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Iraqi Interior Minister: Coup Reports 'Big Lie,' All Arrested Now Released    Gaza Quiet After Ceasefire With Israel Ended    Audit: FBI Agents Billed $45,000 Apiece for Iraq Overtime    Israelis Continue to Abuse Palestinian Prisoners    Pentagon Draws Up Gitmo Closure Plans    Progress on Georgia-Russia Talks    NATO Commander: Allies' Commitments to Afghanistan Not Enough    Shoe Journalist 'Sorry,' Prime Minister's Office Claims    Report: Recognizing Hamas Could Help Peace    Deaths Down, But Iraq Still Top Danger Zone    Angry Karzai Submits List of Demands Ahead of US Surge    US Military Defiant on Key Terms of Iraqi Pact    NATO Materiel Threatened in Pakistan    Arrests in Iraq Seen as Politically Motivated    Impeachment Proceedings Begun Against Somali Leader    Obama's War     Pakistanis Protest US Supply Line Into Afghanistan    Panel: Congress Was Misled on Iraq Uranium Issue    The Bubble of Empire    What Foreign Policy Agenda Will President Barack Obama Set?    Seven Years in Gitmo, Algerian Says He Was Tortured but Never Questioned About Charges    Why Not Treat the Shoe-Thrower as an Enemy Combatant?    German FM Denies Helping US Fight Iraq War    Former General: Israel Can't Defeat Iran    In Afghanistan Soviet Failures Echo for US    Castro Offers to Exchange Dissidents for 'Cuban 5'    Iraq Ministry Says US Troops Kill Employees, Burn Office    NATO in Palestine? Not a Good Idea    Our Man in Bananastan    The Shoes We Longed For    Angels and Demons in Mumbai    The Real Moral Offense    
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Updated December 19, 2008 - 11:27 PM EST
Iraq Minister Dismisses Coup Plot, All Released
  Iraq Ministry Says US Troops Kill Employees, Burn Office
  Arrests in Iraq Seen as Politically Motivated
  Iraqi Judge Says Shoe-Throwing Reporter Was Beaten
  Iraqi PM's Office Says Shoe-Thrower Apologizes
US Military Defiant on Key Terms of Iraqi Pact
  Top US General in Iraq Gives First View of Pullout
  Panel: Congress Was Misled on Iraq Uranium Issue
Angry Karzai Makes Demands Ahead of US Surge
  In Afghanistan Soviet Failures Echo for US
  NATO Commander: NATO Allies’ Afghan Commitments Not Enough
  NATO Materiel Threatened in Pakistan
Pentagon Draws Up Plans to Close Guantánamo
  Algerian Says He Was Tortured but Never Questioned About Charges
Russia/Georgia Talks Progress, but No Deal
Gaza Quiet After Ceasefire With Israel Ended
Why Not Treat the Shoe-Thrower as an Enemy Combatant?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
NATO in Palestine? Not a Good Idea  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Shoes We Longed For
by Sami Ramadani
Obama's War  by Patrick Buchanan
Our Man in Bananastan  by Jeff Huber
Angels and Demons in Mumbai
by Conn Hallinan

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Deaths Down, But Iraq Still Top Danger Zone
Castro Offers to Exchange Dissidents for 'Cuban 5'
Report: Recognizing Hamas Could Help Peace
Israelis Continue to Abuse Palestinian Prisoners
German FM Denies Helping US Fight Iraq War
Claims Vary on Status of Kirkuk
Obama Chooses Adm. Blair as Intel Chief
Bush 'Friendly' With Putin, but Predicts Tense Ties
Coup Attempt in Iraq?
Iraqi Arrests Extend Beyond Key Ministry
Iraq MP Denies Coup Plot, Says Arrested for Belonging to Banned Party
Arrests Show Fears of Saddam Followers

Iraq Interior Ministry Denies Gen. Rgheef Among Arrested

No Longer Willing nor Wanted
Britain Confirms Iraq Troop Pullout, Rebuffs Afghan Link
Albania Now Pulling Its 218 Troops Out of Iraq
Blackwater Radio Logs: Guards Took Incoming Fire
Audit: FBI Agents Billed $45,000 Apiece for Iraq Overtime
The Shoe Heard Round the World
Punishment for the Shoe Thrower Puts Maliki in a Spot
Lawyer: Iraqi Shoe-Thrower 'Not Being Tortured'
Judge: Zeidi's Shoes Were Destroyed by Security
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Provinces Seek to Delay Crucial Elections
Iraqis Celebrate Reopening of Book Market
Iraq Seeks Renewed UN Protection for Its Assets
Iraqi Communist Party Media Official Slain in Kirkuk
Iraq Still Deadliest Place for Journalists: CPJ
Thursday: 11 Iraqis Killed, 31 Wounded
The War at Home
Only 46% Share Bush's Confidence in America's Safety
Report: Justice Lawyer Leaked Surveillance Program
Saudis, Blackwater Among Clinton Foundation Donors
Foreigners Gave Millions to Clinton Foundation
Audit Finds Navy Storing $7.5 Billion in Unneeded Parts
Book: Tenet Drunkenly Mocked Bush Neocons, Right-Wing Israelis
'War on Terror'
US Not Ready for Cyber-Attack, War Game Shows
British Muslim Convicted of Being al-Qaeda Mastermind
Texas Student Accused of Graduation Terror Threat
Egyptian Student Gets 15 Years in Fla. Terror Case
US Plot Suspects Had No Intent to Kill: Attorneys
Student Daniel Pearl Project Sues US Agencies
US Embassies in Prague, Tokyo Get White Powder Mail
Georgia Inquiry Criticizes Military, but Not War
Culture of Surveillance Creeps Across Europe, Despite Resistance
Moroccan Sentenced for Madrid Bombings
Four Dead in Armed Clashes in Chechnya
Russia's Gazprom Threatens to Cut Gas to Ukraine
Top US Envoy for Africa: Zimbabwe Has Collapsed
ANC Leader Zuma Opposes Sending Troops to Zimbabwe
Rwandan Convicted of Genocide
Some Questions and Answers About Rwanda's Genocide
Impeachment Proceedings Begun Against Somali Leader
What's It Like to Be a Pirate? in Dirt-Poor Somalia, Pretty Good
DR Congo
DR Congo Peace Talks Resume in Kenya
French DM Says No New Troops in Afghanistan
US, UN, Afghans Duck Task of Monitoring Mass Graves
Afghan-Canadian Named Governor of Kandahar
Kerry: US Must Win Hearts, Too, in Afghanistan
US Moves to Secure Afghans' Voting Rights
Pakistan Says Militant Leader Azhar Not in Custody
Sharif: Pakistan Govt Seems to Be Collapsing
Pakistan Protests Over Airspace Intrusion by India
Pakistan to Buy Chinese AWACS to Boost Air Defense
India Calls Off High-Profile Pakistan Cricket Tour
Russian Govt: Dawood Ibrahim Directly Involved in Mumbai Attack
India Minister: Pakistan Elements Involvement in Mumbai Confirmed
India Successfully Tests Supersonic Cruise Missile
India Seeks to Soothe Public With New Terror Law
Indian Broadcasters Unveil New Set of Rules for Covering Terror Attacks
North Korea Suggests South Plotted Assassination Bid
North Korea Accuses South of Deadly Spy Plots
Kim Jong-Il Alive and in Control: US Pacific Commander
Sri Lanka Claims Capture of Rebel Fortifications
Two Bomb Blasts Hit South Philippine City, Killing Two
US Denies Kyrgyzstan Plans to Close Base
US Admiral Wants China Military Ties Resumed
Bangladesh Ends 2-Year State of Emergency
Former General: Israel Can't Defeat Iran
US Links Iranian Bank to Fifth Avenue Building
Netanyahu: Iran 'Greatest Historical Challenge' Facing the World
Gaza Crisis
A Gaza Truce Undone by Flaws May Be Revived by Necessity
Israelis, Gazans Brace for Cease-Fire's End
Israel: We Hold Hamas Responsible for Any Future Gaza Violence
UN Halts Food Distributions in Gaza
UN: Gaza Unemployment Rises to 49 Percent
Free Gaza Movement Launching Fifth Voyage to Gaza Strip
Labor Youth Hand Out Condoms to Avoid Being 'Screwed by Netanyahu'
Palestinian Journalists Protest for Release of Iraqi Colleague Who Threw Shoes at Bush
US Jewish Group Backs Israelis Who Shun Conscription
Middle East
Olmert: Peace With Syria Feasible
Egypt Police Detain Islamists Trying to Help Gazans
Lebanon Military Weak Despite Russia's Gift of MiG 29s
Brazil to Boost Troops in Amazon, Weapons Industry
Grenada Releases Three Coup Prisoners

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Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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