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Tough Guise: Glenn Greenwald
Basra: Echoes of Vietnam: Conn Hallinan
Trying Kidnappers in Absentia: Jacob Hornberger
McCain's Vietnam Lessons Unlearned: Ali Gharib
Making War Difficult: Bruce Fein

 Michael Scheuer

Bad Tidings in the Terror Wars

 Patrick Cockburn

Muqtada al-Sadr and the Struggle for Iraq

 Ray McGovern

It's Against the Law to Torture People

 Diane Benson

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Updated April 17, 2008 - 11:23 PM EDT
White House: US Needs More War Funds by June
  White House Vows to Block Add-Ons to War Funding Bill
50 Killed in Suicide Blast at Iraqi Funeral
  Iraq's Biggest Aid Agency? Muqtada al-Sadr
  Defeat of al-Qaeda Close, Iraqi PM Says
  Two Top Basra Commanders Relieved of Posts
  Thursday: 139 Iraqis Killed, 122 Wounded
McCain: Hard to Convince US to Attack Iran
  Obama Would Do 'Everything' to Help Israel Defend Itself
  Report Reveals Iran Seized British Sailors in Disputed Waters
  Could Israel Use Submarines Against Iran?
Israelis Kill 20 Palestinians, Including 5 Kids and Newsman
  Gunmen Kill Three Israeli Soldiers in Gaza
  Netanyahu Says 9/11 Terror Attacks Good for Israel
  Israel Intends to 'Clean Gaza Out' After Bush Visit
Afghan Opposition Says It's Been Talking to Taliban
  Afghan Parliament Committee Drafts Taliban-Style Moral Law
Pakistan Rejects US Plan for 'Direct Oversight' of Nukes
Deadlocked Jury Forces 2nd Mistrial in Miami Terrorism Case
Why Is America Still in Iraq? Pride.
by Gwen Richardson
Trying CIA Kidnappers and Torturers in Absentia  by Jacob G. Hornberger
McCain's Straight Talk Express Goes Off the Rails  by Cynthia Tucker
Tough Guise  by Glenn Greenwald
Basra: Echoes of Vietnam  by Conn Hallinan
War Without End  by Helen Thomas

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McCain's Vietnam Lessons Unlearned
Penalty for Crossing an al-Qaeda Boss? A Nasty Memo
No Casualties From Turk Bombing of Iraq: PKK
Iraq Insurgents' New Rockets Up to 50 Times More Deadly
Desertion or a Break? An Iraqi Gives His Side
Iran Offers Addicts Condoms, Syringes From Vending Machines
Pentagon Records Detail Prisoner Abuse by Military
Hillary Clinton Urged President to Bomb Serbia
US Forces Release Iraqi Photographer After Being Held Two Years Without Charge
Today in Iraq
Al-Qaeda in Iraq: Not Done Yet
Badr Head: Only Mahdi Army and al-Qaeda Oppose the State
General: Documents Reveal al-Qaeda Plot to Divide Iraq
Iraq's Car Drivers Told to Wear Seatbelts or Face a 30,000-Dinar Fine
Iraq Leader Tries to Lure Investors to Its Oil, Gas Fields
Iraq Occupation
Armed Robots Still in Iraq, but Grounded
Airstrike Kills 4 in Basra, 2 Die in Sadr City Clashes
US Eases Security Rules for Diplomats in Baghdad
Iraq Navy Tests Sea Legs, but Trainers Predict Shaky Times
Yet Another US Soldier Suicide in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Unknown Gunmen Kill Three, Wound Five in Diyala
Karbala Governor Escapes Assassination Attempt
Six Civilians Wounded in Mortar Attack in Baghdad
Wednesday: 28 Iraqis Killed, 47 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
US Hopes Saudi Arabia, Others to Offer Iraq Help
EU Says Close to Iraq Energy Pact, Wins Gas Pledge
The War at Home
NYPD Settles Suit Claiming Abuses at 2003 Antiwar Protest
Arms Control Groups Tell Congress to Reject New Nuclear Warhead
Judge Denies Request to Subpoena Cheney in Arrest Lawsuit
Record-Keeping Bill Is Criticized as 'Anemic' by Watchdog Group
ACLU Accuses Harvard of Ties to the FBI
British Prime Minister to Meet With Presidential Candidates
US Military
Air Force Cyber Command Gives Away the Goods
Sole Surviving Son Denied Health Benefits Post-Iraq
Lawmakers Seek to Ensure Benefits for War's 'Sole Survivors'
'War on Terror'
Second Terror Mistrial Hurts Bush Administration, Critics Say
Man Made Ill in Ricin Case Is Arrested by FBI
British Govt Continues to Press for 42-Day Detentions Without Charges
Russia & Her Neighbors
Chechnya Tense After Pro-Russia Rivals Fight
Tensions Amid Signs of a Chechen Power Struggle
Russia Tightens Ties With Georgian Rebel Areas
Medvedev: A New Leader’s Mandate for Changing Little
Georgia Accuses Russia of Trying to 'Annex' Separatist Areas
Rights Groups: Thousands of Russian NGOs Entangled by Rules
Czech Republic
Czechs Deny Seeking US Military Aid in Anti-Missile Radar Deal
Zimbabwe's Military Quietly Takes Control
Pressure Mounts on Zimbabwe at UN Council
Zimbabwe Arrests 36 People for Ineffectual Opposition Strike
Whites Under Siege Hunker Down in Zimbabwe Election Crisis
Zimbabwe Court Acquits US and British Reporters
Ethiopia Denies Involvement in Killing of Foreigners
Incentive in Sudan Talks: Normalized Ties With US
US to Train Nigerian Navy on High Speed Vessels
Uganda Rebel Leader Appoints New Negotiator
Iran Nuclear Talks in China Fall Short of Agreement
Iran Says Open for Talks on Nuclear, Other Issues
Foreign Powers Mull 'Incentives' for Iran During Nuclear Talks
Under-Fire Ahmadinejad Aide Offers Resignation
EU Pushes Iran to Join World Atomic Safety Pact
Khamenei Advises Military to 'Remain Fully Prepared'
Iranian President Casts Doubts on Sept. 11 Attack, Ground Zero Deaths
Washington 'Speechless' After Ahmadinejad 9/11 Comment
Palestinian PM: Latest Gaza Attack 'A Crime Against Humanity'
Reuters Calls for Israel to Investigate Killing of Cameraman
Israeli Army Expresses Regret for Killing Journalist
Gaza Says Israel Still Withholding Fuel Supply
Killing in the West Bank Exposes a Furtive War
Arab Paper: Olmert Offers Abbas 64 Percent of West Bank
Hamas Says Carter Visit a Boost to Militants' Legitimacy
Obama Slams Carter for Meeting Hamas
Middle East
Students Protest Jailing of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Members
Three Policemen Killed in Yemen Blast
Afghan Courts Convict Dozens Released by US
Two NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
After Decades, Pakistan Forces Thousands of Afghans to Leave
Army to Use Portable Polygraphs With Suspects, Base Visitors in Afghanistan
India's Ruling Coalition Split on Nuclear Deal
India Creates Anti-Maoists Task Force
Tibetan Exiles in India Turned Back From Chinese Embassy
Nepal King Told: 'Go Gracefully'
Major Coalition Partner Quits Government in Nepal After Poor Show in Election
Major Nepal Parties May Not Join Next Maoist-Led Govt
China Hints at Taiwan Talks Once New President in Office
Rice Discusses Tibet, Iran With Chinese FM
China Claims to Find Dynamite, Guns in 11 Monasteries
New Freedom, and Peril, in Online Criticism of China
CNN Apologizes Over China Criticism
New South Korean President's Visit to US Brings 'New Era'
Mechanism Mulled to Verify North Korea's Nuclear Program
North Korea: Huge Gap Predicted in Supply of Food
South Korean Troops Sent to Slaughter Poultry
Sri Lanka Fighter Jets Bomb Rebel Base
East Timor's Ramos-Horta Returns Home to Warm Welcome
Peru Court Upholds Fujimori Sentence

Justin Raimondo
How the War Party Captured the Right

David R. Henderson
John Yoo's Dilemma

Ivan Eland
Things Unsaid at the Petraeus Hearings

Alan Bock
Hold On and Pray

Doug Bandow
Iraq: Tell Us How This Ends

Nebojsa Malic
Glitz and Loathing in Sarajevo

Philip Giraldi
Obama Meets The Lobby

Charles Peña
McCain's Foreign Policy Vision: Style Over Substance

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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