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The Original American Foreign Policy: Ron Paul
Libertarianism & the Great Divide: Justin Raimondo
Taiwan, a Spark Plug for War: Doug Bandow
The Last Days of Constitutional Rule?: P.C. Roberts
Trillion-Dollar Defense Budget Already Here: Higgs

 Giuliana Sgrena

Kidnapped, Rescued, Then Shot: An Italian Reporter’s Iraq Ordeal

 Justin Raimondo

What Happened to the Old Republic?: It Was Wounded in This War and Will Be Finished Off in the Next

 Jacob Hornberger

There is Nothing More Dangerous: The Power the Military is Claiming Over the American People

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Updated March 16, 2007 - 9:15 PM EDT
Commander in Iraq Seeks Still More GIs
  Senate Rejects Iraq Withdrawal Measure
  House Panel Approves Bill to Fund War, Set Timeline
  British Coroner: Friendly Fire by US Pilots in Iraq 'Criminal'
  Massacre Marine 'Regrets' Deaths, but Would Do It All Again
Sadr Slams Occupiers, Threatens Security Push
  Attack on Sadr City Mayor Hinders Antimilitia Effort
  Time of Shi'ite Militias in Baghdad 'Is Over,' US General Says
  Friday: 2 GIs, 59 Iraqis Killed; 29 Iraqis Wounded
Emails Show Rove's Role in Attorney Firings
  Second Republican Senator Says Attorney General Should Go
  Aborted DoJ Probe Probably Would Have Targeted Gonzales
Officials: Mohammed Exaggerated Claims
  Portions of Confession Relating to Treatment in Custody Redacted
The Trillion-Dollar Defense Budget Is Already Here  by Robert Higgs
A Desperate Army Is Scraping the Bottom  by Joseph L. Galloway
The Problem with Barack Obama's Israel Pose  by Joshua Frank
The Original American Foreign Policy  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Last Days of Constitutional Rule?  by Paul Craig Roberts
The Quality of Justice  by Aziz Huq

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Denouement on Iraq: First Stop the Bleeding
Iraqis Search for Political Leadership
Iraq's Shi'ite Alliance Recovering From First Split
Marine Chief: Disbanding Iraqi Army Was Big Mistake
US Insists Its Acting Against Kurdish Rebel Group
US Hails 'Strong Ally' Pakistan, Gives New Aid
Israeli Official: Palestinian Unity Govt 'A Major Step Backward'
Khalilzad: Syria Invites More Talks
Insurgents Target Strykers in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Allawi Gaining Support in Iraq Parliament
Top Official in Sadr City Seriously Hurt
Baghdad by Night – Gunfire and Television
Four al-Qaeda Iraqi Militants to Be Executed
Iraqi Court Upholds Death Sentence Against Saddam Deputy
Thursday: 6 GIs, 98 Iraqis Killed; 88 Iraqis Injured
Iraq Occupation
US Tries - Again - to Win Support on Embattled Baghdad Street
Mosul Court Is Americans' Exhibit A
Sgt. Says He Didn't Order Men to Kill
Global Iraq Fallout
Pentagon Official Urges Israelis to Invest in Iraq
Widow's Plea to Bush: Declassify 'Friendly Fire' Papers
Poll: Most Japanese Want to End Iraq War Support
South Korea Haggles With US on Soldier Who Ducked Iraq
Jordan Authorities Consider Imposing Visas on Iraqis
UN Seeks $1.7 Million to Feed Iraqi Refugees
Protesting the War
Stop Funding the War: Protest at Pelosi's Office March 19
War Protesters Target Lawmakers Offices
Nationwide Events for 4th Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq
March 12-19 Events: Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq
The War at Home
Roll Call on Bill to Revise Iraq Policy
Dems Take Heat From Antiwar Activists
Senate Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Rove and Miers
Senate Panel Seeks to Question Justice Officials
Fitzgerald Turns Down Waxman in CIA Leak Case
Plame to Tell Her Story Before Congress
Bush Prods Congress on Supporting Troops
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
The Self-Portrait of an al-Qaeda Leader
How Much Did He Really Do?
9/11 Mastermind Admits Killing Reporter
Confession May Aid Other al-Qaeda Defendants
'War on Terror'
A New Face of Jihad Vows Attacks on US
US Warns of Long Delays for Passports
Italy Renews Attempts to Block CIA Kidnap Trial
Threat Shows Neutral Nations Vulnerable
Chertoff Warns of Web of Terrorism
US/EU Missile Defense
US: Planned Interceptor Missiles Not Targeting Russia
Russia to Take Military Steps on US Missile Shield
US Missile Chief Urges Unity on Shield
US Says Antimissile Shield in Europe Will Be Ready by 2011
US Missile Shield to Dominate German-Polish Talks
US Lauds Nuke Cooperation With Russia
British FM Vows to Crack Down on Mugabe 'Thugs'
Britain Asks UN to Send Investigators Into Zimbabwe
Mugabe: Zimbabwe Critics Can Go Hang
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Vows to Fight On
Zimbabwean Police Fire-Bombed
Zimbabwe Leader Faces Growing Condemnation
In Somalia, Reporter Held Incommunicado Since Friday
Ethiopia FM Urges Somalis to Support African Troops
US Plans New Financial Sanctions on Sudan
Morocco Arrests 18 People After Explosion: Minister
Corruption Charges Keep Opposition Figure Off Nigeria Ballot
Iran Officially Asks for President to Join Security Council Debate
Iran Sanctions Go to UN Council
Tighter Sanctions on Iran Regime Proposed
New Iran Sanctions: The Full Text
Qatar Voices Gulf Fears of Military Action Against Iran
Iranian Blogger Beaten for Reporting Violence
Palestinian Unity Government Seen Complicating Rice's Middle East Effort
Abbas Agrees Unity Cabinet With Hamas
EU Studies Plan for 'Selective' Palestinian Aid
Gaza Report Rebuts US Policy Success
BBC Appeals to Palestinians Over Kidnapped Reporter
Israeli General Orders Probe Into Use of Human Shields in Nablus
Israel's Olmert Shrugs Off Unpopularity
US, Israel See 'Positive' Signs in Arab Plan
Likud MP Calls for 'Preventative' Attacks on Gaza This Weekend
Israel's Lieberman Demands End to Contact With Abbas
Evacuees Demand That Olmert Approve Resettlement
Turkish Team to Inspect Israeli Dig Near al-Aqsa
UN Report: Israel Must Halt Jerusalem Dig
Sources Say Progress Has Been Made to End Lebanon's Crisis
UN Force Not Finding Hezbollah's Guns
Report: Egyptian Forces Arrest Palestinian Wearing Explosives
US Chides Ally Egypt Over Conviction of Student Blogger
North Korea Meets Most Nuclear Deadlines
North Korea Slams Holding of Military Exercises
Koreas to Resume Family Reunions
Emerging Epicenter in the Afghan War
US Pays Kin in Deaths of Afghan Boys
Young Boys Join Rising Number of Civilians Killed in Afghanistan
NATO Soldier Hurt in Afghan Suicide Attack

Self-Immolation by Afghan Women Rising

Up to 335 Additional Troops From Bulgaria Could Be Sent to Afghanistan
Police: 49 Police Officers Killed in Attack in India
US-Backed Imam Gets Cool Reception in India
Uzbek Opposition Activist Gets Six Years
Ex-PM Denies Fleeing Bangladesh
Japanese Operator to Allow Reactor Probe
Malaysia’s Anwar Seeks Return to Power
Britain Charges Russian Spies 'At Cold War Level'
New Law in Poland Aims to Oust Officials Who Aided Secret Police
New Pipeline Will Bypass the Bosporus but Involve Russia
Britain Starts EU Drawdown in Bosnia
Riot Erupts at Opposition Rally in Hungary
Danish Firm Charged in Anti-Terror Case
Merkel Faces Hostile Reception on Fence-Mending Visit to Poland
'Australia Terror Plotter' Jailed
Groups in Brazil Aim to Call Military Torturers to Account
United Nations
Assembly Endorses UN Chief's Restructuring Plan

Justin Raimondo
and the Great Divide

Doug Bandow
Taiwan, a Spark Plug for War

Nebojsa Malic
Desperately Seeking a Leader

Charles Peña
Reducing the Risk of Nukes

Ivan Eland
China Returns Fire on US Human Rights Abuses

Philip Giraldi
Clueless in Gaza

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the War on Iraq Costing You?

Alan Bock
Breaking the Presidential Pattern

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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