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A Comic Cavalcade of Chicanery: Justin Raimondo
Was WWII Really 'The Good War'?: Pat Buchanan
Reclaiming Conservatism: Doug Bandow
Diego Garcia: The Other Guantánamo: David Vine
Petraeus' Grand Delusions: Tom Engelhardt

 Nick Turse

That June Bug is Spying on You

 Scott Horton

Torture is a Crime

 Charles Goyette

Empire is Expensive

 Alan Bock

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Updated April 4, 2008 - 10:09 PM EDT
1,000 in Iraq's Forces Quit Basra Fight
  Iraqi PM Freezes Raids Targeting Militia
  Three Civilians Killed by US Airstrike in Basra
  Basra Assault Exposed US, Iraqi Limits
  US: Soldiers Targeting Bomber Accidentally Kill Iraqi Woman
  Friday: 51 Iraqis Killed, 37 Wounded
Lawmakers Hold $200 Million in Defense Stocks
  Campaigns Spar Over Where to Focus Troops
Zimbabwe Headed to Presidential Runoff
  Report: Mugabe to Quit if Granted Immunity
  Ruling Party Split Means the End Is Near for Mugabe, Says Opposition
  Mugabe's Police Raid Opposition HQ
Al-Qaeda #2: We'll Attack Iran
  Rising Leader for Next Phase of Al Qaeda's War
  As Guantánamo Trials Near, Pentagon Limits What Can Be Reported
Putin Scores Big Win Over US in Bucharest
North Korean Nuclear Deal at Risk?
Former Kosovo Leader Acquitted in Hague Trial
Was WWII Really 'The Good War'?
by Patrick Buchanan
Michael Mukasey and the Ghost of Alberto Gonzales  by Nat Hentoff
Diego Garcia:
The Other Guantánamo
 by David Vine
Petraeus' Grand Delusions
by Tom Engelhardt
Grilling Patraeus  by David Corn
McCain's Vietnam Obsession
by Mark Benjamin

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US Airstrike Kills 2 Fighters, Possibly Civilians in Iraq
Another KBR Rape Case
Pentagon to Shut Domestic Spying Office
Memo Linked to Warrantless Surveillance
Iraq Oil Profits Being Misused?
Ex-Envoy Glaspie Details Hussein Meeting
US Envoy Says Caught Off Guard by Big Basra Battle
Blackwater VP: Too Soon to Judge Baghdad Shootings
Administration Asserted a Terror Exception on Search and Seizure
Post-9/11 Memo Indicates View Around Constitution
US Troops in Iraq Pay
Twice What Iraqis Do for Gas
Iraq Occupation
US Airstrikes Return in Southern Iraq After Calm
US Army Kills 4 Iraqi Cops, Guard in Babel
Classified US Study Finds Progress in Iraq, but Fragile Security and Potential for Terror Attacks
US, Iraqi Troops Face Test at Battle of Creek Road
Crocker: US Has 'Moral' Duty in Iraq
US Forces Kill 11 Gunmen Near Tikrit
US Forces Clash With Gunmen in Iraq's Hilla
Personal Items Boost US Soldiers' Hope While in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Iraq's Sadr Calls for Million-Strong Demonstration
Iraq Says Will Not Block Sadr March if Peaceful
Sadrist MP Threatens to Wage 'Crucial Battle' Against PM
Back in Baghdad
No Negotiating With Outlaws, Says Iraqi PM
An Advocate for Iraq's Displaced Christians
Thursday: 1 US Airman, 47 Iraqis Killed, 78 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Sweden Offers to Host Summit on Iraq
Georgia Sees Iraq as NATO Route
Remains of 62 Gulf War Iraq Soldiers Repatriated From Saudi
The War at Home
81% in Poll Say Nation Is Headed on the Wrong Track
Washington Blocks Exports of Munitions Firm Suspected of Fraud
Son of Virginia State Official Wounded in Iraq
Unique Tribute to Viet Nam War Photojournalists
US Military
A Proving Ground for Marines and Dutch Intentions
Ex-Marine in Vegas Loots Iraq Service Members' Accounts
Kansas Enacts New Law Keeping Protesters Away From Military Funerals
Ex-Iraq Contractor to Have Bond Hearing Over Pipe Bomb Parts on US Airflight
2 Groups to Help Defend Detainees at Guantánamo
Gitmo: Somali Suspects Have 'Nowhere to Go'
'War on Terror'
Democratic Lawmaker Vouches for Bush Administration's Secret Plan to End Cyber War
IEDs Go Beyond Iraq, Afghanistan
Al-Qaeda Backers May Be Questioning Tactics, Says US Official
Maine Gets Real ID Extension; ID Card Issue Punted to Next Administration
Details Unfold in Airline Bomb Plot Trial
Eight Deny Plot to Blow Up Planes Over Atlantic
Al-Qaeda Deputy Lashes UN as 'Enemy'
Al-Qaeda Charges Are 'Totally False' Says UN Chief
NATO Expansion & Russia
NATO Nixes Georgia, Ukraine Membership
Bush Bolts Last NATO Meeting
Missile Defense Deal May Avert Crisis in US-Russia Relations
NATO Embraces Missile Shield, Czechs Pledge Radar
NATO Leaders Look for Fresh Start With Putin
Macedonia Walks Out of NATO Talks
Bush Voices Regret Over No NATO Nod to Macedonia
Solzhenitsyn Attacks Bush Over Ukraine
NATO in Afghanistan
Many Pledges but Few New Troops for Afghanistan
NATO Meets Canada's Troop Demands
France to Boost Afghan Mission, Allowing US Shift
NATO Troop Target for Afghanistan Hard to Pin Down
NATO Confirms Long-Term Afghan Commitment
NATO Declaration on Afghanistan
New Zealand Sends Reinforcement Troops to Afghanistan
Border Complicates War in Afghanistan
Karzai Seeks Bigger Role for Larger Afghan Army
Afghan Official Says Warlords Using Heroin Cash to Buy Surface-To-Air Missiles
Airstrike Kills Three in Afghanistan
Karzai Praises China for Role in Afghanistan
Bhutto's Party Woos Musharraf Allies
Two Security Personnel Killed in Quetta
Three Killed in Eastern India Bomb Blast
Indian Police Arrest Top Rebel Leader in Kashmir
India Reduces Olympic Torch Route
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Military Says Kills 57 Rebels in North
Sri Lanka Tigers Say Resisting Military Onslaught
Sri Lanka Sets Date for Elections in War-Torn East
Sri Lanka's Top Buddhist Monk Shuns Non-Violence for Quick End to War
Revered Sri Lankan Statue Removed Due to Fighting
Nepal Maoists to Respect Poll Result, Threat Remains
Security Under Control for Nepal Election, UN Says
China Urges Nepal to Act on Tibet
Bomb Attack Wounds Five at Nepal Bus Stop
Colombian Rebels Says No Unilateral Hostage Release
French Mission Arrives in Colombia to Treat Betancourt
Colombia's Rebel-Held Hostages
Ecuador’s New Constitution Would Ban US Military Post
Fidel's Successor Gives Cubans the Freedom to Watch Foreign Television
Iran Torpedoes US Plans for Iraqi Oil
Iran Assembles More Advanced Centrifuges
Iran President Rejects Incentive Plan for Suspending Nuclear Program
China: No Iran Intelligence Went to UN Nuclear Agency
Barak Cancels Trip; Syria Warns of Attacks
Israeli Intel Sources: Syria Hasn't Called Up Reserve Forces
Israel Plays Down Risk of Conflict With Syria

China to Build Oil Refinery in Syria Near Alleged Nuclear Plant Bombed by Israel

Israel Army Dismantles 10 West Bank Roadblocks
IDF Kills Three Islamic Jihad Militants in Central Gaza
Arab Home Razed in Jerusalem
Hamas Man 'Tortured to Death' in Custody: Lawmakers
Gunmen Blow Up British Cemetery Monument in Gaza
Rabbi Eliyahu: Life of One Yeshiva Boy Worth More Than 1,000 Arabs
Israeli Official: Hezbollah Is 'Wary' of Retaliation
Israeli Soldier Accused of Spying for Hezbollah
Egypt Allows Palestinians to Cross Back Into Gaza
Egypt Criminalizes Protests in Places of Worship
Egypt Police Detain 51 Brotherhood Members
Egypt Satellite Drops Critical London-Based Channel
Yemen Arrests More Activists
Yemen Rioter 'Dies From Wounds'
Middle East
Arabs Without Oil Hard Hit by Food Price Spiral
Call to Set Up 'Civic States' in the Gulf
Turkish Case Revives Secular Vs. Islam Debate
Saudi Arabia Plans Islamic Forum Against Extremism
Israeli Company Refutes Rigging Claims in Zimbabwe Election
Mugabe's Party Ready for Runoff, Expects to Win
All Eyes on Mugabe Leadership Meeting
Mugabe to Chair Party Leadership Meeting
With a Runoff Likely in Zimbabwe, Violence Is Feared
More Poll Results Come in for Crisis-Hit Zimbabwe
Mugabe Makes First Public Appearance Since Vote
Mugabe Faces Pressure to Step Down
Britain Plans $2.2bn Zimbabwe Rescue
Zimbabwe Police Arrest Two Foreign Journalists
At Least 18 Killed as Somali Militants Strike
Somali Islamists Briefly Seize Seventh Town
Kenya's Rivals Break Deadlock Over Cabinet
Morocco's al-Qaeda Branch Chief Remanded in Custody
Investigators in Congo Check Allegations That Peacekeepers Engaged in Torture
Chad Evicts Thousands After Foiled Coup Bid, Say Activists
South Politician Says Sudan Planning Attack on Abyei
New Crossing in Cypriot Capital Reopens After UN Mediation
Cyprus' New Crossing Meets Trouble
Cyprus Barrier: An Open and Shut Case
Serbia Calls Kosovo War Crimes Acquittal in UN Tribunal a Mockery of Justice
Putin Reassures Rebel Georgian Regions
EU Court Annuls PKK Terror Ruling
German Islamist Plans Afghan Suicide Mission, According to Media Sources
China Claims Upper Hand in Restive Tibetan Regions
China Quells Muslim Protest in Xinjiang
Tibet Orders Post-Riot Propaganda Drive
Prominent Chinese Rights Activist Is Jailed
Critics Say Activist's Sentence Part of China's Pre-Olympics Crackdown
Young Tibetans Impatient With Nonviolence
China Seeks to Close Book on Unrest
Caught Between a Crackdown and a Tibetan Welcome
China Slams Media Coverage of Tibet
Dalai Lama's Envoy Says Tibet Is Grim
Tourists to Be Allowed Back Into Tibet From May 1, Daily Says
China Tibetan Area Officials Deny Riot Deaths
China's Wen Urges Unity Among Minorities
North Korea Says South Sending Warships Into Their Waters
General: South Korea Defenses Lacking
North Korea’s Growing Rancor May Increase Hunger
US Seaman Arrested in Japan Killing
US Sailor's Murder Case Reignites Anger in Japan

US Regrets Japan Criminal Cases

Cambodia's PM Blames CNN, BBC for Linking Muslims to Terrorism
Aussie PM Raises Eyebrows With Salute to Bush

Justin Raimondo
A Tragi-Comic Cavalcade of Chicanery

Doug Bandow
Reclaiming Conservatism

Charles Peña
McCain's Foreign Policy Vision: Style Over Substance

David R. Henderson
A Liberal Politician Libertarians Can Appreciate

Ivan Eland
Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Alan Bock
Getting It Wrong Again

Nebojsa Malic
Two Anniversaries

Philip Giraldi
Neocon Valor Is an Act of Feith

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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