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Bush Is About to Attack Iran: Paul Craig Roberts
What if Iran Suspends? A Western Dilemma: Parsi
And the Winner Is… by Nebojsa Malic
Another Dark Era Threatens Lebanon: Antoun Issa
Window Into Pre-War Planning: Gordon Prather


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Updated January 27, 2007 - 9:29 PM EST
US: Evidence Shows Iran Subversion in Iraq
  Bush Denies Preparing Attack Against Iran
  Lethal-Force Order Justified, Bush Says
  Ex-Pentagon Adviser: Marines Might Be Used to Attack Iran
Tens of Thousands in DC Rally for Troop Pullout
  Bush: 'I'm the Decision-Maker' on Iraq
  Gates: Rapid Deployment Not Dependent on Iraqi Leaders' Commitments
  Cooperative Tone of Sadr Surprises US
Deadly Saturday: 7 US Troops, 91 Iraqis Killed
  Sadr Militia Offers to Disarm in Baghdad Bastion
  Soldiers Killed in Karbala Were First Abducted by Fake GIs
Washington Ups the Ante in Afghanistan
  NATO Allies Wary of Adding Troops in Afghanistan
White House Nervous Over Rove, Bartlett Subpoena
  Prosecutor Gave Ari Fleischer Immunity in Plame Case
  Cheney Closely Involved in Handling Fallout Over Iraq Intelligence
20 Dead as Hamas-Fatah Violence Continues
Expanding the War to Iran: Another 'Urban Legend'?  by Leon Hadar
No Substitute for Free and Unfettered News Gathering  by Phil Donahue
Stop the Iran War Before It Starts
by Scott Ritter
The Overblown Terror Threat and Islamophobia  by Abukar Arman
Stop the Cannon Fodder  by Charley Reese
Another Dark Era Threatens Lebanon  by Antoun Issa
Window Into Pre-War Planning
by Gordon Prather
Our Mercenaries in Iraq  by Jeremy Scahill

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Pentagon Denies Capture of US Soldiers in Somalia
Active-Duty US Troops Plan to Attend Iraq Protest
What if Iran Suspends?
A Western Dilemma
Group Claims Iran Has Agents in Iraq
Suicide Bomb Erases a Fading Vestige of Joy in Baghdad
Students, Professors Flee to the Kurdish North
Defense Secretary Gates: Congressional Resolutions on Iraq 'Embolden Enemy'
Today in Iraq
Iraq Security Forces Briefly Detain Top Sunni Leader
Kurds: Kirkuk About History, Not Oil
Slaughter in Baghdad Bird Market as Bombers Target Shi'ite Civilians
Sheiks Help Curb Violence in Iraq's West, US Says
Growing Numbers Flee Sectarian Violence
Friday: 84 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 130 Iraqis Injured
Global Iraq Fallout
Blair: World Must Stay Committed to Iraq
Jordan Gives US Iraq Plan 'Months'
US Politicians on Iraq
US Plan for Iraqi Force Surprises Senator
Senate Dems Plan Floor Debate on Iraq
Pelosi Makes Symbolic Trip to Iraq
Democrats Try to Increase Leverage Over Iraq Policy
Draft of Sen. McCain's 'Benchmark' Resolution on Iraq
Bush Accepts Republican House Resolution on Iraq
Feingold Pushes Plan to Cut Off War Funds
Former NY GOP Governor Pataki Opposes Bush Iraq Surge
The War at Home
Americans Say Iraq War Over Oil
Cheney's Out of the Shadows but Still an Enigma
Veterans for Peace Wants to Tell Its Side of the Story in High Schools
Marine Commits Suicide After Coming Home
US Military
Gates Calls for End to Stop-Loss
Officer to Be Court-Martialed in Abu Ghraib Case
How Hot Is the Heat-Ray Gun?
Navy Helicopter Carrying 4 People Crashes in Pacific Ocean Near San Diego
'Warriors Walk' Running Out of Room for Memorial Trees
The Latest in Battlefield Surgery
Senate Confirms Petraeus as US Military Commander in Iraq
'War on Terror'
Italian Judge Orders Seizure of CIA Agent's Villa
German FM Refuses to Resign Over Gitmo Scandal
Canada to Pay Arar $10.5 Million for Syria Ordeal
Justice Dept. Wants Spying Lawsuit Dropped
'Tube Bomber' Strolled Through House to Escape
UK Lawmakers Weigh Biometric Card Plan
Blueprint Sees Kosovo as Ward of EU
UN Plan for Kosovo Promises Independence, With Strings
Russia, US Heading for Clash Over Kosovo
Uranium From Georgia
Moscow Lashes Out at Georgia Over Uranium Sale
FBI in on Uranium Sting With Georgia
Russian Spy Intrigue
UK Police Find 'Poisoned Teapot' Used to Kill Litvinenko
Russian Laughs Off 'Extradition Threat' Over Poisoning
Russia to Raise European Anti-Missile Plan With US
Russia Official Decries Man's Detention
UK Defense Secretary Appears to Limit Use of Nuclear Weapons
Romania’s King Without a Throne Outlives Foes and Setbacks
Horn of Africa
Gunfire, Mortars Kill Six in Mogadishu as Ethiopians Pull Out
Somalia Urged to Include Islamists in Peace Talks
Somali al-Qaeda on the Run, Says US
Five Killed in Mogadishu Attacks
Somalia's Chance for New Beginning 'Slipping Way'
Uganda Threatens to Attack LRA Rebels in North
Uganda Rebels Plea for Fighters' Safety in South Sudan
Indian UN Soldier Killed in Southern Sudan
Algerian Radicals Change Name to 'al-Qaeda'
UN: 40,000 Forced From Homes by Central African Republic Violence
Rwanda to Release 8,000 More Genocide Prisoners
Kerik Named Security Adviser in Guyana
US Warns Iran of Global Wrath if It Cranks Up Nuclear Capacity
Iran to Start Assembling Centrifuges, IAEA Says
UN Nuclear Chief Calls for 'Timeout' Over Iran
US Calls Iran Demands Over Inspectors 'Outrageous'
Israel Tries to Cut Off Iran From World Markets
Hamas-Fatah Unity Govt Talks Off After 15 Die in Gaza Violence
Baby Boy Killed in Gaza Cross-Fire
Fatah Official: Hamas Has Right to Choose Anyone as PM
Hamas Rallies Across West Bank and Gaza
Poll: Palestinians Want Peace Settlement With Israel
Storming of Home Caps Deadly Day in Gaza Strip
Rockets Target Palestinian Minister
Israelis Favor Peres as Successor to Disgraced President
Olmert Insists War Against Hezbollah Was a Success
Curfew Is Lifted in Beirut, but Tension Lingers
Israeli Warplanes Intrude on Beirut Airspace
Lebanese Christians Split Over Protests
Lebanon Showered With Aid but Sees Shades of Civil War
Along Beirut's Line of Confrontation
IDF Bombs Two Hezbollah Bunkers Found Near Lebanon-Israel Border
Hezbollah Buries Dead, Urges Lebanese Unity
Critically Wounded Fight for Life on Day After Street Clashes
Army Patrols Expand in Tense Beirut
Syria Calls for Unity Government in Lebanon
South Korea: Kim Definitely Not Under House Arrest
Abe Says Japan Will Never Tolerate North Korean Nukes
South Korea to Strengthen Economic Ties With North
Russia Sees North Korea Nuclear Talks Starting on February 5 or 8
US Bans Luxury Exports to North Korea
Administration Reconsiders Some North Korea Restrictions
3 Million North Korea Refugees Expected in Crisis: Bok
North Korea Bows to Audit of UN Agency
US Battalion to Head to Afghanistan
Army Finds Probable Cause in Afghans' Torture, Death
Afghan FM Accuses Pakistan of Using Terror as Tool
International Forces in Afghanistan Using Some Pakistan Airbases for Emergency
Gunman Kills Afghan Who Had Two Buddha Statues Destroyed
US Troops to Form Flexible Afghanistan Force
NATO Attacks Taliban Post in Afghanistan
Afghan Lawmaker Is Killed in Shooting
NATO Says Might Have Killed Senior Taliban Leader
Suicide Bomber Targets Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Two Dead
Islamabad Bombing Raises Security Fears
US Again Accuses Pakistan of Providing 'Refuge' to Taliban
Pakistan Denies Kashmir Border Firing With India
US Seeks to Alter Pakistan-Terror Bill
Sri Lanka
Police Arrest 38 as Sri Lanka Vows to Fight Terrorism
Sri Lanka Seeks to Destroy Rebels, but Can They Win?
US Official: China Satellite Test Justifies Trade Controls
China’s Hu Seeks to 'Purify' Internet
Police Break Up Opposition Protest in Azerbaijan
Curfews, Ethnic Protests Hit Nepal's Southern Plains
Military Focus in Abe's New Japan
Martial Law Partially Lifted in Thailand
Legislation Would Relax Cuba Policy
Chávez’s Socialism May Sacrifice Cheap Petrol
Four Dead in Haiti UN Operation
Uneasy Peace as Divisions in Bolivia Deepen
United Nations
UN Approves Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denying

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Rebellion Over Iraq:
Son Against Father

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92,000 More Soldiers?

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Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

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Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

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The Embarrassment of the Wretched

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China's Little Capitalists

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