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End of Another Year in Iraq: Riverbend
Dictator Created Then Destroyed by America: Fisk
Ends and Means in the New Year: Alan Bock
Preserve, Protect and Defend: Gordon Prather
End Draft Registration!: Sheldon Richman

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Updated December 31, 2006 - 9:17 PM EST
3,000th GI Killed In Iraq
  A Year in Iraq Ends, Violence Rages
  Hussein Video Grips Iraq; Attacks Go On
  US Deaths in Iraq Mark Increased Presence
  Saturday: Attacks Kill 110 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier as Saddam Executed
  Quiet Sunday: 24 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed, 13 Iraqis, 2 GIs Wounded
Impact of Hussein's Death Likely to Be Limited
  Sunnis on Saddam's Execution: 'He Is Already History'
  Bush: Execution Will Not Halt Violence
  Hussein Buried in Same Tikrit Cemetery as Sons
America's New Frankenstein in Afghanistan
  'Higher Levels of Fighting' Coming in Afghanistan, Top US General Says
US Trainers Prepare Ethiopians to Fight
  Artillery Rains Down on Somali Islamist Bastion
  Ethiopian Tanks Roll on Somali Islamist Call to Arms
  Somalia’s Islamists Vow Never to Surrender
  Pop Is Back on the Radio and Clan War Is Back on the Streets
A Dictator Created Then Destroyed by America  by Robert Fisk
Iraq: A Nation Soaked in Blood Tears Itself Apart  by Patrick Cockburn
Preserve, Protect and Defend
by Gordon Prather
End Draft Registration!  by Sheldon Richman
'Surge' Protectors  by Greg Mitchell
You Call That a Secret?  by Jacob Sullum

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Poll of Military Finds Dimmer View of Iraq War
With or Without Saddam, War Rages in Iraq
December Deadliest Month for US in Iraq in 2 Years
Iraq Developments Make Bush Decision Tougher
Saddam's Death Leaves Unanswered Questions
Iraq Conflicts Shaped Two Presidencies
Iran Vows $1bn Iraq Loan
Antiwar Events to Mark 3,000 American Death in Iraq
Biographer: Saddam Knew Losing Power Would Cost Him His Life
Today in Iraq
British Troops Ordered to Brace for Attacks
US Security Guard Hostages Plead on Video for US Iraq Withdrawal
Families Wait to Learn Fate of Shia Hostages
In Baghdad, Bureaucrat Seeks to Turn Entire City Into a Green Zone
Saturday: 110 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,998
Executing Saddam
On the Gallows, Curses for US, Persians, and 'Traitors'
Timing of Saddam Execution Risks Arab Backlash: Analysts
Saddam Received Death Sentence for Decades-Old Crime
Tyrant Met His End With Fortitude
Saddam Had Feisty Exchange at Gallows
Video Shows Saddam's Final Moments
The Man Hired to Videotape Saddam Hussein’s Execution Recalls the Brutal Dictator’s Humble Final Moments
'I Watched Saddam Die'
Saddam's Legacy
Saddam Hussein Lived a Life of Confrontation
For Saddam's Page in History, a Final Link on Youtube
Other Accusations Leveled Against Saddam
Status of Some of Saddam's Family
Family Clues to Iraq's Missing Oil Billions
Saddam Long Battled Islamic Dawa Party
Iraqis React
Iraqi Shi'ites Hail Saddam's Execution
'What Did We Gain From Him Being Gone?'
Hussein Divides Iraq in His Death as He Did in Life
Residents Seeth With Anger in Saddam's Village
World Reaction
US, Iran Find Common Ground in Praise of Saddam Execution
Arab Haj Pilgrims Outraged at Saddam Execution
World Leaders Welcome, Condemn Saddam's Execution
Even at the End, This Tyrant Divided His Enemies
Israel Says 'Justice Done' With Saddam Execution
Palestinians on Saddam: We Lost a Leader
For Arab Critics, Hussein’s Execution Symbolizes the Victory of Vengeance Over Justice
Saudi Arabia Criticizes Timing of Saddam Execution
Lebanese Anger Against US After Saddam's Execution
Alert in Kashmir After Saddam Execution
Vatican Spokesman Denounces Saddam's Execution as 'Tragic'
India Condemns Saddam's Execution as Protests Erupt
Council of Europe Condemns Execution of Saddam Hussein in Iraq
Saddam Execution Prompts Joy, Martyrdom Claims
US Embassies Advised to Review Security After Saddam's Execution
World Church Body Urges Iraq Leaders to Pursue Reconciliation After Saddam's Execution
Taliban Says Saddam's Execution to Intensify Jihad
The War at Home
Ford Comments on Iraq Add to Pressure on Bush
McCain Calls for More Troops – Including His Son
Localities Operate Intelligence Centers to Pool Terror Data
Search for Human Remains Expands at World Trade Center
US Military
'Great' but Secret, Intelligence Projects Get Grants
For Guantánamo Review Boards, Limits Abound
Africa Command Plans Approved by Bush, DoD Officials Confirm
Soldier Who Was Involuntarily Mobilized Wins Delay
Army Keeps Up Spirits of Soldiers Who Can't Go Home for Holidays
Submarine Tragedy Inquiry Starts
Taliban 'Say No' to Tribal Plan
Canadian Ex-Soldier Accused of Abandoning Troops Tells His Side of the Story
Canada Pulled Reporters From Afghanistan After Complaints From US, Australia
Official: Lack of Afghan War Crime Trials Shows 'Double Standard'
Doubts Grow as Sprayers Target Afghan Poppies
Afghan Leader Urges End to Taliban Insurgency
Fonz of Kabul, Hotelier and Fast-Talking Fixer, Found Dead
Freed Jihadis Put Pakistan's War on Terror 'Back to Square One', Say Senior Officers
Pakistan to Get High-Tech Air Defense System
Police Chief Assassinated in Indian Kashmir by Militant Posing as a Woman
Japan's Navy Denies Practice Invasion
China Links Military Buildup to US-Japan Alliance, Korea
China's Internet Population Reaches 132 Million
North Korea Says US Conducted 2,200 Spy Missions This Year
Sri Lanka Warplanes, Renegades Attack Tigers, 30 Die
Manila Bows to US Over Custody of Rapist Marine
Politics, Economics and Time Bury Memories of the Kazakh Gulag
Female Leaders' Rivalry Seen Hurting Bangladesh
Weekend Reviews
No Slave Armies
New Book Reveals Long-Suppressed First Dispatches From A-Bombed Nagasaki
Outstanding Films Show Savagery of War in Pacific
Fouad Ajami, or the Dangers of the Foreigner's Gift
'Good' Films Offer a Less-Than-Romanticized Side After WWII
Iran Gives New Global Muscle a Workout
Iran, Pakistan to Bypass India, US on Gasline Project
Abbas Aide Denies Fatah Received Arms From Egypt
US Eyes Support for Abbas' Forces
Israel Won't Rush to Free Prisoners
Abbas in Gaza, First Time Since Violence
Deputy al-Qaeda Leader Calls Abbas, Fatah 'Secular Traitors'
Amid Political Upheaval, Israeli Economy Stays Healthy
No Injuries, Damage in Qassam Strike
Nazareth Man Stabbed to Death; Biker Injured in Jaffa Shooting
Top Fatah Official to Represent Victims of Beit Hanun Shelling
Report: Hezbollah Blocks Fatah Attacks
Ordnance Remains a Threat Long After Summer War in Lebanon
Lebanon's Mufti Urges Leaders to Resume Dialogue
Hezbollah Fighter Strove to Be a Martyr
Middle East
Yemen Says Would Like to Join Gulf Nuclear Plans
Millions Take Part in Hajj Rituals
Mystery Explosion in Turkish Bar Injures Six
Horn of Africa
Somalia: Islamists Vow a Rebellious War as Ethiopian Troops Head to Kismayu
Somali Troops, Allies Prep for Showdown
Somalia Back at Square One
Ethiopia Denies Having Agenda in Somalia
Thousands Greet Somalia's Prime Minister as He Enters Capital
Somalia's President Ready to Visit Recaptured Capital Mogadishu
Hunt for al-Qaeda Men in Mogadishu
Somalia's PM Hopes to Unite Clan Leaders
Hundreds of Somalis Riot Against Ethiopian Soldiers
UN Says Displaced Children Being Forced to Fight in Somalia
Canadian Military Has 'Zero' Capacity Left Over for Sudan, Says Top Soldier
If Sudan Reneges on UN Force, It Could Face Punitive Measures
Sudan Hits Rebel Positions in Darfur: African Union
Mugabe Strips Top Critic of Citizenship
Mugabe's Party Resists Bid to Extend His Rule
Congo Names Opposition Veteran, 81, Prime Minister
One Year After War, Hardships Remain in Liberia
Hunt on in Britain for More Rwanda Genocide Suspects
26 Slightly Hurt in Car Bombing at Madrid Airport
Car Bomb at Madrid Airport Breaks Truce
Battles of Britain
When Will British Troops Come Home?
General Says Prime Minister Puts Soldiers' Lives 'Unnecessarily at Risk' in Iraq
Death of a Family Man: British Soldier Lived for the Army, He Died From a Bomb in Iraq
Belarus Says Nears Russian Gas Deal, Gazprom Denies
Terrorist Claims Ignite Probe Into UK Collusion With IRA
Scaramella Quizzed as Poisoning Probe Widens
Mutiny Is Threatened in Vatican's Swiss Guard
Castro Issues New Year's Message
Castro Once Advised Morales to Shun Arms
Argentine 'Dirty War' Witness Safe and Well
Child Kidnappings Raise Fears in Haiti
Peru Guerrillas Seen Regrouping in Neighboring Nations
Ex-Chilean Agents Sentenced for Killings
Colombian Official Denounces Murder Plot
Guatemalan Leader Pledges to Revive Constitutional Reforms Promised in Peace Deals
In Mexico, Kidnapping Risk Weighs on Privileged
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier (PA) Called Home for Christmas, Then Died
North Texas Soldier Dies on Christmas Day
'Dad Isn’t Coming Home the Way He’s Supposed To' (MT)
Nightmare Comes True for Mother of Soldier (SC)
Wounded Sergeant (PA) Dies After Assuring His Father
Marine (TN) Who Hoped to Be Home Soon Dies in Iraq
Wounded Military Police Officer From Hamilton (NJ) Dies
Fontana (CA) Man Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq
Soldier (PA) Dies of Wounds Weeks After Iraq Explosion
Michigan Soldier's Dream Was to Be an Artist
Friends Remember Opelousas (LA) Marine
Humvee Crash Kills Indiana Soldier
Howell (MI) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Tragedy From Afar Sadly Comes Home (GA)
Lake Jackson (TX) Marine Killed in Iraq
Grand Rapids (MI) Soldier Killed in Iraq 'Loved This Country'
Cattaraugus (NY) Soldier Makes Ultimate Sacrifice in Iraq
Aunt Writes Tribute to Slain Wisconsin Marine

Corpus Christi (TX) Soldier Proudly Served Country

Dansville (MI) Grad Dies in Baghdad Bombing
Wisconsin Marine Loses Life in Iraq War
Lafayette (LA) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Shots Kill State Soldier (OK)
Navy Medic From Ennis (TX) Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq
Marine From Hawthorne (CA) Killed in Iraq

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