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Pakistani Military Kills at Least 52 in Khyber Attack    Obama and the Politics of Bollocks    Afghans Say US-Led Raid Kills Six in South    Official: 52 Militants Killed in NW Pakistan    Pentagon Spending Billions on PR to Sway Opinion    The Quest for a Grand Zionist Coalition    Iran: The More Things Change...    India: Mumbai Attackers a Creation of Pakistani Spy Agency    Poll Shows Hamas Gained Popularity Since Gaza War    The Children of Guantánamo    No Unemployment Among Iraq's Gravediggers    Israel Seizes Gaza Aid Freighter: No Arms Abroad, Aid Not Delivered    Parties Call for Deal With Swat Valley Taliban    Judge Drops Charges in USS Cole Bombing Case    Panetta Open to Tougher Methods in Some CIA Interrogation    General Zinni Says Iraq Envoy Job Was Offered, Then Retracted    Russian Muscle in Central Asia    Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty: The Battle Continues    Endgame? What Endgame?     Is Iran Prepared to Undo 30 Years of Anti-Americanism?    Barak Refuses to Rule Out Joining Coalition With Lieberman    Labor Officials Urge Barak to Rule Out Partnership With Lieberman    Livni: Lieberman Viable Govt Partner    Key Bush Gitmo Advisers Still on Job at Pentagon    Kyrgyzstan: Talks on US Base Continue    Pentagon, Media Clash Over Control of Information    Iran to Obama: Show Us the Change    Iraq's Voters Show Faith in Maliki Regime    32 Killed in Pakistan Mosque Attack    UK Peers Warn Surveillance State Is Threat to Freedom    Army Official: Suicides in January 'Terrifying'    Experts Tell Congress Iraq, Afghanistan May Cost Additional $860 Billion by 2019    Israeli Far-Right Saps Netanyahu Strength    Sri Lanka Offers Tigers Amnesty on Condition of Surrender    Homeland Offense    Suicide Bomber Kills 15 in Northeast Iraq - Police    Blackwater: Leaving Iraq, Chasing Pirates? (video)    The Good War    America's 'Strong Commitment to Error'    Shoe Thrown at Israeli Ambassador in Sweden    
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Updated February 6, 2009 - 11:27 PM EST
Army Official: Suicides in January 'Terrifying'
  Suicide Has Claimed More Utah Guardsmen Than the Wars
  General Zinni Says Iraq Envoy Job Was Offered, Then Retracted
  Experts Tell Congress Iraq, Afghanistan May Cost $860B More by 2019
  Pentagon Spending Billions on PR to Sway Opinion
  Pentagon, Media Clash Over Control of Information
Iraq's Voters Show Faith in Maliki Regime
  Military Iraq Withdrawal Plans Include 19-, 23-Month Options
  Suicide Bomber Kills 15 in Northeast Iraq
  Vote Fraud Fears Threaten Months of Anbar Peace
Afghans Say US-Led Raid Kills Six in South
Pakistani Military Kills At Least 52 in Khyber
  Parties Call for Deal With Swat Valley Taliban
  India Links Pakistan ISI to Mumbai Raid Planners
  Official: 52 Militants Killed in NW Pakistan
  32 Killed in Pakistan Mosque Attack
The Quest For a Grand Zionist Coalition
  Hamas Gained Popularity Since Gaza War
Key Bush Gitmo Advisers Still at Pentagon
  UK Foreign Sec. Disputes Judges on US Pressure Over Torture Case
  Panetta Open to Tougher Methods in Some CIA Interrogation
  Guantánamo Judge Who Defied Obama Issues New Ruling
  Judge Drops Charges in USS Cole Bombing Case
Iran to Obama: Show Us the Change  by Arash Norouzi
Blackwater: Leaving Iraq, Chasing Pirates?  video by Jeremy Scahill
Russian Muscle in Central Asia
by Robert Dreyfuss
Homeland Offense  by Kelley Vlahos
Obama and the Politics of Bollocks
by John Pilger
The Good War  by Bill Bonner

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Iran: The More Things Change...
The Children of Guantánamo
UN Backs Down on 'School Massacre' in Gaza
Obama Backs Indictment of Sudan Leader
No Unemployment Among Iraq's Gravediggers
Obama CIA Pick May Back 'Limited' Abuse Prosecution
High Stakes for Obama at Weekend Security Conference
UK Peers Warn Surveillance State Is Threat to Freedom
Time May Be Short for NATO High Commander
Iraq Elections
Prime Minister's Party Wins in Iraqi Vote but Will Need to Form Coalitions
Maliki Beats Religious Parties in Vote
Iraq's Maliki Emerges as Forceful Nationalist
Strains Ease, No Clear Poll Winner in Iraq Wild West
Maliki Iraq Poll Triumph Marks Shift From Religion
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Policeman Kills Journalist in Northern Iraq
US Begins Releasing Detainees Under Iraq Pact
Senior Mahdi Army Fighter Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Women's Affairs Minister Resigns in Protest
Britain Offers to Accept Palestinians Who Fled Iraq
Thursday: 21 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded
US Military
Obama Eyes Pentagon Control of Federal Labs
France May Take Over NATO Command Post in US
Senate Panel OKs Lynn to Become Pentagon No. 2
Indicted Weapons Dealer Still Making Millions of Dollars From US Government
Merciless Robots Will Fight Future Wars, Researcher Says
Beijing Wants Return of Uighurs Held in Guantánamo
UK Ruling Sparks Debate on Guantánamo Detainee
Israeli Elections
Israeli Far-Right Saps Netanyahu Strength
Livni: Lieberman Viable Govt Partner
Barak Refuses to Rule Out Joining Coalition With Lieberman
Netanyahu: Legitimate to Demand Arabs Take Loyalty Oaths
Labor Officials Urge Barak to Rule Out Partnership With Lieberman
Israeli-Arabs Take Anger to Ballot Box
Hard Man of the Right Is Israel's Kingmaker in Waiting
In Israeli Campaign, Candidates Imitate Obama's Tactics, Invoke His Name
Egypt: Hamas to Respond to Truce Proposals Saturday
Israel Detains 548 Palestinians Without Trial: Rights Group
Hamas Official Stopped With Gaza Millions
Israel Dropped Shalit Truce Demand: Hamas Official
Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Militant in West Bank
Homeless Palestinians Squeeze Into Tents in Gaza
Global Mideast Fallout
Shoe Thrown at Israeli Ambassador in Sweden
Israel Still Dealing With International Fallout
War Crime Suspicions Linger in the Fog of Gaza
World Must Continue Sending Aid for Palestinians: Abbas
Arab Nations Appeal to United Nations to Stop Israel From Seizing Aid Ships

A Setback for Turkey as Mideast Broker

Clinton Lauds 'Courageous' Olmert for Letting Money Into Gaza
Rebel-Held Hostage Flown to Freedom in Colombia
Effectiveness of US Broadcasts to Cuba Questioned
Biden Pitches New Afghanistan Strategy to Allies
Russia Offers Aid on Afghanistan – With Strings
Blast Kills Six Afghan Bodyguards
Afghan Finance Minister Resigns to Run for Presidency
NATO Commitment to Afghanistan Focus of Talks
Tribesmen in South Waziristan Protest Against Drone Attacks
Pakistani Taliban Threatens to Intensify Attacks on NATO Supplies, Govt Installations
Central Asia
White House Says Central Asian Air Base Is 'Vital'
Kyrgyzstan: Talks on US Base Continue
US Searches for Alternative to Kyrgyz Base
Sources: US Considers Uzbekistan as Backup Base
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says No Letup in Offensive, Offers Amnesty
Sri Lanka Says Biggest Rebel Sea Base Taken
Sri Lanka's Rebels: 500 Civilians Killed in Fighting
At Least 800 Civilians Cross to Safety in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka War Near End, but Ethnic Tension Remains
North Korea
North Korea Eyes Disputed Sea Border for Missiles: Media
Q&A: Why Would North Korea Test Fire a Long-Range Missile?
Police Block Events Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary
Philippines: 3 Red Cross Hostages Appeal for Talks
Is Iran Prepared to Undo 30 Years of Anti-Americanism?
Clinton Seeks to Consult Russia More on Iran
Iran's Ahmadinejad Asks World Powers to Be 'Polite'
Russia Plans to Start Up Iran Nuclear Plant in 2009
Barzani: Iran Not Meddling in Kurdistan
Iran's Unlikely Embrace of Bolivia Builds Influence in US Backyard
EU Warns Russia on Increased Military Presence in Georgian Regions
Politkovskaya Suspect Says He Was Asked to Lie
Islamist Groups Merge to Fight Sheikh Sharif
US Navy Watches as Somali Pirates Nab $3.2 Million
Zimbabwe's Parliament Passes Unity Government Law
EU Says 'Premature' to Lift Zimbabwe Sanctions
US Diplomat Found Dead in Ethiopian Capital
Maryland Prof Accused of Genocide in Rwanda Arrested
Attack on Oil Facility Off Nigeria Kills One: Navy
UN Denies Its Peacekeepers Failed Congo Civilians
African Union Slaps Sanctions on Mauritania Junta

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Endgame? What Endgame? 

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Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty: The Battle Continues

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Quit Digging in Afghanistan

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Guns and Butter (Again)

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What Happened to Hassan

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Terror, Torture, and Empire
on the Silver Screen

David R. Henderson
Meet the New Boss;
Same as the Old Boss

Philip Giraldi
Put Torture on Trial

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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