Worse Than Bush? by Ted Galen Carpenter
Good Bye Neocons, Hello Liberal Brethren?: Eland
President-elect's Queries to Briefers: Ray McGovern
Winter Soldier: Domingo Rosas: Aaron Glantz
Against Nuking Civilians: Gordon Prather
 Christopher Manion

Neocons, Go Home

 Glenn Greenwald

Let's Wait and See

 Gareth Porter

Iraq: US Get Out!

 Robert Parry

Technological Terror War

US Military Admits to Afghan Civilian Killings    US Concedes Georgia Attack in South Ossetia Was a Mistake    Bush Expected to Recommend Obama Add Troops to Afghanistan    Obama to Face Big Policy Decisions on Iran, North Korea and Middle East    Waziristan's Last British Soldier    Congo Army Advances Toward Rebels    UK: New Evidence on Nuclear Bomb Tests Points to Coverup    Chavez Tension With US to Remain Despite Obama Win    Reprisals Feared as Bali Bombers Executed    South Ossetia: Georgia Fired First Shot in War With Russia, Say UK Monitors    Jirga Demands Immediate Halt to Shelling in Pakistan's Swat Valley    Stolen UN Vehicle Raises Security Worries in Kabul    Iran Economists Slam Ahmadinejad in Open Letter    Twenty Die on Russian Nuclear Submarine    US Combat Troops in Iraq Battle to Defend Savings    Obama Aides, Polish President Differ on Missile Defense Pledge    Iran Slams Obama's Tough Language on Nuclear Arms    Diala Security Chief: Re-Recruited Iraq Policemen Are Affiliated With al-Qaeda    Tbilisi: South Ossetians Take Control of Disputed Georgian Village    Iraq Requested Over 100 Amendments to Pact, US Accepts Most    Georgia's 'Indiscriminiate' War With Russia    Report: North Korea Slows Nuclear Disablement    Against Nuking Civilians    President-elect's Queries to Briefers    The Three Trillion Dollar War    Good Bye Neoconservatives. Hello to Their Liberal Brethren?    Winter Soldier: Domingo Rosas    How About Some Real Change in Foreign Policy?    Worse Than Bush?    Neocons Plot to Co-Opt Obama    
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Updated November 9, 2008 - 11:22 PM EST
Obama's Big Decisions on Iran, Korea, Mideast
  Obama Aides, Polish Leader Differ on Missile Defense Pledge
US Admits to Dozens of Afghan Civilian Deaths
  Bush Expected to Recommend Obama Add Troops to Afghanistan
US Troops in Iraq Battle to Defend Savings
  Iraq Requested Over 100 Amendments to Pact, US Accepts Most
  Diala Security Chief: Re-Recruited Policemen Affiliated With al-Qaeda
  Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 17 Iraqis Killed; 28 Iraqis Wounded
US Concedes Georgia Attack Was a Mistake
  South Ossetians Take Control of Disputed Village
  Georgia Fired First Shot in War With Russia, Say UK Monitors
  Georgia's 'Indiscriminiate' War With Russia
Iran Slams Obama's Tough Talk on Nuclear Arms
Reprisals Feared as Bali Bombers Executed
How About Some Real Change in Foreign Policy?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
President-elect's Queries to Briefers
by Ray McGovern
Brooklyn College Grad Experiences the Constitution in a Cage  by Nat Hentoff
Neocons Plot to Co-Opt Obama
by William Pfaff
Against Nuking Civilians  by Gordon Prather
Winter Soldier: Domingo Rosas
by Aaron Glantz

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Casualties of War: a British Soldier Writes on Remembrance Sunday
UK: New Evidence on Nuclear Bomb Tests Points to Coverup
Bush Pledges to Work for Smooth Transition
Self-Sufficiency Still Eludes Iraqi Security Forces
Militants in Pakistan Kill Two Alleged US Spies
US Colonel, Lt. Colonel Convicted of Conspiracy in Iraq Fraud Scheme
General Bucks Culture of Silence on Mental Health
Investigation Into Deadly US Strike in Kandahar Widens
Today in Iraq
Iraq Approves Minorities Bill Despite Christian Protest
Iraq Gives Religious Minorities Fewer Seats Than the UN Suggested
Iraqis Still Needs US Military, Deputy PM Says
Al-Qaeda Leader, Brother Nabbed in East Iraq
Double Suicide Bombing Kills Eight in Western Iraq
Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 17 Iraqis Killed; 28 Iraqis Wounded

'War on Terror'

Report: Terrorists Use Cash, While Some Nations Lose Interest in Chasing Them
UK Terror Alert Over Thousands of Native-Born Extremists
UK: Police Warn of Growing Threat From Eco-Terrorists
Syrian TV Shows Militants Owning Up to Bomb Attack
Lebanon: Israeli Spies Linked to Murder of Hezbollah Chief in Syria
Lebanese Parties Field Competing Defense Strategies
Hezbollah Spokesman Attends UK Parley
March 14 Coalition Denies Charge of Funding Fatah al-Islam
Hamas Leader Says He Is Ready to Talk to Obama
Egypt Delays Palestinian Unity Talks After New Feud
Hamas Deputy Blames Abbas for Breakdown in Palestinian Reconciliation Talks
Haniyeh: Hamas Would Accept State Under 1967 Borders
Boat Breaks Gaza Strip Blockade, Sails Into Port
Rice Visits West Bank City; US Announces Aid
Jewish Settlers Beat Up Palestinian Boy Near Hebron
Israeli Forces Trade Fire With Gaza Gunmen
Mideast Mediators Meet to Save Peace Process
Thousands Gather in Israel to Mark Rabin Killing
Toughest of Jobs: Three Seek to Be Jerusalem Mayor
Israeli Troops Wound Foreign Farm Worker
Egypt Arrests 25 Muslim Brotherhood Members
Bin Laden Son Under Investigation at Cairo Airport
Rice Heads to Egypt After Touring Flashpoint West Bank City
Saudi Arabia
Deprogramming Jihadists
Saudi King Musn't Shake Peres' Hand at Interfaith Meet, Pan-Arab Newspaper Editor Says
Middle East
Iran Economists Slam Ahmadinejad in Open Letter
Dubai's Ruler Urges US to Use Brain Instead of Brawn
Turkey Tries to Resist Aid From IMF
Yemen Halves Jail Term of al-Qaeda Suspect Sought by US
Chavez Tension With US to Remain Despite Obama Win
Mexico: Bomb Ruled Out in Plane Crash
Argentina Objects to New Falklands Statute
Americans Keep Dying
'Incident' in Iraq Kills Martinsville (VA) Soldier
Dry Ridge (KY) Soldier Dies in Combat in Afghanistan
Weekend Reviews
The Three Trillion Dollar War
The Thin Blue Line: How Humanitarianism Went to War
Book Reveals Failed Delta Hunt for bin Laden
Blessed Are the Peacemakers, Not the Warmakers
US Diplomat Says Relations With Afghanistan Good
Stolen UN Vehicle Raises Security Worries in Kabul
Australia's Smith Rules Out Sending More Troops to Afghanistan
Kidnapped Canadian Journalist Freed in Afghanistan
Afghan Hydroelectric Work Goes on Despite the Taliban
South Carolina Guardsmen Bound for Afghanistan
Jirga Demands Immediate Halt to Shelling in Pakistan's Swat Valley
15 Militants Among 19 Killed in Swat
Seven Militants Killed in Mohmand Clash
Waziristan's Last British Soldier
Madrassas Seek to Shed Terror Label
Pakistan: Zardari, Nawaz Vow to Resolve Crises
Pakistan: Zardari Vows to Root Out Militancy
Report: North Korea Slows Nuclear Disablement
Pyongyang's Military Inspects Joint North-South Industrial Park
North Korea 'Swiftly' Reports Obama's Victory
State Media: Hu, Obama Discuss China-US Relations
Taiwan Mulls China Talks
Police Say 149 Officers Hurt in Taiwan Melees
Calm Returns to Southern Chinese City After Anti-Police Riot
Britain Revokes Visa of Thai Ex-Leader
Bomb Wounds Thai Anti-Government Protester
Bangladesh, Myanmar Build Up Border Forces Over Sea Row
Kazakh Leader Secretly Owns £50m Home in Britain
India: At Least Five Killed After Blast in Rubbish Dump
Georgia/South Ossetia
Georgian Church Envoys Meet With Russian Official
Ossetia: Conductor Defends Russia, to Strains of Prokofiev
North, South Ossetia Hold Day of Mourning for Terror Victims
Obama and Medvedev to Meet Soon, Kremlin Says
US, Russian Diplomats Seek to Ease Tensions
Twenty Die on Russian Nuclear Submarine
Kadhafi Bids to Ease Moscow-Kiev Tensions: Source
RAF Was Misled Over Prince William's Flights
EU Wants Financial Reforms, Action From US Soon
Spanish PM Happy to Be Invited to Economic Summit After Weeks of Lobbying
DR Congo
Congo Army Advances Toward Rebels
UN Accuses Rebels, Militia of War Crimes in Congo
Civilians Flee DR Congo Flashpoints
Aid Agencies Fail to Reach Many Congo Refugees
Zimbabwe State Media Blames Opposition for Deadlock
Zimbabwe Opposition: Mugabe's Neighbors Toughening
Somali 'Taliban' Behind Stoning of 13-Year-Old Girl Are Receiving Funding From Britain
Pirates Seize Danish Ship, 13 Crew Near Somalia
Sudan Bans Two Newspapers Over Protest

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Will the Next President Be Any Better?

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You Can't Cut Spending
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A Win-Win Situation for China

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Central Planning at Home
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Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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