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Costs to Prolonging the War: Joseph Galloway
Portents of Failure: Alan Bock
The Final Act of Submission: Scott Ritter
Preventing Opposition to War: Sheldon Richman
Conspiracy, Collusion, War: Gordon Prather

 Behzad Yaghmaian

Will American Bombs Kill My Dream?: Iranian-American laments march to war

 Butler Shaffer

The American People Have Been Taken Over: By the U.S. Government

 Frederick A.O. Schwarz Jr. and Aziz Huq

Unchecked and Unbalanced: Presidential Power in a Time of Terror

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Updated April 14, 2007 - 9:28 PM EDT
Gates: Use Navy, AF Funds for War
  US General: Iraq Attack Shows Long Road Ahead
Iraqi MPs Declare US Security Plan a Failure
  Bloody Saturday: 168 Iraqis Killed, 180 Injured, 26 Kidnapped
  Iraq Reacts Sharply to Turkish Incursion Threat
  Iraqi Leaders Say Bombing Will Unite Them
  Surge 'Progress': Civilian Deaths Down in Baghdad, Up Everywhere Else
General Sees Iran's Hand in Iraq Fight
  US Keeps Iranian Agents Seized in Iraq
  US: Conflict With Iran 'Not Desirable', 'Not Inevitable'
White House Seeks Boost to Spy Powers
  Bush to Veto Bill Requiring Him to Tell Congress of Secret CIA Prisons
Preventing Opposition to War
by Sheldon Richman
Politics Should Stop at the Soldier's Pen  by Jeremy Lott
Weekly Standard: Bush Should Have 'Near Dictatorial Power'  by Glenn Greenwald
The Final Act of Submission  by Scott Ritter
Conspiracy, Collusion, War
by Gordon Prather
Night Bus From Baghdad  by Pepe Escobar

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Neocon Wolfowitz: From Iraq Debacle to World Bank Scandal
Wolfowitz Fight Has Subplot
Lawyer: Rove Didn‘t Mean to Delete Emails
Gates: Troop Drawdown a 'Real Possibility' by Winter
Iraqis Hope Attack on Parliament Will Spur Politicians to Act
South Korea Draws Up Iraq Pullout Plan
Report Alleges Excessive Force by Marines in Afghanistan
Bombings, Gunbattles on Rise in Afghanistan
Iraq Combat, With Limits, Looms for Troubled Hybrid Aircraft
Today in Iraq
Symbolic Strike at Iraqi Sanctum
Al-Qaeda-Led Group Claims Green Zone Bombing
US: Al-Qaeda in Iraq 'Probably' Tied to Bombing
Police Cut Violence in Ramadi
Three Held Over Baghdad Blast
Iraqi Dustmen Collect Wages of Fear
Friday: 3 GIs, 28 Iraqis Killed, 55 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Neighbors Bear Brunt of Refugee Influx
EU Urges Peaceful Solution to Turkey-Iraq Problems
Better US-Iran Ties Would Help Iraq: Iraqi Spokesman
The War at Home
Hagel to Travel to Iraq Despite Bombing
Gonzales Aide Floated Replacements Early On
Two 'High-Value' Guantanamo Detainees Deny Terrorism
Libby Won't Seek New Trial, but Still Will Appeal Conviction
US Military
West Point Grads Exit Service at High Rate
A Combat Mission Two Decades in the Making
Kremlin Foe Calls for Coup
Russia Probes Berezovsky 'Plot'
Russia Urges UK to Extradite Tycoon for Coup Talk
Russia Accuses US of Meddling, Aiding Radicals
Thousands to Defy Police Threats to Join Anti-Putin Demonstrations
Russia Girds for Anti-Government Marches
1950: Massacre in Korea
Shedding Light on Korean War's Secrets
South Koreans: Many Killed After Letter
Letter Reveals US Intent at No Gun Ri
'Forgotten War' Yields Another Secret
North Korea
North Korean Nuclear Deadline Looms
North Korea to Act on Nukes if Bank Row Settled
NATO Soldier Killed in Afghanistan, Bringing Week's Toll to 12
Up to 60 Taliban Killed in Southern Afghanistan Battles
NATO Meets to Firm Afghanistan Strategy
US Resists NATO Call for Extra Force Trainers in Afghanistan
UN Envoy Calls for Dialogue With Taliban in Afghanistan
Troops Rescue Five Contractors in Afghanistan After Copter Downed
Modern Tanks Will Not Halt the Taliban
Canada to Buy 100 More Tanks for Afghanistan
Germans Deny Spring Taliban Offensive
Pakistan Says 300 Extremists Have Been Slain
Protesters in Pakistan Rally for Judge
Two Troops Killed in Pakistan Mine Blast
Indian Missile Test
Indonesia Asks India Why It Tested Missile in the Flightpath of a Commercial Flight
India Dismisses Charges of 'Reckless' Missile Test
Sri Lanka
Rebels Blame Sri Lanka for Civilian Massacres
Tigers Vow Revenge in Sri Lanka's East
Japan Looks to Amend Constitution to Permit Wars
A Rebel-Turned-Governor Takes the Wheel in Aceh
Nepal Elections Likely to Be Postponed
Blix Doubts US Will Attack Iran
Missing American Feared a Victim of 'Dirty War'
Iranians 'Hold Former FBI Agent,' Claims Associate
Fugitive Says He Met Missing Ex-FBI Agent
Captive’s Iran Diary Banned by British DM
Browne Accused of Making Misleading Statement Over Sale of Sailors' Stories
British Troops Take Aim at Sailors' Payouts
Olmert and Abbas Plan Sunday Discussion
Olmert Mulling Arab League Talks on Saudi Peace Plan
US: Israel, PA Could Begin Talks on Final Status Issues by Summer
Israeli Commander Who Used Palestinians as Human Shields Suspended
17 Hurt in Demos Against Israel's West Bank Barrier
Hebron Settlers Use Money From US to Try to Buy More Homes
Europe to Give $5 Million in Aid to Palestinian Presidency
Israeli Speaker to Meet With Jordanian King
Cheney Accused of Authorizing Covert Action Against Hezbollah
Rival Druze Gunmen Clash in Lebanon
Lebanon Marks Civil War Anniversary
Specter of Civil War Still Haunts Lebanon
Egypt Arrests 10 Muslim Brotherhood Members
Egypt Rejects Torture Criticism
Middle East
President Says Turkey's Secular System Under 'Unprecedented Threat'
Syrian Arrested After Crossing Border Into Golan Heights
West Wary of Further Attacks in Algeria
US Embassy Warns of Possible Algiers Attacks
AU Chair Condemns Algeria Bombings
Moroccan King Calls for Joint North African Action Against Terrorism
Remorse, Resentment Fester in Bombers' Casablanca Homes
Horn of Africa
Ethiopian, Somali Troops Battle Insurgents
Swedish Agents Saw Suspects in Ethiopia
Neighbors Accuse Eritrea Over Terror
New Jersey Man Appears Before Tribunal in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Denies Violation in North Korea Shipment
Cleric Killed in Nigeria Mosque
Election Breeds Fear in Nigeria’s Muslim North
Negroponte Pushes for UN Force in Sudan
Senegal Government Threatens Darfur Troop Pullout
Uganda Govt, Rebels Meet Over Talks in Bush Clearing
Amnesty for Ivory Coast Conflict
Central African Rebels Want Peace
Rights Groups in Zimbabwe Tally Attacks on Opposition
Chavez: Troops to Escort Oil Takeovers
Chavez to Military: Support Socialism or Leave

Venezuelan Military Agents Raid Home of Friend of Anti-Castro Militant Posada


Justin Raimondo
McCain, the Militarist

Alan Bock
Portents of Failure

Doug Bandow
Savage Peace: Wilson's Failure

Charles Peña
Yankee, Go Home

Ivan Eland
A US-Made Mess in Somalia

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the Iraq War Costing You?

Philip Giraldi
Democrats Earn Their Stripes in the War Party

Nebojsa Malic
Forfeiting Nothing

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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