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The Insignificance of Abu Zubaydah: Worthington
Helping Mullahs, Hurting the Poor: Babak Rahimi
The Un-American Treatment of al-Arian: Reese
Complicity in Acts of Aggression: Gordon Prather
The War on Terror Feeding Frenzy: Ian S. Lustick

 Philip Giraldi

Intelligence Estimate

 Mark Vonnegut

Armageddon in Retrospect

 Gareth Porter

Divide and Fail Completely at Conquering

 William Astore

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Updated April 26, 2008 - 11:13 PM EDT
US Preparing Military Ops Against Iran
  Report: US Found Date-Stamped Iranian Weapons in Iraq
  Iranian Video 'Shows No Threat to US Vessel'
Hawks Resurgent?
  Pentagon Reports on Iraq's Military Are Suspect, Audit Says
Iraq PM Sets Conditions to End Crackdown
  Report: Iraq Forces Need 'Years' of Improvements to Secure Country
  Shi'ite Cleric Tells Followers to End Fighting and Unite Iraqis
  Saturday: 49 Iraqis Killed, 123 Wounded
Israel Spy Nest: Bigger Than We Thought
  Abbas: I Failed in US, No Progress in Peace Talks
US Syria Claims Raise Wider Doubts
  Israeli Officials Slam US for Syria Comments
  US Says It Does Not Trust North Korea
Islamic Militant Guards America's Afghan Lifeline
Skepticism Toward Bush Claims About Syria and North Korea  by Glenn Greenwald
The Un-American Treatment of Sami al-Arian  by Charley Reese
The Insignificance and Insanity of Abu Zubaydah  by Andy Worthington
Pentagon Conduits  by Sheldon Richman
Helping the Mullahs, Hurting the Poor  by Babak Rahimi
Complicity in Acts of Aggression
by Gordon Prather

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Courts May Get More Latitude on 'State Secrets'
Groups Wrangle with CIA over 'Ghost Prisoners'
Pentagon Suspends Controversial Briefings
Memo: Don't Mention the Jihad
US Official: Iran Boosting Support for Iraqi Insurgents
New Baghdad US Embassy Lacks Housing for Its Workers
Iraqis Accuse Blackwater of Shredding Documents
Number of Iraqi Forces Trained Is Uncertain
German Spy Agency Admits Spying on Afghan Politician and Spiegel Journalist
UN Says Young Iraqis Increasingly Recruited for Violence
Today in Iraq
Sadr Tells Fighters to Observe Truce
Iraq's Unemployed Despair About the Future
With Violence Down, Iraqis Flock to Revitalized Baghdad Zoo
Iraq Oil Exports Down, Revenue Up in March
Large Amount of Weapons Found in Anbar
Iraq's Dance: Maliki, Sadr and Sunnis
Security Forces Prevent Sadrist Delegation From Entering Basra
Iraq Occupation
Warning on UK Iraq Troop Levels
Bomb-Stopping Tech Sold to Iraq
US Medics Tend to Iraq’s Wounded in Sadr City
Four al-Qaeda Gunmen Killed in US Attack in Samarra
Attacks Continue
Iraqi Journalist Killed Near Basra, Radio Station Says
Bomb Kills Child, Injures 25 in Basra
11 Killed in Clashes in Baghdad Shi'ite Bastion
Blast at Iraq Fuel Pipeline Wounds 8 Guards
Hospital Officials Say Seven Dead, 45 Wounded in Baghdad Clashes
Bomb Wounds Four Persons in Northern Fallujah
Five Gunmen Killed, Three Soldiers Injured in Shootout in Baghdad
Friday: 1 US Soldier, 44 Iraqis Killed; 128 Iraqis Wounded
Iraqi Kurdistan
Turk Warplanes Bomb PKK Targets in Northern Iraq
PKK Kills Two Members of Turkish Military
UN Condemns Turkey Border Deaths
The War at Home
Candidates' Comments on US Charges Against North Korea
Report Warns of Risks Created by Presidential Succession
House Republican Plans to Tack Telecom Immunity Onto War Funding Bill
US Bills Would Force Iraqi Govt to Pay for Operations
Feith Blames Powell, Bremer, Rumsfeld, Rice for Iraq
US Military
More US Troops Battle Foreclosure
DoD Official Defends Felony Waivers
Soldier Sues Army, Saying His Atheism Led to Threats
Lesson on How Not to Build a Navy Ship
'War on Terror'
'Brother's Death Changed bin Laden'
Detainees’ Mental Health Is Latest Legal Battle
Md. Man Gets Same Prison Term for Supporting Terror Group
Britain Upgrades Terror Assessment for Travelers
Russia Ready to Use Military Force in Georgia
Georgia Drone Shoot-Down Sparks Worldwide Spat
In Zimbabwe, Raid on Opposition and Election Monitors
Partial Zimbabwe Vote Recount Puts Opposition Ahead
DR Congo
New Fighting Stops Congo Aid
Hundreds Flee New Violence in Strife-Torn Congo Region
Facebook to Track Darfur Suspects
Rebel Army Resumes Campaign of Abducting Child Fighters in Africa
Weekend Reviews
Abu Ghraib: Snapshots of Horror
The No-Escape Clause on Iraq
Dear Diplomat, Whose Side Are You Really On?
Of Crime and Perception at Abu Ghraib
Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East
Mother's Poetry Illustrates the Pain She Felt While Her Son Fought in Iraq
ElBaradei Criticizes US on Syria Bombing
Officials: US Delayed Report on Syria Attack to Give Syria 'Breathing Room'
Congressional Calculus Triggered Syria Disclosures
Syria Ready to Cooperate With IAEA: Syrian Envoy
Syria Denies US Nuclear Allegations
Syrian Envoy Says CIA Fabricated Evidence
Syria Accuses US of Aiding Israel in Raid
North Korea
Risk to Pyongyang Deal Seen in US Release of Syria Nuclear Evidence
US Still Sounds Willing to Remove North Korea From Terror List
US Lawmakers Say Korea Deal Must Have Guarantees
US: Nuclear Talks With North Korea 'Productive'
A Timeline of North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Activities
IAEA to Resume Iran Talks on Atom Arms Allegations
Pakistan, India Agree on Company to Implement Gas Project With Iran
Conservatives Win in Iran's Second Round Voting
Polling Stations Quiet in Iran Round-Two Parliamentary Election
Israel Snubs Hamas Truce Offer
ID Cards Split Palestinian Families
Hamas Supporters Rally at Gaza Border
Militant Kills Two Israeli Guards at West Bank Divide
UN Calls on Israel, Hamas, to Find Solution to Gaza Fuel Crisis
Middle East
War Fears Drive Up Gun Prices in Lebanon
Yemeni Troops Clash With Minority Shi'ites
Afghan Leader Criticizes US, Calling Arrests and Casualties Too High
Afghanistan Wary of Pakistan-Taliban Peace Deal
UK Troops to Hand Control of Helmand 'Hot Spots' to Afghan Army
Taliban Hamper Dam Project in Afghanistan
Indian Abducted in Afghanistan Safe, Says Govt
Pakistan, Taliban Continuing Peace Talks Despite New Attack
Will Pakistan's Militants Lay Down Arms?
Blast Rocks Police Station in Pakistan
Sarkozy Fears Fall of Pakistan if Afghan Mission Fails
Nepal Vote Count Ends, Maoists Form Largest Party
Final Tally of Results From Nepal Vote
US Warns About Higher Risk of Attacks in China
Beijing to Meet Dalai Lama Envoy
US Welcomes China Move to Meet Dalai Lama Envoys
Historical Ties Between China and Tibet
Major Points of Contention on Tibet
Sri Lanka Bus Bomb Kills 25, Military Blame Tigers
A Deadly Harvest of Cluster Bombs in Laos
France to Launch New Bid for Colombia Hostage Release
International Coalition Rallies for Haiti
Turkey Slams Argentina in Genocide Row

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Jimmy Carter Gets the Point

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Dangerously Counterproductive

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Prosecuting No-Threat Stumblebums

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John Yoo's Dilemma

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Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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