Turning the Tables on the Israel-Firsters: Scheuer
Omar Khadr's Interrogation at Gitmo: Worthington
Blogging Brobdingnagian Blowback: Khody Akhavi
Israel Targets Hamas Philanthropy: P. Hirschberg
Using One Tragedy to Create Another: Ron Paul

 Jon Eisenberg

Federal Judge Rules Bush a Felon

 Scott Ritter

Reality Vs. the War Party

 Philip Weiss

The Israel Lobby

 Alan Bock

US Military Opposes Iran War

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Updated July 16, 2008 - 11:28 PM EDT

NATO Force Hits Pakistan Targets

  US-Led Air Strikes Kill Nine Afghan Civilians
  GIs Abandon Afghan Outpost Following Attack
  US Looks to Send More Troops to Afghanistan Soon
  Afghanistan as the New Iraq?

Taliban Push Has US on Defensive

Iraq Surge Ends: 150,000 US Troops Remain
  Voice From Saddam Regime Issues a Call to Arms
  Suicide Bombers Kill 35 Iraqi Recruits
  Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 29 Iraqis Killed; 126 Iraqis Wounded

Court: Bush Can Detain US Civilians Indefinitely

  Interrogation Video: Teenage Detainee Pleaded for Help
US Envoy to Meet Iranian Nuke Negotiator

Top Senators Agree on Expanding Sanctions on Iran

  US Says Iran Has Missile That Could Hit Europe
Bush Claims Executive Privilege on CIA Leak
Israel Targets Hamas Philanthropy
Hezbollah Hands Over Soldiers' Bodies for Prisoners
Philippines, Muslim Rebels Reach Deal on Homeland
Turning the Tables on the
 by Michael Scheuer
Omar Khadr's Canadian Interrogation at Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Six Questions for Jane Mayer, Author of The Dark Side  by Scott Horton
Iran + Iraq = Ironic  by Jeff Huber
Using One Tragedy to Create Another  by Rep. Ron Paul
Blogging Brobdingnagian Blowback  by Khody Akhavi

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US Soldier Who Deserted Over Iraq Is Deported

Study: 'Lost' Small Arms Aid Iraqi, Afghan Militants

Bush Rejects 'Artificial' Timetable for Iraq Pullout

Slipping Back Into Chaos: Karzai's Afghanistan

NATO Hires a Coke Executive to Retool Its Brand

Rove Defends Defiance of Congressional Subpoena

Media Worker Homicides Increase Due to Iraq War

UN Warns Somali Crisis Could Rival '92-93 Famine

A Rare Glimpse Inside Guantánamo
Today in Iraq

Iraq Elections Law Delayed Over Kirkuk Dispute

MP Calls to Adopt 1957 Census to Resolve Kirkuk's Elections

British General: Basra Still Faces Shi'ite Militant Threat

Another Brief Footnote to the Absurdity of Daily Life in Iraq

Curfew Imposed in Iraq's Diwaniya

German Court Convicts Three in Plot to Kill Iraqi Leader Allawi

Attacks Continue

Violence Returns to Anbar Following Months of Relative Quiet

Four Dead, Seven Hurt in Mosul Attack

Mosul Struggles to Shake Off al-Qaeda

Some of the Deadliest Attacks in Iraq

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 56 Iraqis Killed; 99 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Petraeus Sees Long Road Ahead in Iraq

Lesser Charges Recommended Against Marine in Killing of Syrians in Iraq

DM: Australia Better Off Out of Iraq

The War at Home

Obama, McCain Find Some Accord on Afghanistan

McCain Says He 'Knows How to Win Wars'

Obama Says US Strategy in Iraq Is Unsound
US Military

Missile Defense's Money 'Spiral'

Total Nuke Dump Cost to Top $90 Billion

Report: Govt Tardy Securing Radioactive Material

Italy Indicts Iraqi Suspected of Plotting Attacks on US Bases

'War on Terror'

Video of Interrogation of Gitmo Teen Released

Revealed: How Guantanamo Pushes Inmates to the Edge

Europeans Join Court Pleas for Halt to Military Commission Trial

Canadian PM's Office Stands Firm on Khadr Position

Detainee's Lawyers Make Claim on Sleep Deprivation

Afghan Fight Drawing Foreign Jihadis
Bush: Iraq Better Off Than Afghanistan
Pentagon Steps Up Air Campaign Amid Call for More Ground Troops in Afghanistan

Increasingly Brazen Taliban Attacks Spell Trouble for Coalition Forces

Obama Says Afghanistan 'A War That We Have to Win'

19 Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan

Afghans Suspend Meetings With Pakistan After Attacks


Taliban Set Up Pakistan Courts

US Forces Who Ordered Pakistan Air Strike Didn't Know About Base

Western Troop Buildup Sows Alarm in Pakistan

Pakistan Moves to Put Muzzle Back on Father of Country's Nuclear Program

South Asia

War Is Only Job Available in Sri Lankan Village

Human Rights Group Faults India's Support of Anti-Insurgent Militia


Colombian Military Broke Law by Using Red Cross Emblem in Rescue

Could an Obama Win Hurt Chávez?


Iran to Powers: No More 'Condescending' Atom Talks

Iran Says Produces 'Stealth' Fighter Jets

Wife of Missing FBI Agent Plans Repeat Iran Visit

Saudi Arabia Offers Russia Arms Deal to Curb Iran Ties

Syrian President to Relay Message to Iran From Sarkozy

Israel-Hezbollah Swap

Israeli Cabinet Okays Prisoner Exchange With Hezbollah

German Secret Agent Mediated Prisoner Swap, Berlin Sources Say

Father of Captured Israeli Soldier Demands Revenge

Fragments of Diary Revive Saga of Missing Israeli Airman

Reviled in Israel, a Hero in Lebanon


Blair Nixes Gaza Visit in Light of Shin Bet Warning of Attack

Israeli Troops Abduct 12 Hamas Members in West Bank

Israel Wages War on West Bank Charities in Bid to Undermine Hamas

Anger as Israel Announces Arab Student Elections Will Be 'Supervised' by Police


Britain Bans Military Wing of Hezbollah

Indian Troops Help Lebanese Victims of Cluster Bombs Walk Again

Middle East

Bush's Mideast Legacy

Crisis Brews as Turkey's Ruling Party Faces Ban


US Ambivalent on Sudan Genocide Charge

Bashir Allies Vow to Back Him to Hilt

Genocide Charges Not a Threat to Sudan's Leader

China Urges Court to Rethink Sudan Arrest Warrant


Zimbabwe Considers Another Election to Ensure Mugabe Party Majority

14 Zimbabwe Opposition Activists Freed

Connection to Mugabe Threatens South African President's Legacy

Japan-South Korea Spat

Japan Defends Claim on Disputed Islands

South Korea Beefs Up Patrols Near Disputed Isles


House Votes to Punish Ruling Junta in Myanmar

Man Killed in Bomb Blast on Myanmar Bus


Taiwan to Stage War Game Against Chinese Attack

Official: Thai Troops Enter Cambodia

Indonesia to Accept Damning East Timor Atrocities Report

Russia and Her Neighbors

US Raps 'Aggressive' Russian Missile Defense Talk

Medvedev: Missile Shield Worsens Security

Blast Kills Seven Russian Soldiers in Chechnya

Russians Eye Stalin in 'Greatest Russian' Vote

US Troops Start Training Exercise in Georgia


Justin Raimondo
Amber Alert!

Philip Giraldi
Conservative Confusion on Iran

Alan Bock
An Inconvenient Display of Democracy

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ivan Eland
An Aggressive and Hypocritical US Policy Toward Iran

Doug Bandow
Exit Iraq, and Leave No Bases Behind

David R. Henderson
Fisking Feith's
Faulty Case for War

Charles Peña
Is Iran Still an Option?

Nebojsa Malic
Being Walter Duranty

Sascha Matuszak
The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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