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 Richard Cummings

Best of Antiwar Radio: Lockheed Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

 Daniel Ellsberg and Christopher Deliso

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Olmert Stands Behind Rice-Shaming Claim    Growing Calls Among Israeli, Hamas Officials for Gaza Truce    Israel Defense Officials Back Immediate Gaza Cease-Fire    Bin Laden Urges Jihad Against Israel    Clinton Stresses 'Cooperative Engagement,' 'Smart Power'    Cease-Fire Hopes Fading Away    Gaza Killings Trigger Call for War Crimes Probe    Anger Begins to Knock at Israel's Borders    Olmert's Claims Revive Israel Lobby Controversy    Fate of Guantánamo Detainees Still Murky    Bush Foreign Policy Legacy Widely Seen as Disastrous    Ban on Arab Parties May Facilitate Coalition Govt in Israel    State Dept Urges Olmert to 'Clarify' UN Vote Claims    Israel Indicts Two Journalists for Reporting Start of Gaza Invasion    Obama Attends Neocon Dinner Party    Olmert Determined to Keep War Going    Would-Be PM Netanyahu Hopes to Sell War to International Community    Clinton Vows 'Smart Power' Foreign Policy    Israeli Troops Ordered to 'Shoot Rather Than Ask Questions'    Fatah Armed Wing Claims 12 Israeli Soldiers Killed in Suicide Attack    War Czar for Bush to Keep His Job    Clinton Rules Out Talks With Hamas    Bush Declares State of Emergency for Inauguration    Ex-Prosecutor: Evidence in Terror Cases in Chaos    Israel Delays All-Out Assault on Gaza    Hamas May Survive Offensive, Israel Says    Changes in Iraq Election Law Weaken Quota for Women    Richard Perle: Still Crazy After All These Years    North Korea Says It Won't Give Up Nuclear Weapons    Israeli Troops Shot at From Jordan; Jordan Denies    Iraq Official: Biden Affirms 'Responsible' Pullout    Clinton Says No Options Off Table With Iran    Gazans Seek New Places to Bury the Dead    US Sees Gaza Rebuilding as Opportunity for Abbas    Journalists Challenge Gaza Reporting Restrictions    Gaza's Eyes to Cry With    Why War?    Declare an End to the 'War on Terror'    Israel Doesn't Get 4GW    How Many Divisions?    
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Updated January 14, 2009 - 11:22 PM EST
Bin Laden Urges Jihad Against Israel
Israeli, Hamas Officials Back Immediate Truce

Olmert Determined to Keep War Going


Israeli Troops Shot at From Jordan; Jordan Denies


Hamas May Survive Offensive, Israel Says


Israel Delays All-Out Assault on Gaza


Israeli Troops Ordered to 'Shoot Rather Than Ask Questions'


Fatah Armed Wing Claims 12 Israeli Soldiers Killed in Suicide Attack

Ban on Arab Parties May Facilitate Coalition Govt


Olmert Stands Behind Rice-Shaming Claim


Would-Be PM Netanyahu Hopes to Sell War to Int'l Community


Olmert's Claims Revive Israel Lobby Controversy


Gaza Killings Trigger Call for War Crimes Probe


Anger Begins to Knock at Israel's Borders


Israel Indicts Two Journalists for Reporting Start of Gaza Invasion

Iraq Official: Biden Affirms 'Responsible' Pullout
  Pentagon: Critical Issues Unresolved in Iraq
  Changes in Iraq Election Law Weaken Quota for Women
  Tuesday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded
Fed. Judge Orders Young Gitmo Detainee Freed
  Fate of Guantánamo Detainees Still Murky

Ex-Prosecutor: Terror-Case Evidence in Chaos

Clinton Stresses 'Cooperative Engagement,' 'Smart Power'

  Clinton Rules Out Talks With Hamas
  Clinton Says No Options Off Table With Iran
Declare an End to the 'War on Terror'  by Robert Dreyfuss
As Long as President Bush
Meant Well…
 by Jacob G. Hornberger
What's Behind Israel's Insouciance?  by Geoffrey Wheatcroft
How Many Divisions?  by Uri Avnery
Israel Doesn't Get 4GW  by William S. Lind
Gaza's Eyes to Cry With  by Jeff Huber

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Bush Foreign Policy Legacy Widely Seen as Disastrous

War Czar for Bush to Keep His Job

Obama Attends Neocon Dinner Party

Cease-Fire Hopes Fading Away

IDF Chief: Hamas Suicide Bombers Posing as Israeli Troops in Gaza

Red Cross: Israel's Use of White Phosphorus Not Illegal

Marine Suicides at a Yearly High Since Iraq Invasion

Bush Declares State of Emergency for Inauguration

Clintons: Back in Power

Clinton Pledges Tough Diplomacy and a Fast Start

Clinton: US Must Address Israeli Security, Palestinian Hopes

No Shortage of Expert Advice on Mideast for Clinton

Clinton: Six-Party Talks Are 'A Vehicle' on North Korea

Today in Iraq

Iraqi Town Bears Scars of War

Iraqi Voting Rules Raise Concern About Challenges

Iraq Accedes to International Chemical Weapon Ban

Tuesday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Iraq FM, Crocker Discuss Implementation of Security Pact

US Soldier Faces Court-Martial Over Iraq Shootings

New Audit of Iraq's Rebuilding Has a Familiar Ring

The War at Home

Summit Addresses Military Suicides

Army Suicides Rise as Time Spent in Combat Increases

National Gallery Changes Bush Portrait Caption Linking Iraq to 9/11

Democrats Seek Criminal Probe of Bush 'Abuses'

US Military

B61 Nukes Return to US Stockpile

Navy Gets 1-Year OK to Train With Sonar Off Hawaii

US Air Force Provisional Command Goes Active

Medals for the Anglosphere

The Spoils of War: Parting Gift for Bush's Brother in Arms

Bush Honors Former Aussie PM Howard With Medal of Freedom

'War on Terror'

Former Gitmo Prosecutor Rips Military Trials, Calling Interrogators' Practices 'Despicable'

US Dubiously Claims 61 Ex-Guantánamo Inmates 'Return to Fight'

Court Hears Arguments Over Detainee's Confession


Obama Faces Decision on How to Deploy Troops in Afghanistan

US Construction in Afghanistan Sign of Long Commitment

Afghan Army Claims 12 Taliban Killed in Southern Region

Afghan Schoolgirls Undeterred by Attack

Afghan Force Supplies Blocked by Pakistani Protesters


Britain: Pakistani State Not Linked to Mumbai Attack

Britain, India Urge Pakistan to Act Against Terrorists

Pakistan Presses US for Early Provision of F-16s

Soldier Among Eight Killed in Swat Valley Violence
South Asia

Sri Lanka Tightens Snare on Tigers, Rebel Leader

Proposed Indian TV News Curbs Resisted by Editors


Iran Says Uncovers US-Backed Coup Plot

US Says Iran Still a 'Malign Influence' in Iraq

Senator: Missing FBI Agent in Secret Prison in Iran

BBC Awaits Response to Persian TV


Ethiopian Military to Withdraw From Somalia

Ethiopian Troops Leave Parts of Mogadishu

Mortar Kills Four Children in Mogadishu


Rebels Killed Over 500 in Eastern Congo, Reports UN Agency


South Korea Sends Team on Rare Nuclear Visit to North

North Korea Says It Won't Give Up Nuclear Weapons


Group: China Fails to Improve Human Rights in 2008

China's Population of Web Users Hits 298 Million


Thailand's Savage Southern Conflict

Gaza Siege Expands

Barak 'Respects' Calls for Truce, Vows War Will Continue

Israeli Officials Say Hamas Damaged but Not Destroyed

Israeli Forces Storm Gaza City Neighborhood

Israel Under Fire for Alleged White Phosphorus Use

German Experts to Advise Egypt on Securing Gaza Border

Collateral Damage

Gaza: Residents Waving White Flags 'Shot Dead as They Flee Their Homes'

Doctor Killed in Gaza While Treating Wounded

Christian Aid Groups Slam Destruction of Their Gaza Clinics

At Cairo Hospital, Injured Palestinians Increasingly Voice Support for Hamas

Groups Say Israel Failed to Plan for the Safety of Gaza Civilians

Gaza Under Siege

Civilians in Gaza Feel 'Alone in This World'

UNRWA: 'Nowhere Is Safe' for Trapped Gaza Civilians

Fear Pervades Lives of Gazans Caught Up in Fighting

Gazans Open Old Graves to Bury Their New Dead

Israel, Aid Groups Have Long Feuded

UN Body Rips Israeli Forces for Trampling Rights of Children

Gaza in Dire Straits

Israeli Front

Despite Gaza Toll, Israeli Media Focus on Israel

Israel's Lieberman: Do to Hamas What the US Did to Japan

Balad Party to Petition Israeli High Court to Reverse Ban

Talking Truce

Israeli Envoy Plans 'Decisive' Talks in Egypt

Egypt Tells Hamas It Must Commit to One Year Cease-Fire in Gaza

Qatar Wants Urgent Arab Summit on Gaza

Competing Summit Plans Show Arab Split on Gaza

UN Council Backs Ban at Start of Gaza Peace Trip

Gaza Attack Fallout

Israel's Gaza Offensive Stokes Anger Among Jordan Elite

Gaza Dents Turkey-Israel Ties

Gaza Strikes May Cool Israeli Ties With Europe

Egypt Police Detain at Least 18 in Gaza Protests

Saudi to Treat Gaza Children Maimed in Israel Raids

Turkey's PM Stands by Criticism of Israeli Offensive

Greece: Protests Planned Over US Arms to Israel

French Faith Leaders Unite Against Gaza Backlash

Thousands Join Copenhagen Protest Against Gaza Offensive

Jewish Groups: Gaza Protests Violate Canadian Laws

Iran Reacts

Iran Says Israel Stops Its Aid Ship to Gaza

Iranian Protesters Back Gaza, Burn Obama Picture

Khamenei Bars Shi'ites From Doing Business With Israel Directly or Indirectly

Politics and PR

US Sees Gaza Rebuilding as Opportunity for Abbas

Israel Gains in Media Blitz, but for How Long?

Journalists Challenge Gaza Reporting Restrictions

Netanyahu Casts Himself as Player on a World Stage

Gaza War Also Being Waged in Cyberspace


Israel Denies Planting Uranium Traces in Syria

Palestinian Teen Shot Dead by Settler


Russian Gas Deal Appears to Founder

Georgia's Energy Minister Is Assailed for Deal With Russia

Kosovo Imam Attacked by Radical Islamists


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