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Updated September 28, 2008 - 11:28 PM EDT
US Fears 'Oct. Surprise' From Pakistan
  US Jets Violate Pakistan Airspace Again
  Taliban Show No Let-Up Despite 8,000 Additional Soldiers in FATA
Afghan Police: 3 Civilians Killed by NATO Strike
  Secret Taliban Peace Bid in Afghanistan
  Why the West Thinks It Is Time to Talk to the Taliban
  Taliban Revival Sets Fear Swirling Through Kabul
Car Bomb Near Syrian Security Base Kills 17
  Israel Denies Involvement in Deadly Damascus Bombing
US Says 5 Iranian 'Proxy' Insurgents Held in Iraq
  Kurdish Politician Killed in Disputed Region
  Sunday: 51 Iraqis Killed, 138 Wounded
Senate Sends Huge Defense Bill to Bush
House Approves Nuclear Trade Deal With India
N. Korea Says US Demands Forced Them to Rebuild Reactor
G6, US Agree Primacy of Individual Liberty in 'War on Terror'
With All Eyes on the Bailout, House Passes Trillion-Dollar Defense Bill  by Joshua Holland
Just What We Need: New Reasons to Go to War  by Sheldon Richman
Cold War Revisionism: Once Again the Major Historical Task  by Dan Spielberg
US Raids on Pakistan: Violations of Sovereignty  by Brian Cloughley
How Major US Neo-Imperialist Wars End  by Robert Higgs
King David Recruited to Expel Palestinians  by Jonathan Cook

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EU Inquiry: CIA 'Backed' Irish Battle Against Brussels Treaty
Russia Slams Failure of US 'Unipolar' Policies
US Incursions Seen as Risky for Pakistan
Belarus Dictator Courts Europe Before 'Unfree and Unfair' Election
Britons Named in Plots to Arm Iran
Anthrax Suspect's Colleagues: 'Prove It'
Former Gitmo Prosecutor Blasts Tribunals
Pakistani Tribesmen Organize
to Fight Taliban Insurgents
Today in Iraq
Kurdish, Iraqi Forces Clash in Disputed Area
Rice, Iraqi Diplomat See Progress on US-Iraq Security Deal
Captors Offer Body of British Hostage for Iraqis' Release
Shell's $4 Billion Iraq Breakthrough Could Boost Britain's Natural Gas Supplies
Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 13 Iraqis Killed; 29 Iraqis Wounded
Foreign Policy Debate
New US Debate Territory: Pakistan and Iran Policy
In Debate, McCain Blasts Russia as KGB-Run
Obama, McCain Clash Over Attacks on Terror Havens in Pakistan
McCain: Nuclear-Equipped Iran Threatens 'Second Holocaust'
Foreign Policy Quotes From US Presidential Debate
McCain Misstates Some Facts in Debate on Foreign Policy
The War at Home
When Judges Make Foreign Policy
Pakistan Looms Large for Next US Administration
Biotechs Get Rival Deals to Build Anthrax Vaccine
Mother, Son Going to War Together
Rep. Murtha Sued Over Haditha Remarks
UK 'War on Terror'
North London Terror Arrests Linked to Controversial Muslim Book
Thousands of Personal Files Stolen From RAF Base
Damascus Car Bomb Another Blow to Syrian Security
Opposition Website: Syria Blast May Be 'Work Accident'
Syrian FM: Peace Negotiations With Israel Stalled
Syria FM Hails 'Positive' Talks With Rice
MK Tibi: Meeting With Syrian FM Unplanned
Golan Brides Know There Is No Going Back
Timeline: Syria Attacks
UN Reaffirms Previous Sanctions on Iran
Iran Dismisses Draft UN Nuclear Resolution
Iran's Former Central Bank Chief Warns Against Fueling Inflation
Iranian Jew's Visit to US Stops Short in Israel
Kuwait Urges Iran 'Not to Harbor Terrorists'
Hamas Says Mideast Quartet Is Pro-Israel
Jerusalem Police Looking Into Messages on Rightist Forum Vowing to Attack Senior Political Figure
McCartney Israel Gig Sparks Controversy
Israeli Injured by Palestinian Fire Near Qalqilya
Palestinians Attack Students Near Hebron
Israel Releases 24 Palestinian Prisoners
Berri Accuses Israel of Launching Intelligence War Against Lebanon
Israel Claims to Have Thwarted 50 Hezbollah Abduction Attempts
Somalia Pirates Capture Tanks Bound for Kenya; US and Russia in Hot Pursuit
US Destroyer Watching Hijacked Ship Off Somalia
Nine Killed in Somalia After Firing at Airport
AU Condemns Attacks on Its Peacekeepers in Somalia
Zimbabwe's Designated PM Makes 'Urgent' Appeal for New Govt
Chad Ratifies African Union Non-Aggression Pact
Weekend Reviews
What to Read While the Junta Consolidates
Cold War Revisionism: Once Again the Major Historical Task
Winter Soldier: Eye Witness Accounts of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
Best-Ever Antiwar Novel and Movie
The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel
Iraq-Like Green Zones Being Set Up in Pakistan
Over 30 Die in Fighting in Restive Pakistani Region
Pakistan's Zardari Quits Dinner Amid Turf War Between Envoys
The Long Road to Chaos in Pakistan
Pakistan: 15 Militants Killed in Dera Bugti Clashes
Official: Militants in Pakistan Tribal Region Forced Families to Give Up Sons to Fight
Pakistani PM Says People Back Fight With Militants
Benazir Bhutto Murder Probe to Cost UN $40 Million
PM Gilani: Pakistan Army Working Under Democratic Govt
US General: Taliban Can't Launch Winter Campaign
Five Taliban Said Killed in Afghanistan
Risks Increase for Afghan War Reporters
Black Widow: Afghanistan and Pakistan Border's Inhospitable Beauty
Police: Bomb Hits Delhi Market, 2 Children Dead, 18 Others Wounded
Seven Guerrillas, Soldier Killed in Kashmir Gunfight
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Military: 63 Dead in Airstrikes, Battles
War Worsens as Sri Lanka Puts Pressure on Rebels
South Korea Weighs North Korea's Dialogue Offer
Administration Pushing to Salvage Accord With North Korea
North Koreans Visit Tesco in China to Escape Starvation
North Korea in the Midst of a Mysterious Building Boom
South Korea Questions China Fishermen for Deadly Clash
High Level UN Talks Held to Push Myanmar Reforms
Jailed Chinese Dissident's Health Said to Be Poor
A Tycoon Tweaks Putin, and Gets Away With It
Czech FM: Russia Acted Like Colonial Power in Georgia
Ossetians With Georgian Husbands Grapple With Life
AP Examines Deadly Clash on Bolivian Jungle Road
Fears of Turmoil Persist as Powerful President Reshapes Bitterly Divided Bolivia
Colombian Soldiers Urged to Kill in Combat
Venezuelan Leftists Honor Late FARC Rebel Leader
International Legal Threat From Ecuador Over Its Debts
Nicaragua: Critics of Ortega Claim They Are Being Silenced
Brazil to Compensate US Pastor Tortured in 1974
Belarus Voting Watched by US for Signs of Opening
Macedonian Parliament Strips Deputies of Immunity
Americans Keep Dying
Texas Soldier Dies Two Years After Being Wounded in Iraq
Army Lieutenant (VA) Was Due for Leave Stateside in Weeks
Army Chaplain (TX) Serving in Kuwait Dies at Walter Reed
Air Force Major (TX) Killed in Pakistan Blast Remembered
Sailor (GA), Native of Alabama, Killed in Pakistan Hotel Blast
Wyoming National Guardsman Killed by Afghan Roadside Bomb
Family Mourns Illinois Soldier Killed in Iraq Hummer Accident
Tucson (AZ) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Iowa Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Remembered for Humor
Illinois Guardsman Killed in Afghanistan Laid to Rest
Officer From North Bend (OR) Dies of Noncombat Injuries in Afghanistan
Family, Friends Say Goodbye to New York Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Family, Friends Grieve for NY Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Honduran-Born Texas Guardsman Dies in Copter Crash
Soldier With North Texas Ties Killed in Afghanistan
Kennedale (TX) Guardsman With Ties to Oklahoma One of Seven Killed in Chopper Crash
Springton (TX) Guardsman Killed in Helicopter Crash in Iraq
Charleston (SC) Soldier Leaves Behind Wife and Three Children

Justin Raimondo
Iran: And the Beat Goes On

Ivan Eland
Republicans on the Left and Democrats on the Right

Charles Peņa
The Pakistan Dilemma

Philip Giraldi
Ashes of Empire

Alan Bock
Time for a New Pakistan Policy

Doug Bandow
Time to Tell Irresponsible Allies No Thanks

Nebojsa Malic

David R. Henderson
A Star Is Born

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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