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Show Me The Intelligence by Ray McGovern
Will Congress Stop the Iran Attack: Jorge Hirsch
Israel's Dark Future: Jonathan Cook
Lying About Lying: Gordon Prather
Iraqi Tribes Joining Resistance: Jamail/Fadhily

I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
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Updated January 20, 2007 - 9:29 PM EST
21 GIs, 73 Iraqis Die in Deadly Saturday
  Iraq's Planned Budget Divisive Too
  Kurdish Iraqi Soldiers Are Deserting to Avoid the Conflict in Baghdad
  Draft Law Keeps Central Control Over Oil in Iraq
Iraq War Cost to Hit $8.4 Billion a Month
  Gates: US Has 'Late Summer' Goal to Reduce Forces in Iraq
  Escalation Could Delay US Departure, Iraq Study Group Co-Chair Says
  House Democrats Likely to Split Over Iraq Strategy
  Pelosi Won't Block Funding to Stop Iraq Troop Escalation
  Some Senators to Offer Centrist Proposal on Iraq
Iraq Says Iran Wants Talks With US
  US Plans Envision Broad Attack on Iran: Analyst
  Democrats Warn Bush Not to Attack Iran
Britain Admits Awareness of Secret CIA Prisons
  Marine Colonel Slams New Terror Trial Rules
  Sen. Feinstein: White House Using PATRIOT Act to Oust Prosecutors
No Blank Check on Iran  by Ari Berman
Congress Can Stop the Iran Attack, or Be Complicit in War Crimes  by Jorge Hirsch
Escalation Against Iran: the Pieces Are Being Put in Place  by Col. Sam Gardiner
Israel's Dark Future  by Jonathan Cook
Show Me The Intelligence  by Ray McGovern
Lying About Lying  by Gordon Prather

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Southern Iraqi Tribes Joining Armed Resistance
Mideast Hasn't Turned Out How Bush, Rice Predicted
US Seizes Sadr Aide as Gates Visits Iraq
Lawmakers Criticize Pentagon for Underestimating War Costs
'Surge' Strategy Could Embolden Militants
America's Last 'Long War' Offers Lessons for Iraq, Experts Say
Another Grim Milestone: 500 Amputee Soldiers From Iraq War
Today in Iraq
Talabani: Sistani Played Important Role in Establishing Security
Military Planners in Iraq May Soon Be Seeing 'Red'
Life on the Basra Front Line
UK Troops to Stay in Iraq 'Until 2008'
Insurgents in Iraq Admit to Killing US Civilian
She Heeded America's Call, and It Killed Her
Friday: 37 Iraqis, GI Killed; 22 Iraqis, 3 GIs, 6 Britons Wounded
The New Iraq
Iraq's Controversial Hydrocarbons Law Ready to Be Submitted for Approval, Oil Ministry Spokesman Says
Temporary 'Enjoyment Marriages' in Vogue Again With Some Iraqis
Kurdistan Bolstered by Influx of Arab Academics
The War at Home
Pelosi Comments Draw White House Ire
Slain Soldier's Parents Speak Out Against War
Iraq Security Contractor Countersues
Google Blots Out Iraq Bases on Internet
US Chain Pulls Antiwar Scarves After Pro-Israel Activist Complains
Two US Grandmothers Voice Protest Against Iraq War
Libby Trial
Request for NBC Reporter's Notes Withdrawn
More Jurors on Standby in CIA Leak Trial
US Military
Marine Corps Will Ask Thousands to Come Back
Army Officer Warns of Mental Health Woes
V-22 'Osprey' Flaws Called 'Lethal'
Fraud Allegations Lead to an Investigation of a Florida Armsmaker
Army Plans to Arraign Medic Who Went AWOL
Navy Relieves Sub Commander After Deaths
Guard Pilot Safe After F-16 Crash in Calif.
No One Injured in Miss. Training Jet Crash
'War on Terror'
Detainee Trials at a Glance
Unmanned Aircraft to Patrol Central Florida City
Posada Ally Surrenders Arms Cache
Horn of Africa
Mortars Hit Somali Presidential Palace, Yusuf Inside
Blasts Rock Somali Capital
US Slams Somali Speaker Sacking
Ethiopia 'Set for Somali Pullout'
Eritrea Says Ethiopia Stuck in Somali 'Quagmire'
Uganda Ruling Party OKs Deployment of Troops to Somalia
African Union Experts to Discuss Somalia
Somalis Pin Hopes on Yemen
Uganda's LRA Rebels Again Rejects Talks, Say Graft Afoot
Returned Darfuri Asylum-Seekers Face Torture and Death in Khartoum
US Officers Give Anti-Terrorism Course in Mozambique
Morocco Acquits Five Former Guantanamo Inmates
All-Female UN Squad to Deploy in Liberia
Nigerian Kidnappers Release Sick Italian Hostage
Serbian Election Highlights the West’s Fears About Russia
Ukraine Official Says Foreign Ministry Funds Cut
UK's Brown Wants a 'New World Order'
Moderate Dutch Imams 'Leaving in Droves' Over Discrimination
US Lawmakers Aim to Ease Cuba Travel, Trade Bans
Cuba's Post-Castro Life Already Begun
Chavez: Phone Companies Spying on Me for US
Honduran Government Decides Not to Take Over Chevron, Esso Oil-Storage Terminals
Colombia's 'Para-Political' Scandal Widens
Iran to Complain to UN Over Arrests in Iraq
US Firm on Nuclear Condition for Iran Talks
EU to Move on Imposing UN Sanctions Against Iran
Germany Proposes Wider Iran Sanctions
Experts: US Luring Arab States Into Anti-Iran Role
Abbas: If Latest Unity Govt Talks Fail, I Will Call Early Elections
Abbas: Early Vote Not to Oust Hamas
Abbas' Strongman Talks Tough About Hamas
Report: Israel Freezes Settlement Plans
Deputy DM: Law Not Enforced With Regard to Hebron Settlers
Palestinian Girl Dies of Injuries
Hezbollah Leader Promises a 'Very Big Action' in Coming Days
Lebanon Opposition to Call General Strike
An Enigmatic Wild Card in Lebanon’s High-Stakes Politics
Turkish-Armenian Journalist Gunned Down
Fury in Turkey at Editor's Murder
Turkish-Armenian Writer Shunned Silence
In Turkey, a Year of Attacks and Trials
Middle East
Arab States Realigned, Yet Volatile
Yemen Denies Harboring Wanted Saddam Aide
North Korea
North Korea: Deal Reached in US Nuke Talks
Ex-US Defense Chief Suggests Military Action Against North Korea
North Korea Talks 'Could Unlock Potential for Regional Integration'
US Claims North Korea Syphoned Millions From UN Project
UN to Audit Its Activities After Reports on North Korea Program
China Joins Star Wars
China Sets Off a New Round of Star Wars
China: Space Program 'No Threat'
A New Player at Star Wars
US Alarmed by Chinese 'Missile Strike' on Satellite
Questions Deepen Over Satellite-Killer Test
Britain Joins US, Japan and Australia's Condemnation of China
Captured Spokesman Reveals Rifts Within Taliban
Aid Failures Are Killing UK Soldiers in Afghanistan, Think Tank Claims
US: Colombia 'Good Model' for Afghan Drug War
Afghanistan's Efforts to Boost Women Falter
Tribe: US, Not Pakistan, Hit Village
US Drone Attack? It Was Us, Says Pakistan Army
Waziristan Tribesmen Demand Compensation for Airstrikes
Anti-Saddam Hanging Protesters Hurt in Pakistan
177 Afghan Pilgrims With Fake Passports Detained
Sri Lanka
Tamil Tiger Rebel-Held Enclave Captured
Sri Lankan Refugees Flee Army Assault on Rebel Town
Four Civilians Shot Dead in Sri Lanka
Officials: Bangkok Bombings the Work of Jemaah Islamiah
Bangkok Plans Surveillance Camera Network
Philippines Sends More Troops to Counter Militants
Separatist Rebels Threaten More Bloodshed in India's Assam State
French Troops to Stay in Tajikistan Until Afghanistan Stable: Deputy FM
Change May Be on the Way in Turkmenistan

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