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War and the Common Good: Anthony Gregory
Ghost Ships: Shayana Kadidal
Admitting Failure: Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
Jail Time for Tenet?: Ray McGovern
Pakistan Attack to Inflame Tensions: Gharib/Lobe

 Jeremy Scahill

Blackwater at War

 Matt Taibbi

The Great Derangement

 Gareth Porter

Cheney/Petreaus Plot for Fake Casus Belli

 Jim Lobe

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Updated June 12, 2008 - 10:01 PM EDT
Pakistan Slams US's 'Cowardly' Killing of Troops
  US Attack on Pakistani Soldiers Likely to Inflame Tensions
  Pakistan Slams Report That Military, Intel Aiding Afghan Insurgents
US Pact: Iraqi Authority Would Be Nominal
  Iraq Officials Question Need for US Troop Presence
  Bush Forced to Rethink Plan to Keep Iraq Bases
  Report: All British Forces to Be Pulled Out of Iraq Within a Year
  Thursday: 2 GIs,18 Iraqis Killed; 60 Iraqis Wounded
Strike on Iran Sites Under Discussion Again
  Bush Doesn't Rule Out Military Strike in Iran
High Court: Gitmo Detainees Have Rights in Court
  Iraq, Perceived Hypocrisy Fuel Anti-Americanism: Report
  House Waves Off Impeachment Measure Against Bush
  Secret Spy Court Repeatedly Questions FBI Wiretap Network
War and the Common Good
by Anthony Gregory
New York Times Circulates Fear-Mongering Claims on FISA Debate  by Glenn Greenwald
Some Call It 'Counterinsurgency'
by Don Bacon
Admitting Failure  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
Ghost Ships  by Shayana Kadidal
Jail Time for Tenet?  by Ray McGovern

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McCain: When GIs Leave Iraq 'Not Too Important'
Sheiks' Deaths Lead to Questions on Progress
Army: Friendly Fire May Have Killed Ranger in Iraq
Secret al-Qaeda, Iraq Files Found on British Train
Russia Plans Arctic Military Build-Up
House Roll-Call Vote on Impeachment Referral
Mullen: 'Stop Loss' to Continue
Antidepressants the Secret Weapon for US Troops in War Zones
Nepal's Deposed King
Leaves Palace Forever
Iraq Occupation
Bush Confident Iraq Troop Level Agreement Will Be Reached
Pentagon Chief Says Still Focused on Iraq Deal
US Enlists and Arms Patrols in Sadr City
IED Attacks Down in Mosul, US General Says
Soldier Dies of Non-Battle Causes in Iraq
Today in Iraq
US Military Disrupts 'Extremist Court System' in North Iraq
Iraq Agrees to Swap Data on Iran-Iraq War Prisoners
Iraqis Feel Stifled in Baghdad's New Shi'ite Ghetto
US Military: More Than 500 Iraqi Insurgents Join Reconciliation Process
Iraqi Journalist Sentenced to Three Months in Prison
The Best General in the Iraqi Army?
Attacks Continue
Iraqi Police: Bomb Kills 5 on Minibuses in Baghdad
Gunmen Blow Up Officer's House in Diyala
Wednesday: 2 U.S. Soldiers, 21 Iraqis Killed; 37 Iraqis Wounded
Iraqi Kurdistan
Kurdistan's Muckraking Media Test Free Speech Limits
Iraq's Kurds Condemn Turkish Shelling
Kurdistan in Midst of Construction Boom
The War at Home
Democrats Continue to Struggle With War Funding
Parties Do Battle Over US Forces' Future in Iraq
Congress Briefed on US-Iraq Agreement
Dems Reluctant to Take on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Gates Begins Wartime Transition to New Leadership
Caterpillar Annual Meeting Draws Protesters Over Israel Sales of Bulldozers
'War on Terror'
Experts Fear New Front With al-Qaeda as Terror Group Switches Focus From Iraq
State Dept Official: Arar Sent to Syria Legally
British PM Scrapes Win Over Anti-Terror Plans
British House of Commons Backs Longer Detentions for Terror Suspects
Terror Accused Eyes Islamic State of Scotland
Zimbabwe Military in Charge, Claims Tsvangirai
US Aid Is Seized in Zimbabwe
UN Official Says Somali Factions Sign Peace Deal
Top Somali Aid Worker Shot Dead
Djibouti Troops Killed on Eritrean Border
Famine-Hit Ethiopia Ups Army Budget
Six Tanzania MPs Face Treason Charges Over Secession
Moroccan Court Convicts 29 of Plotting Terrorism
Trial of Congolese Ex-Warlord Is Postponed
Medvedev Qualifies Optimism Over US Relations
Lawyers, Nukes, and Money: The Strange Case of Weldon's Russia Plan
Kosovo-Bound Troops Get Riot Training
Serbia Arrests Top Bosnian Serb War Crimes Fugitive
Animal Group: UK Naval Sonar May Have Killed Dolphins
US Freezes Weapons Sales to Taiwan
US Lawmakers Accuse China of Hacking Computers
Politics Shunted Aside as China, Taiwan Talk Again
Taiwan, China Talk About Adding Charter Flights
Rice Warns Iran That World Has Lost Its Patience
Iranian Leader Calls Bush a 'Wicked Man'
Iran Refuses to Yield on Nuclear Ahead of Solana Trip
Bush, EU Threaten New Sanctions Against Iran
Iran Dismisses Talk of Sanctions
Merkel Backs Bush on New Sanctions Against Iran
Exiles: Iran in Talks Threat Over EU Terror List
EU Postpones Decision on Iranian Opposition Group
Iran: No Bomb at Iraqi Envoy's Home
Iran Arrests Man Who Accused Clerics of Corruption
Israeli Officials Say Syria Talks Resume Next Week
Syria Plays Down Chances of Direct Talks With Israel
Lebanon Sees Need for Israeli Withdrawal Not Talks
Lebanon: Israel Must Quit Shaba Farms if It Wants Peace Talks
Livni: Future Palestinian State Must Fit Israel's Needs
Israel Backs Gaza Truce but Prepares for Offensive
Hamas: Israel Not Serious About Ceasefire
Israeli Protesters Press Government to Either Accept Peace or Invade Gaza
Girl, 6, Killed by Israel Tank Fire in Gaza
UN Chief Proposes Multinational Force for Gaza Crossings
Olmert Clears Party to Prepare for Primary
Israeli MPs Discuss Election Disqualification Law
Three Palestinians Firing Shells Into Israel Killed in Air Strike
Tourists Returning for View of West Bank Life
Scholars Accepted to Grad School, but Stuck in Gaza
Israel Urged to Bare Findings in Journalist's Death
US Strike in Pakistan
Pakistan Protests US Military Strike as Violation of Border
US Airstrikes on Pakistan Border Inflame Tensions
US Strikes Undercut Efforts on Pakistan-Afghan Border
US Defends Airstrikes That Angered Pakistan
Recent Clashes Along the Pakistan-Afghan Border
Pakistan Blames US Coalition for Troops' Death (video)
Australia Critical of US Air Strike in Pakistan
Envoy: Pakistan Will Hit bin Laden if It Finds Him
State Dept Official: Pakistan Strategy Involves No Talks With Terrorists
Pakistan Militants Execute 'US Spy'
Sharif Hints at Joining Opposition Over Judges Row
Pakistan Tightens Security for Lawyers' Rally
Pakistani Police Aim to Stop Lawyers' March
Canada Senate Urges Talks Between Troops, Taliban
Afghan Officials: 31 Killed in Airstrikes
Four Civilians, Many Taliban Killed in Afghanistan
Breakdown of Troop Numbers in Afghanistan
Not All Deaths in Afghanistan Are Down to the Enemy
US Pledging $10b for Afghanistan Development
Afghanistan's International Donors
Afghan Police Seize 261 Tons of Hashish in Massive Raid
An Anger in Korea Over More Than Beef
Rebels Destroy Sri Lanka Navy Outpost
The Decline and Fall of Nepal's Last King

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The US and China:
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Waging War Only When Necessary

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From Munich to Kosovo

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Iran Accusations Merit Skepticism

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The Fight for Memorial Day

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Talking About Nothing

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Israel at Sixty

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One Last Push for India-US Nuke Deal

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