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Updated August 6, 2008 - 10:30 PM EDT
FBI Releases Anthrax Probe Documents
  Anthrax Deaths Turned Attention Toward Iraq
  Released Federal Anthrax Probe Documents

Gitmo Jury Finds bin Laden's Driver Guilty

  Trial Could Bring US Closer to Closing Gitmo
  Pentagon: Acquitted Detainees Still 'Enemy Combatants'

Guantánamo Bay Judge Admits Possible Error

White House 'Buried UK Intel on Iraq WMDs'


Report: Bush Ordered Letter Linking Iraq to 9/11

  White House Denies Fake Iraq-al-Qaeda Link Letter

Iraq Oil Profits Huge; US Pays for Reconstruction


Kurd President Says Iraq Vote Bill a 'Conspiracy'

  Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 27 Iraqis Killed; 22 Iraqis Wounded

US: Iran Reaction to Nuclear Offer Not Acceptable


FM: Iranian People Prefer Dialogue to Violence

US Frustrated by Taliban Resilience

  A Record July for Air Force Bomb Drops Over Afghanistan

Zardari, Sharif Agree to Impeach Musharraf

Afghanistan: Iraq All Over Again
by Liliana Segura
Thus Far, an Unconvincing Case Against Ivins  by Glenn Greenwald
Bush Tries to Make Spying
Even Easier
 by Matthew Rothschild
Nuclear Ban? Start With US
by Lawrence S. Wittner
Don't Know Much About History
by Justin Elliott
The Irrelevancy of the Gitmo Trials
by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Mahdi Army to Lay Down Arms

Bush Sees Common Ground With Maliki on Troop Reductions

New Iraq Operation Gets Surprise Support

Iraq's Female Bombers Rise as al-Qaeda's Men Fall

Are Feds Framing Dead Army Scientist for 2001 Attacks?

A Surgeon's Guidebook to the Horrors of Battle

In Arctic 'Cold War,' Russia Plows Ahead

Doubt Cast on US Version of Terror Suspect's Arrest

On Hiroshima Anniversary, WWII Survivors Want Nuclear Weapons Banned
Today in Iraq

Leader of US-Allied Sunni Group Killed in Iraq

High-Tech US Gear for Iraqi Arms Spending Spree

Iraq MPs Still at Odds Over Provincial Elections Law

Three Civilians Killed by Landmine Explosion in Basra

New UN Proposal Aims to End Iraq Election Impasse

Refugee Crisis

Palestinian Refugees Still Nearly Forgotten in Iraq's No-Man's Land

Iceland, Sweden to Take in Iraq's Palestinian Refugees

Attacks Continue

Gunmen Shoot Barber to Death in Basra

Insurgents Slit Throats of Three Tribal Policemen in Kirkuk

Tuesday: 2 US Soldiers, 21 Iraqis Killed; 26 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

British Troops Set Sights on Role in Iraq

UK: Claims of Basra Deal With Militiamen 'Not True'

US Releases Some Detainees in Iraq Back to Home Countries

Anbar Province Handover Delayed for Infrastructure, Economy, General Says

Iraqi Troops Say Army Is Willing, but Not Ready, to Fight Alone

'If They Find Out I Told You, They Will Kill Me'

The War at Home

Abu Ghraib Contractor CACI Loses Defamation Suit

Bill Will Ensure 'Sole Survivor' Veterans Get Full Benefits

Media Access to Funerals Allegedly Discouraged

US Military

Stealth Destroyer Largely Defenseless, Admiral Says

Pentagon: We Assumed Michigan Engineer Was Israeli Spy Because He Was Jewish
Anthrax Mystery

Some of the Remaining Gaps in the FBI Anthrax Case

Anthrax Widow's Lawsuit Blames US for Death

Anthrax Attack Debacle: Fox in the Henhouse

FBI Said to Have Stalked Ivins' Family

'War on Terror'
Mistrial Avoided, but No Verdict Yet at Guantanamo

Guantanamo Detainees' Foreign Interrogations Were Recorded

Pakistani Scientist

Accused al-Qaeda Sleeper Agent in Custody

Pakistani Scientist's Charges Fail 'Sniff Test,' Lawyer Says

Anger in Pakistan as 'Missing' Scientist Resurfaces in US Court

Pakistan Demands Access to al-Qaeda Suspect in US


Pakistan Remains a Key Ally, Says Pentagon

Military Installations Attacked in South Waziristan

Cop Among Two Killed, Five More Schools Torched in Swat Valley


Pentagon Spokesman Disputes Mullen's View of Afghanistan: Nothing 'Urgent or Precarious' About It

France Assumes Command of 5,000 NATO-Led Troops Deployed in Kabul

Soldier May Face Murder Charge in Afghan Death

Five Taliban Die in Clash With Afghan Police

Afghans Trading AK-47s for M16s

Afghanistan's Biggest Bookseller Launches Website

Fuel Prices Surge in Afghanistan After Imports Stop

South Asia

Two Cops Killed in Kashmir Clashes

India Accuses Pakistan of Plot to Send 800 Guerrillas


FARC Dissidents Assist Colombia


Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Are Remembered This Week

Hiroshima A-Bomb Museum Strives to Keep Memories Alive

Children to Mark Hiroshima Anniversary


US Air Force Think Tank Warns Against Attack on Iranian Nuclear Facilities

Iran Sanctions Likely to Rise as Election Issue

Iran Executes Journalist Convicted of Terrorism


Israel Exercises Prepare for Simultaneous Attacks on Syria, Iran, Hezbollah

Israeli Team in Cairo for Prisoner-Swap Talks

Israel Alerts Nigeria of Threat From Hezbollah

Mofaz: I Will Keep Jerusalem United as Israel's Eternal Capital

Israeli Anarchists Arrested for 'Illegal Protest' in Wake of Attack on Funeral of Teen Killed During Funeral of Boy Killed During Previous Protest

Settler Gang Pushes Palestinian Boy Off Roof

Israeli Minister Joins Race to Replace Olmert

Blair Relative in Gaza Protest

British Foreign Ministry to Keep Israeli Settlers Out of Future Embassy Events


Hamas Warns of Uprising Against Fatah in West Bank

In Gaza, a Blurry Line Between Enemies and Friends

Middle East

Syria's Assad in Turkey for Talks

Report: UN Forces Ready for Possible Rescue of Israeli Pilots in Lebanon


Report: China Intensifies Crackdown on Tibet

Tibetan Exiles Held on China Border

China Blames Muslim Group in Police Attack

Web Chips Away at China's Grip on Information

Ambush in China Raises Concerns as Olympics Near

Town in China Returns to Normal a Day After a Bold Attack Kills 16 Policemen


Bush Encounters Dueling Demonstrations in Asia

Water Cannon Used on Thousands of Bush Protesters in Seoul


Zimbabwe Parties Debate 'Hybrid' Govt at Talks

Mugabe Offered Amnesty and Job for Life in Draft Agreement


16 People Killed in Mogadishu Violence

Italian Hostages Freed in Somalia


For Kenya, a Month of Attacks, Then Quick Progress

Old Rocket Blamed for Chad Blast

Nigeria Troops Raid Delta Village

Russia-Georgia Tensions

Tiny Rebel Region Brings Russia and Georgia to Brink of War

Russia Warns Georgia Over Breakaway Region

Georgia Denies War Plans

NATO 'Not Aware' of Any Georgia Buildup, Urges Calm

Israel Halts Arms Sales to Georgia Amid Russian Pressure

Russia and Her Neighbors

Official: Russian Arms Sales to Set New Record

Kyrgyz Cops Find Weapons in US Citizen's Apartment


Britain Takes Delivery of US-Made Armored Vehicle

Montenegro Convicts 4 Americans in Albanian Uprising Plot

Poland Ends Conscription


Justin Raimondo
Bruce Ivins: The Movie

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My Energy Plan Is
Better Than Yours

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The Security Blanket

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From the Frying Pan…

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We Don't Need a War on Terrorism

Doug Bandow
Staying Out of Iraq Was the Truest Test for Any Prez Wannabe

Nebojsa Malic
Bosnia's Problem

Philip Giraldi
The Father of Lies

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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