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Bush's Sacrificial Americans: Tom Engelhardt
Cure for Yellow Ribbon Patriotism: Robert Weitzel
How It All Began: Charley Reese
Less Than Zero: William S. Lind
Mistakes Were Made: Gordon Prather

No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world.
Patrick J. Buchanan
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Updated January 13, 2007 - 9:29 PM EST
US Forces Fighting Iranians in Iraq
  Bush Ordered Iranians' Arrest in Iraq, Rice Says
  Iraq FM Defends Detained Iranians, Says They Had Govt Approval
  US Says Raid, Capture of Iranians, Based on Plans 'To Kill Americans'
  White House: No Plans for War With Iran, Syria
  US, Kurdish Forces in Dispute Over Detained Iranians
  US Sends Warplanes to Turkey's Incirlik Military Base
Bush’s Plan for Iraq Hits Major Opposition
  Gates Sees Fewer Troops in 2007 if Iraq Plan Works
  Iraq Plan Ignites Biggest Foreign Policy Fight Since Vietnam
Sadr: 'New Troops May Leave Iraq in Coffins'
  Iraqi PM Delivers Belated Support for New US Strategy
  Iraq Will Not Nationalize Oil: White House
  Saturday: 57 Iraqis Killed; 10 Iraqis, 2 Britons Wounded
US Strikes on al-Qaeda Kill Nomads Instead
  Pentagon Sees in Somalia Action as Blueprint
  How Deeply Is US Involved in Somali War?
Bangladesh Halts Elections, Arrests 2,500
Bush's Sacrificial Americans
by Tom Engelhardt
A Cure for Yellow Ribbon Patriotism  by Robert Weitzel
Repeating History in Iraq
by Steve Chapman
How It All Began  by Charley Reese
Less Than Zero  by William S. Lind
Mistakes Were Made  by Gordon Prather

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CIA Leak Probe: Inside the Grand Jury
Bush's Iraq Plan – Goading Iran Into War
Ratcheting up the Nuclear Ante
Blair Advocates Warlike Foreign Policy
Iraq Troop Boost Splits Shi'ite Leaders
Senators: Cross-Border Raids Not Approved
Turkish PM Asserts Right to Invade Iraq, Crush Kurds
Syria: No Preconditions to Negotiations With Israel
Iraqis Not Ready to Lay Down Arms; Many Say Militias Are Best Protection
Bush's Escalation
Gates: Appeal for Troops Came From Commanders in Iraq
White House Shrugs Off 'Hostile' Reaction to Bush Iraq Plan
Military Officials Say Troop Surge Will Quell Violence
Republicans on Panel Back President’s Plan, Masking Divisions

Congress Treats Gates With Kid Gloves

McCain Cheers Troop Increase

Bush Team Defends Unpopular Iraq Plan

Bush Gets Cool Response From Troops Set for Iraq

Iraq Occupation
US Envoy Says Iraqi PM Knows Time Is Running Out
US Forces Expected to Target Sunni, Shi'ite Extremist Leaders: Official
Joint Assault Amid Canals Resumes
Countries Contributing Forces in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Five Iranians Seized by US Troops in Iraq Remain in Custody
Battling With Sadr for Iraqi Soldiers' Hearts
Iraqi Militants 'Use Google Maps to Hit UK Troops'
Turkish Truckers Kidnapped Near Mosul

Friday: 41 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded

Global Iraq Fallout
In Europe and Elsewhere, Bush’s New War Strategy Is Greeted With Skepticism
Russian FM Condemns US Attack on Iranian Consulate
US Needs Help of Syria and Iran, Analysts in Middle East Say
Middle East Analysts Skeptical About New Iraq War Strategy
Skepticism Awaits Rice on Tour
Iraqi President to Visit Syria on Sunday
Bush Pitches Iraq Plan to Egypt, Jordan
Dutch Minister Criticizes US Troop Plan for Iraq
The War at Home
Antiwar Activists Protest Bush Plan to Send More Troops to Iraq
Libby Trial May Shed Light on Cheney's Role in Run-Up to War
Cheney Enters the Twilight of His Career
Murtha Will Press for Closure of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib
Times Square Protest of Bush Decision on More Iraq Troops
The War Within Sen. McCain
Local Activists Protest Iraq 'Surge'
Rumsfeld Out as Trial Witness in Ohio
US Military
Now the Hard Part: Finding New Recruits
Rangel Urges Return to Conscription
Guardsmen to Return to War Sooner
Stryker Brigade to Skip Test Run
An Admiral to Command a Land War?
Battles of Britain
Blair: Public Dismayed by 'Absence of Victory,' Must Accept Long Wars, Casualties
Blair: We Need More Money to Keep Fighting All These Wars
Opposition Spokesman: UK Cannot Afford to Be 'Mini-America'
Blair Condemns Media as Sympathetic to Enemy Propaganda
Traumatized UK Soldiers 'Ignored by Government'
Court Rejects Bail for British Alleged Military Spy
'War on Terror'
Spy Case Comes to US as Agency Urges Testing
Passengers and Crew Removed From Jet Grounded by Bomb Threat at Toledo Express

Ban Echoes Annan on Gitmo Closure

Official Attacks Top Law Firms Over Detainees

Canadians Fear Fallout of US Passport Rules

Canada Unveils $432 Million Border Plan

'Left-Wing Group' Behind Rocket Attack on Athens US Embassy
Greece Hunts New Generation of Militants
Russia Asks Britain to Help in Spy Case
Ukraine Lawmakers Curb President’s Power
Mysterious Deaths of Two Security Experts in European Wiretap Scandal
Belfast Politicians Unite at Funeral
Estonia to Remove Soviet Statue
Weekend Reviews
A Century of Interventionism and Regime Change
Operation Bungle Iraq
Book: Israel, Lobby Pushing Iran War
'Shadow' of Iran Growing, Spy Czar Says
Gates Denies US Forces Will Enter Iran
Germans Critical of US Pressure Over Iran
  Iran Cleric Raps Bush's 'Ignorance' Bush on Iraq
US Seeks 86 Million Dollars in Military Aid to Palestinians
Rice to Propose 'New Ideas' to Abbas
Hamas Rallies Supporters Against Fatah Strongman
Ex-Arafat Aide to Mediate Between Fatah, Hamas
Palestinians Divided by Politics
'Red Crystal' Debuts to Protect Medics
Lebanon Ex-President Denies Comments on Abducted Soldiers
Hezbollah Says Opposition Will Reach Peak Before Jan. 25
Lebanon Avoids Taking Sides in UN Debate Over Hariri Probe
Lebanon Upbeat About Aid Talks Despite Opposition
US Delivers 20 Humvees to Lebanese Army
Horn of Africa
Islamic Hideout in Somalia Said Captured
Somalia's Warlords Agree to Disarm and Join Army, Says Official
Relief Group: Innocent Herdsmen Targets of Somali Bombing
Eritrea Warns US Over Somalia
Somali Ambassador Says Disarmament Underway
Six Killed in Somali Presidential Palace Clash
Somalia’s Clashes Move to Doorstep of New Rulers
US Says African Troops Needed in Somalia Urgently
Somalia Targets Survived, US Says
The People of East Africa
Somalia: Children, Women Most Affected by Fighting
Child Soldiers in Hiding in Somalia After Recent Violence
Aid Agencies Urge Somalia to Let Child Soldiers Go Home
Injured Somalis Headed for Kenya
Tropical Paradise Caught in the Crossfire of the 'War on Terror'
Darfur Rebels Deny Truce With Government
China Given Credit for Darfur Role
UN Driver Killed in Ambush in Southern Sudan
Congolese Troops in Violent Rampage
Ivorian Border Shut After Attack
Uganda Rebels Snub Peace Talks
Nine South Korean Workers in Nigeria Freed
Mugabe's Muzzle on Press Tightens
16 Civilians, 13 Taliban Killed in Afghan Strike: Police
NATO Forces Deny Killing Afghan Civilians
US Drug Enforcement Officials Deny There Is an Increase of Drugs From Afghanistan
Afghan Heroin Flow to Jump in Central Asia: Tajikistan
Pak-Afghan Border Closed After Protests
Canada Hopes US Won't Shift Troops From Afghanistan to Iraq - Minister
Suicide Bomber Attacks Foreign Convoy South of Kabul
Bodies of 25 Killed in NATO Strike Brought to Pakistan
In Afghan Valley, a Peaceful War
Al-Qaeda 'Rebuilding' in Pakistan
Pakistan Haven for Extremists, Terrorists, US Senate Told
Pakistan Says It's Not a Terrorist Haven
Pakistan Bombs Trucks Used for Attacks in Afghanistan
Pakistan Denies bin Laden Is Hiding Inside Its Borders
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Military Offers Amnesty to Deserters
Aid Group: Hardline Sri Lanka Monks Mobbed Us
Bangladeshi Names New Leader to Plan Election
Bangladesh Ends Curfew Amid Unrest
China, Russia Cast Rare Veto Against US on Myanmar
Nepalese Maoists Name Their MPs
A Rights Setback in China
Spanish Police Arrest Argentine Ex-President Isabel Peron

Chávez Outlines Package of Aid for Nicaragua

In Other News
UN Telecom Not Eying Internet Control
Scientists Prepare to Move Doomsday Clock Forward

Justin Raimondo
Bush's Last Stand

Praful Bidwai
Ratcheting up the Nuclear Ante

Doug Bandow
Where are the Republicans for Peace?

Nebojsa Malic
Sound and Fury

Ivan Eland
Say Good-bye to a Future Republican Presidency

David R. Henderson
Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

Alan Bock
Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

Charles Peńa
Requiem for a Dictator

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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