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AIPAC's Obama Man: Philip Giraldi
Why Gitmo Must Be Closed: Andy Worthington
The Real Goal of Israel's Blockade: Jonathan Cook
Election '08: How Did the Empire Do?: Ron Jacobs
Obama-Tied Think-Tank Wants Pak Shift: Jim Lobe

 Ray McGovern

Obama's Daily Briefing

 Philip Giraldi

Who is Rahm Emanuel?

 Eric Margolis

American Raj

 Patrick Cockburn

The Surge Didn't Work

Obama-Tied Think-Tank Calls for Pakistan Shift    Paper: Hillary Clinton to Accept Secretary of State Job    Judge Orders Anthrax Search Warrant Made Public    Gulf War Illness Is Real, Report Finds    AIPAC's Man in the Obama Camp    Citing Alterations, Associated Press Will No Longer Use Pentagon-Issued Photos    Iraqi and American Critics of Security Pact Speak Up    Still Aspirational? US Doesn't See 2011 Pact 'Deadline' as Firm    Humanitarian Aid May Be First Step Toward Salvaging Gaza Truce    Taliban Rejects Karzai Offer to Protect Mullah Omar for Talks    Iran Open to Turkish Mediation With Obama Administration    Obama's Gitmo Promise May Lead to Complex New Detainee Rules    US-Iraq Pact Poses Test for Iraq's Security Forces    China Denies Rumor It Will Send Troops to Afghanistan    Estonian Spy Scandal Shakes NATO and EU    Somali Govt Close to Collapse?    Iraq Quietly Dismisses Its Anticorruption Officials    Kashmir Votes as Separatists Clash With Police, Urge Boycott    Where Is Sri Lanka's War Heading?    Election '08: How Did the Empire Do?    New Dovish Faction Shaping Up in Israel    Now, at Last, We Know the Truth About Georgia    The Real Goal of Israel's Blockade    Iraqi Parliament Begins Pact Debate    Will Obama Protect Civil Liberties?    Taliban Threaten Paris Attacks, Claim Troops' Killing    Why Guantánamo Must Be Closed    Obama Should Oppose Preventive Detention    Watching an Al-Qaeda Suspect Costs Hundreds of Thousands a Year    America's Wars of Self-Destruction    
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Updated November 18, 2008 - 11:26 PM EST
Obama Warned of ‘Spectacular’ al-Qaeda Attack
  Intel Officials, Experts See Security Risks in Economic Downturn
  Security Focused on Protesters More Than Terror
Report: Maliki Now Supports New US Troop Deal
  Key Shi’ite Clerics Resist Security Pact Draft
  White House Endorses Text of US-Iraq Military Pact
  Kurdish Tensions Boon for al-Qaeda?
  Counting the Dead Gets More Complicated in Iraq
Joint Pakistan-US Ops Along Afghan Border
  Zardari: US Strikes Undermining Efforts to Win Hearts, Minds
  Pakistan Torn Over Its Tribal Areas
  US Missile Attack Kills at Least 12 in Pakistan
Russia Links Arms Treaty to NATO Expansion
  Belarus President Seeks to Deploy Russia Missiles
  Sarkozy: US Missile Shield Won't Help Security
Post-Guantánamo: A New Detention Law?
North Korea Blames South for Deteriorating Ties
Post-Partisan Harmony Vs. the Rule of Law  by Glenn Greenwald
He Fought the Wars and the Wars Won  by Gary Brecher
Israel Tightens Chokehold on Village of Entrepreneurs  by Jonathan Cook
Obama's Iraq Challenge  by Robert Dreyfuss
Clinton-Gore III?  by Gordon Prather
Remembering the War to End All Wars  by Mike Ferner

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Obama Chief of Staff Sorry for Father's Disparaging Remarks About Arabs
Congress Has Fast-Track Power to Kill Bush Rules
Diplomats: Good Will Up Since Obama Win
Envoy: Iraq Improving but al-Qaeda, Iran Still Threats
Cleric Calls for Armed Resistance to US Presence in Iraq
UK Marine Was Killed by US Jet Fire During Taliban Ambush
Obama's Biggest Gitmo Dilemma May Lie in Yemen
Chronic Malnutrition in Gaza
Blamed on Blockade
Iraq Occupation
Iraqi National on UK Visa Held for Months After US Forces Mistake Pacemaker for Bomb
Azerbaijan to Withdraw Troops From Iraq
Top Iraq Official Upbeat Over US, British Pullout Pacts
Iraqi Envoy Sees US Remaining Ally Under Obama
British Troops Out of Iraq by End of 2009: Iraqi Official
UN: Iraq Stabilizing, but Vigilance Urged Before 2009 Elections
Blackwater in Iraq
Indictment Drafted Against Blackwater Guards
New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food
Today in Iraq
Christian Leaders in Iraq Call for Action
Sunni Party Condemns Attempts to Change Nineveh Border
American University Takes Root in Northern Iraq
Friday: 3 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Impact
Iraq Needs Millions of Foreign Workers: Diplomat
Rejecting Iraqi Plea, Philippines Will Not Lift Ban on Workers to Iraq
The War at Home
Group Seeks Records on Missing White House E-Mails
US Wants to Expand Visa-Free Entry
US Military
US Military Worries About Climate Change
Army Promotes Its First Four Star Female General
Russia Offers to Back Off on Europe Missile Threat if Obama Agrees to Conference
Sarkozy Urges US, Russian Missile Freeze
Russian Leader Medvedev Heading to Cuba, Venezuela
Russian Lawmakers Back Extending Presidential Term
EU Resumes Partnership Talks With Russia After War
US Advises EU to Tread Carefully With Russia
Sarkozy Defends Georgia Diplomacy
Explosive Charge Thrown at EU Mission in Kosovo
British Air Force Mission to Iceland Scrapped
European Islamic Media Network in the Works
DR Congo
What Does Congo's Gen. Nkunda Want?
UN Envoy Prepares for Talks With Congolese Rebel
UN Hands Out Food Behind Congo's Rebel Lines
Over 250,000 Displaced as Sexual Violence Erupts in Congo
US Knocks Russian Sale of MIGs to Sudan
ICC Prosecutor Seeks Warrants in Third Darfur Probe
Seething Darfur Camps Breed Long-Term Dangers
Shell Contains Spill After Pipeline Sabotage in Nigeria
Zimbabwe Opposition Shuns Power-Sharing Govt
Tsvangirai Calls Halt on Unity Plan
Zimbabwe's Opposition Says Uncovers Assassination Plot
Taliban Kill Mullah Critical of Suicide Attacks
Three Afghan Builders Gunned Down as Taliban Claim Suicide Attack
Acid Attacks Keep Afghan Girls Away From Classes
Pakistan Army Chief to Raise US Missile Strikes With NATO
20 Militants Killed Near Peshawar
Japanese, Afghan Journalists Shot, Wounded in Pakistan
Canada Confirms Citizen Kidnapped in Pakistan
Two Killed as Maoist Violence Hits India State Poll
India: Suspected Maoist Rebels Fire on Helicopter Killing One
India Kashmir Votes in Test for New Delhi Rule
Report: North Korea Hints It Will Expel South Koreans
The Information Fortress Known as North Korea
China Warns Sarkozy Over Tibet Before Summit
China Says Door Open to Talks With Dalai Lama
Mindanao Militias on the Rise
No More Private School, Nepal's Maoist Government Declares
14 More Myanmar Activists Sentenced to Jail
Barred by Britain, Exiled Thai PM Seeks New Home
Report: Russia Says Divisions Remain Over Iran
Top Iranian Cleric Says US Should Stop Being Arrogant
Diplomats: West Opposed to IAEA Nuclear Aid to Syria
Syria Heartened by Obama's Plan for Iraq: Envoy
Blockaded Gaza
Hamas Fires Long-Range Rockets at Israel
Israelis Launch New Assault on Gaza
As Israel-Hamas Clashes Continue, Gazans Face Crisis
Hamas Protest in Gaza Over West Bank Arrests
Blockaded Gaza Faces Disaster
Parts of Gaza City Go Dark as Fuel Runs Low
Israeli DM Approved Settlement Expansion Despite Road Map
'Hamas Wants to Influence Israeli Elections'
Ex-Shin Bet Official: Most Hamas Leaders Want to Maintain Short-Term Truce
Israeli Troops Face Abuse Trial
Eviction in Battle for East Jerusalem
Netanyahu's Suspiciously Obama-Looking Website
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Claims US Embassy Attack
Somali Islamists Emboldened, Set Sights on Capital
Somali Islamists Approach Mogadishu, Impose Sharia
Timeline: Islamists Close in on Somali Capital
Marshall Islands
Marshalls Landowners Could Lose Millions in US Missile Base Row

Justin Raimondo
Hillary at Foggy Bottom?

Philip Giraldi
AIPAC's Man in
the Obama Camp

Alan Bock
Gitmo Disappointment Coming

Ivan Eland
Obama's Challenges Are Unprecedented in US History

Doug Bandow
Barack Obama Takes Charge: Time to Leave Iraq

David R. Henderson
A Veterans Day Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

Ran HaCohen
Black Israeli Voices on Obama's Victory

Nebojsa Malic
Obama's Choice

Charles Peña
You Can't Cut Spending
and Spare 'Defense'

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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