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Twilight Zone: Gregory Cochran
Now the South Erupts: Ali al-Fadhily
Creating a Market for Security: Paul Craig Roberts
Refugees Speak of Escape from Hell: Dahr Jamail
Breaking the Army: Jim Lobe

 Frederick A.O. Schwarz Jr. and Aziz Huq

Unchecked and Unbalanced: Presidential Power in a Time of Terror

 Peter Eisner

The Italian Letter: Aggressive war based on forgeries

 Robert MacNeil

America at the Crossroads: Govt. TV to set US on right path

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Updated April 12, 2007 - 9:29 PM EDT
US Extends Tours for All GIs in Iraq, Afghanistan
  Military Spending to Retain Troops Skyrockets
  Breaking the Army
  4 Years On, the Gap Between Iraq Policy and Practice Is Wide
Suicide Bomber Kills 3 MPs at Iraq Parliament
  Baghdad Security Plan Fails to Stop Violence
  US Pays Millions for Iraqi Civilians Murdered by GIs
  PM: Only Iraq's Govt Decides on Foreign Policy
  Red Cross Report: Iraq Situation Is 'Ever-Worsening'
  British Troops Kill 20 Shi'ites in Retaliation for Last Week's Killings
  Thursday: 52 Iraqis Killed, 86 Wounded
US General Says Iran Arming Sunnis Too
  Red Cross Confirms Wounds on Iran Diplomat Who Claims CIA Torture
  US Rules Out Freeing Iranians, Rejects Torture Charge
  White House to Congress: Avoid Iran
Turkey Launches 'Large-Scale' Attacks on Kurds
US Citizen Charged With Plotting Terror Attacks
When Will the War Money Really Run Out?  by Winslow T. Wheeler
Rights and Wrongs of Asia's 'War on Terror'  by Michael Vatikiotis
History Will Vindicate
Lt. Ehren Watada
 by Paul Rockwell
Twilight Zone  by Gregory Cochran
Iraqis Finally Unite – Against the US
by Robert Scheer
Creating a Market for Security
by Paul Craig Roberts

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Commander: Marines Used 'Excessive Force' in Killing Afghan Civilians
Iraq: Now the South Erupts
Iraqi Refugees Speak of Escape from Hell
Could a Google Search Have Helped Prevent the War in Iraq?
US Forces to 'Wall Off Baghdad Streets', Imprisoning Inhabitants
Study Shows Bush, Blair Making World Less Safe
Israeli Fighter Jets Nearly Destroy US Civilian Airliner
On Video: Palestinian as Human Shield
Al-Qaeda Claims Algeria Attacks; 24 Killed, 222 Wounded
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Lawmakers Threaten to Quit in Protest
Blast on Baghdad Bridge Kills 6, Cars in River
Waiting Is the Hardest Part for Troops in Limbo in Iraq
A Baghdad Man Can Find No Safe Place to Mourn His Mother
Iraq: Mentally Handicapped Children Used in Attacks
AP Photographer Still Held in Iraq
Wednesday: 2 GIs, 39 Iraqis Iraqis Killed, 17 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Turkey Ponders Northern Iraq 'Measures'
Iran Angry at US Refusal to Free Irbil Five
UK Charity Hopes Miserable Failure in Iraq Won't Put Britons Off Future Wars
Iraqi Prime Minister Tours South Korea
The War at Home
Bush to Dems: Agree With Me
White House Says Troop Surge Is What Americans Wanted
Bush, Democrats Quarrel About Iraq Money Talks
GOP Leaders Worry War Could Cost Them 2008 Elections
Democrats Debate Iraq War Online
Intelligence Community to Reshape Personnel Practices
US Military
8 US Defense Programs Top 15% Increases in Late 2006
Skelton: Army Extensions Will Have a 'Chilling Effect'
Air Force: Bring Back Chemical Weapons
Treating War's 'Silent Injury'
Panel Calls for Closing Walter Reed Sooner
Neglect Blamed for Walter Reed Woes
VA Report Found Walter Reed Problems in 2004
New Army Chief Spent Years as Iraq Commander
'War on Terror'
Amnesty: Egypt International Center for Torture in Terror War
Canada Offers Forum for Lecturer Barred From US
Princeton Prof Who Criticized Bush Added to Terrorist 'No-Fly' List
North Korea
North Korea to Allow IAEA After Funds Returned
North Korea Says Ready to Move on Nuclear Pledge
Key Step Forward on North Korea
To Prod North Korea, US Relents in Counterfeiting Case
How US Turned North Korean Funds Into a Bargaining Chip
US Ups Pressure on North Korea as Deadline Looms
The Money Trail That Linked North Korea to Macao
Japan, China Call for Denuclearisation of Korean Peninsula
North Korea Replaces Prime Minister
Sacked North Korean Premier Fell Foul of Army: Analysts
Japan Sanctions on North Korea Extended Six Months
Allies Meet to Discuss Afghan War, as Taliban Offensive Looms
Analysts Warn Afghanistan Battle Cannot Be Won
Karzai Assailed After Burial of Journalist Killed by Taliban
17 Dead in Afghanistan Airstrike, Explosions
Two Canadian Soldiers Killed in Afghan Blast
Suicide Bombing Injures 7 Civilians in Afghanistan
Australia to Send Special Forces Back to Afghanistan
Prodi Says Italy Tried Its Best to Stop Taliban Executions
Pakistan General Says South Waziristan District Cleared of Foreign Militants
15 More Killed Pakistan Sectarian Violence
Pakistan PM Warns US Against Terror Legislation
Indian Army: Demilitarization in Kashmir Not Possible Now
Indian Chopper Crashes on Kashmir Glacier
Business Thrives Amid Kashmir War
Bangladesh Opposition Chief Charged Over Murders
Gunmen in Bangladesh Kill Prosecutor
21 Killed in Fighting in Northern Sri Lanka
Kazakh Leader Calls for 'Union of the Stans'
Protesters Demand Kyrgyz Leader Resign
Thailand: Villagers Parade Body of Insurgent Victim to Army Chief
Nepal: Maoists, Govt Deposit Arms With UN
Iran May Miss Iraq Meet Due to Detainees: Report
Iran Dismisses Doubts About Nuclear Statement
Iranian Television Shows Hospital Images of Diplomat Who Alleges CIA Torture
UK DM Admits Fault in Sale of Stories
Two Pawns in Propaganda War
Russia Complains About Iran's Air Drill
Israel Says Russia Against a Nuclear-Armed Iran
Israeli Conditions on Syria Talks Could Scuttle Chance for Detente
Syrian-American to Brief Israeli MPs on Secret Talks With Syria
Israeli FM Urges Stopping Arms Deliveries to Syria
Israel-Hamas Exchange
Intifada Leader Not on Prisoner Swap List: Israel
Israel Balks at Hamas Prisoner Demand
Hamas: Prisoner Deal 'Doomed to Fail' According to Israeli Terms
Israeli MP Urges End to Prisoner Exchange Meddling
US Frees $60 Million for Palestinian Spending
Hamas Criticizes US Security Aid for Abbas
Israeli Troops Destroy Nablus Home, Open Fire on Crowds
Palestinian Minister Seeks $1.3 Billion in Aid
Palestinians Press EU for Funds
10 Percent of Palestinian Children Have Lasting Malnutrition Effects
Closed 1967 Senate Protocols Reveal Bids to Pressure Israel
Ex-Mossad Head Blames Netanyahu for Bungled 1997 Assassination Attempt
Lebanon Crisis Could Lead to Two Governments
Hezbollah Accuses US of Secret War, Arming Opponents
Hezbollah Not Ruling Out Another Confrontation With Israel
Political Crisis Hampering Post-War Reconstruction
Lawyers for Hezbollah Prisoners Say They Should Be Considered PoWs
Eight Months After War, Lebanese Wounded and Displaced Continue to Look to Non-Governmental Sources for Aid
Lebanon Tries Suspects in German Bomb Plot
Ukraine Leader Rethinks Poll Move
No Breakthrough Seen in Ukraine Crisis
Russian Minister Says No 'Rogue State' Missile Threat to Europe
US Backs NATO Enlargement
Georgian Separatist Spurned by US
Austria Warning on Order for Eurofighter
Anti-Nuclear Protestors Block Austrian-Czech Border
Northwest Africa
Islamists Bring Fight to Algeria’s Capital
Algerian Group Linked to Training Camps
How North African Nations Are Dealing With Islamist Resurgence
US Hails 'Credible' Moroccan Plan for West Sahara Autonomy
Hundreds Killed in Attacks in Eastern Chad
Sudan Warns Chad Over Clashes
Biden Calls for Military Force in Darfur
US Defends China on Darfur Role
Attacks by Ugandan Rebels in South Sudan Threatens Food Security
Google Satellite Focuses on the Atrocities in Darfur
Clashes Threaten Somali Ceasefire
Opposition Leader Leaves DR Congo
Canadian May Be Among Detainees in Ethiopia, Ambassador Says
Japan and China Agree to Build a 'Beautiful Future'
Japan-China Agreement Highlights
Japan and China Plan Naval Exchanges
Council on Foreign Relations Urges Major US Military Buildup to 'Counter China'
China Poses Risk to Key US Satellites: Top General
China, Amid G7 Confusion, Sends Minister to US Talks
China Looms in Indo-US Working Group’s Talks

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Congress Must End the Iraq War

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Democrats Earn Their Stripes in the War Party

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Forfeiting Nothing

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How to Live With Hunger

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From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

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From China to Cairo

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