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Updated April 25, 2008 - 10:07 PM EDT

US Preparing Military Ops Against Iran

  Iran Says No Confrontation With US in Gulf
  Gates: Iranians Kill US Soldiers
Sadr May Restart Full-Scale War on US

Sunnis Agree to End Boycott, Rejoin Iraq Government


Britain to Maintain Troop Levels in Iraq

  Friday: 1 US Soldier, 44 Iraqis Killed; 120 Iraqis Wounded

Pollard Prosecutor: Spy Arrest Shows Israel Lied


US: We Expect Full Cooperation in Kadish Case


Spy Case Poses Questions on Size of Israeli Ring

Syria Denies US Nuclear Claims


White House Releases Images to Bolster Claims About Syrian Reactor


White House: Syria 'Must Come Clean' About Nuclear Reactor

CIA Admits They Will Continue Rendition Program

  Machine-Gun-Toting Officers to Patrol NYC Subway
Taliban Chief in Pakistan Orders Halt to Attacks

Pakistan Says It’s Near a Deal to End Fighting With Militants

US: Afghan Violence Could Worsen in 2008


US to Heighten Afghan Role?

A Pentagon's Who's Who of Your Life  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
Cheney Obsessed With Iraqi WMDs and Syrian Nukes  by Steve Clemons
Kangaroo Tribunals vs. Trial
by Jury
 by Jacob G. Hornberger
Chalabi's Lobby  by Aram Roston
The Perilous Punditocracy
by Glenn Greenwald
Embedded in the Evening News
by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton

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Al-Sadr Shift: Away From Politics and Favoring Fight

Iraqi Army Claims It Is in Full Control of Basra

Iraq Fighting Drives Up Food Prices in Baghdad

Gap Opens Between al-Qaeda and Allies

North Korea Nuclear Talks to Survive Syria Charge

North Korea Says Made Progress With US Nuclear Envoy

German Pilot to Bombed City: Sorry About That

Reconstruction of Samarra Shrine Unites Factions in Iraq
Today in Iraq

The Men in Black Vanish and Basra Comes to Life

Aziz to Be Tried by Judge Who Hanged Saddam

Security Forces Seize IED Factory in Karbala

Curfew in Fallujah Reduced One Hour

Challenges Abound for Iraqi Olympic Hopefuls

New Data: Iraqi Oil Revenues Could Reach $70 Billion This Year

Iraq Oil Exports Hit 59 Million Barrels

Attacks Continue

Three Killed in Baghdad Bomb Blast

Iraqi Christians Fear for Their Lives After Lynchings

Rocket Hits Poland's Iraq Embassy, One Hurt

Thursday: 3 US Soldiers, 42 Iraqis Killed; 38 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

US Continues Iraq Reconciliation Effort by Releasing Nearly 200 More Detainees

Odierno Considered 'Best' Choice for Top Iraq Post

US Says It Has No Plans to Besiege Iraq's Sadr City

Two US Troops Killed in Salah al-Din

US-Iraqi Troops Raid Hospital in Baghdad

UK Defense Sec'y Cautious on Iraq Troop Cut

Defense: Soldier Admits Killing Unarmed Iraqi, Insists He Was Running Away

US Sells Secret Anti-IED Tech to Iraq

Amid Sadr City Chaos, American Medics Tend to Iraq's Wounded

The War at Home

Iraqi-American Sentenced in Oil-for-Food Case

Seller of Antiwar T-Shirts 'Not Worried' by Lawsuit

Documentary Film Searches for Truth in Abu Ghraib

'War on Terror'

ACLU Tells Senate: Stop Bush's Abuse of 'State Secrets'

Bush Lawyer Tangles With Judge Over Wiretaps

UK Courts: Terror Asset-Freezing 'Unlawful'

UK Ministers Offer Concessions Over 42-Day Detention Limit

Terms to Use and Avoid When Talking About Terrorism

Judge Rules on Terrorism Watch Lists

Britain: Suicide Bomber’s Farewell to Daughter Played in Court


Canadian Forces Paid Off Afghans Over Friendly-Fire Deaths

Lawsuit: Company Jeopardized Security at US Embassy in Kabul

Afghan Assembly Wants Tax Lifted on Food Imports

Battle of the Belly Buttons on Afghan Television

Afghan FM Warns Against Pakistan Peace Deal

Pakistan Might Release Red Mosque Cleric in Peace Deal

Pakistan Signs Deal With 'Bhutto Killer'

Pakistan Fury at NATO Border Raid

Car Bomb Kills at Least Three in North West Pakistan

EU Official: Musharraf to Remain in Power Until Retirement

Pakistan Considers Not Killing Indian Spy

India Takes Pakistan TV Channels Off Air in Kashmir


US Prepares to Deal With a Maoist Nepal Govt

Nepal Maoists Not Ready to Renounce Violence, Yet

Maoist Ex-Rebels Are Likely Leaders of Nepal Transition

Syria's 'Reactor'

Syria's Secret: Did North Korea Help to Build a Nuclear Plant?

Congress to Get Video Evidence on Syrian Facility

With Syria 'Reactor' Video, US Sends a Warning

CIA Reveals 'Syria Reactor' Files

Israel: Syria May Seek Retaliation in Light of Nuclear Revelations

Israel-Syria Peace?

Syrian President Ready to Talk to Israel Once Bush Term Ends

Former US Ambassador Calls for Talks Between Israel, Syria

Attempt to Cede Golan Doomed to Fail, Say Local Leaders

Mideast Peace Moves

Olmert and Abbas Lose Support Over Stalled Peace Process

Bush Meets Abbas, but Palestinians Criticize Plans for Trip

Israel's UN Ambassador Calls Jimmy Carter 'a Bigot' for Meeting With Hamas

Carter Rebuts State Department on Hamas

Israelis Claim Bush Gave Permission for Settlement Expansions

Abbas Asks Bush to Keep Closer Eye on Settlement Expansion

Israeli Law Would Pay Settlers to Leave West Bank


Israeli Ex-Soldiers Expose Abuse of Palestinians

UN Suspends Aid to Gaza, Cites Fuel Shortages

EU Demands Israel Ensure Delivery of Fuel to Gaza Strip

One Million Liters of Diesel Piped to Gaza

Israeli Military Tightens Security on Jordan Border


India and Iran: Getting Friendly?

Pakistan Ministry Says Iran's President to Visit

Iran Expelled from Defense Show for Showing Missiles

Iran Warns Syria Against Ties With Israel and US
Middle East

Israeli Cluster Bomb Left From 2006 War Wounds Four Children in Southern Lebanon

Senators Want Oil Linked to Middle Eastern Arms Deals

Libyan Envoy Stands by Israel-Nazi Comparison

Russia-Georgia Tensions

Georgia Accuses Russia of 'Creeping Annexation'

Russia Rejects Western Request Regarding Georgian Regions

Georgia Says Russian 'Peacekeepers' Must Go

Georgian FM Lauds US for 'Unconditional Support'


Second Belarussian Activist Gets Long Prison Term

Armenia Vows to Boost Efforts for Genocide Recognition


Sarkozy Sees Signs China Could Talk to Dalai Lama

Rebels Kill Five in Thai South

US Marine Charged With Rape in Japan


Ethiopian Spokesman Denies Somalia Mosque Killings

Ethnic Somali Region Turns Rebels in to Ethiopian Officials

450,000 Refugees Returned Home From Tanzania Since 2002

Kenyan Leaders in Call for Peace

Sudan Challenges UN Darfur Death Toll as Unfounded


Mugabe Foe Rejects Idea for National Unity Government

US Says Opposition Won Zimbabwe Presidential Vote

Torture Victims Seen in Zimbabwe

South African Clerics Call for UN Invasion of Zimbabwe

Tutu Urges Zimbabwe Arms Embargo


Justin Raimondo
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David R. Henderson
John Yoo's Dilemma

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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