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'Invade & Bomb With Hillary & Rahm': J. Raimondo
The Madness of President George: Doug Bandow
Hey Soldiers: Quit Whining!: Ted Rall
Restoring Habeas Corpus: Bruce Fein
When Judges Attack!: Nat Hentoff

 Philip Giraldi

Regional War Coming

 Gareth Porter

Neocons Live in Fantasy World

 Luke Ryland

Let Sibel Edmonds Speak!

 Greg Barker

Showdown With Iran

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Updated November 2, 2007 - 9:57 PM EDT
Abizaid Sees US in Mideast for 50 Years
Rice, Others to be Supoenaed in AIPAC Spy Case
  Deadly Month Dulls US Claims of Iraq Progress
  Bogus Intel Source 'Curve Ball' Revealed
  In a Key Iraqi Region, US Starts Pulling Back
  Friday: 3 US Airmen, 1 Polish Soldier, 21 Iraqis Killed; 9 Iraqis Wounded
Turkey Imposes Sanctions on Iraqi Kurdistan
  Iraq's Kurds: Rebel Support, War Fears
  Turkish FM Says Cross-Border Operation on PKK Not an Invasion
  Crocker to Turkey: Stay Out of Iraq
US Sees Decline in Iran-Linked Bombs in Iraq
  US: Tough Iran Sanctions Near
US, Pakistan Deny Missile Attack That Kills 10
  Militants Draw New Front Line Inside Pakistan
Ex-Saudi Envoy: We Could Have Helped US Prevent 9/11
  Bush: No Attorney General if Not Mukasey
  Bush: Questions to Mukasey on Torture 'Unfair'
  Rumsfeld Kept Up Fear of Terror Attacks
Army Has Record Low Level of Recruits
  Marine Recruiters Busted in Exam Fraud
  Fuel Fraud Latest in Army Contracting Woes
Mukasey's Black Magic on Torture
by Rosa Brooks
Petraeus' Plaigiarized Counterinsurgency Manual  by David Price
We Aren't One: American Jewish Voices for Peace  by Murray Polner
Restoring Habeas Corpus  by Bruce Fein
When Judges Attack!  by Nat Hentoff
Fearing Fear Itself  by Paul Krugman

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Rice Makes Appeal as US Diplomats Resist Forced Duty in Iraq
Rumsfeld Memos Show His Unique Spin on the War on Terror
White House Disputes Rumsfeld on Muslims
In Iraq, a Lull or Hopeful Trend?
Did Blackwater Sneak Silencers Into Iraq?
US Official Is Faulted for Nuclear Weapons Claim
George Bush's Personal Spy Drone
Iran-Iraq Border Trade Heavy
but No Weapons Found
US Military Claims to Kill 51 Militants Dissidents From Sadr Militia Last Week
Delegates: Bush Pledged to Maintain Iraq's Unity, Release Innocents From Prison
US OKs Saddam Law Oil Deals
Maliki to Attend Iraq Conference in Istanbul
Thursday: 3 GIs, 61 Iraqis Killed; 45 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Majority in US Calls for Iraq Withdrawal Timetable
Obama Would Engage Iran if Elected, He Says
Obama Introduces Iran Measure
Iran Letter Sparks New Fight Between Clinton, Obama
Thompson Won't Rule Out Waterboarding
Bush: Grant Requests of Generals, Not Bloggers
Cheney: Stay the Course in Iraq
US Military
Navy Terminates Construction of Littoral Combat Ship Over Cost Overruns
Military Contractor That Admitted Fraud Is Still Under Contract
Army Begins Washington, DC Dig for World War I-Era Chemical Munitions
Gates: Contracting Needs Will Be Met
Lute Fights Bureaucracy on Iraq War
UK Military
Injured UK Soldier Gets 'Insulting' $118,000
Scottish Military Base May Become Part of England
Menezes Case
London Police Found Guilty Over Menezes Case
UK Police Confusion That Left Innocent Man Dead
Menezes Killers Back on Active Duty
Menezes Family Slams 'Sickening' Police Claims
'War on Terror'
'Unwelcoming' US Sees Sharp Fall in Visitors Since 9/11
'War on Terror' Flashpoints Identified
Canada Spy Agency Oversteps Mandate
Congressman Joins Campaign for Gitmo Journalist: Free Him or Charge Him
Librarians Say Surveillance Bills Lack Adequate Oversight
Arabic-Speaking Passengers Detained on Way Home From Marine Training Sue American Airlines
No One Can Limit Russian Arms Exports: Putin
UK Spies Seen Trying to Damage Russia
Bosnian Prime Minister Resigns Over Reforms Proposed by International Administrator
Horn of Africa
War Fears Swell Refugee Camp Near Eritrea Border
Ethiopia Reaffirms Backing for War-Torn Somalia
Thousands of Somalis Flee Fighting in Capital
Bashir Blames UK, US, France for Sudan's 'Problems'
Gadhafi's Role in Darfur Talks Sets Back New Image as Statesman
Uganda Rebels Make First Peace Trip Home
New Law Gives Mugabe More Power
Venezuelan Forces Clash With Anti-Chavez Protesters
Antiwar Activist Ordered Out of Canada
Turkey Says Sanctions to Hurt Only PKK Militants
Turkish PM Denies Closing Air Space to Flights to Northern Iraq
Turks: Not Seeking Fight With Iraq Kurds
As Kurds’ Status Improves, Support for Militants Erodes in Turkey
Iraqi Kurds Ask Turkey to Reconsider Incursion
Iraq Signals Hope for Compromise Over Kurds
Nationalism Soars in Turkey
World Powers Discuss Iran Sanctions in London
Price to Pay if Iran Does Not Halt Enrichment: US Diplomat
Gates: Iran Assured Iraq on Weapons
US Defense Chief Says Too Early to Tell Whether Iran Stopping Aid to Iraqi Shi'ite Militias
Iran Satisfied as UN Nuclear Official Ends Talks
Gulf Arabs Offer to Provide Uranium to Iran: Report
Iran Bank Chief Warns Ahmadinejad on Money Supply
Rafsanjani Warns Iran of 'Unprecedented' US Threats
German FM Proposes EU Sanctions on Iran
Iran Warns Europe Against Sanctions
Fuel Cuts to Gaza Seen as No Solution
Livni Rejects Timetable for Peace Deal
Israeli Fire Wounds 10 in Gaza
Israel Destroys 7 Gaza Tunnels
Hamas Plans 'Rejectionist' Parley to Counter Abbas
Gaza Smugglers Cash in on Cigarettes and Viagra
Lebanon Details Nearly 300 Ceasefire Violations by Israel Since End of 2006 War
Hezbollah Says It Has Grown Stronger
Two Months After End of Battle, Nahr al-Bared Displaced Still in Limbo
Fluent Arabic Is a Roadblock in Beirut
Four Decades in Jordan, Palestinians Still Live in Limbo
Taliban Overrun Another Afghan District
US Raid on Afghan House Leaves Two Children Dead
Fighting With Taliban Flares in the West, and East, of Afghanistan
Portugal to Slash Troops in Afghanistan to Just 15
Canada: Taliban in Retreat After Afghan Offensive
Witness: Ambushed by the Taliban in Afghanistan
Pakistan Troops Kill 70 Militants
Musharraf Court Ruling Delayed
Rice Tells Pakistan Not to Delay Elections
Centcom Chief Arrives in Pakistan
Analysis Firm: Pakistani Nukes Not About to Fall Under Jihadi Control
Indian Troops Quit Kashmir Buildings as Violence Dips
Separatists Protest Against Rights Violations in Kashmir
China Says Gates Visit Could Soothe US Ties
China Denies Firing at Tibetan Refugees
China Says Lunar Exploration Not for Military Use
North Korea

US Nuclear Experts Arrive in North Korea

Home Delivery Fried Chicken - in North Korea
Sri Lanka

Over 30 Rebels Killed in Sri Lanka Clashes


Justin Raimondo
'Invade and Bomb With Hillary and Rahm'

Doug Bandow
Iran, World War III, and the Madness of President George

Charles Peña
To Bomb, Or Not To Bomb

Nebojsa Malic
Sorrow's Home

Philip Giraldi
Tortured by Uncle Sam

David R. Henderson
Economists and the
Nobel Peace Prize

Alan Bock
Secrecy and the War Without End

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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