The Silent Winter of Escalation: Norman Solomon
The Imperial Transition: Tom Engelhardt
Hawks Campaign to Preempt Iran Talks: Ali Gharib
Obama Team Eager to Intervene: Alan Bock
Withered Conservatism: Michael Brendan Dougherty
 Andrew Bacevich

Empire Weakens America

 Jesse Trentadue

Documents Show FBI Sting in OKC Bombing

 Matthew Alexander

I'm Still Tortured by What I Saw in Iraq

 Thomas Woods

Saying No to War

Growing Fears in Peshawar as Over 50 More Trucks Destroyed    Think Tank: Taliban Has Permanent Presence in 72 Percent of Afghanistan    Rights Group: Failed US Policies Making Matters Worse in Somalia    General Sees Consensus on Shifting Marines to Afghanistan    Blackwater Guards Charged in 2007 Iraq Killings    Hawks Campaign to Preempt Iran Talks    22 Arrested in Pakistan Camp Raid    Military Jet Crash in San Diego Kills 3 on Ground    India's Muslims Hope to Avoid Backlash    Bigger US Role Battling Genocide?    Another 40 NATO Supply Vehicles Torched in Peshawar    Legal Scholars Outraged by Talk of Blanket Pardons on Torture    Freedom's Watch to Shut at End of Month    Commander: 'Surge' Isn't the Answer in Afghanistan    New Georgian FM Sees Possible Renewal of Ties With Russia    EU Extends Zimbabwe Travel Ban, Demands Mugabe Quit    The Silent Winter of Escalation    Negotiators Prepare to Hold North Korea Nuclear Talks    Iraqi Relatives Want Death for Blackwater Guards    US: Blackwater Used Grenades on Unarmed Iraqis    Taliban in 72% of Afghanistan, Think-Tank Says    Taliban Vows Violent Response to US Troop Increase    Obama Sycophants Say Appointments Irrelevant    The Imperial Transition    Mumbai Massacre Was Cold-War Blowback    Withered Conservatism    Thai Opposition May Take Power, Army's Aid Hinted    Obama Team Eager to Intervene    Obama Chooses to Stay the Course on Foreign Policy    
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Updated December 9, 2008 - 11:01 PM EST
Report: Taliban Control 72% of Afghanistan
    'Consensus' on Moving Marines to Afghan War
  Commander: 'Surge' Isn't the Answer in Afghanistan
  Taliban Vows Violent Response to US Troop Increase
  NATO Says No Afghan Winter Lull in Fight With Taliban
Hawks Campaign to Preempt Iran Talks
  Iran Urges Obama to Change Approach
  Israel's Netanyahu Upbeat on Obama Plans for Iran
Blackwater Guards Charged in 2007 Iraq Killings
  Iraqi Relatives Want Death for Blackwater Guards
  US: Blackwater Used Grenades on Unarmed Iraqis
22, Including Attack Leader, Seized in Pak Raid

Another 50 NATO Supply Vehicles Torched in Peshawar


Pakistan Militant Group Builds Web of Western Recruits

  Attacks Increase Fears of Peshawar's Fall to Taliban
Mumbai Massacre Was Cold-War Blowback  by Arnaud de Borchgrave
Obama Sycophants Say Appointments Irrelevant  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama Chooses to Stay the Course on Foreign Policy  by Christopher Preble
The Imperial Transition  by Tom Engelhardt
Withered Conservatism
by Michael Brendan Dougherty
Obama Team Eager to Intervene
by Alan Bock

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Legal Scholars Outraged by Talk of Blanket Pardons on Torture

Rights Group: US Making Somalia Crisis Worse

Military Jet Crash in San Diego Kills 3 on Ground

Bigger US Role Battling Genocide?

Freedom's Watch to Shut at End of Month

Hidden Travels of the Atomic Bomb

Europeans Seek to Revive Nuclear Ban

Iraq Contractors in Trouble

Blackwater Charges: 14 Counts of Manslaughter

Blackwater Indictment Details Chaos at Busy Baghdad Circle

Plea by Blackwater Guard Helps US Indict Others

Contractor Pays $4 Million to Settle Iraq Over-Billing Case

Today in Iraq

Talks in Baghdad Planned on Role of Peshmerga

Over 34,000 Personnel to Take Part in Najaf Security Plan

Hand Grenade Wounds Nine in Mosul

Voters Want People, Not Parties in Iraq's Basra

Monday: 20 Iraqis Killed

Occupying Iraq

Soldier Pleads Not Guilty in Iraq Detainee's Death

Last Japanese, Ukrainian Troops Leave Iraq

'War on Terror'

Amid Death-Penalty Doubts, 9/11 Suspects Withdraw Offer to Confess

9/11 Suspects Ask to Make 'Confessions' at Gitmo

Closing Guantánamo a Minefield of Critical Steps

Govt Pulls Witness in Gitmo Case Against Canadian

Colorado TV Station Refuses to Delay Airing of Guantánamo Torture Documentary


Iran Blames Saudi Spy Agencies for Police Hostage Taking

Iran Says Will Not Halt Atom Work Despite US Demand


Zbigniew Brzezinski: Israel's Push for Iran Strike May Hurt US Ties

Israel Worried by Report Iran Has Tripled Its Missile Arsenal


Voting Extended in Likud Party Primary for Israeli Elections

Netanyahu Finds Rival From Own Party

Israel Postpones Release of Palestinian Prisoners

Olmert Slams 'Pogrom,' Palestinians Still Fearful

Israel Again Shuts Journalists Out of Gaza


Clash in Lebanon Palestinian Camp Kills One and Wounds Another

Lebanon Losing Battle to Keep the Lights On


New Georgian FM Sees Possible Renewal of Ties With Russia

Divided Kosovo City Mines a Dream of Riches

Ireland Said Planning New Vote on EU Treaty Next October

Suspected New ETA Military Chief Arrested in France


Caribbean Nations Urge US to End Cuba Embargo

Cuban Tourism Surges as Rest of Caribbean Stalls

Mumbai Attacks
Pakistan Arrests Suspected Mastermind of Mumbai Attacks

A Look at the Group Accused in Mumbai Attacks

Muslims in India Put Aside Grievances to Repudiate Terrorism

Indian Jewish Community Keen to Rebuild Mumbai Center

Mumbai Terrorists Relied on New Technology for Attacks


US Plays Down Impact of Convoy Attacks in Pakistan

Pakistani Troops, Taliban Clash After Attack on Army Vehicle

Doubts About Pakistan President's Leadership Abilities

US Congressman Declares Pakistan a Failed State


Marines Will Shift to Afghanistan

Commander Sees 'Several Years' of Elevated Troop Levels in Afghan War

Private Contractors Sought as Guards in Afghanistan


Negotiators Prepare to Hold North Korea Nuclear Talks

China to Take Lead in Checking North Korea Nuclear Claims

Rocky Path of North Korea Nuclear Deal

Will North Korea Cut a Nuclear Deal Before Obama Arrives?

Why Reopen North Korea Nuclear Talks Now?

UN: Nearly 40% of North Koreans Need Food Aid


China Tells US to Cancel Arms Sales to Taiwan

Uighur Leader in US: China Fabricated Terror Plots


Japan Demands Chinese Ships Leave Disputed Waters

Thai Opposition May Take Power, Army's Aid Hinted

5 Filipino Troops Killed in Clash With Militants

Maoists Threaten to Quit Nepal Govt


Over 30,000 Congolese Refugees Flood Into Uganda

Last-Minute Shift Could Jeopardize Congo Peace Talks

Congo Rebels Unhappy at Govt's Wide Talks Invite

Congo Peace Talks Open in Kenya Without Leaders


EU Extends Zimbabwe Travel Ban, Demands Mugabe Quit

Mugabe Spokesman: Cholera Outbreak an Excuse for UK Invasion

Sanctions on Zimbabwe


EU Launches Somalia Anti-Piracy Operation

Ethiopian Troops Capture Somali Town


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The Case of the Telltale Hoax

Alan Bock
Mumbai and Obama

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The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself

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From Colony to Superpower

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Triumph of Tragedy

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More Security, Less Secure

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Get Out Now,
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A Veterans Day Tribute

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Business Over Bluster

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Black Israeli Voices on Obama's Victory

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Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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