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The Maverick: Justin Raimondo
George Bush as Fifth Columnist: Doug Bandow
The Age of Perpetual Conflict: Gabriel Kolko
Dems Sidestep Defunding Demands: Aaron Glantz
Bush Is Not Above the Law: James Bamford

There were no international terrorists in Iraq until we went in. It was we who gave the perfect conditions in which Al Qaeda could thrive.
Robin Cook
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Updated February 2, 2007 - 9:30 PM EST
'Surge' Could Swell to 50,000 US Troops
  US Intel Study: Iraq Challenge 'Daunting'
  Bush to Seek Hundreds of Billions More for Iraq War
  Budget Office Report: Surge Will Cost Triple White House Estimates
  Senate Democrats Split on Measure Opposing Bush
  Democrats Sidestep Defunding Demands
Violent Iraq Deaths at Another New High
  Iraq Crackdown Failing to Bring Results
  Huge Force Readying Crackdown in Baghdad by Tearing Down Houses
  600 Townspeople Detained as Burials Begin in Najaf
  Two Die as US Loses Fourth Copter in Iraq in Two Weeks
  Friday: 59 Iraqis, 6 GIs Killed; 22 Iraqis Injured
Hillary Clinton Calls Iran a Threat to US, Israel
  US Official: US Won't Attack Iran Over Iraq
  Iran to Celebrate 'Stabilization' of Nuclear Program Next Week
Palestinians Declare Gaza Ceasefire After 25 Die in 24 Hours
Cheney May Have Consulted on Leaking CIA Agent's Identity
Bush's Trash Talk About Iran
by Robert Dreyfuss
Pro Legibus  by Michael Long
The Neocons Have Learned Nothing From Five Years of Catastrophe  by Francis Fukuyama
The Age of Perpetual Conflict
by Gabriel Kolko
Bush Is Not Above the Law
by James Bamford
War Criminals 'R' US  by Richard Curtis

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Lawmakers Move to Restrain Bush on Iran
Bush Allies Scramble to Stop Iraq Policy Defections
McCain Blasts Army Nominee Over Iraq Results
Iraq Commander: Only Half of Troop 'Surge' Needed
Feingold Says Levin, Warner 'Misunderstand' Iraq
Turkey Weighs Cross-Border Attack on Kurdish Rebels
Iraq at Risk of Further Strife, Intel Report Warns
First Trial of a Commissioned Officer Who Refused to Deploy to Iraq Starts Monday
Today in Iraq
US: 2 Iraqi Generals Eyed in Karbala Attack
Northern Iraq Seen as Next Front in War
Mystery Arises Over Identity of Militia Chief in Najaf Fight
British Couple and Their Child Among the Hundreds Rounded Up in Najaf
Building Blocs of Conciliation in Iraq
Fleeing One Bomb, Iraqi Shoppers Die in Blast of Another
Palestinians: 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Iraq
Iraqi Colonel Who Trained in America Killed in Iraq
Thursday: 138 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier Killed, 205 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Army May Expel NY Times Journalists Over Story
Security in Iraq Takes Bite Out of Contractors' Budgets
US Iraq Commander Denies Iraq Policy a Failure
US Tries to Put Its Best Foot Forward in Kirkuk Province
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Invites Syria, Iran for Talks
Coroner Slams UK Ministry of Defense on Iraq Tape
Mexico Won't Deport 11 Iraqi Christians
Analyzing the War
Kissinger: Bush Has 'Secret Plan' to End War
Brzezinski: War in Iraq a Calamity That Could Lead to War With Iran
Murtha Finds Outlook Bleak for Bush's Iraq Policy
Libby Trial
Libby Left Out Some Facts in Interviews, FBI Agent Says
Leak Jurors May View White House Tapes
Libby Trial Shows an Insular, Backbiting Washington
The War at Home
Compromise Senate Measure Rebuffing Bush’s Iraq Buildup Gathers Support
Iraq War Protesters Step Up Pressure to Bring US Troops Home
Iraqi Refugees Turned Away After Risking Life for US
No 'Cherry Picking' of Intelligence: Incoming US Spy Chief
Senate GOP to Sidestep Iraq in Planning Party Strategy
Senators Challenge Gen. Casey on Iraq War
Pelosi Seeks Access to Military Planes for Domestic Travel
Texas Grandmother Sweeps Streets of Washington as Punishment for Protest
US Military
Army Division Orders Departing GIs to Stay Put, Prepare for Deployment
US Reconfigures the Way Casualty Totals Are Given
How PR Firms and Major Media Help Military Recruiters
Novel Ames Lab Composite May Replace Depleted Uranium
Senator Asks VA to Explain Marine Suicide
Scheme to Sell Military Gear in Mideast Nets Prison Term
Army Manual on Using Horses, Mules in Combat Slammed by Animal Rights Group
Boston Cartoon 'Terror'
Many Young Bostonians Think City Overreacted
2 Men Held Over Boston Scare Released on Bond
Boston Officials Vow to Seek Restitution Over Colorful Signs They Thought Were a Terrorist Plot
US 'War on Terror'
Military Showed Articles About Saddam's Execution to Gitmo Detainees
Travel Logs Aid Germans' Kidnap Probe
Nuclear Weapons Agency Cannot Assure Security, Government Auditors Warn
US Jury Acquits Two Men of Hamas Conspiracy
Bush Intelligence Pick Stresses Domestic Security
Bank Group Is Told to Halt Flow of Data to US Officials
Detainee Rights at Center of Fight
Appeals Court Hears Wiretapping Case
UK 'War on Terror'
Neighbors of British Terror Suspects Skeptical of Charges
Spy Plane Flying Over Birmingham 'Looking for Terror Suspects'
UK Terror Police Granted More Time for Interrogations
UK Official Accused of Using Raids to Push Through Detention Limits
Plots and Paranoia Are Mainstream Views for Muslims of Sparkbrook
Terror Hitlist Named 25 Muslim Soldiers
Politics and Persecution: How Muslims See the Raids
Websites Denounce British Muslim Soldiers
Horn of Africa
US Says Somalia's Islamists Begin Regrouping in Saudi Arabia, Eritrea and Yemen
Official: Ethiopia Foils Eritrean Attack on African Leaders
Mortar and Rocket Attack Kills Several in Somalia
Somalia: Ethiopia's Last Soldier to Leave Somalia by Mid-February
Burundi Joins Somalia Force
Chad Rebels Attack Border Town, Govt Blames Sudan
Khartoum: US Using Rights Groups to Target Sudan
Hu's Trip to Sudan Tests China-Africa Ties
China's Hu to Visit Sudan to Review Trade, Not Abuses
58 Dead in Congo Clashes
Zimbabwe Cartoon's Bullet Warning
4,000 Indian Troops to Leave for Congo, Sudan
US Says Iran Meddles in Iraq but Is Delaying Release of Data
Sailors at Air Base Ship Out on Short Notice to USS Reagan Carrier
Khamenei May Change Key Positions in Iran Govt
Iran Blocks UN Cameras at Big Atom Site: Diplomats
Iran Leader Calls Nuclear Sanctions Ineffective
Iran Has Begun Assembling Centrifuges at Natanz Site
Chirac Hurries to Retract After Gaffe on Iran's Nuclear Threat
US: No Dispute With Chirac on Iran
Iran Shrugs Off UN Sanctions
Russia Signals Support for Iran 'Time-Out'
Ivanov Defends Russian Arms Sales to Iran
Putin Considers Ties With Iran on Gas Sales
US Says Oregon Man Sought Missile Parts for Iran
After 40 Years, Could the Ice Be Melting on the Golan Heights?
Syrian: Secret Meetings Were Israel's Best Chance for Peace Since 1948
Fatah: Seven Iranian Weapons Experts Arrested in Gaza
Six Killed in Hamas Ambush on Gaza Convoy
Shootout in Gaza Deepens Bitter Split
Fatah Violence Causes Angry Backlash
Hamas Blasts Bush Funding Decision
Rice to Seek Support for Mideast Effort
Three Palestinians Shot in West Bank
Israeli Envoy Has Lunch At Washington Times, Says That Peace With Palestinians Won't Help in Iraq or Iran
Prosecutor: Troops Must Step in if Hebron Settlers Disturb Peace
Olmert: Israel Won Lebanon War
Fatah: Palestinians Won't Be Dragged Into Lebanon Conflict
Lebanon PM Welcomes Hezbollah Call for Settlement
Arab League Chief to Return to Troubled Lebanon
Middle East
10 Soldiers Killed in Attack in Yemen
Saudi Police Seize Armed Man Entering Mecca Mosque
Egypt Bloggers Reveal New Torture Case
North Korea
North Korea May Take 'First Step' to End Nuclear Program: US
North Korea Demands US Lift Sanctions
Russia Sees Possible Ministerial Talks on North Korea
Afghans Urge Legal Amnesty for Those Involved in Wars
Britain to Increase Forces in Afghanistan
US Special Forces Using Taliban Site
An Afghan’s Path From Ally of US to Drug Suspect
Afghanistan: Rebuilding 'Not on Track'
US Hands Major Weapons Supplies to Afghan Army
Kabul Claims Arresting 12 Militants
Shi'ite-Sunni Conflict Rises in Pakistan
US Reassures Pakistan on Military Bill
Ethnic Unrest in Southern Plains Undermines Peace Pact in Nepal
Nepal Maoists Warn Peace Process in Danger
Three Killed in Nepal Violence
Chinese Official Gives Rare Rebuke to Bush
Muslim Rebels Storm Philippines Jail, 46 Escape
Mass Arrests After Sri Lanka Blasts Kill 12
Top Assam Leader Killed
Uzbek Police Release Wife of Candidate
Russia's Putin Shuns Spy Conspiracy Talk
Putin: Litvinenko 'Didn't Know Any Secrets'
Putin Pledges Effective Response to US Anti-Missile Plan
Putin Hits Back at Energy Critics
Russian TV Shines Warmly on a Likely Successor to Putin
Putin Says No Plan to Orchestrate Succession

Kosovars Await Word on Their Fate

Serbs and Albanians Await UN Plan for Kosovo

Serbian Officials Say UN Plan for Kosovo Is Against Belgrade's Bid to Keep Province

Debate Surrounds International Community's Role in Bosnia
Haiti Civilians Killed in UN Raid
United Nations
Most Top UN Officials Defy Resignation Request
UN Now Looking at Phased Expansion of Security Council
Reporters Killed in 2006
Report: 81 Journalists Killed in 2006
Reporters Without Borders Issues Its 2007 Annual Press Freedom Survey
In Other News
Australian Churches Questioned for 'Jesus Loves Osama' Signs
Group: Military May Rule Fiji Five More Years

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Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

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China's Little Capitalists

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