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Be More Like Ike: John Hulsman & Anatol Lieven
Litvinenko's Enemies: Justin Raimondo
Why Not Invade Vietnam Too?: Jacob Hornberger
It's Time to Declare War on Iraq: Jeffrey Fluger
There He Goes Again: Eugene Robinson

A tyrant has succeeded in his search for absolute power when his own people fear to question his actions.
Ramman Kenoun
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Updated December 4, 2006 - 9:29 PM EST
Bush Plans 'New Approach' on Iraq
  UN Ambassador John Bolton Quits
  Aide: Bush Not Seeking Cover for Pullout
  Amid Hints Bush Will Change Policy, Clues He Won’t
  Iraq War Has Cost US $350 Billion
  Annan: Iraq in Civil War, Worse Than Under Saddam
De Facto Partition Takes Hold in Iraq
  Another Bloody Sunday: 13 GIs, 108 Iraqis Killed
  Monday: 80 Iraqis Killed
  Mideast Allies Near a State of Panic Over Iraq
  Iraqi President Rejects International Talks
Sen. Biden Wants 'Confrontation' With Putin
  Sen. Graham: Putin a '1-Man Dictatorship,' Must Help Confront Iran
Israel Creates New Anti-Iran Ministry
  Israel Raises Alert Level in Lebanon
  Lebanon Government Defiant as Protesters Continue
Republicans Must Be More Like Ike
by John Hulsman and Anatol Lieven
Iraq Study Group
Won't Rock the Boat
 by Helen Thomas
It's Time to Declare War on Iraq
by Jeffrey Fluger
Why Not Invade Vietnam Too?
by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Madness of George  by Joe Conason
Time Is on the Taliban's Side
by Jason Motlagh

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Iran: Parliament Shortens Ahmadinejad's Term by 18 Months
Gates Unlikely to Make Pentagon Changes
Opposition German Greens Back German Troops in Afghanistan
Taliban Says It Shot Down US Civilian Chopper
A 'Civil War' Puts Words on Trial
Antiwar Activist Wins Reins of Liberal Party in Canada Convention
Report: North Korea Offers Uranium to Russia
Iraq Mourns 60 Bomb Victims as US Reviews Tactics
A Plan for Iraq
Bush Adviser Tries to Cool Expectations for Iraq Study
Iraq Report: Moment of Truth on Iraq?
Rumsfeld's Iraq Memo Part of Administration Review, Hadley Says
Iraq Study: Will Bush Listen to Advice?
Baker Memoirs
Timing Set for Release of Iraq Panel’s Report
Today in Iraq
Death Squads Roam Baghdad's Hospitals
US Attack in Iraq Kills 9, Including Baby and Two Women
'Damascus Is Near, Where Is Baghdad?' Asks Fallujah
Saddam's Lawyers File Appeals Against Death Sentence
Ba'athists Demand US Exit From Iraq
Exodus From Iraq Unsettles Mideast
Attacks Continue
Another Bloody Sunday: 108 Iraqis Dead
Nine US Troops Killed in Iraq Over Weekend
50 Bodies Found in Iraq
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 4
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 3
Iraq Occupation
A Soldier's Story
F-16 Pilot Downed in Iraq Listed as KIA
The War at Home
Americans Welcome Rumsfeld's Resignation
Feds Probe Illinois Governor's Fundraiser's Iraq Contract
Women Veterans Cope With Emotional Wounds
11 'Antiwar Grandmas' Won't Get Jail
Maine Antiwar Protester Released After 24-Hour Jail Sentence
US 'War on Terror'
Boeing Alleged to Be a Travel Agent for Torture
Videotape Offers a Window Into a Terror Suspect’s Isolation
Could CIA Blogs Prevent Next 9/11?
UK 'War on Terror'
UK Law Lord 'Concerned' by Media Restrictions
Report Blames UK Government for Muslim Resentment
Menezes Family Presses for Police Charges
Official: Up to 80 Taliban Militants Killed
US Report Finds Fault in Training of Afghan Police
Taliban Pamphlet Defines Rules of Engagement
In Afghanistan, Lessons in the Face of Violence
Deep Inside the 'Kingdom of Heaven'
British Soldiers Injured in Afghanistan
NATO Forces Kill Three Afghans After Convoy Attack
Afghan Attack Kills at Least Eight
Senator Biden Says Kashmir Is Not an Issue for US to Resolve
Singh Vows to Clip Wings of Military
ElBaradei: Nuclear-Armed Japan Would Be 'Terrible Mistake'
China Says Ties With Japan at 'New Starting Point'
Blast in Nepal Maoist Camp, Four Injured
One Dead, 50 Injured as Bangladesh Blockade Begins
Sri Lanka Asks Peace Broker Norway to Halt Rebel Contacts
Russian Spy Intrigue
UK Widens Probe of Ex-Spy's Poisoning
Litvinenko Probe to Spread to Europe
UK Police to Quiz Poison Suspects in Moscow
Man Detained Over Spy Poisoning
Putin's Russia: Better and Worse
Divided UN Powers to Meet for Iran Talks on Tuesday
Iran Applauds Moscow's Resistance to Imposition of Tough UN Sanctions
Tehran Court Judgment Could Turn Over US Embassy to Plaintiff
Iran Calls for New Cut in OPEC Oil Output
Demonstrator Killed in Beirut Clash
Life Continues in Beirut Even as Protesters Swarm the City
Shi'ite Sit-In Brings a New Flavor to Beirut
Israel Fears Siniora Government May Fall
Beirut's Fashionable Nightlife Continues Amid Tensions
Israeli Cabinet Approves Lebanon Withdrawal
Beirut Port Authority, Private Operator Bicker Over War Tab
Islamic Jihad Warns Gaza Strip Cease-Fire on Verge of Collapse
Israel's Wall Has Forced Palestinians to Move Home – Right Into Jerusalem
Teenager Shot Dead by Israeli Forces
Qatar to Pay Wages of Palestinian Education Workers
Israeli MP: Military Wasn’t Prepared for Lebanon War
Israeli Military Officials Warn Against Using Restraint
Sderot Mayor Slams Israeli Govt Restraint
Olmert's Office: Qassam Restraint Saving Lives
Yemen Questions 22 Suspected al-Qaeda Members
Fighting in Sudan Kills 150, Wounds 400
Ethiopians Meet Somali Islamists
British Nukes
Archbishop of Canterbury Attacks Blair's Nuke Plans
Blair Defies Rebels Over Replacement Nukes
Blair 'Will Need Tory Support on Trident'
Fiji's Army Head Warns of Action
Fiji Military 'Take Over Police Command Post'
Fiji Tense but Quiet as Coup Fears Bubble
Trying Serbs
Hospitalization of Serb Leads UN Tribunal to Halt Trial
Serb General Sentenced
Chávez Wins Easily in Venezuela, but Opposition Protests
Telemundo: Venezuela Halts Transmission
Chávez 'Wants Good US Relations'
Raul Castro Extends Olive Branch to US
Pinochet in Stable Condition After Heart Attack

Justin Raimondo
Alexander Litvinenko: Blackmailer, Smuggler, Gangster Extraordinaire

Alan Bock
Sense and Stubbornness

Doug Bandow
Uncle Sam and His Hostile Latin Relations

Praful Bidwai
China, India Make Progress – at No Cost to Pakistan

Ran HaCohen
Who Makes the Middle East?

Ivan Eland
Sanctions: Useless, or Worse Than Useless?

Nebojsa Malic
Bitterness, Irony, and Hope

Charles Peña
Worse Than Staying the Course

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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