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Not Home for the Holidays: Charles Peņa
A Progressive Looks at Edwards: Stephen Zunes
In Gaza, Santa Is Insolvent: Mohammed Omer
Christmas in Diyala: Justin Raimondo
Most Unconstitutional?: Andrew Napolitano

 Scott Horton

No Law: Torture, Spying, Impunity

 Gareth Porter

New Iran Intel Almost a Year Old

 Ivan Eland

Kosovo Compromise?

 Karen Kwiatkowski

Tragedy and Hope

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Updated December 26, 2007 - 10:29 PM EST
Turkey Praises US Help as Jets Bomb N. Iraq
  Turkey Claims 150 Killed in Northern Iraq Attack
Grief Mars Celebrations for Iraqi Christians
  As 2007 Ends, Most Americans Oppose Iraq War

Suicide Bomb Targets Sunnis Allied to US


Shi'ite Contest Sharpens in Iraq

  Wednesday: 3 US Soldiers, 36 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded
Britain in Secret Talks With the Taliban
  Afghan Forces Claim to Kill 150 Taliban Insurgents in S. Afghanistan
  No Peace for Marines on Christmas Patrol in Afghanistan
  Western Diplomats Expelled From Kabul

Colombia Okays Chávez's Hostage Release Plan

Russians Fear US Foreign Policy Targets Them

Who Is the Greatest Violator of the Constitution?  by Andrew Napolitano
A Progressive Looks at
John Edwards
 by Stephen Zunes
Clueless Crusaders  by John Walsh
Combatants for Peace  by Seth Freedman

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British Government Rules Out Inquiry Into Iraq Conflict

Muslims Send Warm Christmas Message

Pope Urges End to Wars

In Gaza, Santa Is Insolvent

JFK, Lincoln, Others Come Out 'in Favor' of a Unified Serbia

Muslims Attend Iraqi Christmas Services in Show of Unity
Christmas in Iraq

Iraqi Christians Pack Churches for Christmas Mass Despite Violence

Christians in Kurdistan Celebrate Christmas, New Year Against All Odds

British Troops in Iraq Enjoy First Christmas in Non-Combat Role

Celebrating Christmas in Iraq Means Compromise for US Troops, Iraqi Civilians

Iraqis Crowd Churches for Christmas Mass

Today in Iraq

Suicide Attacks Kill 33 People North of Baghdad

Iraqi Shi'ites Protest Police Chief Appointment

Death Toll Eases but Iraq Awaits Its Full 'Awakening'

Out of Iraq: The Haves, Have-Nots, and Dogs

Tuesday: 66 Iraqis Killed, 105 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

In Iraq, Buying Hearts and Minds

Official: US Forces Killed Man, Son in Mosul Raid, Arrest 15 Year Old for 'No Apparent Reason'

War Stresses Linked to Soldiers' Crimes

The War at Home

Soldier Called Back to Iraq as Infant Struggles for Life

Mom's Death in Iraq Leaves Family Adrift

'War on Terror'

Commission Would Study Domestic 'Extremists' as Possible Terrorists

A War of Words, Waged Behind Bars

CIA Chief to Drag White House Into Torture Cover-Up Storm


Troops Not Winning in Afghanistan, Say Britons

Child Injuries in Afghanistan Increasing, Say Canadian Doctors

Santa Hats and Sniper Fire: Christmas in Afghanistan Is (Almost) Just Another Day


Campaign in Pakistan Goes on Amid Curbs

Pakistan: No Exit Polls by International Observers

Musharraf: Election Rigging Charges Baseless

Bhutto Alarmed Over Rise in Terrorist Attacks

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Military Officials to Testify Against Aussie Tamils

Sri Lanka Kills 14 Rebels


Turkish PM: Military Operation Secures Border, Restores Stability

Talabani: PKK Ready to Lay Down Arms if No Jail Promised

11 Suspected Gunmen Captured in Kirkuk

Iraq Threatens to Halt Oil Exports to Korea Over Kurdistan Development


Iranian Students Will Be Released Soon, Lawyer Says

Iranian FM Meets Top Egyptian Official

Horses and Hunger, an American Woman's Life in Iran

Mideast 'Peace'

Mideast Peace Talks Go Nowhere

Hamas: Past Negotiations Bring Nothing for Palestinians

Egypt Warns Israeli FM: Concentrate on Peace Talks Instead of Complaining About Smuggling

Israel Eyes Syria Talks


Hamas Releases Senior Fatah Sympathizer

Masked Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Farmers Near West Bank Town

Fatah Official: Hamas Takeover of Gaza 'a Political Gift to Israel'

Fatah Loyalists Break Out of Egyptian Police Camps

Poll: Israelis Back Gaza Attack to Overthrow Hamas

Christians Pack Bethlehem for Christmas


Russia Tests New Missiles

Young and Proudly Pro-Putin


Ousted Thaksin Says No Return to Thai Politics

Majority Eludes Thaksin's Party in Strong Showing


Somali Police Chief Survives Attack on Life

Somali Insurgent Splinter Group Frees Two Soldiers


Congo Conference Aims to Bring Peace to Eastern Region


Raúl Castro Seeks Support for Fidel Bid

In Other News

Spain: Bomb in Party Office in Basque Town

Singapore, Taiwan Trade Barbs Over UN Referendum


Justin Raimondo
Ron Paul vs. the Dirty Tricksters

Charles Peņa
Not Home for the Holidays

Doug Bandow
The Forgotten Man

Nebojsa Malic
The Die is Cast

Ivan Eland
The Solution to the Kosovo Problem

Philip Giraldi
Turkey: Another Ally Lost

David R. Henderson
Don't Lean on the NIE

Alan Bock
Postwar Elections and Peace Prospects

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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