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Crime and Non-Punishment: Justin Raimondo
Lucky, but for How Much Longer?: Charles Peña
We Are the War Party: W. James Antle III
Martha Stewart vs. Scooter Libby: Jacob Hornberger
Scooter's Can of Worms: Patrick Foy

 Joe Wilson

Bush/Cheney Co-conspirator Libby Walks

 Robert Dreyfuss

US Backs Iran in Iraq, Blames Them for Everything

 Norman Solomon, Loretta Alper

War Made Easy: Just Lie to Everyone

 Dahr Jamail

Unembedded Reporter Covers Iraq

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Updated July 4, 2007 - 10:54 PM EDT
Iraq Contractors Now Outnumber Troops

In US Wars, Contractor Deaths Top 1,000

  DoD Wants Smaller, Long-Term Iraq Presence
  US Air Strike Kills 10 Iraqi Civilians

Regional Kurdish Govt Says It's Not Seen Iraq Oil Law


Wednesday: 2 GIs, 120 Iraqis Killed; 71 Iraqis Wounded

Hamas Secures BBC Gaza Reporter's Release

Brits: Al-Qaeda in Iraq Linked to UK Bomb Plot


Al-Qaeda in Iraq Warned of Doctor Bomb Plot


Brown's Calm Reaction to Terrorist Threat Reassures Many

Islamabad Mosque Clash Kills 11


Hundreds of Pakistani Militants Surrender

  Pakistan’s Battles Against Islamic Militants Reach the Capital

Six Canadian Soldiers Killed in S. Afghanistan

We Are the War Party  by W. James Antle III
Consider the Source: NYT Reporter Targets Iran  by Greg Mitchell
A Declaration of Independence From Israel  by Chris Hedges
Scooter's Can of Worms  by Patrick Foy
Putting Terrorism in Perspective
by Gwynne Dyer
The Farce of 'Executive Privilege'
by Eric Weiner

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White House Won't Rule Out Full Libby Pardon

Death Penalty Sought in Iraqi Rape, Slayings

Britain's Brown to Give Parliament More Power Over War

Brown Calmly Prevails in First Days as PM

Rights Group: Iraqi Kurds Torture Detainees

UN Considers Rubber-Bullet Ban After Kosovo Deaths

Al-Jazeera English Channel Lures US Subscribers

Pakistan in Crisis Over Mosque Attack
Today in Iraq

Two Marines Die in Accident in Iraq's Anbar Province

Tuesday: 2 GIs, 76 Iraqis Killed; 77 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation

US Helicopter Shot Down in Iraq, Pilots Escape

US Military Probing New Allegations of Iraq War Crimes

Pilots Shot Down in Iraq Tell of Dramatic Escape

Soldier Claims Innocence in Iraqi Deaths

Iraq Fallout

Gulf States Urged to Stem Fallout From Iraq

US Military Warns Turkey That Attacking Iraq Would Be 'Unhelpful'

The War at Home

'Imploding' Presidency in No Mood for Celebration on Independence Day

Hush-Hush: Rove's Security Clearance Renewal

Senate Bill Would Limit Presidential Signing Statements

Screening for Brain Injury Is Set for Illinois Veterans

Scooter Libby

Bush Axed Libby Jail Time Without Consulting Justice, Fitzgerald

As Bush Spares Libby, What Is the History of Presidential Pardons?

Libby Move Helps Seal Bush's Iraq Legacy

Cheney May Have Been Consulted in Scooter Libby Deliberations, White House Admits

Poll: Only 20 Percent of Americans Want Pardon for Libby

'War on Terror'

Padilla Lawyer Seeks Mistrial for Co-Counsel's Actions

Young Saudis Avoid Travel for Fear of Being Mistaken for Terrorists

Yemen 'Aware' of al-Qaeda Plot Before Suicide Bombing


33 Taliban Killed in Afghanistan

Suicide Bomber Hits US-Led Convoy in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Civilians Complain About Impact of Fighting on Their Lives

$360 Million Pledged for Afghanistan

Afghan Clerics Seek Sharia Law

NATO Chief Insists All Civilians Ever Killed by NATO Were 'Accidents'

German Court Rejects Bid to Halt Jet Deployment to Afghanistan

Afghanistan's Media Mavericks

Pakistanis in UK Worried Over Latest Violence

Musharraf Suffers Setback in Effort to Remove Pakistan's Chief Justice

Bhutto Eyes Possible Return to Pakistan

South Asia

Seven Killed in Clashes in Northern Sri Lanka

Bangladesh Army Grills More Politicians


More Japan War Sex-Slave Claims Revealed

Japanese DM Resigns Over Atomic Bomb Remarks


US Jails Female Colombian Rebel

Source: Colombia Foils Attack on US Advisers

Colombia Rebel Hostages Appeal for Accord

Terror in the UK

British Terror Probe Focuses on Doctors

Terrorists Score Some Success Even in Failures

UK Muslim Leader Appeals to 'Islamic Duty' of Followers to Prevent Attacks

Bomb Suspects Were on the Files of MI5

US 'Had Warning of Glasgow Attack'

Car-Bomb Plotter Active Behind Bars

UK Officials Caution Media Reports Tying Car Bomb Attacks to Qaeda

Two More Arrested on UK Terror Suspicion

Indian Doctor Detained in Australia Is Not a Political Zealot, Family Says

EU Proposes Anti-Terror Measures


Iran Starts TV Channel for Western Audience

Critical Reform Paper Closed by Iran

Jail, Flogging for Iranian Women's Rights Activist

Venezuela to Sell Gasoline to Iran


Soldiers on Move Inside Lebanon Siege Camp

Report: Lebanese, UN Forces Foil Attack Plot Against German Ship

Lebanon Bending Under Extremist Challenge

Two Australian Citizens Free After Terrorism Arrest in Lebanon


Syria Says Ready for Unconditional Talks With Israel

Syrian Media: Israeli Attack on Syria Is Expected This Summer

Syria Presses Israel Over Ailing Prisoner

Syria Describes US Travel Ban as Absurd


Concerns Loom Large Beneath Gaza Calm

Gazans Pull Kids Out of Hamas Weapons-Training Camp


Israeli Military Official: Hamas Tones Down Terror Activities, Focuses Mortars on Military Targets

Israel, PA Officials Confirm Renewed Security Talks

Israeli Military Kills 16-Year-Old Palestinian Carrying Toy Rifle in Hebron

Interim Israeli President Invites Hezbollah to Negotiate Over Soldiers

Olmert Rises From the Rubble

Middle East

Algerians Count Cost of Burying the Past

Egypt Arrests 20 Darfuris Trying to Enter Israel


Nigeria: Price of Machetes Drops After Elections

Nigeria Militants 'to End Truce'


East Sudan Former Rebels Fully Deploy Under Deal

Sudan Ambassador Often Shunned


Liberia Hopes to Host US Africom

Uganda MPs Force Refugees to Sign Documents About Atrocities

Zimbabwe Price Controls Cause Chaos

Russia and Her Neighbors

US, Russia Pursue Nuclear Weapons Cuts

Putin Expands Missile-Defense Offer, but Division Remains

Belarus Blasts US Shield, Vows to Work With Russia

Estonia Reburies Red Army Soldiers


Justin Raimondo
Crime and Non-Punishment

Charles Peña
Lucky, but for How Much Longer?

Ivan Eland
US Role in Islamist Terrorism

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th,
Part Two

Alan Bock
London: The Iraq Connection

Doug Bandow
Presidential Hawks,
Left and Right

Philip Giraldi
Neoconned Again?

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

Nebojsa Malic
Imperial Poker

Praful Bidwai
India: Impasse Over Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Rights

Sascha Matuszak
Pride and Prejudice in Chengdu

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