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US Drone Strike Kills Eight in South Waziristan    Netanyahu, Lieberman 'Struck Secret Deal for West Bank Construction'    Bomb Kills 10 Civilians in Eastern Afghanistan    Israel Under Pressure Over Divided Jerusalem    GAO: More Expensive to Leave Iraq Than to Stay    Clinton Assures Poland of US Commitment    Rebel Chief Threatens End to Swat Valley Peace Deal    Craddock Warns Russia Plots Against West    Administration Officials Agree: Afghan War Stalemated    Labor Party Joins Netanyahu's Incoming Coalition    Contractors Defend Their Programs as Pentagon Cuts Loom    Democrats Change 'Global War on Terror' to 'Overseas Contingency Operation'    US Stepping Up Response to Mexican Drug Violence    US Weighs Sharif as Possible Partner    GAO: More Expensive to Leave Iraq Than to Stay    The Nation Formerly Known as Yugoslavia    Handling of 'State Secrets' at Issue    US Military Aid Arrives in Lebanon    FBI and American Muslims at Odds    Pentagon to Show Softer Side to the World    Top General: Missile Defense Is Dead. Long Live Missile Defense.    Russian Subs 'To Back Arctic Claims'    Kosovo Serbs Mark Tenth Anniversary of NATO Bombings    Double Atomic Bomb Survivor Found in Japan    Al-Qaeda Says Sudan Leader Deserves Arrest Warrant    Why Is Judge Chaudhry So Important in Pakistan?    Sri Lanka Accuses Aid Groups of Supporting War    North Korea Reasserts Right to Satellite Launch    Prosecuting the Bush Administration's Torturers    Obama: US Will Stay on Offense in Afghanistan    These Colors Cannot Run… Afghanistan    Israel's Army of Extremists    TSA: Tedious, Slow, and Absurd?    Kosovo an Important Precursor to Iraq    The Rise of the Laptop Bombardier    Moving Forward by Looking Back    28 Hurt as Israeli Police Smash Arab Protests    Time to Believe Gaza War Crimes Allegations    
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Updated March 25, 2009 - 11:24 PM EDT

GAO: More Expensive to Leave Iraq Than to Stay

Obama Officials Agree: Afghan War Stalemated

Bomb Kills 10 Civilians in Eastern Afghanistan


Obama: US Will Stay on Offense in Afghanistan

US Drone Kills at Least 8 in Pakistan Tribal Area
  US Weighs Sharif as Possible Partner
  Rebel Chief Threatens End to Swat Peace Deal
  Why Is Judge Chaudhry So Important in Pakistan?
Bibi, Likud: 'Secret Deal for WB Construction'
  Labor Party Joins Netanyahu's Incoming Coalition
  Israel Under Pressure Over Divided Jerusalem
'War on Terror' Now 'Overseas Contingency Op'

Handling of 'State Secrets' at Issue

Craddock Warns Russia Plots Against West
Clinton Assures Poland of US Commitment
Time to Believe Gaza War Crimes Allegations  by Amira Hass
These Colors Cannot Run… Afghanistan  by Norman Solomon
Prosecuting the Bush Administration's Torturers  by Andy Worthington
Kosovo an Important Precursor to Iraq  by Ian Bancroft
Israel's Army of Extremists
by Christopher Hitchens
Moving Forward by Looking Back
by Thomas R. Pickering & William S. Sessions

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ElBaradei: US's Iran Offer Can Aid Mideast Security

Top General: Missile Defense Is Dead. Long Live Missile Defense

Russian Subs 'To Back Arctic Claims'

Contractors Defend Their Programs as Pentagon Cuts Loom

Pentagon to Show Softer Side to the World

Afghan TV Station Falls Under Government Crackdown

IDF Continues War Over Gaza Online

Today in Iraq

Four Suicide Bombing Suspects Arrested

Iraqi Military Translators in Revolt

Iraq, Turkey 'Open New Page' by Discussing Tough Issues

Kurdistan's PM, Gul Take Up Politics, Economy

Tuesday: 4 Iraqi Killed, 6 Wounded

The War at Home

Vet Groups Seek Update in Combat Definition

Virtual Army Experience Display Taken Off Cleveland National Air Show Schedule

'War on Terror'

US-EU Talks on Guantánamo Are Stalling

Guantánamo Inmates in New Legal Fight

FBI and American Muslims at Odds

UK Eyes Pakistan With New Strategy Against Terrorism

Britain: Chemical or Nuclear Attack Threat 'More Realistic'

US-Mexico Drug Wars

Obama Won't Send Troops to Mexican Border - for Now

US Stepping Up Response to Mexican Drug Violence

US Orders Mexico Border Clampdown

Critics Oppose Border Patrol Herbicide Plan


North Korea Reasserts Right to Satellite Launch

North Korea Warns Over Stalled Talks

US: North Korea Charged American Reporters With Spying


China Newspaper Assails Prisoner Abuses

UN Rules Detention of Myanmar's Suu Kyi Illegal

Indonesia Arrests Four Dutch Reporters in Papua

Double Atomic Bomb Survivor Found in Japan


Al-Qaeda Says Sudan Leader Deserves Arrest Warrant

Sudan's President Bashir to Visit Egypt

Aid Group: Sudanese Relief Worker Killed in Darfur


Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Ready to Return to Work

Hopes of Aid From New Regime Dashed as Mugabe Followers Grab Land

Peace Conference in South Africa Is Canceled

Cambodia to Send Troops to 2 African Nations


Rudd, Obama Avoid Afghanistan Troop Level Issue

General Says NATO Can't Measure Afghan War Performance

PM: Poland Will Send 400 More Troops to Afghanistan

Afghans, in Anti-Corruption Drive, Challenge Village Authorities

Karzai to Attend Afghanistan Meeting, Ankara Talks

Terrifying Plight of Afghan Actress


Pakistani Judge Revives Hope for Justice

Pakistan's Top Judge: End Judicial Corruption

Cheers, Rose Petals as Pakistan's Top Judge Returns

Petitioner Seeks to Charge Musharraf With High Treason

South Asia

US Asks India to Support Pakistan's Anti-Terror Efforts

Sri Lanka Accuses Aid Groups of Supporting War

Nepalese Court Reinstates Eight Generals Forced Into Retirement

Death Toll Rises to 24 in Kashmir Clashes


Israel Condemns Report on Gaza War Crimes as 'Unfair'

Palestinians Launch Rocket Into Israel From Gaza

Palestinian Unity Talks to Resume in April

Soldiers: Drunk Israeli Reservists Vandalized Palestinian Cars

Israeli Politics

Labor Gives Netanyahu Votes to Form Govt

Top Likud Officials: Netanyahu Sold US Out for Half of Labor

In Israel, Labor's Move to Join Netanyahu Coalition Draws Dovish Fire
Israel's War at Home

28 Hurt as Israeli Police Smash Arab Protests

Demonstration Sparks Clash in Arab Israeli Town

Jewish Extremist March Provokes Clash With Arabs


Empathy but No Unity in Beirut Camp

US Military Aid Arrives in Lebanon


Syria Appoints First Ambassador to Lebanon

Syrian Leader: Syria to Wait Before Judging Obama


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The Nation Formerly Known as Yugoslavia

Charles Peña
TSA: Tedious, Slow, and Absurd?

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Afghanistan: All About Oil?

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Warning from Bosnia for Iraq

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The Blood-Dimmed Tide

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Peacemaking at a Raiders' Game

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Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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Business Over Bluster

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