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Inflating the Military Budget: Winslow T. Wheeler
Toward Monarchy: Alan Bock
Aluminum Tubes – The Sequel: Gordon Prather
Why US Can’t Think Its Way Out of Iraq: N. Gvosdev
Strategic Manure: Charley Reese

 Nick Turse

That June Bug is Spying on You

 Scott Horton

Torture is a Crime

 Charles Goyette

Empire is Expensive

 Alan Bock

The Means Determine the Ends

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Updated April 5, 2008 - 10:07 PM EDT
UK Officials Warn Petraeus Wants Iran Attack
  Iran Helped End Iraq Fighting: Iraq Party Adviser
  Putin: 'No One Can Seriously Think That Iran Would Dare Attack the US'
Dems Signal Lost Hope in Ending War
  White House Plans to Cut Army War Tours
  Feith: We Invaded Iraq Because We Were Afraid They'd Attack Us
  Pentagon Overspent Budget by $295 Billion
  Pentagon: Colleges Must Hand Over Names
Iraq PM Reversal: Freezes Raids, Offers Amnesty
  UN Says 700 Killed in Iraq Shi'ite Clashes
  Massive Shi'ite Protest Planned in Iraq, More Battles Possible
  US Air Attacks Kill Six, Including Three Civilians, in Iraq
  Saturday: 37 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded
US Favors 'Many More' Troops for Afghanistan
Police Stop Zimbabwe Opposition Lodging Appeal
Chinese Police Kill 8 Monks and Tibet Protesters
Intelligence Failure – Why America Can’t Think Its Way Out of Iraq  by Nikolas Gvosdev
Aluminum Tubes – The Sequel
by Gordon Prather
Why Doesn't the 9/11 Commission Know About Mukasey's 9/11 Story?  by Glenn Greenwald
One Hundred Years in Iraq?
by Sheldon Richman
Strategic Manure  by Charley Reese
Will McCain Wield the Big Stick?
by Eric Margolis

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Martin Luther King 40 Years Ago: Declaration of Independence From the War in Vietnam
Billions in Body Armor Bought Without Full Tests
Top Dems Demand Attorney General Explain Remarks About Pre-9/11 Phone Call
Congressional Maneuvers Ahead of Iraq Hearings
US Soldiers Move Into Sadr City
US Military Investigates 3 Civilian Deaths
Terrorism Study Drops a Bombshell on Boise
Does NATO Want Out of Afghanistan?
New Global Push Sought to Scrap Chemical Weapons
US Extends Blackwater's Baghdad Work for One Year
Iraq Occupation
US Soldiers Hoping to Pacify Iraq's Violent Diyala Province
US Soldier's Remains Found After 'Painstaking' Iraq Search
US Army: Three Gunmen Killed in Central, Northern Iraq
US Charges Contractor at Iraq Post in Stabbing
Today in Iraq
Planned Raids of Shi'ite Districts Called Off
Saddam Fades From School Books but Fear Stalks Students
Sadr Official Says Bloc Started Sit-In to Protest Govt Escalations
Suicide Bomber Kills 15 at Funeral in Iraq
Police Kill Gunman While Planting Bomb in Mosul
Three Cops Injured by Bomb Explosion in Kirkuk
Friday: 51 Iraqis Killed, 37 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
UN Warns of 'Very Grave' Problems in Iraq
Sculpture of Saddam's Wife Burnt Down in London
The War at Home
Obama, Clinton, McCain to Co-Chair Committee Planning Israel Celebration
Obama Adviser Calls for Troops to Stay in Iraq Through 2010
Sen. Levin: NIE on Iraq 'Too Rosy'
Five Years Ago: Moyers and Mitchell Discussed What Might Follow Fall of Baghdad
Petraeus to Update Congress on Iraq
Preview: Petraeus to Update Congress on Iraq
Constitutional Lawyer: Bush 'Ordered War Crimes'
State Department Official Quits Over Passport File Leaks
Lawmaker Criticized for 9/11 Comments
Pro-War Vets Hope to Steer Congress Away From Troop Cuts
US Military
Despite Denials, Military Still Studying Clandestine Use of Blogs
US Can't Stop Chinese Missile
After War, Love Can Be a Battlefield
Accused Marine Back on America’s Most Wanted
'War on Terror'
Bomb Plot Suspects Had Other Targets in Mind, London Court Told
Airline Plot Suspects Made Martyr Videos
UK Aircraft Bombing Plot Was 'Revenge for Iraq'
Military Plot Informant Tells of Videos
US Says 9/11 Law Allows Detention of Chinese Muslim Over Separatist Links
A Legal Filing Alleges a Detainee Was Abused
Mugabe Faces an Uphill Battle in Zimbabwe's Presidential Runoff
Party Backs Mugabe to Contest Poll Runoff
Zimbabwe Say MDC Victory Claims a 'Provocation'
Opposition: Mugabe 'Unleashed a War'
Zimbabwe Charges Two Foreign Journalists
Mugabe Launches Chilling Fightback
Opposition Denies Arrests in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe's Acting Attorney General Urges Release of Detained Journalists
Zimbabwe Electoral Body to Decide New Poll Date
Zimbabwe Veterans March in Show of Force
Zimbabwe Gets $50 Million Bank Note
Zimbabwe's Former Guerrillas Back Mugabe
Zimbabwe's War Veterans, Mugabe's Shock Troops
Kenyans Angry at 'Bloated' Power-Sharing Cabinet
Kenyan Lobby Groups Accuse Army and Rebels of Rights Abuses
15 Somali Govt Soldiers Killed in Fighting
Weekend Reviews
Questions of Loyalty
The Folly of Attacking Iran
The Bricklayer’s Sons: The Family That Spawned 9/11
Muqtada Al-Sadr Has Iraq's Future in His Hands
Reclaiming Conservatism
NATO and Russia
Bush, Putin Aim to Defuse Tensions in Black Sea Summit
Russia's Putin Joins NATO for Unprecedented Summit

Putin Rules Out New Cold War

Keep Away From Our Borders, Putin Tells NATO
Warm Words From Putin Suggest Deal on Missile Defense Shield
For Macedonia, NATO Summit a Disappointment
Russian Lawmakers Restrict Referendums
NATO in Afghanistan
NATO Summit Generates 2,000 Extra Troops for Afghanistan
NATO, Russia Agree Land Transit for Afghanistan
Hungary in Afghanistan for Long Haul, President Tells Karzai
Poll: French Reject Larger Role in Afghanistan
Canadian Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
UN Envoy Seeks Bigger Afghan Role
Today in Afghanistan
Bomber Kills Afghan Policeman Who Caught Taliban
Suicide Attack Kills Four in Afghanistan
Female Afghan Sprinter in a Race Against Hate
Musharraf Not Going to Quit, Says Close Aide
Pakistan Judge Scraps Travel Plans
Pakistan Arrests Four Turkish al-Qaeda Suspects
Tibet's Courts Vow Swift, Harsh Punishment for Unrest
China Orders 'Study Sessions' in Tibet
Dalai Lama's Presence Hurts China Ties: India Poll
Protesters Aim to Snatch Torch in UK Olympic Parade
China Renews Giant Panda Offer to Receptive Taiwan
US, North Korea to Meet, US Plays Down Expectations
Sri Lanka Military: 26 Killed in North
US-India Nuclear Deal's Future Uncertain
Myanmar Activist Jailed for Life
Gaza Gunman Shoots Israeli Aide
12 Extremists Flee Palestinian Custody
Hamas Vows to Expand Gaza Govt, Lift Siege
Shin Bet Fears Attack on Israeli Plane
A Town Under Fire Becomes a Symbol for Israel
Israel to Try New 'Buying Drugs Funds Terrorists' Ad Campaign
Interview With Former al-Aqsa Brigade Commander
Lebanon PM Wary of Israeli Maneuvers
Opposition and Majority Followers Clash in Beirut Streets
40 Have Been Killed by Israeli Cluster Bombs in Lebanon
Middle East
Ahmadinejad Rejects Nuclear Incentives
US B-1 Aircraft Burns in Qatar
Egyptian Police Arrests Another 34 Muslim Brotherhood Members
Tension Rises in Cyprus After Trouble at Crossing
Cyprus President Cuts Short London Visit to Rein Crossing Dispute
Cyprus Minister Urges Patience in Island Talks
Cyprus Asks for US Envoy to Reunification Talks
British Commonwealth
British Defense Ministry May Halt Recruitment of Commonwealth Soldiers
Doubts Plague French Mission for Hostage Betancourt
Sarkozy Bets on Getting Betancourt Freed
Chavez Says He Can't Help on Betancourt
US's Richardson Plans Venezuela Trip on Hostages
Interpol: Top Colombian Rebel Sought
Human Rights Group Blasts Cuba for Abuses
Haitians Riot Over Prices, Attack UN Troops

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Toward Monarchy

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A Liberal Politician Libertarians Can Appreciate

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Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Nebojsa Malic
Two Anniversaries

Philip Giraldi
Neocon Valor Is an Act of Feith

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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