Free World Colossus: Lee Congdon
Empire of Nothing: Doug Bandow
What Have We Got to Lose?: Gordon Prather
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Worry About bin Laden, Not the Taliban: Ivan Eland

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Updated September 21, 2008 - 11:23 PM EDT
60 Killed, 257 Injured in 'Pakistan’s 9/11'
  Pakistani President Tells Foreign Troops to Keep Out
  Bomb a Warning to End Pakistan-US Cooperation
  Senior CIA Officers Were Target of Islamabad Blast
  Truck Bomb's First Target May Have Been Prime Minister's House
Afghanistan Largely Quiet for Peace Day
  Modernized Afghan Taliban Runs a Parallel Government
Russia Rejects New Measures Against Iran
  IAEA Shows Photos Alleging Iran Worked on Missile
Police: Iran-Trained Iraqis Return for Attacks
  Change of Paymaster Raises Worries in Saddam's Hometown
  Sunday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 114 Wounded
Army Alters Photographs, Issues Them to Associated Press
W. Point Report: Yemeni Terrorists Gave Plenty of Warnings
What Have We Got to Lose?
by Gordon Prather
A Million Doors Open for Peace
by Katrina Vanden Huevel
US Constitution Not Just
a Piece of Paper
 by Howard J. Blitz
Empire of Nothing  by Doug Bandow
Free World Colossus  by Lee Congdon
Reasserting the Constitution
by Bruce Fein

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Thousands Join UK Antiwar Protest
Thousands in France, Germany, Protest Afghan Deployment
British Defense Ministry Accused of Covering Up Injuries to Troops
UK: Injured Soldier Calls for More Disclosure About Wounded Troops
Obama's Iran Divestment Bill Blocked by Republicans
US Backed UN General Despite Evidence of Abuses
Why McCain Loves Misha
US: Judge Orders Cheney to Preserve Records
Russian Black Sea Fleet Making Waves
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Analyst: Proposed US-Iraqi Deal Slammed as Humiliating
Iraqi Mayor Detained After Weapons Cache Discovered
Iraqi Newspaper Warns of Coming Difficult Stage
Promoting a Vision of Tourist Bliss in Baghdad's Dusty Rubble
Iraqi: Falluja Demonstrators Want Return of Police Chief to Office
Iraq: Kurdish Parties to Abandon Government Offices in Diyala
Tight Security for Shi'ite Imam Anniversary in Iraq
Back in Iraq, Jarred by the Calm
Attacks Continue
Officials Say Gunmen Kill Cleric in Southern Iraq
Bomb Outside Iraq's Journalist Union Wounds Boss
Police: Car Bomb Kills 3, Wounds 23 in Northern Iraq
Saturday: 16 Iraqs Killed, 41 Wounded
The War at Home
Palin to Meet With Afghan President and Henry Kissinger
Palin Warns of 'Second Holocaust' if Iran Develops Nuclear Weapons
Q&A: McCain, Obama on Iraq, Iran, Putin
US Military
Bailout Is as Big as Budget for Pentagon
Pentagon Weapons-Buying: 'Dumb as a Bag of $600 Hammers'
Fla. Homes Built Atop Old Bombing Range, Owners Only Recently Alerted
'War on Terror'
7 Years Later, 9/11 Hijackers' Remains Are in Limbo
Web Problems Hit Release of al-Qaeda 9/11 Video
New al-Qaeda Tape Surfaces Despite US Efforts to Block It
Feds Say Fort Dix Suspects Sought Other Targets
Russia & Her Neighbors
Georgia, Ukraine Seek UN Support Against Russia
Russia, France Put Aside Georgia War Differences
Shaky Economy Suddenly Dims Russian Prospects, Including Military
Spain Braced for Opening of Civil War's Mass Graves
Austria: Quake Sets Off Buried WWII Bomb
Israel's Olmert to Resign on Sunday: Spokesman
Barak, Netanyahu Meet; Livni's Associates Upset
PA Chief of Staff: We Must Be Ready to Use Force Against Hamas
Hamas Says Favors National Unity Government With Fatah
Abbas: Failure to Reach Peace With Israel Will 'Change Parameters of Debate'
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Woman During Raid on West Bank
Hamas Accuses Israel of Back-Pedaling in Shalit Negotiations
Army Says Troops Kill Palestinian With Firebomb
Palestinians Despairing of Independence Effort
IDF Releases Video of Thwarted Yitzhar Attack
Crossing the Line: West Bank Tours Gain Popularity
IAEA: Syria Passes 1st Test of Nuclear Probe
Syria: If Livni Wants Peace, She Will Achieve It
Turkey: Syria-Israel Talks to Continue With Livni in Charge
Lebanese Muslims Turning Backs on Suicide Bombings
Controversial Dyncorp Training Lebanon's Security Forces
Lebanon: Iraqi and Palestinian Refugee Rappers Longing for an End to Mideast Conflicts
Middle East
Gaza-Egypt Border Crossing Opens for Two Days
British Embassy in Yemen Shut After Attack on US Mission
Turkey's Erdogan Under Fire for Media Boycott Call
Venezuela Criticizes McCain Ad Targeting Chavez
Brazilian Oil Company to Return Amazon Oilfield to Ecuador
Attack in Pakistan
US Intel: Pakistan Strike Bears al-Qaeda Hallmarks
Pakistan: Terrorist Strike at 'Den of Western Decadence'
Govt Says Islamabad Attack Hardens Resolve to Fight Terror
Pakistan Bombing Is Marriott's Biggest Loss in 81 Years
Questions About Blast at Pakistan's Marriott Hotel
US Condemns Attack in Pakistan, Backs Government
Recent Bomb Attacks in Pakistan
New Pakistan President to Abolish Dictatorial Powers
UK PM Expects US-Pakistan Border Strikes Pact Soon
Eight Killed as Suicide Blast Hits Pakistani Troops
Four Deposed Judges Reappointed Into Pakistan Supreme Court
Strike Against Indian Rule Shuts Down Kashmir
35 Hurt in Clashes Over Kashmir Strike
Violence Haunts Man From Kashmir to Delhi
New Delhi Police Claim Conspiracy Behind Blasts
India Discovers Homegrown Islamic Terrorists
Hindu Leader Arrested in Indian Church Attacks
India: 12 Amarnath Activists Hurt in Clashes
NATO Report: French Soldiers Unprepared for Taliban Ambush
Karzai to Discuss Afghan Casualties With Bush
Afghan Troops Kill Five Insurgents, Detain Six Others in East
Three International Soldiers, Two Afghans Killed in Blasts
NATO to Halt Afghan Operations for Peace Day
North Korea
North Korea Nuclear Deal Falling Apart
Worry at Border as North Korea Restores Nuclear Reactor
Speculation on North Korean Leader Thrives in Factual Vacuum
Kim Jong Il's History of Disappearing
Nepal Maoist Chief Heads to US to Meet Bush, Address UN
Malaysia Frees Blogger Held for Suspected Sedition
For Tibet's Nomads, China's Relocation Proves a Mixed Blessing
Nigerian Militants Step Up 'Oil War' Claiming Sixth Attack
Nigerian Militants Say Shell Pipeline Wrecked
Nigeria Militants Wage Most Intense Oil War for Years
South Africa
South Africa's Mbeki Agrees to Party Call to Resign
Profile: South Africa's Thabo Mbeki
Intimidation and Fear as Mugabe Says He Is in the 'Driving Seat'
Mauritania Says 12 Held by al-Qaeda Were Decapitated
Angolan Opposition Retains Leader Despite Poll Rout
Americans Keep Dying
Dallas (TX) Sergeant Reportedly Killed by Fellow Soldier
Staff Sergeant, Father of Four, Killed by Fellow Solider in Iraq (FL)
Tennessee Reservist Killed in Iraq Was Expecting First Child
Pittsburgh-Area Army Pilot Killed in Firefight in Afghanistan (PA)
Navy Seal From Flushing (MI) Killed in Afghanistan
Wentzville (MO) Soldier Dies at Military Base in Iraq
California 'Mom' Wants Proper Burial for Soldier Killed in Afganistan
Navy Corpsman From Arlington (WA) Killed by Bomb in Afghanistan
Houston Native, Army Colonel Dies in Kuwait on Third Iraq Tour (TX)
Armada (MI) Sailor Slain in Afghanistan Was Navy Seal

Justin Raimondo
Sarah Palin, Neocon Pod Person

Ivan Eland
Worry About bin Laden, Not the Taliban

Doug Bandow
Time to Tell Irresponsible Allies No Thanks

Nebojsa Malic

David R. Henderson
A Star Is Born

Alan Bock
Seven Years of Incomprehension

Charles Peņa
What $700 Billion?

Philip Giraldi
Feeding on Fear

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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