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The Real 'Existential Threat': Justin Raimondo
Left-Right Alliance Against War?: Jon Basil Utley
War Opposition Grows Among Troops: Sarah Olson
Fantasy of US Diplomacy: Karon/Engelhardt
The Waste of War: Doug Bandow

 Les Roberts

More Iraqis Killed than Rwandans in Genocide Attempt of ‘94: UK govt. now admits Johns Hopkins/Lancet underestimated death toll

 Chris Hedges

War is Horrible: Only the inexperienced claim otherwise

 James Bovard

War, Lies, Torture: And those who aid and abet

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Updated March 30, 2007 - 9:29 PM EDT
Britain Considering New Iran Demands
  Iran Levels New Charges on Seized Brits
  2nd British Marine Apologizes on Iranian TV for Alleged Trespassing
  Blair: Britain Won't Negotiate With Iran
  Sharp Words From UK Have Hardened Tehran's Resolve
  Britain Runs Into UN Headwinds Over Iran's Capture of Crew
  Britain Denies Troops Fired on Iranian Consulate in Basra
Bush Takes Flak From All Sides Over Iraq
  Senate Sets Stage for Iraq Face-Off
  Behind Bush's Baghdad Bloggers
  We're Not Really Occupying Iraq, White House Insists
Wave of Attacks Shows No Sign of Letting Up
  Bloody Thursday: 199 Iraqis Killed; 293 Wounded
  US Air Strike Kills 16 People in Baghdad Shi'ite Bastion
  US Commander Says al-Qaeda Triggered Police Revenge Killings
  Friday: 78 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 55 Iraqis Wounded
Gates Says Guantánamo Trials Lack International Credibility
  Guantánamo Detainee Hicks Agrees to Plea Deal, Will Go Home
Bush Not Racing to Defend Gonzales
  Ex-Aide Contradicts Gonzales on Firings
Opposition to the War Growing Among Troops  by Sarah Olson
'We Were Torturing People for No Reason'  by Tara McKelvey
Thank Goodness We Can Ignore the Wars  by Sheldon Richman
Left-Right Alliance Against War?
by Jon Basil Utley
Surge Signals in Iraq  by Paul Rogers
Is a US-Iran War Inevitable?  by Robert Baer

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Fake Maritime Boundaries
Russian Media Reports Imminent US Strike on Iran
Britons May Face Show Trial in Iran
Iran Suspends Release of Detained Briton
Experts: Gates Not a Hawk on Iran
Saudis Publicly Get Tough With US
Gates Signals Willingness to Close Prison
NATO to Legalize Afghanistan's Opium?
Iranians Touched by Captive Briton
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Widow Saves Her Home, but Victory Is Brief
Fleeing Iraqi Arabs Get Kurds' Cold Shoulder
The Deadliest Days in Iraq
Putin Urges Deadline on Foreign Troops in Iraq
Thursday: 199 Iraqis Killed; 293 Wounded
Iraqi Oil
US Official: Iraq Oil Law Will Pass
Unions Could Sway Iraq Oil Law
Iraq Oil Union Has Storied Past
Iraq Occupation
Patrolling Baghdad's Dora Neighborhood, Where 'Gators' Lurk
Japan OKs Iraq Air Force Extension
New US Ambassador to Iraq Sworn In
Sampson Takes One for the Team
Kyle Sampson's Opening Statement to Senate Judiciary Committee
Fired Prosecutors Excerpts
Bush Loyalist Sampson Rose Quickly at Justice
The War at Home
Senate Roll-Call Vote on Iraq Funding
Bush Seeks GOP Support in War Veto Fight
Policy Aide's Departure Continues Transformation of Bush's Staff
Disuse of System Is Cited in Gaps in Soldiers’ Care
Prosecutor: Engineer Stole Military Secrets
Rights Group Challenges Assurances on Torture
Al-Qaeda Captive Denies Sending 9/11 Funds
Freed From Guantánamo: Camp Delta Inmate 'Who Helped MI5' to Be Released
Iraqi Resident of Britain to Leave Guantánamo
Hicks Set to Give Evidence on Friday
Prosecutor Defends Guantánamo Conviction
Official: Australian Govt Can't Reduce Gitmo Sentence
Australian Detainee May See Windfall
'War on Terror'
Afghan Provided CIA Key Padilla Evidence
Potential Padilla Jurors Show Bias
German FM Defends Handling of Terror Case
UK Home Office Sets Up Center to Fight Terrorists
Taliban Leader Threatens to Kill Afghan Hostage
Taliban Demands Release of Prisoners in Exchange for Kidnapped Health Workers

Sixteen Killed in New Afghan Unrest

Suicide Bomber Kills Three Near Pakistan Army Training Center
Militants Resume Waziristan Fighting
Pakistani Schoolgirls Launch Taliban-Style 'Vice and Virtue' Raids
Thai PM Sets Post-Coup Vote Date
Thai Premier Rejects State of Emergency as Way to Halt Protests
Charges Fail to Rock Ex-Thai PM's Hometown Support
Swiss Jailed 10 Years for Insulting Thai Royalty
Japan Sets Up Missile Defense Shield Near Tokyo
Japan Prepares for a More Assertive Foreign Role
Sri Lanka Says Sinks Three Rebel Boats, Over 20 Dead
China: Don't Link Olympics, Darfur
India Tests Astra Missile
Pressed, Kyrgyz President Names His Critic as Premier
Vietnam Dissident Priest on Trial for 'Opposing the State'
Another Ecuador Crisis Deepens as a Judge Is Fired Ahead of Voting
Castro Publishes Article Criticizing US
Briton Tells of Fight for Argentinian Side
Held in Iran: Dismay and Defiance as Diplomatic Crisis Deepens
Text of 2nd Letter Attributed to Seized UK Sailor
IAEA Wants Surveillance Cameras in Iran Site by End-March: Diplomats
Former Iran President Calls for Healing Sunni-Shi'ite Divide
Iran Is a Major Topic at Arab League Summit
Oil Surges Above $66 Amid Iran Tensions
Arab Peace Summit
Arab Leaders Renew Peace Offer to Israel
Cautious Peace Steps at Saudi Summit
Israel Rejects Arab Peace Plan
Olmert Insists Arab Peace Overtures Are a Result of Lebanon War
Arab Peace Plan Needs Israel Concessions
Arabs Warn of Nuclear Arms Race
Libya Snubs Arab Summit
Israeli PM Slams Testimony Release
Construction of Massive Israeli Military Base Gets Government Go-Ahead
Report: Peres Calls for Direct Talks Between Israel and Arabs
Mossad Chief Warned: Home Front Isn't Ready
Four in Israel, Including Military NCO, Charged With Selling Weapons to Palestinians
Former Jerusalem Mayor Was a British Spy
Greenpeace Reveals Dangers of Israel's Nuclear Facilities
EU Expects to Keep Ad Hoc Aid Channel to Palestinians in Place
Missing in Gaza: Whereabouts of Kidnapped Reporter Remain a Mystery
Palestinians Cling to 'Right of Return'
Lebanese Army Shoots Down Reports of Arms Smuggling
UN Chief Arrives in Beirut, Urges Dialogue Among Rival Lebanese Leaders
Lebanon: Campaigners Push Electoral Reform to End Sectarian Politics
Middle East
Planned US House Vote on Armenian Massacre Angers Turks
US Demands Syria Release Political Prisoners
Ethiopian Helicopters Fire on Somali Market
Rebels Drag Ethopian Soldiers’ Bodies Through Streets
Violence Kills at Least 30 in Somalia’s Capital
Witnesses: Bombs Dropped in Somalia
In Zimbabwe, Even Loyalists Are Disloyal
An Endgame in Zimbabwe That Mugabe May Yet Win
Mugabe Wins Support in Africa
Cynicism Greets Mugabe's 'Terror' Finds
Zimbabwe: Security Forces Extend Crackdown to Public
Thousands Flee Into Darfur After Raid by French Troops Devastated 'Ghost Town'
Sudan Says Tough New US Measures Will Backfire
Sudan Closer to Accepting UN Peacekeepers
Nigeria Death Fails to Halt Poll
Official: Russia Ramps Up Spy Machine
Group Blasts Russian's White House Visit
French Politics in 3-D on Fantasy Web Site
Tensions Over French Identity Shape Voter Drives
French Seek to Try 42 for Arms Trafficking
Turkey Fans EU Hopes With Promises of Reform
Serbs Dig Up Their Dead in Kosovo

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The Real 'Existential Threat'

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The Waste of War

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From China to Cairo

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