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It's Not Only the Israel Lobby: Jon Basil Utley
Why Did We Invade Iraq?: Schwartz/Engelhardt
The Thunder of Turkish War Drums: Eric Margolis
GOP Senator Wants Iran Talks: Jim Lobe
America's Anti-Militarist Tradition: Sheldon Richman

 Gareth Porter

Neocons Live in Fantasy World

 Luke Ryland

Let Sibel Edmonds Speak!

 Greg Barker

Showdown With Iran

 Candace Gorman

Injustice Reigns at Guantanamo Bay Prison

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Updated November 1, 2007 - 11:14 PM EDT
Bogus Intel Source 'Curve Ball' Revealed
Iraq Fears Border Crises Overtaking Agenda
  Turkey Expects US to Destroy Kurdish Bases in Iraq
  US Attack Helicopter Opens Fire South of Baghdad
  Iraqi City in the Grip of Militias
  Thursday: 3 GIs, 58 Iraqis Killed; 45 Iraqis Wounded
GOP Sen. Hagel Calls for Unconditional Iran Talks
  Khamenei: Charges Iran Killing US Troops 'Sheer Lie'
  ElBaradei Says Picture of Syrian 'Tall Square Building' Not Conclusive
  Israeli Military: We Can Destroy Iran's Nuclear Program
Pakistan Truce Collapses, Copters Hit Islamists
  Suicide Blast Hits Military Bus in Pakistan, 8 Killed, 40 Injured
  Poll: Few Pakistanis Support Fighting Militants
  Afghans and NATO Kill 50 Taliban and Surround 200
  Afghan Taliban Commander Denies Iran Links
CIA Chief Backs Rendition Flights
  Bush: Questions to Mukasey on Torture 'Unfair'
  London Police Found Guilty Over Menezes Case
  Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Attack Fort Dix
Why Did We Invade Iraq Anyway?
by Michael Schwartz and Tom Engelhardt
The Power of Inspection and the Claim of Impeachment  by David Bromwich
The Thunder of Turkish War Drums
by Eric Margolis
It's Not Only the Israel Lobby
by Jon Basil Utley
The Wiretap This Time  by Studs Terkel
From Generation to Generation  by Jim Lobe

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Longtime Bush Adviser Leaving State Dept
Envoys Resist Forced Iraq Duty
US: Blackwater Immunity Won't Halt Probe
Iraqi Witnesses Discuss Blackwater Shooting
October 2007: Civilian Casualties Drop, Iraqi Forces' Fatalities Rise
Japan to Order Navy Ships Home From Afghan Mission
Coalition Presses Japan to Stay in Terror War
Sri Lanka Orders Censorship
on War Reporting
Today in Iraq
Iraq PM Reiterates Readiness to Take Over Security in Basra
Iraq Dismisses Report of Possible 'Catastrophic Collapse' of Huge Dam
Prison Camp in Iraq Once Listed to Close Now Sees Major Upgrades
Number of Displaced Iraqis Is Soaring
Iraq Oil Production Down, Capacity Up
Iraq Occupation
More Curbs on Private Iraq Guards
Dyncorp Welcomes New US Oversight in Iraq
Deadly Delay for Iraq Anti-Bomb Kit
Attacks Continue
Violence Made Life Worse for Iraq's Christians, Chaldean Patriarch Says
Iraqi Civilian Killed in Car Bomb Attack in Central Baghdad
US Group: Al-Qaeda-Linked Front in Iraq Claims Baqouba Bicycle Suicide Bombing
Wednesday: 40 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
New Poland PM Names Iraq Exit Date
Saudi Arabia to Build 560 Mile Razor Wire Fence on Iraq Border
US-Syrian Talks Focus on Iraqi Refugees
Turkey Crisis Could Threaten Meeting on Iraq
The War at Home
Nominee’s Stand Avoiding Tangle of Torture Cases
Blackwater Mounts a Defense With Top Talent From Capital
McCain: Peace in Israel Rests on Iraq Victory
From the Desk of Donald Rumsfeld . . .
Kansas Church Ordered to Pay $10.9 Million in Marine Funeral Protest
US Falls Short of Iraqi Refugees Goal
US Military
$1 Million Fine for Bribe of Cunningham
Home From War in Iraq and Afghanistan, Veterans at Risk of Suicide
Number of Uninsured Vets Nears 2 Million
Panel Faults Army’s Wartime Contracting
Marine Shooting Tribunal Delayed
US Halves Troop Numbers for Bright Star War Games in Egypt

'War on Terror'

Mixed Verdicts Issued in Madrid Terror Trial
Italian Judge Suspends CIA Trial
Appeals Court Hears Enemy Combatant Case
Gang Member Is Convicted Under Terror Law
Key Senators Raise Doubts on Eavesdropping Immunity
Ex-Prosecutor, Security Officer Cleared in Terrorism Case
US Advisor: Waterboarding Is Torture - I Did It Myself
US Writer Fights Libel on al-Qaeda Claims
UK Terror Curfews 'Should Not Exceed 12 Hours'
UK Law Lords Rule That Terror Suspects' Curfews Are 'Virtual Imprisonment'
After 20 Years, US Finally Drops Attempt to Expel Palestinians
Small Boats Seen as a Terror Threat
Canadian's Lawyer Says Barred From Guantanamo Trial
Past Battles of Britain
UK 'Ignored Saudi Terror Warning' on 2005 London Attacks
Ex-MI6 Chief: No Iraq, 9/11 Link
Papers Show Churchill Disputes on H-Bomb
Lost Cable Sheds Light on UK Efforts on Vietnam
Warning of Somali Catastrophe
Latest Figures Show 90,000 Flee Fighting in Mogadishu
Mogadishu Violence Frustrating Aid Response
US Military Raises Profile Against Piracy Off Somalia
Gunmen Killed as Koreans Repel Attack Off Somalia
UN-AU Force for Sudan to Be Ready by Next Year
UN Accuses Sudan of Forcing Darfur Refugees to Leave
Sudan Demands UK Apology
DR Congo
Congo Army Battles Rebels, Now Put at 3,000 Men
Congo Refugees Tell of Atrocities
Nigeria Navy in Deadly Oil Clash
Former Uganda Rebel Commander Says Rift Developing in Group
Helicopters Blast PKK Positions in Southeast Turkey
US Giving Turkey PKK Intelligence
Blitz of Sanctions on Kurds
Iraq Says It Blocks Supplies to Kurds
Turkey: Iraqi Kurds Harboring Terrorists
For Kurds in Northern Iraq, a Familiar Foreboding
Iraqi FM: Efforts to Release Turkish Soldiers in Advanced Stage
US and Iraq Pledge More Help in Turkish Fight Against Kurdish Rebels
Why Turks No Longer Love the US
Iraq Urges Iran to Help Defuse Crisis With Turkey
Turkey Considering Economic Sanctions Against Iraq Over PKK Attacks
Iran Warns US of 'Quagmire' as Russia Urges Diplomacy
US Presses Europe for Sanctions on Iran
Iran Open to Talks With US on Iraq
Iran Guards Warn US Against Attack
Azerbaijan Editor Jailed Over Article on Attacking Iran
Israel Steps Up Threats to Invade Gaza Strip
Israeli Military Thwarts Suicide Attack in Hebron
Foreign Force Mooted as Way to Palestinian Deal
Israel Ban on 'Enemy Visits' Clears First Hurdle
Israeli Arab MPs Slam Ban on Visiting 'Enemy States'
Palestinians Demand Deadline for State
Palestinian Officers' School Opened
Israel Mulls Citizenship Changes
College Students Trapped in Gaza
Israel Seeks to Buy $1.3 Billion of US Missiles
Archbishop of Canterbury: West Bank Barrier Driving Christians Out of Holy Land
Middle East
Saudi Arabia’s King Hits a Few Bumps in His Visit to Britain
Middle East Racing to Nuclear Power
UN Told Hezbollah Arsenal Has Tripled
Syria Denies It's Plotting Killings

Egypt: an Unanswered Question: Who Follows Mubarak?

Villagers Flee as Violence Continues in Southern Afghanistan
Taliban Leader Vows Winter War Spreading to North
Polish Soldier Injured in Afghanistan
20 Die in Renewed Pakistan Fighting
Bhutto Cancels Trip, Fears Emergency
Pakistan Militants Firm on Sharia
Pakistan Court to Examine Bhutto Blast
Two Killed in Clashes in Waziristan Region
Report: US Controls Over Equipment Impede Pakistan in al-Qaeda Fight
India Tribal Separatists Killed
India Communists Wary of Election
Kashmir Insurgents Ban Use of Land Mines
North Korea
US Lashes Out at North Korea's 'Horrendous' Human Rights Record
North Korea Building Its Global Contacts
Buddhist Monks March Again in Myanmar
Group: Myanmar Targets Kids for Military
16 Rebels Among 22 Killed in Clashes in Sri Lanka
Indian Envoy Mediates Between Nepal PM and Maoists
Activist Group: Chinese Troops Shot at Fleeing Tibetan Refugees
UN Votes Against US Embargo on Cuba for 16th Year
Chavez Loses Support of Allies for New Constitution
Eight Dead in Russia Bus Bombing
Russia Slashes Number of Foreign Election Observers
Spain Poised to Officially Confront Past
Suspected PKK Leader Goes on Trial in Germany

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The Lobby, Unmasked

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To Bomb, Or Not To Bomb

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Make China Be Nice?

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Sorrow's Home

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Tortured by Uncle Sam

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Economists and the
Nobel Peace Prize

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Secrecy and the War Without End

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

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The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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