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Home Front 'Surge': Justin Raimondo
Giuliani: Confused, Ignorant, or Deceitful?: Bandow
More War on the Horizon: Paul Craig Roberts
Pitching the Imperial Republic: Cole/Engelhardt
George Bush Meets Graham Greene: Greg Mitchell

 Corbett Edge O’Meara

Government Persecutes Detroit 4 Defense Witness

 Roland Haas

I Was a CIA Assassin

 Warren Richey

Padilla Not Proven Guilty, Convicted Anyway

 Jorge Hirsch

First Strike Nukes On ‘Table’

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Updated August 24, 2007 - 9:37 PM EDT
Gen. Pace 'Won't Urge Troop Cut'
  Iraq: Still No Light at Tunnel's End
  Iraq Report Arrives Just in Time to Keep Surge Going
  Sen. Warner: Bush Should Bring Troops Home
  Allawi Hires Lobbyist Group for US Campaign Against Maliki
British Troops Argue Iraq Is 'Unwinnable'
  30 Killed as Militants Hit 'Renegade' Sunni Villages
  Military Fears Tet-Style Offensive in Iraq in Coming Weeks
  Friday: 1 GI, 45 Iraqis Killed; 36 Iraqis Wounded
An Intensifying US Campaign Against Iran
  Iranian Dissident Warns of US Actions Against Iran
  Draft Report Paints Picture of Iran as Emerging Enemy of US
  Iranians Attack Kurdish Rebels in Iraq
US Bomb Kills 3 British Soldiers in Afghanistan
US Approved Troop Terror Hunts in Pakistan
  Pakistan: 310 Killed in Militant Fight in Past Month
Air Force Doc Outlines Military Assistance to Insurgencies
Pitching the Imperial Republic
by Juan Cole and Tom Engelhardt
More War on the Horizon
by Paul Craig Roberts
US Steps Closer to War With Iran
by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
An Inconvenient Truth  by Andrew Cockburn
Casual Talk of War  by Sheldon Richman
'Sunk Costs' and the War  by Bruce Wydick

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NIE: Prospects for Iraq’s Stability (pdf)
So, Is Real Debate Over Israel Possible on the Hill?
Army Secretary Wants Deployments Limited to 15 Months
Republicans Squeezed From Both Sides on Iraq
US General Warns of Bloody Ramadan Attacks in Iraq
More Iraqis Said to Flee Since Troop Rise
Bush Seems Likely to Prevail With Congress on Iraq
Bin Laden Wanted US to Invade Iraq, Author Says
Sadr's Army Proves Hard to Beat
Today in Iraq
Electricity, Not Security, Is Iraqis’ Top Priority
Iraqi Kurdish Official Quoted as Saying Iran Launched Full-Scale War
Iraqi MP Expects Thousands of Detainees to Be Freed Soon
Number of Internal Refugees Soars in Iraq
Self-Immolation: The Dark Secret of Iraqi Kurdish Women
Iraq Occupation
British Troops on Verge of Pullout From Basra
US Falters in Bid to Boost Iraqi Business
Iraq Chopper Crash Came After Rescue Mission
Defense Witnesses Say Abu Ghraib Officer Wasn't the One in Charge
Inquiry Urges End to Charges Against Marine in Haditha Case
Attacks Continue
Car Bombs Kill Four Iraqi Soldiers, Wound 11 US Soldiers at Outpost
Women, Children Taken in Iraq Qaeda Battle
Iraqi Sheikh 'Killed by al-Qaeda'
Professor Murdered in Najaf
Thursday: 2 GIs, 72 Iraqis Killed; 59 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
War Analogy Strikes Nerve in Vietnam
Arab Media Condemn Bush Flip-Flop on Iraq Prime Minister
Iraqi Refugees Struggle in Syria
Major Evangelical Group Sets Sights on Iraq
The War at Home
Pro-War Group Targets GOP Lawmakers in $15 Million Campaign
Antiwar Voters Vent Frustrations at Congress
Excerpts From Intel Report on Iraq
Bush Prepares Way for Key Iraq Assessment
Giuliani Threatens Iran During Brooklyn Address
'War on Terror'
Padilla Sues US Officials Over Confinement
US Apologizes for Illegally Imprisoning Refugee
US Eavesdrops on 'Thousands' of Foreign Calls
McConnell: Fewer Than 100 Secret US Wiretaps
Role of Telecom Firms in Wiretaps Is Confirmed
Questions Continue Over DHS Nuclear Detection Machine Buy
In New York, a Word Starts a Fire
Russia Talks Tough on Missile Defense
Russia Unveils Pilotless 'Stealth' Bomber
3 Attacks in Tense Caucasus Kill 2 Policemen and Soldier
Abkhazia Claims Georgia Overflights
NATO to Share Georgian Radar System
EU Muslims: Seeking Jihad or Democracy?
War Casts Large Shadow on Sarajevo Film Screens
Brown Faces Labor Revolt Over EU Referendum
Sudan Expels Western Diplomats
Darfur Rebels Threaten to Pull Out of Peace Talks
UN Troops Caught Up in Congo Unrest
Ethiopia Envoy: Inappropriate for US to Threaten Aid Over Human Rights During Terror War
Mogadishu Rocked by Grenade Blasts Overnight
US Predicts Further Nuclear Development in Iran
Iran Says No Plans for Higher Level Talks With US
Iran Threatens German Banks Over Pullout
Iran Praises Pakistan Efforts for Release of Hostages
Lawyer: Scholar Still Faces Iran Charges
Gazans Say Security Has Improved Since Hamas Takeover
Palestinians Prefer Pro-West Cabinet to Hamas: Poll
'Abbas Definitely Won't Seek Reelection'
When the Lights Went Out in Gaza
Israeli, Hamas Forces Clash in Gaza Strip
Palestinian Killed in Israeli Attack on Gaza: Hamas
Hamas Leader Condemns Islamist Charity Blacklist
Britain Bans Gaza Football Team
Israel to Buy Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missiles
Peres Reassures Turkey Over Ties
Israeli Military, Police to Share Database to Catch Deserters
Lebanon Army Awaits News From Militants on Evacuation
Lebanon Camp Ceasefire Bid Stalls
Lebanon Holds Two for Attack on UN
Hezbollah Exhibits 'Victory' Over Israel
Cluster Bomb Kills Mine Clearing Expert in Southern Lebanon
26 Killed in Violence Across Afghanistan
Bombers Target Afghan Police Chief
Radio-Canada Reporter Says Afghan Attack Scene Hard to Imagine
'Superbombs' Spreading in Afghanistan
German Hostage Appeals for Help
Report: British Soldiers in Afghanistan Deploy New Thermobaric 'Super-Weapon'
Pakistan’s Exiled Former PM Sharif Cleared to Return
Exiled Leader Can Return to Haunt Musharraf
Freeings Erode Musharraf Authority
Details of Sharif's Political Career
Musharraf to Step Down as Army Chief 'Shortly After' Election
Pakistan, Zimbabwe Sign Defense Agreement
US Commander Says Asian War Games Not Aimed at China
China Tightens Grip on Tibetan Buddhism
Myanmar Protesters March Despite Arrests
Myanmar Junta in Military Build-Up After Fuel Protests
India Tiff Over Nuclear Pact Heats Up
US Wants Talks on Human Rights in North Korea
Bangladesh Eases Curfew After Violence Subsides
US Warns Region to Be 'Wary' of Venezuela

Justin Raimondo
Home Front 'Surge'

Doug Bandow
Rudy Giuliani: Confused, Ignorant, or Deceitful?

Nebojsa Malic
Truths and Misconceptions

Charles Peña
More Troop Reduction Legerdemain

Sascha Matuszak
A Counterweight,
or a Bloc of Foes?

Alan Bock
Padilla Case a Source of Deep Shame for America

Ivan Eland
The State Perpetuates Itself
by Failing

Philip Giraldi
Neolibs and Neocons,
United and Interchangeable

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal: Breakthrough or Bad Bargain?

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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