Conservative Confusion on Iran: Philip Giraldi
What's NOT in IAEA Iran Reports: Peter Casey
Afghan Assault Could Alter Campaign: Jim Lobe
Jailed From Gitmo to Beijing: William Fisher
A Phony Crisis: Patrick Buchanan

 Scott Ritter

Reality Vs. the War Party

 Philip Weiss

The Israel Lobby

 Alan Bock

US Military Opposes Iran War

 Wade Boese

Missile 'Defense' in Eastern Europe

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Updated July 15, 2008 - 11:26 PM EDT

Karzai: Pakistani Spies Attack Afghanistan


Even 500-lb Bomb Couldn't Stop Taliban


Deadly Attack on US Base Sends Worrying Signal


Afghan Assault Could Alter Campaign Dynamics

Suicide Bombers Kill 35 Iraqi Recruits


Iraqis Demand End to Occupation

  US Eyes Short-Term Security Deal With Iraq

US Pleased, Worried by Newfound Iraqi Confidence


Brown Ends Hopes of British Withdrawal From Iraq


Tuesday: 49 Iraqis Killed, 98 Wounded

Court: Enemy Combatant Can Challenge Label

  Terrorist Watch List Hits One Million Names
  In ’06 Bomb Plot Trial, a Question of Imminence

Prosecutor Flagged by US Terror Watch List


Lawyers Want Detainees to Testify in Terror Trial

Ahmadinejad: Better Iran-US Ties After Elections
  Iran: EU Talks Won't Include Conditions
A Phony Crisis – and a Real One
by Patrick Buchanan
What's NOT in the IAEA
Iran Reports
 by Peter Casey
Is the UN Making Things Worse in Darfur?  by David Axe
Iran Shows Its Cards  by Scott Ritter
Torture and the Rule of Law
by Glenn Greenwald
Syria Basks in Diplomatic Breakthrough  by Sami Moubayed

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Pre-Service Crimes Often Go Uncited When Vets Claim PTSD

Congressional Report Reveals How Press Got Spun on Jessica Lynch

Officials Recall Little of What They Knew of Tillman Death

Uyghurs Jailed From Guantanamo to Beijing

US Wasn't Clued in Till End on Colombian Hostage Rescue

In France, Syrian Stirs Tensions

'Worse Than the Adult Prisons': Torture, Murder at Iraqi Juvenile Prison
Today in Iraq

Iraqi Election Law Still Incomplete

Shouts of Joy as Iraqi Officers Graduate

Iraq's Makeshift Medical Care: Advice and Antibiotics

Iraqis Make Up a Third of All Asylum-Seekers in Germany

Attacks Continue

Two High Ranking Army Officers Kidnapped in Kirkuk

Hand Grenade Leaves Three Civilians Killed, 14 Wounded in Baghdad

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 16 Iraqis Killed; 20 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Iraq Says Hope Slim for Security Deal With Current US Govt

'Standup Soldier' Who Killed Iraqi Journalist Had Troubled Past

General: British Troops to Have Long-Term Iraq Role

The War at Home

Poll: Americans Evenly Divided on Candidates' Positions on Iraq

Star Wars-Style Laser Technology to Reach Battlefield

Arms Fraud Inquiry Takes a Political Turn

'War on Terror'

Sleep Deprivation Raised in bin Laden Driver Case

Former US Atty: Ashcroft Pushed Out for Wiretap Opposition

British MPs Call for Inquiry Into Charges MI5 'Outsourced' Torture of Citizens


Outpost Attack in Afghanistan Shows Major Boost in Militant Strength

US Base Survives Close Battle With Taliban

Seven Afghan Civilians Killed by Taliban

Reporting in a Danger Zone: Held First by the Taliban, and Then by Pakistan

Hungarian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Pakistani Official: US Air Raids Undermining Govt

Taliban Suspend Swat Valley Peace Talks Again

Pakistan FM: America Needs Us

Taliban Settles Tribal Dispute Over Marble Quarry


IAEA Board to Meet Next Month on India Nuclear Deal

As Communists Fade, India's New Kingmaker Emerges


Russian Oil Supplies to Czech Republic Cut After Missile Defense Deal With US

Russian Warships to Return to Arctic Waters

Kosovo Serbs Feel Heat From All Sides

US Troops to Hold Exercises in Georgia, Ukraine

Saakashvili: Russia Is a Menace to Peace

In Other News

South Korea Says It Will Recall Ambassador From Japan Over Islands

Nepal Maoists Back Off Plan to Stop Gurkhas Serving in British Army

Niger's Nomads Fight for Rights


Iran's Ahmadinejad Predicts 'Abolishment of US Empire' in Region

Iran: Missile Drill Causing Massive Israeli Emigration

'Peace Would Hurt Syria-Iran Relations'

Ahmadinejad to Attend UN General Assembly

World Opinion on Iran

Karzai Opposes US Use of Afghan Soil in Iran Attack

Syria Warns Against Iran Strike

Kuwait Speaker Says US Provocative Toward Iran

Azerbaijan FM: Iran Poses No Threat


Settler Arrested in Failed Rocket Attack on Palestinian Town

After Eight Years, Wissam Abuajwa Walks to Freedom and an Education

Sources: Tony Blair Eyes Gaza Visit

Film Tells of Innocent Palestinian Killed by Israeli Troops Whose Organs Saved Israeli Children


Olmert Aide: No Intention of Withdrawing From Shebaa Farms

Israel PM Speaks of Snags in Hezbollah Prisoner Swap

Israeli DM: UN Resolution on Lebanon War Is a Failure

Israelis Gripped by New Pictures of Most Famous Missing Soldier

Defying US, Hezbollah Stronger Than Ever

Lebanese Remain Skeptical of Rapprochement With Syria


86 Indicted on Coup Plot in Turkey

Turkey Coup Charges Fuel Tensions as Government Faces Court Showdown

Four PKK Rebels Killed in Clash in Southeastern Turkey

Two Turkish Troops Die in Clashes With PKK Rebels

German Hostages to Be Released if Turkey Ends Operations, PKK Says


Sudanese President Charged With Genocide in Darfur

African Union: Suspend Sudan Genocide Charge

'Darfur Will Be the Graveyard for the Enemies of Sudan'

Sudan Becoming Unlikely Refuge for Foreigners

UN Troops Brace for Sudan Attacks as Bashir Faces Genocide Indictment

UN to Withdraw Staff From Darfur


Somali Rebels Capture Two Southern Towns

Thousands Flee Central Somalia as Clash Fears Mount

Somali Aid Worker Killed Near Mogadishu, Another Wounded

Somaliland Detains Puntland Officials in Sool Region


Mugabe Employs Foreign Fighters in Terror Campaign

Mugabe's Assets Under Scrutiny

Russia Denies U-Turn on Zimbabwe Sanctions

Russian Zimbabwe Veto Raises Questions About Medvedev


Justin Raimondo
Amber Alert!

Philip Giraldi
Conservative Confusion on Iran

Alan Bock
An Inconvenient Display of Democracy

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ivan Eland
An Aggressive and Hypocritical US Policy Toward Iran

Doug Bandow
Exit Iraq, and Leave No Bases Behind

David R. Henderson
Fisking Feith's
Faulty Case for War

Charles Peña
Is Iran Still an Option?

Nebojsa Malic
Being Walter Duranty

Sascha Matuszak
The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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