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Updated September 23, 2008 - 11:06 PM EDT
Pakistan Warns US on Cross-Border Raids
  Pakistan Rejects US Help in Probe of Hotel Blast
  US Denies Helicopter Incursion Into Pakistan
  USAF Major Among Dead in Pakistan Hotel Blast
  The Gloves Are Off in Pakistan
  Heretofore Unheard-of Group Claims Credit for Islamabad Blast
US, Afghans, Pakistanis Consider Joint Forces
  Bush Admin. Reviews Afghan Policy, Exposing Points of Contention
  Militants Kidnap 155 Workers Building Afghan Base
US Soldiers Accidentally Kill Sunni Leader in Iraq
  General: No Cut in Iraq Troop Levels Expected
  $13 Billion in Iraq Aid Wasted or Stolen, Ex-Investigator Says
  Baghdad to Assume Responsibility for 'Sons of Iraq'
  Iraqi Detainees Languish in Clogged Justice System

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 19 Iraqis Killed; 27 Iraqis Wounded

The Anti-Iran Speech Palin Never Gave
  Protest Against Iran Goes Ahead Without Clinton or Palin

North Korea Asks UN Agency to Pull Reactor Seals

Georgia Claims to Have Shot Down Russian Drone

Whose Iraq Predictions Have Come True?  by Rep. Ron Paul
The American Left Also Is Claimed by the Israel Lobby  by Philip Weiss
Zardari Can't Please His Paymasters and His Electorate  by Dilip Hiro
Blackball Georgia  by Doug Bandow
Calling Gitmo What It Is  by Aaron Glantz
More Victims of Canada's 'National Security' Zealots  by Sheema Khan

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Palestinian Politics on the Road to Nowhere
US War Resister in Canada Wins Stay of Deportation
Poll: Most Americans Think US Is Losing War on Terror
Russian Warships Set Sail for Maneuvers Near US Waters
Risks Seen for US as It Freezes Out Russia
Finnish Admiral: Cluster Bombs Important for Our Defense
Court: US Govt Can't Block Detainee Photos Release
Iraqi Insurgents Forced Underground
Iraqi Forces Find Mass Graves
in Diyala Province
Iraq Occupation
US General: Iraq Government Faces Credibility Test
US Negotiators to Return to Iraq for Security Talks
Iraq's Security Pact Negotiations With US
US Soldier Fights Accusations of Killing Iraqi
Britain Declares 'Turning Point' in Iraq
Today in Iraq
On Safer Streets in Baghdad, Friction Infiltrates Sunni Patrols
Iraqi Lawmakers Condemn Suicide Bomber Cartoon
Shell Opens an Office in Baghdad After a 36-Year Absence
Iraq's Mehdi Army at Crossroads as US Scales Down
US to Return 'Priceless' Iraqi Artifacts
Bomb Kills Five Children in North Iraq
Iraqi Envoy to Iran: No Country Willing to Host Mujahedeen-e Khalq
Monday: 1 US Soldier, 40 Iraqis Killed; 18 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Obama, McCain Agree: Military Option in Iran Relevant
Record Funding for National Guard, Says Gates
Govt Contractor Pleads Guilty to Passport Snooping
For Military, Slow Progress in Foreign Language Push
Bush's Bumpy Engagement With the UN
'War on Terror'
Why the Car Bomb Is a Terrorist's Best Weapon
Paperweights Shut Down NY Airport
Inquiry Opens Into London Police Shooting
Retrial Begins in Muslim Charity Terrorism Case
Gitmo Judge Enlists Help From 9/11 Mastermind
9/11 Suspect Refuses to Leave Guantánamo Cell
Six Powers to Mull Iran Sanctions on Thursday
IAEA Rebuts Iran's Reasons for Blocking Atom Probe
IAEA Turns Up Heat on Iran Over Alleged Nuclear Weapons Work
Ahmadinejad in New York Amid Protests, US Election Controversy
British Police Probe Arson Attack on Iranian Embassy
Livni Charged With Forming New Israeli Govt
Labor Lays Out Demands for Joining Livni Coalition
Likud Slams Livni, Barak
Jerusalem Vehicle Attack Injures 20, Mostly Soldiers
PA Forces Raid Hamas Office
Four Hurt in 'Acid Attack' at West Bank Checkpoint
Cash-Strapped Palestinians Get More Aid Pledges
Middle East
Lebanese Officials Fret as 8,000 Syrian Troops Deploy Near Border
Kuwait DM Dismisses Claims of Iranian Spy Ring as 'Rumor'
Egypt Officials: Kidnapped Tourists Released Without Ransom
Venezuela to Buy Chinese Combat Planes
Terror Attack in Pakistan
US Official: Al-Qaeda Still Main Pakistan Bomb Suspect
Pakistan Leaders' 'Narrow Escape' From Bombing Denied
Islamabad: 'We Are All in Pain and Agony'
Islamabad Bomb's Secret Ingredient
Holiday Shopping in Islamabad Suffers in Wake of Bombing
British Airline Stops Pakistan Flights After Bomb
Today in Pakistan
Battle of Bajaur: A Critical Test for Pakistan's Daunted Military
Pakistani Government Pressured in Terror Fight
Report: Zawahiri Aide Arrested in Pakistan
Afghan Diplomat Abducted in Pakistan, Driver Shot
Pakistan's Tribal Areas and Militants
Suicide Bomber Strikes in Pakistan, Nine Troops Killed
Militants Sever Pipeline in Swat Valley
US Vows Long Fight on Extremism
India, Pakistan Agree to Kashmir Border Trade Route
Pakistan: Indian Troops Killed Girl in Firing Across LoC
US Frees Afghan Journalist After 10-Month Detention He Describes as 'Hell'
France to Reinforce Afghan Mission After Killings
French Opposition Withdraws Support for 'War of Occupation' in Afghanistan
Six Civilians Killed in Afghan Blast
UN Council Renews Afghan Peacekeeping Mandate
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Fighting Rages, at Least 67 Killed
Sri Lankan Army Closes in on Tamil Rebel Stronghold
North Korea
US Tries to Save Crumbling North Korean Nuke Talks
Japan Plans Missile Test as North Korea Fears Grow
North Korean Options for Nuclear Plant
US Carrier to Face Huge Protests in Japan
Eyed by China, Taiwan Begins Low-Key Military Drill
Nuclear Deals in Sight as Indian PM Heads to US, France
EU Hurries to Deploy Beefed-Up Georgia Mission
Russian Court Finds 13 Guilty of Ethnic Killings
German-US Tensions Grow Over Baltic Pipeline
Accused Claims Northern Ireland Parliament Attack Was Art
Nigerian Military Responds Cautiously to Militants' Cease-Fire
Nigerian Militant Leader Needs Medical Care: Wife, Lawyer
DR Congo/Uganda
UN Says Ugandan Rebels Take Away Children in Congo
Uganda Army Goes on Alert Over Rebels
Eastern Congo Fighting Displaces 100,000: UN
Mortar Attack on Somali Market Kills Up to 30
South African's Resignation Poses Risks for Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal
Al-Qaeda in North Africa Issues New Threats

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Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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