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Another Case of Failed Interventionism?: Wm. Lind
Fears of Blowback Nixed Afghan Air Strikes: Porter
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Maverick? Lunatic.

Pakistani Legislators Show Little Appetite for a Fight    Winter Soldiers: 'We Have to Share This Pain'    Fears of Blowback Nixed Afghan Air Strikes in 2004    Bush's War on Civil Liberties    Zero Plus Zero Equals Zero    Pakistan Under Pressure to Accept IMF Funding    Venezuela Plans New Caribbean Naval Base    A New Breed Grabs Reins in Anbar    ElBaradei: Iran Nowhere Near Acquiring Nuclear Weapons    Teen Feigns Death to Escape Taliban Massacre    Big Government Gets Bigger Under Bush    US-Iraq Deal Could Mean Jail Time for Contractors    Pre-WWII Machine Gun May Have Downed British Plane in Iraq in 2005    Pakistan Muzzles Its Guns    Sri Lanka: Rebels Attack Troops After Luring Them to Territory    State Department Official Praises Pakistan Strikes, Cautions Against Peace Talks    Zimbabwe Opposition Boycotts Summit With Mugabe    Georgia, Kazakhstan Withdraw Forces From Iraq    US: Military Action, Not Talks, to Deal With Militancy in Pakistan    Al-Qaeda in Iraq:
Another Case of Failed Interventionism?
    Ossetians Accuse EU of Ignoring Georgian Attacks    When Is a Child Not a Child?    British Aid Worker Killed in Kabul for 'Spreading Christianity'    Iraqi Tribes Caught Between Rival Shi'ite Parties    Shi'ite Bloc's Demands Stall US-Iraq Pact    Blackwater Sees Treasure in Pirates    Sri Lanka Admits Heavy Troop Loss    Mukasey and Mueller Maul the 4th Amendment    US Presses Iraq on SOFA as Support Dries Up    Dictator Disregards Constitution Once Again    Smearing Colonel Vandeveld    The Torture Time Bomb    
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Updated October 21, 2008 - 11:10 PM EDT

US Praises Air Strikes, Against Pak Peace Talks


Pakistani Legislators Show Little Appetite for a Fight

  Over 100 Feared Dead in Swat Valley Air Strikes

Pakistan Under Pressure to Accept IMF Funding

US Presses Iraq on SOFA as Support Dries Up

Tuesday: 27 Iraqis Killed, 52 Wounded

NATO's Political Will 'Wavering' in Afghanistan
  Fears of Blowback Nixed Afghan Air Strikes in 2004

NATO: 20 Insurgents Killed West of Afghan Capital

ElBaradei: Iran Nowhere Near Acquiring Nukes

US Drops Charges Against 5 Gitmo Prisoners

  Bush Decides to Keep Guantánamo Open

Big Government Gets Bigger Under Bush

Al-Qaeda in Iraq: Another Case of Failed Interventionism?  by William S. Lind
Bush's War on Civil Liberties
by James Bovard
Dictator Disregards Constitution Once Again  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Torture Time Bomb  by Philippe Sands
When Is a Child Not a Child?
by Andy Worthington
Smearing Colonel Vandeveld
by Ross Tuttle

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US-Iraq Deal Would Whittle Troops' Immunity

Winter Soldiers: 'We Have to Share This Pain'

Former NY Times Reporter Judith Miller Joins Fox News

Blackwater Sees Treasure in Pirates

Peace Now Head Receives Death Threats

For Iraq, Falling Oil Prices Could Have Silver Lining

Opposition in Georgia Makes Call for Protests

US-Iraq Deal Could Mean
Jail Time for Contractors
Today in Iraq

Iraq's National Museum Could Reopen After 2 Years

Childhood Cut Short in Baghdad

Maliki Says Christians Entitled to All Rights

Nineveh Operations Commander Urges Christian Families to Return

Iraqi Politics

Jaafari: US Pact Dishonors Iraq

Shi'ite Bloc's Demands Stall US-Iraq Pact

Iraqi Tribes Caught Between Rival Shi'ite Parties

A New Breed Grabs Reins in Anbar

Talabani Stresses Consensus in Ruling Iraq

Attacks Continue

Bombs Strike Bus, Taxi in Baghdad, Killing 4

Monday: 1 Marine, 28 Iraqis Killed; 16 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

US Referees Iraq's Troubled Kurdish-Arab Fault Line

Pre-WWII Machine Gun May Have Downed British Plane in Iraq in 2005

Iraq and the World

Georgia, Kazakhstan Withdraw Forces From Iraq

Iraq Neighbors' Interior Ministers Meeting Starts in Amman

The War at Home

Expanded GI Bill Too Late for Some

Protesters Call for 'Peace' Jobs

'War on Terror'

Military Report: Terms 'Jihad,' 'Islamist' Needed

Trial Starts for Muslims Accused of Plotting 'Jihad-Inspired' Attack on US Base

Trial of Al-Qaeda Terror Suspects Starts in Saudi Arabia

South Asia

India, Russia to Sign Civilian Nuclear Deal in December

Trucks Set to Cross Kashmir Divide After Six Decades

Line of Control Between India and Pakistan

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Admits Heavy Troop Loss

Sri Lanka Says Troops Seize Key Rebel Village

Sri Lanka: Rebels Attack Troops After Luring Them to Territory


Ossetians Accuse EU of Ignoring Georgian Attacks

Georgia Seeks Billion-Dollar Shot in the Arm in Brussels


Russia Is Striving to Modernize Its Military

Oil Prices Force Russia to Confront Problems


Admiral Mullen Visits Serbia

The Massacre That Haunts Slovenia

Leftovers From Kristallnacht Found Near Berlin


Sharif Warns US Official Against Pakistan Strikes, Calls for Peace Talks

US Diplomat Visits Pakistan Amid New Violence

Pakistani Assault on Bajaur Triggers Refugee Crisis

Pakistan Muzzles Its Guns

Pakistan's Deposed Top Judge Chaudhry Eyes Old Job

Pakistan Court Orders American Held in Jail


Gunmen Kidnap Former Afghan Presidential Candidate in Kabul

Teen Feigns Death to Escape Taliban Massacre

Afghan Suicide Blast Kills Seven

British Aid Worker Killed in Kabul for 'Spreading Christianity'

An Old Afghanistan Hand Offers Lessons of the Past


Russian Official: No Obstacles to Starting Up Iran Nuclear Plant

Iran Talks Produce No Result

Iran: Defeat in UN Security Council Unjust

Iran in Troubled Waters as Oil Plunges


Palestinians: Abbas and Olmert to Meet Oct. 27

Rice Defends Middle East Legacy

Abbas Criticizes Israel on Attacks During Harvest

Abbas Hints He Might Not Leave Office When His Term Ends

Egypt Presents Fatah, Hamas With Palestinian Unity Proposal

Israeli Police Arrest 9 Jews Over Assaults on Arabs

Israel's Livni Gets More Time to Form Government

Israel Mulling Non-Aggression Treaty With Lebanon


Disarray at Turkish 'Deep State' Trial

One Dead as Turkish Kurds Rally for Leader

Middle East

Gadhafi to Visit Moscow to Shop for Weapons


North Korea, a Bit Less 'Evil,' May Try to Open Up

North Korea Holds Rare Cabinet Meeting on Economy

Some Facts About the North Korean Economy


30,000 Somali Students Out of School Due to War

Power-Sharing Now on the Cards in Somalia

UN Worker Shot Dead in Somalia

Middle East

Zimbabwe Talks Delayed for a Week

Tsvangirai Denied Passport for Zimbabwe Talks

US Threatens New Sanctions on Zimbabwe's Mugabe


Venezuela Plans New Caribbean Naval Base


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