroccan Man Convicted of Bomb Plot
Germans in Afghanistan
Germany Suspends Two Soldiers Over Skull Photos
Photo Scandal Raises Doubts in Germany About Deployments
Roadside Blast Kills 14 People in Southern Afghanistan
Taliban Handpick Their Targets
Taliban Accuse NATO of Genocide
Red Cross Deplores Increasing Number of Civilian Victims
NATO Chief Visits Bush Over Afghanistan
Is NATO Losing the Real Battle in Afghanistan?
Afghan Leader Seeks Pakistani Politicians' Help
India 'Terror Attack Thwarted'
Indian, US Navies Conduct Joint Exercises
Separatists' Call for General Strike Paralyzes Life in Indian Portion of Kashmir
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Tigers Want Key Road Opened for More Talks
Sri Lanka Killing Fields to Haunt Negotiators at Swiss Talks
Sri Lankan Navy Denies Battle Took Place
Nepal Government, Rebels Upbeat About Upcoming Talks
Nepal Maoists Launch Security Patrols in Capital to Halt Rising Crime
Maoist Leader: Nepal Rebels Wouldn't Export Revolution, Ideology
Taiwan Moves to Force Return of Kuomintang Assets
Corruption Probe Focused on Those Seen as Resisting Chinese President's Policies
Azerbaijan Silences All Foreign Broadcasts
Australia Has Failed: Timor Army Chief
Japan, US Agree on Return of Airspace
Inside Myanmar's Secret Capital
Political Violence Kills Two in Bangladesh
Report: Movement Seen at North Korea Nuke Test Site
US Analysts: Reworked North Korean Nuclear Device a Few Months Off
Gingerly, South Korea Imposes First Sanction on North
'Collapse' Theory Tilted US Policy on N. Korea
North Korea: US, South Plan Nuclear War
North Korean Ship Sailing Without Inspection
Crisis Boosts US-China Ties
South Korea Displays Military Strength
South Korea, China Discuss North Korea Sanctions
US: Iran Must Not Enrich Uranium
US Trying to Blame Tehran for Woes: Iran Cleric
Israeli PM Accuses World of Doing 'Nothing' Over Iran
Olmert Compares Iran With Nazi Germany
Iran Denies Role in '94 Argentine Blast
A Fragile Cease-Fire
Germany: IAF Jets Fired Shots Over Ship
Germany Denies Lebanon Blocking UN Navy Patrols
Israel's DM Reiterates Continuation of Lebanon Overflights
UN Peacekeepers Unlikely to Disarm Hezbollah: Russia
Rice Says Hezbollah Must Disarm if It Wants to Be Part of Lebanon's Political
Hezbollah to Join Talks on Lebanon Unity Govt
Israel War Leaves Lebanese Banking System on Brink of Collapse
Abbas: I'll Dissolve Hamas Govt if Fatah Excluded
Palestinian Group's Spokesman Warns of Revenge Attacks in Wake of Israeli Offensive
Hamas, Fatah Agree on Trouble-Free Saturday
Report: Hamas Wants Swap to Be Simultaneous
Shalit's Release: Hamas Awaiting Israel's Response
Hamas Says Deal on Exchange of Prisoners Is 'Almost Ripe'
Israeli Army Raids West Bank, Kills Three in Refugee Camp
US Downplays Hamas Funds Drive
Palestinian Woman Fighting Against Barricade to Learning
Israeli Arab Kidnapped in Gaza Strip
Israel Experts Uphold Nuclear Vagueness
Labor MKs Move to Block Lieberman
Labor MK: Lieberman's Entry Into Gov't Would Mark 'Black Day'
Israel Snubs EU Delegation Due to Far-Right MP
On Israel's Lebanon Border, a Surprising Optimism
Assad: Syria Not Seeking to Be Nuclear State
Malaysian Heads Syria's Probe Into UN Reports on Hariri Murder
Report: Somalia in Danger of 'All Out War'
UN Study: Foreign Troops in Somalia Raise War Risk
Islamist Leader Declares Full-Scale War on Ethiopians at Mogadishu Rally
Somalia Islamists Abduct Three Lawmakers
Kenya Turns Away 4,400 Somalis Seeking Asylum
DR Congo
Mood in Congo Is Uneasy Before Sunday's Historic Election
Kidnapping and Turmoil Ahead of Congo Vote
Congo's Fate May Lie With the Sons of Two Dictators
Misery Churns in Eastern Sudan, Away From Spotlight
UN to Limit the Role of Its Envoy Expelled by Sudan
Oil Companies Shut Down Production in Nigeria
In North Africa, a Desert Bandit Caught in Web of a Wider War
Military Build-Up at Guinea, Liberia Border
Rawlings Denies Ghana Coup Plot
Serbs to Vote on New Constitution
EU: Ukraine Not Ready to Join
Croatia Arrest Heralds High Profile War Crimes Case
Goodwill Ambassador? Venezuela Is Leery of US Envoy

Venezuela Says Guatemala Bowed to US

Chilean Judge Orders Pinochet's Arrest
Peru's FM to Visit Japan to Ease Six-Year Fujimori Strains
US Journalist Killed in Mexico's Oaxaca Conflict
US Relations Won't Stop if Correa Wins in Ecuador
In Other News
Martyrs of the Web
UN OKs Study of Small-Arms Control
Weekend Reviews
The Second Palestinian Intifada
Patrick Cockburn's Iraq
State of Denial
Feature Films in Works on Life of 'Tokyo Rose'

Justin Raimondo
A Jewish Hitler?

Alan Bock
A Referendum on War?

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Nebojsa Malic
Inventing Irrelevance

Charles Peña
Fish or Cut Bait in Iraq

Ivan Eland
Imperial Arrogance in Iraq

David R. Henderson
Oil, Nuclear Power, and Iran:
A Lesson in Opportunity Cost

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Praful Bidwai
N. Korean Blast May Hit Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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