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America Held Hostage: Justin Raimondo
Special Relationship: Leon Hadar
More Troops?: William S. Lind
Iraq and the Christian Conscience: Paul Sperry
America's Hostile Latin Relations: Doug Bandow

The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy.
Charles de Montesquieu
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Updated December 1, 2006 - 9:24 PM EST
$100 Billion Iraq Bill to Test Democrats
  Bush to Hold Separate Talks With Iraqi Shi'ites, Sunnis
  Iraq Panel to Urge Pullout of Most Combat Troops by '08
  Bush Dismisses Calls for Iraq Withdrawal
  The Only Consensus on Iraq: Nobody’s Leaving Right Now
Maliki Faces Widening Revolt Within Govt
  Iraqis Doubt Improvement After Bush-Maliki Meeting
  Iraq Data Shows 44% Nov Leap in Civilian Dead
  Maliki’s Snub Reverberates Through Middle East
  Heavy Clashes as US Helicopters Rain Fire on Baghdad
  Maliki: Iraq Forces Ready by 2007
  Friday: 40 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 156 Iraqis Wounded
One Million Demand Lebanon Govt Quit
  UN: Israel Breaks Border Agreement
  Abbas: Talks With Hamas Hit a 'Dead End'
US Warns Financial Firms of 'al-Qaeda Cyber Threat'
  Bush Faces Legal Double Whammy in Terror War
Iraq and the Christian Conscience
by Paul Sperry
The Perils of Escalation: A Grim History Lesson  by G. Pascal Zachary
A Republican Takes the Lead on Iraq  by John Nichols
More Troops?  by William S. Lind
Indicting Bush
by Elizabeth de la Vega and Tom Engelhardt
The Checkpoint Generation  by Amira Hass

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Mideast Hot Spots Merging
Now in Control, Democrats Seek Unified War Strategy
Having Pinned Little Hope on Talks, Many Iraqis Appear to Be Beyond Disappointment
Info About US Military Movements in Iraq Ends Up on Internet
Joint Chiefs Oppose Iraq Pullout
High Bar Set in AIPAC Case
300 Reported Killed in Sudan Battles
Warhead Plutonium Much Long-Lasting Than Thought
Bush Says Maliki 'the Right Guy for Iraq' After They Finally Meet
Maliki Meets Bush
Bush Sees No 'Graceful Exit' From Iraq
Bush, Maliki Plans for Iraqi Forces Vague
Transcript: Bush News Conference With Maliki
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Denounces Jordan Meet
Maliki Snub a Sign of Tension
Interview With Iraqi PM
Iraq Reports
Baker Report Prompts Fears of 'Too Little, Too Late'
Iraq Panel to Follow Unanimous Report With US Tour
Democrats Like Iraq Commission's Report
Iraq and Civil War: What's in a Label?
Iraq's Civil War 'Set to Worsen'
Today in Iraq
Death Squads and Fear Rule Iraq
As the Summit on Iraq Ends, Arabs Wonder, Is That All?
Sadr Seeks Anti-US Bloc in Iraqi Parliament
Iraq Militant Group Urges Sunnis to Fight Shi'ites
Some Sunnis in Iraq Have a Plan for Peace
The Face of Brutality: Abu Deraa Speaks
Iraq Ministry Forms Unit to Monitor News
Red Cross Says Near Accord With Iraq on Detainee Visits
Conflicting Accounts of Iraqi Deaths Given
Expert Says Saddam's Troops Shot Babies in Mothers' Arms
Attacks Continue
Thursday: 92 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 42 Iraqis Wounded
Bodies Pile Up in Baghdad as Bush Meets Maliki
Attack on Convoy in Southern Iraq Kills Four Men, Including Sunni Official
Iraqi Soldiers Unearth Mass Grave Near Baghdad
Police Find Eight Bodies After Ambush in Southern Iraq
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,885
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 1
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 30
Iraq Occupation
Stryker Unit Reassigned to Baghdad From Mosul
US Soldier Died From 'Huffing' in Iraq
Military Trying to ID Iraq Crash Remains
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi PM Says Not Worried by Saudi Intervention
Kuwait Says US Pullout From Iraq Would Cause Chaos
Turkey Warns of Widening Conflict in Iraq
The War at Home
The Ultimate Act of Self-Sacrifice That No One Noticed
Rein in High School Recruiting, Antiwar Groups Urge
Analyst Faces Discipline for Doubting Blair's Influence
US Attacks Official's 'Careless' Comments on Blair and Bush
Personal Products Needed for Wounded Servicemembers at Walter Reed
AP Replies to New Claims Against Disputed Iraq Story
US Military
Russian Official Says New US Space Policy Could Lead to Military Confrontation
San Diego Base Families Live in Poverty, Rely on Charity
Hillside Crosses Marking Fallen Soldiers Stir Debate
Built for War, Air Force Units Reap Peace
'War on Terror'
Chinese Hackers Prompt Navy War College Site Closure
A Lawyer in Marine Corps Khaki Wins Australian Support for His Guantánamo Client
British Court Rules Terror Suspects Can Be Extradited to the US
British Nukes
UK May Cut Nuclear Stockpile When It Replaces Nukes
Clarke 'Extremely Skeptical' That UK Needs Replacement Nukes
Kosovo Albanians Attack Parliament, UN HQ
Russia Wants Negotiated Solution for Kosovo's Status
Ukraine Official Dodges Move to Oust Him
NATO Opens Membership Door to Serbia and Bosnia
Sarajevo Siege General Gets Life
Turkey and Its Succession to the EU
Chavez Vows to Thwart Vote Coup Plot
For Chávez, Firm Rule and Favors
Venezuela's Chávez Nears a Victory Fed by Free Stew
Ecuador Leader Won't Dissolve Congress
Mexico Finds Another Journalist Slain
Death of a Spy
FBI Joins Investigation of Poisoned Spy
Man Who Met Ex-KGB Agent in UK Tests Positive for Same Toxin
Aides Claim Former Russian PM Was Poisoned
12 Sites in UK Show Radioactive Traces
UK Clears Plane in Radiation Probe
Iran Extends $1 Billion Line of Credit to Iraq
Iran Has No Influence Over Iraq: Maliki
Dissent Weakens Coalition Pressing Iran on Nuclear Program
Rice Confident UN Will Impose Sanctions on Iran
Iran's Growing Array of Missiles
Surprise: Oil Woes in Iran
Iran Accuses Canadian Embassy of Spy Activity
Iran Unveils Candidates for December 15 Vote
Hezbollah to Strike, Lebanon Face Unknown
Siniora Defiant as Lebanon Opposition Calls Protest
Lebanese Think the Unthinkable: Another Civil War
UN Starts Mapping Disputed Shebaa Farms on Lebanon Border
Abbas, Rice Meet in Effort to Resume Israeli-Paelstinian Peacemaking
Bush Urges World to Support Abbas
Israeli Troops Kill 16-Year-Old Near Nablus
West Bank Wall Denies Farmers Access to Their Land
Israeli Official Says Egypt's Intelligence Chief Sees Prisoner Swap Within Three Weeks
Israeli High Court Rules No State Probe of Lebanon War
Israeli General Implicated in War Probe to Face Military Hearing
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Demands UK Cancel Fraud Investigation or Lose Arms Contract
Pope's Outreach Eases Muslim Wariness
US Navy Frigate, Fishing Dhow Collide in Arabian Sea
Three Militants Condemned to Death in Egypt
Kuwait Sign Defense Pacts With France
Reinforcements Denied for Afghanistan
Taliban Scoff at NATO Troop Increase
Sweden May Send More Soldiers to Afghanistan
Morale of Royal Marines Serving in Afghanistan Plummets
British Troops in Afghanistan Denied Promised Bonus
Pakistan Denies Urging NATO to Accept Taliban
Pakistan Registers 525,000 Afghans
Mumbai Bomb Suspects Charged
Army: Three Suspected Rebels Killed in Indian Kashmir
Sri Lanka
Experts: Sri Lankan War to Worsen
Norway Defends Approach in Sri Lanka Peace Attempts
North Korea
Envoy: North Korea Won't Abandon Program
North Korean-Made Parts Imported to Japan After Sanctions
US Overstates China Nuclear Clout, Report Says
Who Did What in China’s Past? Look It Up, or Maybe Not
Chinese High Court Rejects Appeal of New York Times Researcher Convicted of Fraud
Japan Inches Toward a Full-Fledged Military
The War Is Over – but What Do You Do With 35,000 Armed Maoists?
State Dept: Al-Qaeda Said to Be Operating in Somalia
US Wants UN Troops in Somalia
Ethiopia Authorizes Action Against Somali Islamists
Islamists Ambush Ethiopia Truck
Car Bomb Blast Kills Six in Somali Town
South Sudan Witnesses 'Flagrant Violation' of 2005 Peace Deal
Chad President Backs UN Proposal for Sudan Border Troops
Angola, Sudan Poised to Join OPEC
Fiji Military Extends Coup Deadline to Monday
Fiji PM Agrees to Military Demands
Fiji Military Commander to See President Ahead of Coup Deadline

Justin Raimondo
America Held Hostage

Doug Bandow
Uncle Sam and His Hostile Latin Relations

Praful Bidwai
China, India Make Progress – at No Cost to Pakistan

Ran HaCohen
Who Makes the Middle East?

Ivan Eland
Sanctions: Useless, or Worse Than Useless?

Nebojsa Malic
Bitterness, Irony, and Hope

Charles Peña
Worse Than Staying the Course

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Alan Bock
Withdrawal: Why Wait?

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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