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Could Bush Start Another War?: Scott Horton
A Bad Year for Empire: Jim Lobe
Condi's Diplomatic Triumph: Gordon Prather
Win the Space Race by Not Running It: F. Berrigan
Iraqi Hopes Dim in Worst Year of War: Jamail/Fadhily

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Updated December 23, 2006 - 9:28 PM EST
UN Unanimously OKs Iran Sanctions
  Iran Warns UN to Expect Reaction Over Sanctions
  Iran Forging Ahead in Iraq Without US
  White House Bullies CIA to Black Out Agents' NYT Op-Ed on Iran
US Commanders Now Pushing Iraq 'Surge'
  A Bad Year for Empire
  US Troop Levels in Iraq Are Actually Unknown
  Gates Pledges 'Enduring US Footprint' in Gulf
  Al-Qaeda Offers US Safe Passage From Iraq
Sistani Opposes Iraq National Unity Plan
  Iraqi Hopes Dim in Worst Year of Occupation
  Saturday: 79 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed, 26 Iraqis Wounded
State Dept Says Terror Recruits Are Threat to US
  US Policy in the Horn of Africa May Aid al-Qaeda, Experts Warn
  US Claims Close Associate of bin Laden Killed in Airstrike
  London Police Chief Warns of Christmas Terrorism
Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Hold Long-Awaited Summit
Pick a Horror: Iraq Toll or Dubya's Lost Goal  by Geoff Elliott
Drug War, Taliban, Poppies All in Full Flower  by Ann Jones
An Executive Branch Assault on the Constitution  by John Nichols
How Bush Can Make Iraq Disappear
by Rosa Brooks

Condi's Diplomatic Triumph
by Gordon Prather

Win the Space Race by Not Running It  by Frida Berrigan

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Flurry of Calls About Draft, and a Day of Denials
Gates Plans Quick Report to Bush on Iraq
Iraqi Govt Strikes Deal With US on War Strategy
Plan to Isolate al-Sadr Finds Little Support Among Iraqis
British Troops Seize Iraqi Police Chief in Basra
Bickering Saudis Struggle for an Answer to Iran’s Rising Influence in the Middle East
Missile Defense: US on Collision Course With Russia
As Holidays Near, US Death Toll Nears 3,000 in Iraq
Haditha Massacre
Iraq Town Has Little Faith in US Trial of Marines
Charges Over Haditha Killings Seen as 'Significant'
Haditha Residents on Charged Marines: Let Us Have Them
Haditha Defense Seen Focused on Iraq Battle Chaos
Today in Iraq
Shi'ites Remake Baghdad in Their Image
Iraq Tribes 'Taking on al-Qaeda'
Al-Qaeda Seeks Support for Islamic State in Iraq
Friday: 5 GIs, 36 Iraqis Killed
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 23
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 22
Iraq Occupation
The Builder Who Bombed in Iraq
US Army to Pay $4.6 Billion for Translators in Iraq
US: No American Help in Iraq Minister's Escape
Booby Traps, Bombs Found in Buildings in Ramadi
Polish President Approves Extension of Iraq Deployment Through 2007
Fire Hazard Puts Marines' Cold-Weather Gear on Ice in Iraq
The New Iraq
Govt Curfews Damaging Baghdad Restaurant Industry
Baghdad Homeowners in an Unreal State
Iraqis Sue Over Oil-for-Food Program
Global Iraq Fallout
70% of Australians Think Iraq War Not Worth It
More Palestinians Arrive at Iraq-Syria Border to Escape Baghdad Violence
British Tourists Heading to Kurdistan?
Christians Suffer for Iraq, Says Archbishop
The War at Home
US Lawmakers Press Bush to Put War Costs in Budget
Source Says 'Outsider' Gates Prepped for Confirmation by Cheney's Office
Antiwar Group Seeks Recruiting Limits
A Tragedy's Emotional Impact Can Engulf Journalists, Too
Wounded Iraq Vet Discharged Too Early
US Military
Sources: Senior Officers Pressed Bush for Troop Hike
At Pentagon, a New Personality Faces the Same Tough Calls
Junior War College Offers Summer Course to Teens
North Korea Nuke Talks End Without Deal
US Envoy Disappointed After North Korea Talks
South Korea Considers Cutting Conscription Period
Afghan MP Survives Attack as Blast Kills Five Police
Germany Split Over Plane Deployment to Afghanistan
Fighting in the South Sets Off New Wave of Displacement
Afghanistan: Communist-Era Mass Grave Discovered
Suicide Bomber Injures Eight in Afghanistan
India on Alert for al-Qaeda Plot Against Sonia Gandhi
Nuclear Rivals India, Pakistan Swap Prisoners
Pakistan Says It Is Boosting Security
Policeman Killed in North Waziristan
Two Kashmiri Civilians Killed in Crossfire
Nepal's Maoists to Seek Foreign Funds, More Jobs
Don't Be Afraid Says Nepal's Maoist Chief
US-Philippines War Games Cancelled Over Rape Case
Manila Accuses US of 'Pressure' Over Jailed Marine
Kyrgyzstan Threatens to Evict US Air Force
Turkmenistan Sets Date for Presidential Elections
Sri Lanka Rebels Warn of Full-Scale War
Muslim Insurgency Escalates in Thailand
Report: China Lawyer's Sentence Suspended
Iran Says UN Resolution Will Not Halt Nuclear Drive
Iran Ordered to Pay $254 Million in Khobar Towers Bombing
Israeli Defense Official: Time to Decide on Iran Is Drawing Near
Ahmadinejad: Bush Most Hated Person in the World
Western Politicians Take the Road to Damascus
Peres Predicts Eventual Peace With Syria
Syria May Close Lebanese Border
Syria Will Not 'Perform Free Services for a Country That Supports Israel'
Jailed Syrian Dissident Prods Bush on Palestine, Iraq
US Readies Security Aid Package to Help Lebanon Counter Hezbollah
Think Tank: US-Syria Talks Key to Ending Lebanon Crisis
Lebanese President Calls for Solution Accepted by All Parties
Lebanese Communists Sign Pact to Combat Sectarianism
Christmas Cheer Descends on Tent City in Beirut
Palestinian Truce Shaky, but Violence Ebbs
Gaza Gripped by Gun Battles Between Factions
Old Allegiances Crumble in Battle for Palestinian Hearts and Minds
State Department Weighs Plan for Palestinian State
Quartet to Channel Funds to Palestinians Skirting Hamas
Shootout in West Bank Wounds Nine
Israeli Opinion Poll Shows Likud Surging
Settler Jailed for Murdering Four Palestinians Commits Suicide
Rocket Strikes Bank Building in Sderot
Middle East
'All My Staff at the Church Have Been Killed – They Disappeared'
Exposing the Legal System, Case by Case, in Saudi Arabia
Striking Gulf Between Blair's Mideast Ambitions and Reality
Jordan's King Warns Window for Peace Fading in Mideast
Ethiopian Tanks Move Into Battle With Somalia Islamists
Ethiopia Edges Closer to Somalia Invasion
Inconclusive Clashes Roil Somalia for Fourth Day
Red Cross Reports Many Dead in Somalia
Thousands Flee as War Escalates in Somalia
Ethiopia Warns Somali Islamists
Ethiopia Denounces Eritrea Over Somali War
Ethiopian Forces Reported Leaving Somali Town
Sudan Agrees to Darfur Peace Plan
Sudan's Refugees in Chad Beg for Help as Killing Widens
Claim That Uganda Army Closing in on LRA Rebels Denied
Fiji Military Coup Leader Snubs Chiefs
Coup Costs Fiji Job of Chairing Pacific Forum
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia Doubles Georgian Gas Prices
Putin Tries to Repair Damaged Ties on Ukraine Visit
Russia Excuses Itself in Final Report on Beslan
Serbia's PM Criticizes UN Envoy Over Kosovo Talks
Castro Seat Empty at Cuban Assembly Meeting
Peace Corps Workers Retreat After Attack by Pro-Govt Bolivian Mob

12 Killed in Haiti Clashes

'War on Terror'
Police Hunt for 'English Brothers' Who Spent Year in al-Qaeda Camp
UK Terror Plot Suspect Pleads Not Guilty
Refugees Shut Out by War on Terrorism
US Chemical Plants to Submit Security Plans

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The Long Defeat

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Another Year,
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Top 10 Things Not to Do in Iraq

David R. Henderson
How to Undercut Chávez Peacefully With Less Military, Not More

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Imperial Dreams

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Who Makes the Middle East?

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China's Little Capitalists

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