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Disregarding Democracy: Ivan Eland
Wake Me When It's Over: Joshua Frank
After Today, Defeat: Immanuel Wallerstein
Midwives to Radical Islam: Chris Hedges
The Case for Getting Out of Iraq: Gen. Wm. Odom

Peace demands the most heroic labor and the most difficult sacrifice. It demands greater heroism than war.
Thomas Merton
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Updated November 7, 2006 - 8:51 PM EST
Exit Polls: War Overshadows Election
  Some Cities Voting on Iraq Withdrawal
  Despite Call, Rumsfeld Likely to Stay
  Cheney Says He Probably Would Refuse Congressional Subpoena
Iraq Govt Offers to Reinstate Saddam-Backers

Saddam Calls for Iraqi Reconciliation and Unity


Tuesday: 2 Coalition Soldiers, 67 Iraqis Killed; 61 Iraqis Wounded

  White House Denies Imminent Departure of Envoy From Iraq
  Hundreds of US Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal
Israel Girds for War With Syria, Hezbollah in 2007
  Abbas, Hamas Fail to Agree on Joint Govt, Agree to Continue Talks
  Rice: Better to Have Hamas in Power Than in Streets
Taliban Support on Rise in Afghanistan
  Roadside Bomb Kills 3 US Soldiers in Afghanistan
Bush and Israel, Midwives to Radical Islam  by Chris Hedges
The Case for Getting Out of Iraq
John McLaughlin interviews Gen. William Odom
What's Worse Than an Illegal War? A Legal One Brendan O'Neill
Wake Me When It's Over  by Joshua Frank
What It Will Take to End War
by James Carroll
Saddam's Unindicted Co-Conspirator  by Norman Solomon

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Sandinista Leader Ortega Near Victory in Nicaragua
US Bungled Israel-Hezbollah War: Armitage
What Fired Iraq Watchdog Has Been Watching
Saddam Verdict Could Deepen Divisions
Cost of Taking Fuel to Iraq Is Questioned
Over 100 Iraqis Charged in Abuse at Prison
The Video Made Five Months Before 9/11 Attacks
Dutch Soldier Convicted for Refusing to Serve, but No Penalty
Law and Politics Stand Between Saddam and the Gallows
After the Verdict
Saddam Appeal Starts Amid Deep Iraq Divisions
Saddam Verdict Leaves Iraq More Divided Than Ever
Iraq Court to Rule on Saddam Verdict by January
Tense Atmosphere in Iraq Following Saddam Verdict
Iraq Starts to Lift Curfew After Saddam Verdict
Rallies Continue After Saddam Verdict
Death for Saddam?
Talabani to Rule on Saddam's Fate
Many Oppose Death Penalty for Hussein
Blair Bucks US on Saddam Execution
Shi'ites Call for Saddam Execution to Be Broadcast Live on Television
Hussein Sentenced to Death; Legal Experts Question Court Proceedings
Vatican, Catholic Officials Say 'Don't Hang Saddam'
Today in Iraq
Trying to Control the Ever-Porous Syria-Iraq Border
Round-the-Clock Curfew in Iraq's Most Restive Areas
Fallujah Once Again Beset by Violence
Desperate to Leave, Iraqi Family Finds Solace in New Baby
Iraq: Aid Hard to Come by for Increasing Numbers of Displaced
Flash Floods Kill 18, Injure 20 in Iraq
Survey Says Iraq Among Most Corrupt Nations
Attacks Continue
Monday: 5 GIs Killed; 63 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,836

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 7

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 6
Iraq Occupation
US Helicopter Crashes in Iraq, Two Killed
Third Serviceman Admits Guilt in Iraqi Killing
US Weighs Price of Iraqi Territorial Integrity
The War at Home
Bush Rejects Iraq Timetables, but Election Has Clock Ticking
Armitage: Election a Chance to Win Back Allies
A Shift in the Debate on International Court
Massachusetts Towns Set to Vote on War in Iraq
11 Wisconsin Cities Face Referendum on Iraq Withdrawal
Some in Chicago Suburbs to Vote on Iraq Troop Withdrawal
Facing Death Penalty in Iraq, US Man Asks High Court for Help
UK 'War on Terror'
'Dirty' Bomber's Plot to Hit Stations and Hotels
Plans to Wreak Havoc Buried Deep in Deleted Computer Files
UK Muslim Convert Accused of Conspiracy to 'Cause Lethal Explosions'
Hindu Who Became a Militant Islamist
Blair Makes Fresh Bid to Promote ID Cards
Global 'War on Terror'
Italy Jails Madrid Bombing Suspect for Terror Link
Prosecutors Target Spain Terror Suspects
'NASA Hackers' Detained in Chile
Historian Uncovers Secret Canadian Prison Camp
Australia Assured Captured Citizens Won't Be Sent to Gitmo
Liquids Allowed on US Flights, but Bring Patience, Too
New Rules Go Into Effect at EU Airports
Kosovo PM: Province Will Soon Be Independent From Serbia
Talk Gets Tougher as Serbia Battles Loss of Kosovo
Polish, Baltic Presidents Want Russia to Annul Sanctions Against Georgia
In Russia, a Gadfly Stings in Both Politics and Art
Merkel Warns Turkey: Cyprus Policy Endangers EU Membership
In Spain, Dismay at Muslim Converts Holding Sway
East Africa
Islamists Say Fighting Erupts in Northern Somalia
Somali Border Clash Claims Denied
Ethiopia's Top Judge Flees to UK, Fearing Govt
Sudan Denies Militia Raid 'Lies'
DR Congo Gets Partial Poll Result
Uganda Rebel Chief Wants UN Talks
US Withholds Judgment as Rival Nears Victory in Nicaragua Vote
A Look at Latin American Leftist Leaders
Bombs Go Off in Mexico City, Damage Bank, Party HQ
Haiti Tops World Corruption Table
Venezuela Among the Most Corrupt Countries in the World
Judge Puts Timeline on Fujimori Extradition Ruling
US Wants UN Measure to Say Iran Is Threat to Peace
Iran Tests New Automatic Cannons in War Games
Iran 'Ready to Share Missile Systems' With Others
Ahmadinejad Clamps Down on Speech
Iran Hangs Six 'Tourist Kidnappers' in Public
Lebanon Talks Break Ice Between Rivals
Hopes Rest on Deal to Avert Lebanon Protests
Fear of Lebanese Conflict as Hezbollah Gains Clout
Lebanese PM Denies Report of Possible Meeting With Olmert
Switzerland Slaps Arms Embargo on Lebanon
Cluster Bombs
Injuries in Lebanon Revive Bid to Ban Cluster Bombs
Red Cross Urges Ban on Cluster Bombs
Cluster Bombs at a Glance
Palestinians: IDF Starts Leaving Gaza Town
Jordan Considers Sending Troops to West Bank, Gaza
Envoy Calls for Cease-Fire in Gaza Strip
Female Bomber Strikes Israeli Troops in Gaza
Settler Outpost Squatters Handed Eviction Notices
Palestinian Women Face Rising Violence, Report Says
Blair Sets Term for Palestinian Talks
Cabinet Shuffle Does Little for Olmert in Israel
Poll: Likud Would Win Election Today
Olmert, New Deputy at Odds Over 'Cyprus Plan'
Bush, Israel's Olmert to Meet Next Week
Hospital: Sharon Out of Intensive Care
In Jerusalem, Jews and Muslims Unite Against Homosexuals
Syrian Foreign Minister Urges Israel to Resume Peace Talks
Independent Daily Launched in Syria
US Military: Al-Qaeda Operative Captured in East Afghanistan
US-Led Troops Detain 6 Suspected Extremists in Afghanistan
Rebels Abduct 4 Working for Aid Group in Afghanistan
Kidnappers Release Three Afghan Hostages, Hold Two
Pakistan Proposes Mining Afghanistan Border to Block Taliban
Thousands Rally Against Pakistan Madrassa Attack
Fewer Pakistanis Rally to Support Islamists
Musharraf to Muslims: Change West's View
Pakistan, Afghanistan to Hold Tribal Jirgas
Blasts Highlight India's Other Terror Front
Police Say Kashmir Violence Kills 4 Family Members, 2 Suspected Islamic Rebels
Kyrgyz President Makes Concessions to Opposition Amid Ongoing Protests
Kyrgyz President Sacks Minister in Attempt to End Protests
Kyrgyzstan President Refuses to Resign
Kyrgyz Protesters Rally at Gates of Govt HQ
Sri Lanka
Troops, Tigers Trade Artillery Charge as Sri Lanka Braces for Battle
Kidnappings Return to Haunt Long Ethnic War in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka to Probe Atrocities by Both Sides
Seoul to Carry on Doing Business With the North
Prince Hopes to Bring Monarchy Back to South Korea
Taiwan's President Tries to Head Off Recall
Taiwan's Separatist Leader May Have to Settle for Survival
Bashir Warns Against Jihad in Indonesia
Nepal, Rebels Finalize Deal on Weapons
Tajiks Wait on Election Verdict
Hong Kong Democracy Camp Fields Candidate Against Tsang
Vietnam Puts Three US Citizens on Trial on Terrorism Charges

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Fish or Cut Bait in Iraq

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Good News From Gaza

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China's Little Capitalists

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