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Updated March 8, 2009 - 11:27 PM EDT
12,000 US Troops to Leave Iraq by Sept.
  Bloody Sunday in Iraq: 62 Killed, 84 Wounded
  Finally, Iraqis Get Health Care – on the Market
US Forces Kill Afghan Police in Friendly Fire
  Obama Ponders Outreach to Elements of Taliban
  UK Ex-Commander: Afghan Mission 'Worthless'
  Afghans Protest After US Raid Kills 4 Civilians
  US Troops Face a Tangle of Goals in Afghanistan
Pakistan Militants Shoot Down Drone
  Bombs Kill 15 Amid Political Crisis in Pakistan
  Zardari Set to Tighten Grip on Power in Pakistan
Russian FM: 'Right Moment' for Disarmament
  Russian Media Teases Clinton Over 'Reset' Button
  Russian FM: Make Middle East Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone
Obama Lawyers Argue to Drop Yoo Torture Suit
  Top US Cybersecurity Official Quits Over NSA 'Domination'
Iran Says It Test-Fires New Long-Range Missile
The Ultimate Earmark: US Military Aid to Israel  by Kathleen and Bill Christison
The WINEP-Weenies' Insane Iran Advice  by Gordon Prather
Setback for Pro-Israel Hawks in US
by Bernd Debusmann
Leaving Baghdad  by Christopher Preble
The Pakistani Monster  by Wajahat Ali
War Crimes and Double Standards
by Robert Parry

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Two Dead in Drive-By Attack on British Army Base in Northern Ireland
UK Police Target Protesters and Journalists
Pentagon's Unwanted Projects in Earmarks
How the US Forgot How to Make Trident Missiles
Ex-UN Prosecutor: Bush May Be Next Up for International Criminal Court
US Military Speeding Help to Mexico: Admiral
Iraq Occupation
Experts Warn of Troops' Loss of Logistical Support
Solicitation for Media Team in Iraq Hints at Contracting-Overhaul Snags
Iraqi Army to Get US Battle Tanks
Today in Iraq
US Forces Kill Iraqi Citizen, Relatives Say Was Executed
Iraqi PM Calls for Reforms in Handing Out Posts
Iraqi Army Officer Arrested With 13 Missiles
Iraqi PM Calls for Stronger, Non-Sectarian Govt
Iraq Arrests Men Accused as Neo-Ba'athists
Maliki Urges Iraqis to Board the 'Love Boat'
Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 11 Iraqis Killed, 20 Iraqis Wounded
Iraqis Recovering?
As Violence Fades, Iraqi Women's Plight Seen Dire
Iraq's Unspeakable Crime: Mothers Pimping Daughters
Iraqis Don't Seek Help for Mental Disorders: Study
US Military
Two Army Recruiting Bosses Fired After Suicide Probe
Army Developing Teams for Electronic Warfare
New Report Lays Waste to US Army 'Future'
NY National Guard Unit Ends Pregnancy Test Rule
US Mom Says Final Goodbye After Tirelessly Advocating for Wounded Soldier
Guantánamo Prisoner Tells of Dark Afghan Prison
Account of Guantánamo Detainee's Alleged Torture Passed to High Court
New Calls for Inquiry Over Fresh Torture Claims by Binyam Mohamed
Ex-Gitmo Detainee Says UK Supplied Torture Questions
Website: 'Shoe Hurled at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iranian City'
Iran: Morocco's Decision to Cut Ties Harms Islamic Unity
Iranian Dissident Dies in Prison
Iran Expels Italian Journalist: Report
Clinton Says No Decision Yet on US Ambassador to Syria
US: Syria Can Be a Major Mideast Force
US Officials Find 'Common Ground' in Syria
Clinton Encourages Israel-Syria Peace Talks
Today in Palestine/Israel
Official: Hamas Serious in Reaching Reconciliation Deal
Palestinian PM Resigns, Paves Way for Unity Talks
Report: EU Accuses Israel of 'Pursuing Illegal Annexation' of East Jerusalem
Jerusalem Needs 'Special Regime': Experts
Quick Shalit Deal Believed Unlikely as Hamas Nixes Israel Offer
Desert's Sand and Rocks Become Precious Resources in West Bank Dispute
Attacks Continue
Israel Launches Airstrikes Into Gaza
IAF Strikes Tunnel in Southern Gaza
Medic Says Member of Gaza Rocket Squad Killed
Two Palestinian Fishermen Attacked by Israeli Gunboats
Global Mideast Impact
Gaza Aid Promised, but May Be a Long Time Coming
Donor, Investor Pledges to Palestinians Hard to Track
Protesters Clash With Police at Israel Tennis Match in Sweden
UAE Denies Israeli Official Visa for Global Trade Summit
Middle East
Obama to Visit Turkey, Key on Iraq, Afghanistan
Hezbollah Expects West to Use New Language in Contacts
Weekend Reviews
The Laws of War
Afghanistan: For Your Reading Pleasure
Killing With Kindness
Afghanistan: Former Opium Farmers Switch to Growing Cannabis
Dreaming of Splitting the Taliban
Afghan Leader Karzai Says He Will Stay Beyond Term, Wants Talks
Karzai Accepts Aug. 20 Presidential Vote
Two Dead in Afghan Suicide Attack
Iran: US Needs Their Help to Solve Afghan Issue
Pakistan: Zardari Favors Deal With Sharif Brothers
Change Attitude Towards Pakistan, Musharraf Tells India
Officer Leads Old Corps in New Role in Pakistan
12 Taliban Prisoners Freed Under Peace Accord
Clinton Vows US Support for Pakistani People, Condemns Lahore Attack
Sharif Demands 'First Information Report' Against Bhutto's Assassins
Protesters Clash With Indian Forces in Kashmir
Women Police to Take on Female Islamists in Kashmir
Indian Forces Kill Four Muslim Militants in Shootout
India Questions Who Is in Control in Pakistan
US Seeks Dialogue With North Korea, Urges Pyongyang to Drop Bluster
Two Foreign Airlines Join South Korean Carriers in Avoiding North's Airspace
China Says Dalai Lama Wants a 'Greater Tibet'
China Warns World Against Hosting Dalai Lama
Tibetan Women Held for Protesting in Western China
Over 1,000 Join Pro-Tibet Demo in London
Sri Lanka Says Its Forces Kill 32 Tamil Rebels
Bangladesh Detains 42 Troops Suspected of Mutiny
Malaysian Police Fire Teargas at Protesters, Say Witnesses
Sudan Leader Calls Aid Groups 'Spies and Thieves'
UN Panel Deadlocks Over Taking Any Action on Sudan
South Sudan Party Condemns Aid Group Expulsion
Sudan's Bashir Pledges to Push Forward Peace Process
Crash Injures Zimbabwe Premier, Kills Wife, Stirs Suspicion
Tsvangirai Car Crash: Accident or Assassination Attempt?
Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai in Botswana to Recuperate
Driver in Zimbabwe PM Death Crash 'Not Asleep': Foreign Office
Zimbabwe: Judge Arrested in Case of Party Official
Algeria: Blast Toll Rises With 3 Killed, 10 Injured
Traumatized Child Soldiers Return Home in Congo
Madagascar Opposition Leader Goes Into Hiding
Disrepair in South Ossetia Dims Hopes After Georgia War
Sarkozy Embraces NATO, and Bigger Role for France
Britain Feels the Heat of US Defense Blitz
Americans Keep Dying
Albuquerque (NM) Soldier Wounded in 2006 in Iraq Dies
Chesterfield (VA) Soldier Dies Near End of Tour in Iraq
Former Dog Handler MP at Abu Ghraib Slain Working as Contractor in Afghanistan (FL)
Guardsman (IL) Dies From Burns She Suffered in January Afghan Attack
Body of Soldier Slain in Afghanistan Returns Home (WI)
Indiana Marine Killed in Iraq Vehicle Accident
Young New Jersey Soldier's Dream Cut Short
Law Enforcement Colleagues Celebrate Life of Fallen Tennessee Soldier

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'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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