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'A Heartbeat Away' From War: Justin Raimondo
Providing for the Common Defense: Charles Peņa
A Surge in Logic: Jay Barr
$100 Oil vs. the Terror War: Tom Engelhardt
Kenya Seen as US Anchor in E. Africa: Jim Lobe

 Glenn Greenwald

Justice Investigates White House Obstruction

 Eric Margolis

Playing With Fire in Pakistan

 Patrick Cockburn

Iraq at the End of '07

 Pat Buchanan

A Republic, Not an Empire

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Updated January 9, 2008 - 11:16 PM EST
US Attack No Surprise to Iraq Insurgents

9 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq


Major Joint US-Iraqi Operation Begins

  Survey: Diplomats Who Avoid Iraq Service Oppose War
  9 US Soldiers, 25 Iraqis Killed; 10 Iraqis Wounded

Iran: US Faked Video of Gulf Incident

  Bush Chastises Iran on Gulf Intercept

Ex-Marine: Afghan Civilians Needlessly Killed

  'Bribes' Free Top Taliban Leader to Fight Brits
Clashes Between Hamas, Israeli Navy on Gaza Coast
   Bush Visit to Paralyze Israeli, Palestinian Cities
  In Isolation, Gazans Dismiss Bush's New Push for Peace
The $100 Barrel of Oil vs. the Global War on Terror: The Bush Legacy (Take Two)  by Tom Engelhardt
The Bipartisan Consensus on US Military Spending  by Glenn Greenwald
What's Driving Sectarian Violence in Iraq?  by Dahr Jamail
Sibel Edmonds Speaks...
by Larisa Alexandrovna
A Surge in Logic  by Jay Barr
The Case of Fouad Ajami
by Jacob Heilbrunn

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Kenya Seen as Anchor to US Position in East Africa

Transcript of Iran-US Navy Clash

Top White House Aides to Write Middle East Blog

White House Told to Answer Plame Case E-Mail Query

Padilla, Two Others to Be Sentenced

Pentagon Won't Probe KBR Rape Charges

Baghdad Park Bridges Sectarian Divide

ElBaradei Fears for Security of Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal

Britain: Bhutto's Son Critical of US

US Envoy Wants 'Full Disclosure' From North Korea

Czechs Oppose US Missile Plan

NSA Report: Northern Vietnamese Called for US Air Strikes Against US Ground Forces

Get Out of My House, Shrieks the Iraqi Woman
Today in Iraq

Iraq's Deputy Premier Warns of Strife Over Fate of Kirkuk

Iraq Cardinal: Christians Not Singled Out for Attack

Maliki: Iraq Working to Ensure Safety of Christians

Attacks Continue

Civilian Killed, Three Unknown Bodies Found in Mosul

Suicide Attack Kills Cop, Injures Five in Baghdad

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 22 Iraqis Killed; 12 Iraqis Wounded
Iraqi Refugees

UN: Visa Limits Stop Fleeing Iraqis

Bush Urged to Add Iraqi Refugees to Mideast Agenda

Occupying Iraq

HRW Urges End to Immunity for Contractors in Iraq

US Deploys Latest Weapon in Iraq: Anthropologists

Bush Hears Basics on Iraq Reconstruction

Bush Sees Political Progress in Iraq

The War at Home

Sacramento County Supervisors Take Iraq Resolution Off Agenda

Veterans Join New Hampshire Battle

'War on Terror'

Proposal Would Require New Yorkers to Get Permits for WMD Detectors

New York Presses to Deploy More Bioweapons Sensors

UK Man Jailed Over Terrorism Charges


Witness: Marines Attacked Innocent Afghan Motorists

Afghan Bomb Kills 2 Coalition Soldiers

Saving Afghanistan's Art


Musharraf Gives Free Hand to UK Investigators

Islamic Parties Lose Support in Pakistan

Bhutto's Son Warns of Pakistan Disintegration

South Asia

Rebels Blamed After Roadside Bomb Kills Sri Lankan Minister

Boy Scout Grabs Attacker's Knife, Saves Maldives President From Assassination


Thaksin's Wife Held in Thailand After Returning to 'Clear Name'

In China, a Backlash Over Move to Arrest Journalist


Turks Round Up 38 Accused of Ties to al-Qaeda

US Vows to Help Turkey Confront Kurdish Rebels

US, Turkey Discuss Comprehensive Solution to PKK

High-Level Kurdish Delegation to Visit Baghdad Soon

Bush's Mideast Visit

Bush's Trip to Mideast to Test His Credibility

Jerusalem Lights to Go Out So Bush Can Enjoy Sunrise

Protest in Gaza Against Bush Visit

Palestinian Authority Urges Bush to Help Stop Israeli Settlement

Jewish Nationalists Form Human Chain Around Jerusalem Walls


Israeli Warplanes Raid South Gaza Strip

Fatah Official: Al-Aqsa Brigade Has Disbanded

Tunnels Primary Transport Route for Commercial Goods in Gaza

Life on Alert in an Israeli Town

Mideast Leaders Agree to Core Talks


Israeli DM: Rockets From Lebanon a 'Grave' Incident

Bomb Wounds Two UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon

Middle East

Syrian FM Says Damascus Ready for Negotiations

Jordan's Human Rights Watchdog Reports Poll Violations

Bedouin Attack Sinai Border Post

Bush Expedites Arms Deal to Supply 'Smart Bombs' to Saudis


Kenyans Forced to Flee Violence Find Ways to Cope

Kenya Crisis Worsens as Opposition Cools to Talks


Nigeria Militants Bomb Pipeline, Shell Facilities

Sudanese Soldiers Fire on UN Peacekeepers in Darfur

Gruesome Killings Aired in Taylor War Crimes Trial


Britain, Spain Settle a Dispute Over Gibraltar

'ETA' Bomb Cache Found in Northern Spain

Georgia Opposition Says Election Body Stole Votes


Bolivia Governor Goes Into Exile


Justin Raimondo
'A Heartbeat Away' From War

Charles Peņa
Providing for the Common Defense

David R. Henderson
The Fatal Conceit in Foreign Policy

Doug Bandow
Misguided Meddling in Pakistan

Nebojsa Malic
Shilling for the Empress

Philip Giraldi
Blaming the CIA Won't Work

Alan Bock
Sad Day for Democracy... but Hope on the Horizon?

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Ivan Eland
The Solution to the Kosovo Problem

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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