A Loud Silence by Justin Raimondo
Can This Marriage Last? by Patrick Buchanan
From Colony to Superpower: Doug Bandow
Who Are the Taliban?: Gopal/Engelhardt
Arrogance Has Fomented Revolution: P.C. Roberts
 Matthew Alexander

I'm Still Tortured by What I Saw in Iraq

 Thomas Woods

Saying No to War

 Chris Hedges

Confronting the Terrorist Within

 Frida Berrigan

Can Obama Take on the Pentagon?

New Orders for US Troops in Iraq After Pact    Bush Defends Iraq Invasion: Surprised at Expense and Length    US Drone Strike Kills Six in North Waziristan    Obama Brings Mix of Hope, Skepticism to Iran    US Accuses Retired ISI Officials in Mumbai Attack    Immunity Recedes for Private Contractors in Iraq    Strengthening Proliferation-Prevention    US Military, Rights Groups Fret Over Iraqi Prisoners    White House Altered, Deleted Press Releases on 'Coalition of the Willing'    Sources: 5 Blackwater Guards Charged in Shooting    Taliban Kill 'US Spy' in Waziristan    Feds Scrutinize US LeT Cells    At Least 22 Dead in Peshawar Blast    Israeli Police on High Alert as Settlers Vow Revenge    The Schooling of a Mountain Jihadist    Spain Denies Illegal CIA Flights Through Its Territory    E-Mail Threat Puts India on High Alert    What About the Ghost Prisoners?    The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself    Hebron Settlers Take Their Fight Into Israel    Pentagon to Recruit Aliens on Visas    Bush Bailout for Rumsfeld, Torturers Might Be Next    High Court to Hear Enemy Combatant Case    Court's Ruling Stands on 'Don't Ask' Doubts    US Envoy Says Next North Korea Nuke Talks Will Be Tough    Turkish Planes Bomb Kurdish Rebel Bases in Iraq    Guantánamo: the Answer Is Easy    Obama Doesn't Plan to End the Iraq Occupation    Pakistan Charity Under Suspicion in India Attacks    Many Oil Majors Skip Iraq Oil Expo    US Preparing for Troop Buildup in Afghanistan    US: Russia Must Allow Monitors Into South Ossetia    Georgian Defense, Foreign Ministers Fired    Was There Any Point to the Bloodshed in Mumbai?    Will Obama Bring 'Change' to Bush's War on Terror? Hopefully    
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Updated December 5, 2008 - 11:27 PM EST
War With India Would Unite Taliban, Pakistan
  US Missile Strike Kills 6 in Pakistan
  Car Bomb Kills 20 in Pakistani City of Peshawar
  Pakistan Mulls Downing US Drones
  Pakistan: Nuclear Missiles Can Be Fired Within Minutes in Case of War
  US Plea to Pakistan: Fight Islamists, Not India
Pakistan Snubs India Demands for Suspects
  Public Anger Strains Indian-Pakistani Cooperation
  Mumbai Massacre Seen as Major Blow to Regional Strategy
  Top US Military Official Praises India's Restraint
US Touts Int'l Forces Leaving Iraq as 'Progress'
  Iraq Approves US Security Pact as Violence Flares
  Iraqi Army Finds 80 Bodies in Four Mass Graves
  Thursday: 2 GIs, 1 UK Soldier, 98 Iraqis Killed; 177 Iraqis Wounded
Israel Willing to Go It Alone on Iran Attack
Pentagon Raises Status of 'Irregular Warfare'
Who Are the Taliban?
by Anand Gopal and Tom Engelhardt
Washington Arrogance Has Fomented a Muslim Revolution  by Paul Craig Roberts
The Mumbai Attacks: More Than Meets the Eye  by Jeremy R. Hammond
Can This Marriage Last?
by Patrick Buchanan
Ten Angry Men  by Ximena Ortiz
What's Wrong With the US Military
by Andrew Cockburn

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Regional Players Key to Salvaging Peace Process
Peaceful School or 'Terror' Base?
Tapes Show LBJ's Anger at Nixon Aides Over Vietnam Peace Talks
Obama to Uphold US Taiwan Policy, Says Envoy
NATO Air Strike 'Accidently Destroys' Flock of Sheep
Blackwater Joins Fight Against Sea Piracy
Today in Iraq
Sadr Movement Seeks Its Way as Others Gain Power in Iraq
Suicide Strike Destroys Iraqi School; at Least 15 Killed, Including Students
Sadr City Residents Get Potable Water
Detainee Killings Were for Revenge, Witnesses Testify
Thursday: 2 GIs, 1 UK Soldier, 98 Iraqis Killed; 177 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Obama to Visit Iraq After Inauguration
US Mulls Unusual Tactic as Blackwater Charges Loom
Old Missile Sites Hold Cold War Mystique
US Military
Strategic Command Chief Urges Quick Nuclear Weapons Modernization
US Military Sets High-Stakes Missile-Shield Test
Brain-Injured Troops Face Unclear Long-Term Risks
'War on Terror'
Chertoff Urges Tighter Security
More Problems for Major Post-9/11 Security Program
Italian Judge Delays Trial of CIA Agents
US Targets Sanctions at Accused German Terrorists
Menezes Family Stages Protest Against Coroner's Direction on Verdict
Court Rules EU Illegally Froze Iran Group's Funds
Iran Says Rebel Group Killed 16 Abducted Policemen
Iran Urges Chemical Weapons Elimination
Report: Syria Won't Renew Peace Talks Until Israel Clarifies Golan Plans
Israel Opens Gaza Border to Foreign Journalists
Short of Cash, Banks in Hamas-Run Gaza Close Doors
Settlers Berate Ethiopian-Descent Border Guards
Israeli Soldiers Drag Settlers Out of Hebron House
Hebron Clash Tests Israeli Ability to Remove Outposts
Abbas Aide: Settler Attacks Could Scupper Peace Process
NATO: Diplomacy, Not Defense, Will Determine Deployment of Troops in Mideast
Israeli DM Orders Military to Raze East Jerusalem Homes
Shin Bet Blocks Charter Flights to Africa Due to Terror Alerts
Israel Criticized at Top UN Human Rights Forum
Jenin: A Model for the West Bank?
A New US Emphasis in Latin America
With Violence Soaring, Mexico Looks for Help From Its Army
Mumbai Attack
US Experts: Gunmen May Have Survived Mumbai Attack
Israel: Pakistani Suspects Linked to al-Qaeda
Officials: Pakistan Group Leaders Linked to Attack
India Uses 'Truth Serum' on Mumbai Gunman
Were the Mumbai Terrorists Fueled by Coke?
Indian Airports on Alert for '9/11 Terrorist Attack'
Shooting Scare at India's Delhi Airport
Russia May Lease India Nuclear Subs
Wounded Mumbai Returns to Life
Poll Candidate Escapes Unhurt in Kashmir Attack
Rice Satisfied With Pakistan's Anti-Terror Stance
Zardari Vows to Go After Mumbai Masterminds
Pakistan Police Losing Terrorism Fight
Governor of Key Afghan Province Sacked
Scenarios: How Could Mumbai Attack Affect Afghan War?
Double Suicide Attacks Kills Five in Afghanistan: Official
Two Danish Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan Women Leaders Face Growing Taliban Threats
Quran in Mass Afghan Grave Unlocks 30-Year Mystery
China Decries Dalai Lama's Demands for Autonomy
China and India to Hold Joint Anti-Terror Exercise
North Korea
US Says Had Substantive Nuclear Talks With North Korea
Russia's Putin Makes Warm Overtures to Obama
Putin Hints at 2012 Return to Kremlin
Putin: No Need for Cuban, Venezuelan Bases
Putin Confirms Plan to Hang Saakashvili by His Testicles
Politkovskaya Trial Closed for Classified Evidence
Russia May Take Stakes in Big Companies, Putin Says
Medvedev: Russia-India Defense Cooperation Not Enough
From Poland With Love: Warsaw Missiles End Up in Militants' Hands
Georgia War Dims Trans-Atlantic Security Meeting
Ethiopian Troops Pull Out Bases of in Mogadishu
Blast Hits Ethiopian Convoy in Somali Village
Congo, Rwanda Agree Plan to Disband Militia
Darfur Aid Workers' Convoy Attacked, Robbed

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