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Obama's Cheney: Justin Raimondo
Georgian Fantasies: Where's the US?: D. Bandow
Afghan Surge: Too Much, Too Late?: Anne Jones
Cleaning Up After Bush: William Pfaff
Kosovo Precedent Prevails: Ted Galen Carpenter

 Lew Rockwell

Smash the Warfare State!

 Abdulkadir Abdirahman

America's Brutal Regime Change in Somalia

 Luke Ryland

The CIA, the Neocons and the Nuke Black Market

 Adam Isacson

Biden's Plan Colombia

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Updated August 29, 2008 - 11:11 PM EDT
Putin: US Orchestrated Georgia Conflict
  Georgia Cuts Ties With Russia
  Russian Relations With West Hit New Low Amid Talk of New Cold War
  US Military Frets Over Future US-Russian Ties
  UN Security Council Rebuffs Georgian Separatists
  US Weighs Sanctions, Russia Nuclear Deal at Risk
Brass Secretly Meet With Pakistanis on Carrier
  US General Says Iraq Militants Moving to Pakistan
  Officials: US Missile Attack in Waziristan Injures Four Civilians
  Pakistan Rocked by Renewed Violence and Angry Demonstrations
Void in US Strategy for Afghanistan
  Pentagon Reports US Airstrike Killed 5 Afghan Civilians, Not 90
  Afghans Say Deadly US Raid Based on Misleading Tip
  Only a Two-Page 'Note' Governs US Military in Afghanistan
Chaos Fills Void Left by Mahdi Army Departure
  Iraqi PM Changes Team Negotiating US Troops Pact
  Chalabi Aide Arrested on Suspicion of Baghdad Bombings
  Ex-Marine Cleared in Iraq Killings After Comrades Refuse to Testify
  Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 7 Iraqis Killed; 14 Iraqis Wounded
Defense Contractor Accused of Human Trafficking
  Contractors Account for a Quarter of US Spy Operations
State Dept Shrugs Off Increased Tensions With North Korea
'Red-Lining' in Cuba and Georgia
by Jacob G. Hornberger
All We Are Saying Is, Make Smarter War  by Matt Welch
Surging in Afghanistan: Too Much, Too Late?  by Anne Jones
Cleaning Up After Bush  by William Pfaff
'My Son Lived a Worthwhile Life'
by Emine Saner
A UK Window Into CIA Abuses
by Joanne Mariner

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US-India Nuclear Deal Headed for Fiasco
US Transferred Foreign Detainees for Interrogation
Bush Steps Up Fight Over Congressional Authority
Obama Could Open Early Iran Nuclear Talks: Adviser
Russian Tests Beat Anti-Missile Systems
Weak Afghan Police Threaten NATO Plan
Afghan Crisis Emerging Over Civilian Casulties
Cheney to Give Georgia More US Reassurances
Canada Requires Ship Registration in Arctic
Pakistan's Next President:
Mr. 10 Percent?
Iraq Occupation
IRAMs: the Deadly New Threat to Troops in Iraq
Iraq Says US to Hand Over Former Sunni Battleground
British Forces Conduct Heavy Artillery Training in Western Basra
Two Iraqis' Different Paths Lead to American Cooperation
Iraqi Forces Starting to Lead but Need US Aid
US Air Force Uses New Guided Bomb in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Sadr Extends Ceasefire for Militia
Yields Show Investors Have More Faith in Iraqi Bonds Than Those of Large Region US Banks
Kurdish MP Slams Govt Forces Deployment in Diyala's Disputed Town
In Iraq, Displaced Families Return to Ruins
Iraq's Port City Shows Signs of an Economic Comeback
Demining Operations Under Way in Basra
Civilian Killed in Market Blast in Kirkuk
Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 7 Iraqis Killed; 14 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
China Agrees $3bn Iraq Oil Deal
Kuwait Govt to Ask MPs to Forgive Iraq Debt
The War at Home
ACLU: Democratic Convention Protesters Denied Access to Attorneys, Forced to March in Leg Shackles
Police Block Veterans' Access to DNC in Largest Protest to Date
Former AIPAC Head Leads Push for American-Syrian Rapprochement
US Military
US Plans to Close 15 Army Facilities in Germany
US Marines Shifted From Iraq to Afghanistan
Two US Military Men Indicted on Bribery Charges
Camps for US Military Kids Aim to Ease Anxieties
UK 'War on Terror'
Lockerbie Evidence Wasn't Disclosed
Three Charged in Britain Over Brown Death Threats
Russia Links Its Help on Iran to Georgia Row
Russia's Medvedev Says Iran Nuclear Talks Must Go On
Inflation-Hit Iran to Lop Zeros Off Currency
Iran Offers Nuclear Help to Nigeria's Power Sector
Israeli Navy Allows Protest Boats to Leave Gaza
Police Detain Israeli for Entering Gaza in Blockade-Busting Boat
Ex-General, Diplomat Vie to Replace Israeli Olmert
Poll: Israeli FM Livni Winning Race to Succeed Olmert
Key Facts About Israel Leadership Candidate Mofaz
Internal Shifts in Hamas May Hinder Shalit Talks
Two Israeli Arabs Arrested Over Plot to Kill Pilots
Israel Arrests 17 Palestinians in West Bank
Ex-Shin Bet Man Suspected of Selling Stolen Gas to Gazans
Abbas: No to Settlement of Refugees in Lebanon
Lebanese Army Helicopter Hit, Pilot Killed
Did Hezbollah Shoot Down Lebanese Military Helicopter?
Egyptian FM Meets Lebanese Leaders in Beirut
Egypt to Partially Open Its Border With Gaza on Weekend
Antiterror Measures Incite Sectarianism in Yemen
Yemen's Fight Against Resurgent al-Qaeda
Yemen Says 30 al-Qaeda Suspects Planned Attacks in Saudi Arabia
Nine Somali Troops Defect to Armed Opposition Groups
Ethiopia Hints at Somali Pullout
Somali PM Says Plans to Reinstate Mogadishu Administration Agreed
DR Congo
Congo Rebels, Army Clash Near Congo Gorilla Park
Heavy Fighting Threatens East Congo Peace Deal
Russian-Western Tensions
Russia, US Trade Barbs Over Iraq, Kosovo at UN
Business Worried as US Weighs Russia Sanctions
West Mulls Few Options in Georgia-Russia Crisis
Russia's Asia Allies Fail to Back Georgia Action
France Says EU Considering Sanctions Against Russia
Lavrov: EU Sanctions Threat the Product of a Sick Imagination
Putin: 19 US Poultry Producers Barred From Russia
Belarus: Russia Had No Choice on Recognition Move
Medvedev: Georgian Troops Must Return to Barracks
Russia Accuses Georgia of Endangering Airliners
South Ossetia/Abkhazia
South Ossetia: Georgian Spy Plane Shot Down
South Ossetians Yearn to Be Free
Dream of Statehood Still Distant for Georgia Rebels
Georgians in 'Security Zone' Resigned to Russians' Presence
Georgian Parliament Urges Cutting Ties With Moscow
Russian Assault Unites Georgia Behind Saakashvili
Georgians Stuck in Limbo Begin to Lash Out at Saakashvili
Georgian Navy's Cruel Fate
Kosovo Names First Ten Charge D'Affaires to Western Countries
Ukraine Army Munitions Depot Burning, Villagers Evacuated
Turkish President Calls for Cyprus Solution Under UN Framework
Afghans Take Over Kabul Security
Bomb Kills US Coalition Member in Afghanistan
Taliban Claim Capture of Former Afghan Minister
Japan to Continue Afghan Mission
Village Life in Karzai's Afghanistan: Good Security, but Empty Stomachs
Roadside Bombing, Fresh Clashes Leave 31 Dead in Pakistan
Bombing of Pakistani Government Bus Kills 9
Pakistan Troops Kill Five Taliban Rebels, Official Says
Offensive in Bajaur Displaces Journalists
Pakistan Minister: Political Prisoners to Be Released in Balochistan
Pakistan: Afghan Refugees Allowed to Stay Beyond 2009
Peaceful Protests in Kashmir Alter Equation for India
Kashmir Police Kill Suspected Rebels in Shootout
Authorities Relax Curfew in Indian Kashmir
Church Trashed as India Religious Riots Spread
Indian Political Party Campaigns Against English
Sri Lanka
Fighting Kills 41 in Sri Lanka
Tamils Urged to Take Refuge in Sri Lankan Territory
Nepal Stops Tibetans From Storming China Mission
Thai Protesters Push Police Off Premier's Compound
Thailand PM Vows Not to Use Force
Bangkok Protesters Still Camped Out in Thai Prime Minister's Garden
South Korea to Drop 'Enemy' Tag for North
South Korea Warns Against North Korea Spies After Woman Held
Two Chinese Policemen Killed, Seven Wounded in Xinjiang
Taiwan Shuts Down for Air Raid Drill, Just in Case

China Rules Out Taiwan Joining UN Agencies

Darfur Rebels Claim Downing of Sudan Drone
Mugabe Ploughs Ahead With Cabinet
US Hits Ugandan Rebel Chief With Sanctions
Argentine 'Dirty War' Generals Get Life in Prison
As US Presses Drug War, Bolivian Is Antagonist and Uneasy Ally

Justin Raimondo
Obama's Cheney

Doug Bandow
Georgian Fantasies: Where are the Americans?

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US-India Nuclear Deal Headed for Fiasco

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Nebojsa Malic
Mystery in Moscow

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Philip Giraldi
The Evil Empire Revisited

Alan Bock
Blowing Opportunities

Ivan Eland
Missile Defense May Cause Downward Spiral in US-Russian Relations

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

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