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How Much Global Re-engagement? by Jim Lobe
The Juggernaut by Tom Engelhardt
Travesty of Tolerance on Display by Jonathan Cook
Obama's Choice by Nebojsa Malic
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Iraq: US Get Out!

 Robert Parry

Technological Terror War

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Updated November 6, 2008 - 11:25 PM EST
First 'Wartime' Transition Since 1968
  President Obama – a World Reacts
  Obama May Keep Some Bush Foreign Policies
US Responds to Iraqi Revisions of Troop Pact
  No Change Expected in Iraq After Obama's Win
  US Announces Tiny Cut in Iraq Troop Levels
  Sadrists Call on Obama to Withdraw Troops From Iraq
  Iraqis Worry About Obama, While Many GIs Celebrate
  Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 13 Iraqis Killed; 23 Iraqis Wounded
US Strike Against Taliban Kills More Civilians
  Increasing US Air Strikes Take Toll in Afghanistan
  US Airstrike Kills 40 Civilians at Afghan Wedding
  Karzai Appeals to Obama: Stop Killing Civilians
  Taliban Ask Obama to Begin 'A New Era of Peace'
  Afghanistan Welcomes Obama Win, Wants New Strategy
Is the Gaza Ceasefire Over?
  Israelis Wary of Obama Presidency
  Analysts: Obama May Have to Put Mideast Peace on Backburner
Bombers Kill 19, Wound Dozens in NW Pakistan
Russian Plans to Deploy Missiles Near Poland
Iran Warns US Not to Violate Iranian Airspace
Obama to Seek Global Re-engagement, But How Much?  by Jim Lobe
The Juggernaut: Obama and 'the Elecular'  by Tom Engelhardt
Travesty of Tolerance on Display in Jerusalem  by Jonathan Cook
Stop Gates  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Shifting Military Vote  by Kelley Vlahos
More Treachery at Guantánamo
by Andy Worthington

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Pakistanis Hope US Under Obama Will Be Less Bossy
Diplomat: Maliki Claims He Helped Obama Win
Iran Warns US Forces After Obama Win
Obama to Get First Intel Briefing Thursday
Obama Awakens Hopes for a Thaw in Cuba Relations
Informant's Credibility Targeted in Fort Dix Trial
US Troops Too Busy for Vote Returns
Giant New Bombs Threaten US Super-Trucks
Suddenly, It May Be Cool to Be an American Again
Africans Hopeful but Analysts Skeptical After Obama Triumph
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Govt Confident Obama Won't Withdraw Troops Too Quickly
US Envoy Hosts First Event at New Embassy in Baghdad
Minister Says Iraq Able to Receive Security Responsibilities
Troops in Iraq Become US Citizens
Suicide Bomber Kills 6, Wounds 12 in Baghdad
Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 13 Iraqis Killed; 23 Iraqis Wounded
'War on Terror'
Train Driver Thought British Police Were Terrorists: Inquest
FBI Says Airline Passenger Restrained With Duct Tape
UK Army Interpreter Convicted of Spying for Iran
Lawyers: Accused Syrian Arms Dealer a Spy for Spain
Iran Sees US Choppers Near Its Frontiers
Dutch Backpacker Defies Politics to Invest in Iran
Barak: Israel Wants Gaza Truce Intact Despite Raid
Israel Demolishes Four Houses in Arab East Jerusalem
Protest as Israel Demolishes Palestinian Home
Israel Kills One in Northern Gaza Airstrike
Hamas Fires Rockets at Israel After Six Killed
Rice Off to Mideast as Peace Deadline Looms
Israeli Court Clears Way for Jerusalem Museum
Another Voyage Set for Gaza Peace Ship
Lebanon's Reconciliation Talks Falter
Golan Residents Launch PR Offensive as Syria Talks Loom
Medvedev Could Meet With Obama Next Week
Russia's Medvedev Slams 'Selfish' US Foreign Policy
Medvedev Proposes Longer Presidential Mandate
Attacks on Russian Holiday Kill 2
ETA Claims Responsibility for 10 Attacks, Vows to Keep Fighting
Spain Rejects bin Laden Son's Asylum Request
Polish Leader Dismisses Russian Missile Threat
EU Gives Croatia, Russia Green Light; Serbia Amber
Warrant for Sudan's President Could Trigger Unrest
Hostage Killed in Cameroon Raid
Zimbabwe Denounces Botswana 'Interference'
Nigerian Armed Group Says It Has Freed Lebanese Hostage
Six Linked to French Aid Group Kidnapped in Somalia
Violence Targeting Aid Workers in Somalia
World Reaction to US Vote
Israeli MP: Obama Prone to Buying Arabs' Favors With Israeli Currency
Saakashvili Hails Obama, Biden Georgia Stance
Indian Opposition Cautious on Democrats' Kashmir Agenda
Castro on Obama: 'Intelligent, Educated, and Level-Headed'
Iran: 'Obama Policy on Iraq Same as Bush'
Asians Uneasy Over Obama Trade Stance
Experts Guess Whether Obama Is Better for Russia
China Reacts Cautiously to Barack Obama's Win
Arab League Urges Obama to Act Quickly in Mideast
Palestinians Hoping for 'Positive' Input From Obama
Lebanon, Syria Hope for Change Under Obama
Ambassador Wood: Afghanistan to Be Heart of Obama's Foreign Policy
US Checks Claims Airstrike Hit Afghan Wedding Party
Afghan Rebel Positioned for Key Role
Taliban Lift Daytime Phone Ban in Afghan Province
British Gurkha Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Petraeus Warns Pakistan Faces Existential Threat
Swat Valley Militants Release 12 Schoolchildren
Official: Pakistan Army Kills 15 Militants
Islamabad Court Seeks Repatriation of Pakistani Children From Afghan Jails
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Troops, Rebels Locked in Fierce Battles
Sri Lanka to Unveil Biggest Ever War Budget
Angry Taiwanese Swarm Hotel as Chinese Envoy Dines
China Sentences 55 Tibet Protesters Over Riots
China, Taiwan Sign Deals on Closer Economic Ties
Taiwan, China Plan to Build on Historic Agreements: Officials
North Korea Campaigns to Show Healthy Kim Jong-Il
Indian Army Officer Held for Link With Blasts
Malay Blogger Fights a System He Perfected
DR Congo
Congo Rebels Battle Pro-Government Militia
Congo Fighting Forces Thousands to Flee Again
Rwandan Military Deneis Shelling Congo
UN Warns of Civilian Killings by Colombian Military
GAO Report: Plan Colombia Success Limited
Restrictions on Student Exchanges to Cuba Upheld

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Conservative Fantasies: A World Never More Dangerous

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You Can't Cut Spending
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Sascha Matuszak
A Win-Win Situation for China

David R. Henderson
Central Planning at Home
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Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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Occupation by Another Name

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