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Silver Lining to Disaster?: Ivan Eland
Wolfie's Piggy Bank: Patrick Buchanan
Cheney Right About the Dems?: Ray McGovern
Blood on Our Hands: Uri Avnery
Small Iraqi Province in Big Trouble: Dahr Jamail

 Juan Cole

Iraqi Shia Fed Up: Sadr group leaves govt again; half-million take to streets

 Glenn Greenwald

Neocons Bring the War Home: They’ve never cared for liberty or limited powers

 Behzad Yaghmaian

Will American Bombs Kill My Dream?: Iranian-American laments march to war

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Updated April 17, 2007 - 9:19 PM EDT
US Troop Deaths Climbing in Iraq
  Sadr Raises Pressure on US to Withdraw
  70 Percent of Iraqi Children Show Signs of Trauma

Tuesday: 104 Iraqis, 3 GIs; 51 Iraqis Wounded

Gonzales Hearing Postponed


Conservatives to Bush: Fire Gonzales


Gonzales Contradicts His Own Testimony

Is Cheney Right About the Democrats?  by Ray McGovern
An Army Popping at the Seams
by David Isenberg
Darfur Needs Peace, Not Peacekeepers  by Robert Ménard and Stephen Smith
Wolfie's Piggy Bank  by Patrick Buchanan
Wolfowitz Should Be Shown the Door  by Doug Bandow
Blood on Our Hands  by Uri Avnery

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Small Iraqi Province in Big Trouble

Sadr Ministers Quit Iraqi Govt Over US Troops

Cheney, Reid Trade Barbs Over Iraq Money

Bush Allies in Congress Block Bill That Would Require Intelligence Disclosures

US Attorney Furor: No End in Sight

Soros Adds Voice to Debate Over Israel Lobby

Secret Briefing by Zinni Seen as Key in AIPAC Duo Trial

Civilians Are the Main Victims of
Afghan Attacks
Today in Iraq

Iraqi Govt Denies Gays Are Targets

A Chaotic Day on Baghdad's Airport Road

Iraq Returns to Its Persian Heritage

More Iraqis Go North, Fleeing Violence

Iraq Attacks Continue

13 Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Ambush

US Soldiers Mistakenly Shoot Dead Three Iraqi Police

Monday: 6 GIs, 69 Iraqis Killed; 39 Iraqis Wounded
Refugee Crisis

Iraqis Lead List of Innocents Displaced by War in 2006

Saddam Lawyer: US Shuttled Me Out of Iraq After Trial

Iraq Refugees in 'No Man's Land'

Iraqi Refugee Stories

Iraq Occupation

The Move From Hell: Getting 9 Million Tons of Gear Back From Iraq

Iraqi Interpreters Make Plea for Asylum to Blair

Lack of US Help Over Fatal Helicopter Crash in Iraq 'Inexcusable,' Says Coroner

'War on Terror'

US Watch Lists Sow Frustration and Fear

Father: Pakistani-American Gitmo Inmate Was Tortured

Britain Stops Using 'War on Terror' Phrase

British Universities Warned They're Being Used for Extremist Recruiting

French Told CIA of al-Qaeda Hijack Plot Before 9/11

New York Man Jailed for Conspiring to Fund Chechen, Afghan Militants

Detainee Denies Membership in al-Qaeda

Jose Padilla

Experts: Even if Acquitted, Padilla Could Go to Prison

No Mention of 'Dirty Bomb' in Padilla Case

Jury Selection Begins for Jose Padilla

The War at Home

Bush Leans on Democrats With Talk of Troops Suffering

Tenet's Tell-All Is a Slam Dunk to Provoke Invasion's Architects

Pentagon Key to Intelligence Director's Success

Guards Go on Strike at US Nuclear Weapons Plant

Proposal: Pentagon Robots Will Have to Ask Before Killing People

Now on YouTube: The Latest News From al-Jazeera, in English

Slain US Journalist Pearl Honored as 'Holocaust Victim'

Korean-American Sentenced for Spying


2006 Bloodiest Year Since Taliban's Fall, Rights Group Says

Afghan Foreign Minister Bars Deals to Free Hostages


Pakistan Abuzz With Talk of Bhutto-Musharraf Deal

Bhutto: I Want a Deal With Musharraf, but One Is 'Not Imminent'

Thousands Rally in Pakistani City to Denounce Islamist School

Pakistani Tribe Urges Islamabad to Retake Control


Maoists Demand Nepal Republic


Ecuador's Correa Consolidates Power

More Than 15,000 Colombians Displaced This Year


Iran Tops Agenda as Gates Starts Mideast Tour

US Presses Iran Over Missing Ex-FBI Agent

Iran to Free Swedes Accused of Spying

Iran 'Won't Sell US Embassy' for Detainee's Compensation

Chávez Backs Iran in Nuclear Dispute


Lebanon Says to Seek War Reparations From Israel

Hezbollah Says Will Disarm if Mandated by Lebanese Vote


Syria Reiterates Desire for Peace Talks With Israel

Syrian Minister Warns Israel to Return Golan or Face Resistance


Israeli Restrictions Harm Palestinian Industry, World Bank Says

Palestinians Claim Swiss, Chinese Recognition of Unity Govt

Palestinian State Outlined in Talks

British Journalists Call for Boycott of Israeli Goods

BBC Man's 'Killing' Not Verified

BBC's Man in Gaza May Have Been Sold to Islamic Militants

Palestinians Demand Prisoner Release


Report: South Korea May Halt Aid to North

North Korea-'Friendly' Bank Fights US Decision to Cut It Off

US: 'Nuclear Ball' in Pyongyang's Court

US Okayed Ethiopia-NK Arms Deal


Russia Cracks Down - Hard - on Protesters

Russia's Kasparov Investigated for 'Extremism' Radio Station Says

EU Worry Over Russia 'Crackdown'

Putin Protests Spread to St. Petersburg

Exiled Russian Tycoon Flip-Flops on Plan for Coup D'Etat

US Criticizes Russia on Human Rights


Sudan Approves UN Troops and Attack Helicopters for Darfur

Somaliland and Puntland Troops Face Off Over Village

Democracy, Nigerian-Style

Reports of Torture in Ethiopia Are Widespread

Ivory Coast to Scrap Buffer Zone

Tide of Zimbabwean Refugees Swells

A Crusading Publisher Pushes Niger's Limits


Report: Six Kurdish Rebels Killed in Turkey

Kurdish Rebel Commander Warns Turkey His Group Might Abandon Cease-Fire


Bombers Seek 'Second Iraq' in Algeria


Buddhist Killed in Thai Muslim South


Macedonian Minister on Trial at Hague

Ukraine's Latest Revolt Hews 'Blue'


Justin Raimondo
Democratic Illusions

Ivan Eland
Will Current Disasters Curtail Future Interventions?

Alan Bock
Portents of Failure

Doug Bandow
Savage Peace: Wilson's Failure

Charles Peńa
Yankee, Go Home

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the Iraq War Costing You?

Philip Giraldi
Democrats Earn Their Stripes in the War Party

Nebojsa Malic
Forfeiting Nothing

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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