Pakistan's Other Problem Area: Baluchistan    Prayers and Criticism in Wake of Detroit Imam's Killing by FBI    Iraqis Blame Prime Minister Maliki for Baghdad Bombings    Clinton: 'Withdrawal Won't Affect Afghan Vote Legitimacy'    Clinton Warns Iran That Patience Has Limits    Abdullah Plans Runoff Boycott to Delay Afghan Vote    Roadside Blast Kills 7 Pakistan Soldiers    US General: Iranian, Pakistani Insurgents Flood Afghanistan    Obama's Afghan Decision Not Likely Before Nov. 11    World War II Blunder That Doomed 50,000 British POWs    Crucial Iraq Election Deadline Looms    Documents Detail Conditions Found at Secret CIA Jails    Sacked UN Official Peter Galbraith Accuses Karzai of Running Second Poll Fraud    33 Militants and Four Pakistan Army Soldiers Killed as Troops Close in on Strongholds    Clinton on Israel: 'Settlement Freeze Is a Main Issue, but Not a US Demand'    Indian Officials: 'Terror in Pakistan May Spill Over to India'    Iran Claims It Has Evidence on US Involvement in Terrorist Attack    House Set to Pass Resolution Denouncing UN's Gaza Report    Obama Administration: Toss Wiretap Lawsuit    Afghan Official: We Had Advance Intel on UN Attack    9-Year-Old Boy Tortured, Says Former Guantanamo Detainee    Iran Lawmakers Reject UN-Drafted Uranium Plan    Transcripts of Defeat    On the Eve of WWIII?    Close Gitmo and Give Detainees Their Day in Court    Kipling Haunts Obama's Afghan War    Bob Gates' Bad Bet    Shades of Abu Ghraib    
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Updated October 31, 2009 - 11:18 PM EDT
Abdullah to Boycott Runoff as Talks Break Down
  Fraud Surrounds Women Voters in Afghan Election
  Over 1,000 Combat Injuries for US Troops in Afghanistan in 3 Months
  Obama Looks to Send Fewer Additional Troops to Afghanistan
  Price Tag for 40,000 Afghanistan Troops Could Top $500,000 a Soldier
Smug Clinton ‘Not Getting Through’ to Pakistanis
  Pakistanis to Clinton: War on Terror Is Not Our War
  Pakistan Military Closes in on Taliban Stronghold
Iran Denies Claims It Rejected Nuclear Deal
  Obama Quietly Backing Congressional Moves on Iran Sanctions
  Iran's Sunni Militants Carve Secretive Path
US Expects Massive Attacks as Iraq Vote Nears
  Religious Leaders Slam Iraq Authorities Over Attacks
Under US Pressure, Honduras to Reinstate President
Antiwar Activists Reawaken as Obama Weighs War Strategy
Iowa Reps: No Pay, No Deployment for National Guard
Drone Attacks Inflame Afghan Anti-Americanism  by Ted Rall
Kipling Haunts Obama's Afghan War  by Ray McGovern
Close Gitmo and Give Detainees Their Day in Court  Los Angeles Times
Bob Gates' Bad Bet  by Jeff Huber
On the Eve of WWIII?
by Gordon Prather
Shades of Abu Ghraib  by Alistair Horne

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After 2 Years, a Sign of a 9/11 Suspect
Rights Groups Condemn Bid to Quash Goldstone Report
Cheney Told FBI He Had No Idea Who Leaked Plame ID
22 Things Dick Cheney Can't Recall About the Plame Case
Palestinians File Lawsuits Over Gaza War
Medvedev: Soviet-Era Terror Cannot Be Justified
US Spy Agencies' Spending Rises to $49.8 Billion
New Papers Detail FBI, CIA Wrangle Over Detainees
House Leaders Seek Review of Cybersecurity Policies
Netanyahu Backs Nuclear Deal That Iran Rejected
Iran to IAEA: Access to Nuclear Fuel Before Uranium Deal
Grim Fates for Iranian Prisoners With Ties to Foreigners
Iran Grants Swiss Access to Detained US Hikers
Iran Scholar Urges US to Shift Focus to Democracy
Ahmadinejad, Turkish Premier Find Common Ground on Nuclear Issue
US State Senators in Israel Attack Goldstone Report
Clinton to Meet Abbas in Abu Dhabi
West Bank Village a Symbol of Resistance
Middle East
Lebanon Warns UN: Israel Planning to Attack Us
Cut Off, Hemmed in and Slowly Running Out of Food in Yemen
Friday: 2 US Soldiers, 4 Iraqis Killed; 7 Iraqis Wounded
At Least 47 Congo Policemen Killed in Ethnic Clashes
Zambia Arms Amnesty Receives Lukewarm Response
Zimbabwe Foreign Minister: UN Trip a 'Provocation'
Somali Pirates Seek $7 Million for British Couple
Venezuela Arrests Eight Colombian 'Paramilitaries'
Support for Chavez Is Eroding in Venezuela Due to Shortages
US, Colombia Sign Pact to Expand US Use of Bases
Nicaragua Protesters Chase Off US Ambassador
US Military
Audit Finds Iraq Contractor Overbilled for Vehicle Parts
Fallen Hero's Mom Says Soldiers Not Getting Support
Pentagon: Survivors Unlikely in Plane-Helicopter Crash Off San Diego Coast
Weekend Reviews
Outside the Law: Stories From Guantánamo
My Father, the Terrorist
Interview: Quest of a Gaza Cyclist
Simple Afghan Mission Turns Deadly for US Soldiers
Afghan Officials Defend Plan for More Voting Centers
Clinton Says US Can Find Way Out of Afghanistan
US Military Bans Karaoke and Salsa Nights in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Blast Kills 9 Civilians
Insurgent Attacks Kill 12 in Afghanistan
South Korea Planning Troop Deployment to Afghanistan
EU: Afghan Vote Must Be Credible for International Support
UN Builds Security, Protection for Staff in Afghanistan
UN Says Police, NATO Slow to Respond to Attack
UN Guard Killed in Afghanistan Hailed as Hero
Pakistanis Confront Clinton Over Drone Attacks
White House Backs Clinton's Pakistan Remarks
Pakistan Gets US Equipment for South Waziristan Offensive
11 Militants Killed as Troops Surround Kaniguram
India Accuses Pakistan of Kashmir Ceasefire Violation
India Bans Pre-Paid Cell Phones, Citing Terrorism
North Korea Seen Slowly Warming to Talks Again
Report: Cyberattacks Traced to North Korea
Did President Clinton Meet North Korea's Kim Jong-Il or His Look-Alike?
With an Eye Toward Unity, South Korea Unveils New Bike Trail Near DMZ
US Admiral Concerned About China Military Buildup
China Is Trying a Tibetan Filmmaker for Subversion
Ethnic Uighur Journalist Detained in China
United Nations
UN Backs Negotiations on Global Arms Trade Treaty

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