Bipartisan Policy: Bomb-Bomb Iran: Gordon Prather
Obama Gets Powell, McCain Gets al-Qaeda: Eland
Iraq: Did the Surge Work?: George Hunsinger
Suddenly, the Law Applies in Iraq: Jacob Hornberger
Joining the War Over the Constitution: Nat Hentoff
 Grant F. Smith


 Jim Bovard

The Democrats: More of the Same

 Gareth Porter

Bush Loses Iraq ... More

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Updated October 26, 2008 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Copters Hit Syrian Village, 8 Dead
Report: US Drone Strike Kills 20 in Pakistan
Report: US Air Strike Kills 24 Afghan Guards
  US Plans Afghan Surge Amid Frustration With UK
  Kabul: 2 Foreigners Shot to Death by Own Security Guard
  Britain May Be in Afghanistan 'For Decades'
US-Iraq Deal 'Dead in the Water'
  Iraqi Sunni Bloc Breaks Ties With US After Killing
  Iraqis Join Voices Against US Security Pact
  No One Knows How Many Iraqis Are on Duty
  Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 21 Iraqis Killed; 17 Iraqis Wounded
Bush to Seek Diplomatic Presence in Iran
  Iran's Nuclear Sites Too Deep for Israel to Hit
Snap Israeli Elections May Bring Right Turn
  Shas Betting on Its Renewed Alliance With Netanyahu
Georgia: Blast Kills Mayor Near Abkhazia Region
  Explosion Destroys Key Bridge in Georgia
How Iraqi Democracy May Mean an Early US Withdrawal  by Tony Karon
Don't Expand NATO
by Benjamin H. Friedman and Justin Logan
Collateral Damage: Reporting the War in Iraq  by Chris Toensing
Iraq: Did the Surge Work?
by George Hunsinger
Bipartisan Policy: Bomb-Bomb Iran
by Gordon Prather
Suddenly, the Law Applies in Iraq
by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Spy Pigeons Circle the World
I Am a Middle Eastern Cigarette Smuggler
Why Did the NSA Classify 'Public' Report on Wiretaps?
US Military Bracing for Wartime Presidential Transition
Both Candidates Embrace Diplomacy
Gitmo Tribunals Overseer Under Investigation
Charges Filed Against 26 Washington Demonstrators
CIA Accused of Sabotaging Cuba-Bound Ship in Thames
US, UN Differ on Afghan Opium Ebb
Iraq Occupation
Military Pact Traps Baghdad Between US Demands and Iranian Fears
Report: Iraq Seeks Alternatives to US Security Pact
Shi'ites in Basra Protest US-Iraqi Pact
US Iraq General to Help Turkey Fight Kurd Rebels
Today in Iraq
Mass Commemorates Christians Murdered in Iraq
Two Policemen Killed in Mosul
Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 21 Iraqis Killed; 17 Iraqis Wounded
US Military
For Some in the Military, Danger Is Seen Off Duty, Too
Terrorist 'Tweets'? US Army Warns of Twitter Dangers
US Airman Injured in Japan Plane Accident

'War on Terror'

US Penalizes Companies for Selling Arms Technology to Iran, North Korea and Others
Afghan Man Arrested in New York Narco-Terrorism Case
Australia Warns of Indonesia Terror Threat
Police Marksman Who Shot Menezes Apologizes to Family
Battles of Britain
UK: Iraq Hero Hits Out at Hercules Inquest
£86 Million Scheme to Prevent Muslim Radicalization Is 'Gravy Train' for Local Groups
Sharia Rulings on Divorces and Disputes to Be Rubber-Stamped by English Courts
UK Defense Secretary: Vow for Better Equipment for Troops
Palestinian Force Enters Hebron in Security Drive
Father's Letter Reaches Kidnapped Soldier in Gaza
Palestine: Leadership Vacuum Feared After Abbas
Three Palestinians Die in Gaza-Egypt Tunnel Collapse
Olmert-Abbas Meeting Postponed
Israel: Pipe Bomb Uncovered at Hawara Checkpoint
Palestinian Football Players Stuck in Gaza Ahead of Historic Match
2 Palestinians Injured by IDF Fire
US Resupplies Lebanon Military
Nasrallah: Rumors I Was Poisoned Are 'Psychological Warfare'
Hezbollah Says Drug Allegations Target Its Image
Darfur Attacks Displace 12,000, Kill More Than 40
Publisher: Darfur Journalist Held Incommunicado
Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Says No Deal Just to Satisfy Mediators
Another Aid Worker Killed in Somalia
Pirates Hijack Nigeria Oil Ship, Attack Two Others
Rwanda: Two Sentenced for Killing Priests
Americans Keep Dying
Family, Friends Remember Soldier (IL) Killed by Friendly Fire
East Texas Soldier Killed in Iraq by Indirect Fire
Alabama Family in Dark on Cause of Son's Iraq Death
Bronx (NY) Police Officer Killed While Serving in Afghanistan
Marine (CA) Killed in Afghanistan Came From Cambodian Family of Pacifists
Army Reservist, Cop 'Really Left an Impression' (CA)
Stark (OH) Woman in Marines Dies in Iraq
Shelby County (TX) Soldier Killed by Bomb in Afghanistan
Army Captain (WA) Killed in Afghanistan Leaves Behind Wife, Four Children
Kabul Security Deteriorates
Taliban Say NATO Troops Must Leave to End Afghan War
British DHL Courier Dies in Kabul Depot Ambush
British Survivors of the 'Mouth of Hell' Back With Tales of a Deadly Tour of Duty in Afghanistan
Survivor Tells of Harrowing Escape From Taliban Bus Hijacking
Turkish Govt Says Three Turks Kidnapped in Afghanistan
Aid Group: Motive for Worker's Murder in Kabul Unclear
Kabul Was a Fun City for Foreigners; Is It Becoming the New Baghdad?
Myriad Militant Groups Operate on Pakistan Border
Al-Qaeda Influence Apparent in Groups in Pakistan
Commander: Pakistan 'Turns Corner' in Offensive
Army: Pakistan Troops Capture Militant Stronghold
Suspected Militants Kidnap 9 Policemen in Pakistan
Pakistan: Rebel Leader Reported Killed in Bajaur Operation
Incarcerated Scientist Asks Rulers Not to Take Pakistan's People for a Ride
Thousands of Refugees Stuck in Camps in Pakistan
Pakistan: Six More Killed in Swat Violence
Christians Face Attacks in Eastern India
India Defense Minister Rules Out Military Logistics Pact With US
China & Her Neighbors
Half a Million March in Taiwan Against China, President
Dalai Lama Says He Has Given Up on China Talks
China, Vietnam Seek Sea Border Resolution 'This Year'
Japan's Leader Wants More Phone Time With China
North, South Korea to Hold Military Talks Monday
Sri Lankan Govt Says Civilians Held by Rebels Against Their Wishes
Thai Policeman, Muslim Militants Killed in Gunfight
Six Philippine Soldiers Killed in Rebel Ambush
Indonesia: Three to Be Executed for Bali Attacks
Basque Rallies Demand Referendum on Independence From Spain
Blasts Hit Two Basque Train Stations, No One Hurt

Spain Stirs Its Civil War Ghosts

Spain Honors International Brigades Volunteers as Civil War Row Grows
Euroskeptics Routed in Czech Election
Complicated Task for Critics of Georgian Leader
Cash-Strapped Belarus Seeks Russian Help in Crisis
Mayor of Moscow Exports Russia's New Nationalism
Venezuela's Chavez Wants to Jail Main Political Rival
Drills Heighten Brazil-Paraguay Tensions
Weekend Reviews
A Life of Vice
How the US Military Turned Me Into a Terrorist
Is the Sun Setting on US Empire?
Constitutional Peril

Justin Raimondo
Bailing Out Georgia

Ivan Eland
Obama Gets Powell and McCain Gets al-Qaeda

Doug Bandow
Constitutional Peril

David R. Henderson
Central Planning at Home
and Abroad

Charles Peña
What Happens in a Police State…

Philip Giraldi
Zero Plus Zero Equals Zero

Alan Bock
Coffee With Robert Fisk

Nebojsa Malic
Cheap Thrills

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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