Avoiding Brinksmanship with Iran: Frida Berrigan
The No-Fun Olympics: Sascha Matuszak
Everyone's Favorite Villain: Nebojsa Malic
NGO 'Blacklist' Unfair and Arbitrary: William Fisher
Obama on the Brink: Robert Scheer

 Pat Buchanan

The Good War a Big Mistake?

 Doug Bandow

War Powers and Foreign Follies

 David Bromwich

The War Party and the Times

 Andy Worthington

Torture and Bogus "Trials"

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Updated July 24, 2008 - 11:08 PM EDT
Iran Ends Cooperation With UN Nukes Probe
  Obama Talks Tough About Iran in Visit to Israel
  McCain: Israel Faces Gravest Threat in Its History
  Obama Calls Israel a 'Miracle', Holds Low Profile Meeting With Abbas
  Antiwar Movement Pushes Back Against Military Confrontation With Iran
US Talks With Iraq Could Stretch Years
  Son of Iraq Journalist Shot Dead by US Forces
  Brown Indicates End Is in Sight for Britain's Occupation Role in Iraq
  Iraq Elections Risk Delay After Presidency Council Rejects Bill
  Iraqi Forces Aren't Ready to Take Charge
Pentagon Plays Down Fears of Afghan Violence
  Ambassador: Al-Qaeda Leaving Iraq for Afghanistan
  Pentagon: Afghanistan Troop Increase Up to Next President
  Pentagon to Recommend More Troops for Afghanistan
  Civilian Risks Curbing Strikes in Afghan War
Bin Laden's Driver Walks Out on Terror Trial
US Abruptly Cancels Planned Meeting With Syrians
Pakistan Warns of New Nuclear Arms Race With India
Opportunity Knocked
by Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett
Who Wants to Talk About
Troop Strain?
 by Kelley Vlahos
US Military Recruits Children
by Michael B. Reagan
Iraq Event Horizon  by Jeff Huber
Avoiding Brinksmanship with Iran
by Frida Berrigan
Why No Trial by Jury at Gitmo?
by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Rice Pushes Top North Korean Diplomat on Nukes
North Korea Demands US Drop 'Hostile Policy'
Majority of Afghan Insurgents Not Taliban
US Plan Would Use Antiterror Aid on Pakistani Jets
Increased Fighting in Afghanistan Draws Attention to Strain Posed by Iraq War
NGO 'Blacklist' Unfair and Arbitrary, Groups Say
With His Blog Kaboom, a Young Soldier Told of His War. Last Month, the Army Made Him Shut It Down.
Sri Lankan Families Count Cost of War
Today in Iraq
Most NGOs in Iraq Losing Face
Iraqi Army Prepares Assault in Diyala as Election Law Vetoed
Iraq to Give Baghdad $3 Billion Facelift
Iraq's Banking Sector Eyes Growth as Violence Drops
Journalist's Son Killed in Kirkuk
Najaf Is a Corpse Smugglers' Haven
Germany and Iraq Sign Investment Accord
Wednesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
US Presidential Campaign
Obama: Surge Doesn't Meet Long-Term Goals
McCain Says Troops Withdrawn From Iraq Will Not Return
Obama Defends Plans for Direct Talks With Iran
Obama Defends Shifting Troops to Afghan Duty
Obama Campaign: McCain Flubs on Iraq Timeline
McCain Denies He Misstated Timing of Iraq Surge
Candidates Overseas Can Be More Show Than Tell
The War at Home
Neil Young Documents Antiwar Tour in Film
US Judge Upholds Secrecy of Rosenberg Testimony
Sen. Byrd: US Money Lost in Middle East
Four US Soldiers Charged With Conspiracy to Murder Iraqis
Detaining Justice
US Rejects Outside Probe of Canadian Sent to Syria
Guantánamo Prisoners Reportedly Not Told of Rights
Two Sides at Guantánamo Trial Paint Starkly Different Pictures of the Defendant
Video Prompts Canadian Soul-Searching
Bin Laden Driver Denied al-Qaeda Links

'War on Terror'

Report: Is Data Sharing Stopping Terrorists?
A City's Police Force Now Doubts Terror Focus
Video of 'Martyred' Child Used for Recruitment by al-Qaeda-Linked Group
TSA Now Conducting Random Behavioral Screening
Fliers Complain About X-Rated Security Screenings
UK Court Rejects Terror Plotters' Appeal
Radovan Karadzic
Karadzic's Capture Signals Big Shift for Serbia

Karadzic Handover to Hague Could Come This Weekend

Karadzic to Run Own Defence, Gets Shave, Haircut
The Double Life of an Infamous Serbian Fugitive
Angry Serb Nationalists Protest Karadzic Arrest
Karadzic's Secret Life Enthralls His Fellow Serbs
Karadzic Hid in Plain View to Elude Capture
Serb's Fugitive Life Had Mistress, Bogus Family
Karadzic Lived the Good Life With Wine, Song
Radovan Karadzic: What Happens Next?
Zimbabwe Talks Are Starting at Secret Location
EU Hits Zimbabwe With Enhanced Sanctions Package
Nigeria Militants Say Plan to Destroy Oil Pipelines
Nigeria Oil Giant 'Paid Rebels'
Somali Militant Warns of War
AU Says Troops in Somalia Need Help, Wants UN Force
Somali Govt Presses for UN Forces
The Only Man Somali Pirates Trust
Bashir Offers Peace, Aid in Defiant Darfur Tour
Funding for Free Cuba Is Frozen
Iran Sees US Respect but Says No Nuclear Retreat
Israeli Defense Sources Says Iran to Get New Russian Air Defenses by '09
US Warns Iran of More Sanctions
Iran Official to Meet IAEA Chief in Vienna
Iran Struggles With Power Cuts Despite Energy Riches
Iran Tells British AFP Journalist to Leave
Israeli Intelligence Bodies Warn Threat From Global Jihad 'Substantial'
The West Bank's Smallest Settlement
Israelis See Worrying Pattern in Bulldozer Attack
Extra Police on Jerusalem Streets After Attack
Syria Buries Dozens of Hezbollah Guerillas Returned in Prisoner Swap
UN: Hezbollah Outlines Terms for More Prisoner Exchanges
Middle East
Turkish Police Detain 26 Suspects, Probe Links in Alleged Coup Plot
Envoy Denies Danish Embassy Bomber Was Saudi
Imprisoned Activist Lashes Out at Mubarak Over Lack of Pardon
NATO, Afghan Forces Launch Offensive in Eastern Afghanistan
Afghan Police Needs 2,300 Additional Trainers: US General
Senior Taliban Commander Killed, British Army Says
NATO Says Several Militants Killed in Afghanistan
UK Soldier Is Killed, Two Wounded in Afghanistan Firefight
Merkel to Tell Obama Germany Has Afghanistan Limits
Tough Sell: Vacation in Amicable Afghanistan
Pakistan Vows Not to Allow Militants to Plot Attacks
Pakistan Winds Up Operation in Northwest, Says Military
Taliban Arrest in Pakistan Raises Western Hopes
Bhutto's Bodyguard Killed by Motorcycle Gunmen in Karachi
Pakistan Accused of Disappearing Terrorism Suspects
Indian Government's Unstable Win
With Indian Politics, the Bad Gets Worse
Opponents Form Alliance Against Indian Government
Nepal Ex-Rebels Won't Form Coalition Government

UN Peace Mission to Nepal Extended to Aid Stability

Thais Living on Cambodian Border Brace for Clashes
Thailand Assails Cambodia in Dispute Over Temple
UN to Take Up Thai-Cambodian Border Dispute
China Sets Up Olympic Games Protest Zones
Chinese Find No Links Between Bus Blasts, Olympics
Wolfowitz Says US Will OK Taiwan Arms Deal
In China, Fine Line Between Response and Overreaction
Envoy Says Tibetans Want Trouble-Free Olympics
China Arrests Cyber Dissident, Rights Group Says
Taiwan's Ma Seeks to Shore Up Latin America Ties
A Rare Tibetan Critic Sues China's Government
More Than 30 Killed in Sri Lanka Clashes
Japan Wants More Action on North Korea Abduction Row
On Russian Visit, Chavez Is All Business
Venezuela, Belarus Sign Oil Deal

Justin Raimondo
Is Obama the 'Antiwar Candidate'?

Nebojsa Malic
Everyone's Favorite Villain

Sascha Matuszak
The No-Fun Olympics

Charles Peña
Bidding War Over Afghanistan

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Alan Bock
An Opening to Iran?

Ivan Eland
Are 400,000 Terrorists Trying to Attack the United States?

Doug Bandow
John McCain: The Candidate of God – Mars, the God of War

Philip Giraldi
Conservative Confusion on Iran

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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