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Assassins of Peace: Justin Raimondo
The Last War and the Next One: Tom Engelhardt
When Will We Ever Learn?: Mary Ruwart
Rev. Wright Is Not All Wrong: Ivan Eland
Selling the War With Iran: Nir Rosen

 Gareth Porter

Mahdi Army, Then Iran

 Candace Gorman

Al Hajj Freed, Others at Gitmo Still Languish

 Joshua Snyder

US Out of Korea!

 Bruce Gagnon

Every Great Empire Needs a Death Star

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Updated May 5, 2008 - 10:48 PM EDT
Iraqi Official: No Evidence Iran Arming Militias
  US Officials Say Hezbollah Training Iraqis in Iran
  Iran Seems to Reject West's Offer
  Iraq Increasingly Finds Itself Caught Between US and Iran
US 'Divide and Rule' Iraq Strategy Shortsighted
  Admiral Mullen: US Will Stand by Israel for Next 1,000 Years
  Report: US Not as 'Free' as Touted
Detentions Stirring Iraqi Resentment
  US-Backed Plan Envisions Shiny Future for Embattled Green Zone
  Iraq's First Lady Unharmed After Her Motorcade Is Bombed
  Gunmen Pull Iraqi Journalist From Car, Kill Her

Monday: 48 Iraqis Killed, 104 Wounded

Police, Army Officers Tied to Attempt on Karzai
Those Clever, Dastardly Iranians!
by Arthur Silber
Another Shock to Bush's Worldview?  by Thomas McAdams Deford
J Street: Do We Really Need Another Pro-Israel Lobby?  by Rannie Amiri
The Last War and the Next One
by Tom Engelhardt
McCain's Folly  by Ted Galen Carpenter
When Will We Ever Learn?  by Mary Ruwart

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Military Donations to Antiwar Candidates Rise
17 Vets a Month Commit Suicide Under VA Care
Bolivia's Richest Region Votes 'Yes' on Autonomy
Iraqi Refugees Look to Europe
My Friend's Son Killed in Iraq: By Contractors and US Agency?
The Rot Gnawing Away at Baghdad's Innards
US Missile Strike in Somalia May Provoke Backlash
Israeli Ministers Change 1949 Independence Proclamation
British Planners Feared Tea Shortage After Nuclear Attack
Greetings From Guantánamo Bay ... and the Sickest Souvenir Shop in the World
Today in Iraq
The Kurds Struggle – Inside a Tent City
Iraqi Govt: Sunni Bloc's Ministerial Nominees 'Unqualified'
Aziz Lawyer Wants Trial Moved to Safety of Kurdistan
Six Roadside Bombs Seized From Shop in Baghdad
Sunday: 33 Iraqis Killed, 66 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Military's Patience Wears Thin at Baghdad Checkpoint
US Forces Say Kill Nine Militants in Baghdad Clashes
Kentucky Derby Traditions Are Transplanted to Iraq
The War at Home
Obama Says Clinton's Tough Talk on Iran Too Much Like Bush's
Obama: US Would Defend Israel in Attack, 'Nuclear or Otherwise'
Cheney: History Will Show Bush Created a 'More Hopeful World'
US Military
Mullen: Military Alone Can't Resolve World's Troubles
Yet Another Iraq Vet Suicide – With Mother Watching
Recent Combat Experience Marks Army Leaders
Al-Qaeda in Pakistan Behind Attack on Karzai: Afghan Spy Chief
Afghanistan Urges Pakistan to Stop 'Terrorists'
US Puts Faith in New Roads to Build Afghan Security
A Soldier's Story: Video Blog From Afghanistan
Hungary Plans to Boost Role in Afghanistan
New Zealand Troops Deny Damaging Afghan Buddha Remains
Musharraf Aides Aim to Block Restoration of Judges
Pakistan's 'Gandhi' Party Eyes Taliban, al-Qaeda Peace
Militants Torch Girls' School in Swat Valley
Taiwan Businessmen Caught Up in China Spy Cases
Second Round of China-Tibet Talks Planned
Report: Chinese President Hopeful on Tibet Talks
Dalai Lama Aide Optimistic Over Talks With China
Awaiting Tourism Deal, Taiwan Is Primed for More Mainland Chinese Visitors
Fresh Battles Kill 43 Combatants in Sri Lanka
Thai PM Brushes Aside Media Criticism
Suu Kyi Remains Junta's Main Challenger
Nepal 'Boosts Global Communism'
In Bolivia, Autonomy Vote Deepens Divisions
Confrontations Leave 20 Injured in Bolivia's Referendum
Tensions Explode Over Bolivian Province's Autonomy Vote
New Colombia Drug Gangs Wreak Havoc
Nicaraguan Councils Stir Fear of Dictatorship
Rebels Hit Two Georgian Drones
Milosevic Loyalists Could Return to Power in Serbia
Iraqi PM Orders Panel to Document Iran 'Interference'
Iran Will Not Bow to Western Pressure, Leader Says
Israeli Ex-President Yitzhak Navon Calls for Peace With Syria
Rice: US 'Does Not Wish to Stand in the Way of' Israel-Syria Peace
Hundreds of Palestinian Troops Take Up Positions in Jenin
Abbas Calls on Hamas to Accept Early Elections
Palestinian Festival Showcases Growing Split Between Gaza, West Bank
UN Suspends Gaza Food Aid Again
Hamas Police Offer Free Rides to Gazans
Palestinians Seek Support on Borders
Israeli Occupation
Israel's Olmert Says He Will Meet Palestinian President Monday
Israeli Military Charges Three Soldiers With Assaulting Palestinian Civilian
Israel Shuts Two Gaza Crossings
Palestinian Civilian Killed as Israelis Shell Southern Gaza
Israel Allows Industrial Fuel for Gaza Power Plant
Global Mideast Fallout
Rice Calls for Concrete Steps to Improve Life in West Bank
Rice Says Settlement Expansions Weaken Israeli-Palestinian Confidence
Rice Pushes for Peace Progress; Israel Denies Hidden Agenda
Israel Spy Chief Said to Host UK Counterpart for Talks on Iran
Documents Show UK Post-WWII Dilemma Over Jewish Refugees
Eight Die as Qatari Mediators Restart Talks in Yemen
Yemeni Rebel Leader Warns of Escalation
Yemeni Court Overturns Closure of Newspaper
Middle East
In Lebanon, Hezbollah Arms Stockpile Bigger, Deadlier
Unrest Simmers as Egypt Strike Fails
Zimbabwe Opposition Mulls Conditions for Runoff
Report: 7,000 Casualties in Zimbabwe Violence
Zimbabwe Teachers Say They Are Targets Following Election
Somalis Protest Against US Strike
Witnesses: Somalia Fighting Kills 15
Ethiopian Soldiers Accused of Collecting 'Illegal' Tax Along Somalia Border
Somali Elder Arrested for Denouncing Extraditions to Ethiopia

Ethiopia PM Vows to Continue Somalia Efforts

Report: Puntland Extradites More Somali Civilians to Ethiopian Govt
Militants Blow Up Oil Company Facility in Nigeria
Nigeria Military Chief Says Oil Attacks Are 'Sabotage'
Darfur Rebels 'Arrest' 13 Census Staff

Justin Raimondo
Assassins of Peace

Ivan Eland
Rev. Wright Is Not All Wrong

Alan Bock
The Candidates' Similarities

Doug Bandow
Christianity and War

Nebojsa Malic
Much Ado About Nothing

Sascha Matuszak
The Sword Is Blunted

Charles Peña
Whither the Price of Oil?

Philip Giraldi
Jimmy Carter Gets the Point

David R. Henderson
John Yoo's Dilemma

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

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